Apr 042012

Hello western Pa Preppers. So glad to hear that others are prepping too. I just found this site and I would love to meet other Preppers. I have only been prepping for over a year. I am a single mom with a grown daughter who is 21 but still lives at home. I am a surgical scrub nurse with over 15 years of experience.  Love all things outdoor related and wanting to learn skills related to survival. Outdoor & homesteading. Would love to find someday a good survival retreat  & maybe meet others with. Same goals.

Apr 042012

What’s up AZ? I am new to this whole prepping thing and would like to start a group. I live in the Phoenix Metro area and I am interested in learning more about prepping.  Unfortunately I have not started any prepping except purchasing my first gun about 8 months ago. My prepping interests include the “big three” land, guns & food. I would like to form a group that would look in co-oping a land purchase and pool resources for survival.  However, I would like to do this with mostly new preppers with a few veterans to guide us.  I am currently in the military and have some limited survival skills.  My wife is a teacher with a medical background.

I have large family of mixed race.  This is important because I will not tolerate bigotry of any kind.  I am a strict constitutionalist with religious beliefs but no church affiliation.  I am a huge supporter of Isreal and I have strong political views.  I love this great country but do not like it’s current path.  If you are interested in starting a group from scratch or guiding such a group please contact me at taz8man [at] gmail [dot] com.



Apr 042012

Hi everyone, I’m active duty Navy with a vast array of security, shooting, defensive tactics, and close quarter battle experience. I’m in great shape, take my fitness and health seriously. I’m a lifelong outdoorsman, self defense and marksmanship instructor, also an armorer. I’ve attended numerous shooting and defense schools specializing in force on force and small team tactics through both the military, and on my own dime at schools like Frontsight,Gunsite, and the Blackwater academy.

I’m going to be stationed in the Norfolk area and I’m looking to meet some like minded folks that I may be able to help, or a group I can contribute to and gain from. I am effectively single. My wife/family will be staying out west near family for the first couple years that I will be back here in VA

I have been prepping and studying relevant topics for years before it was popular. I’m growing my personal preps again right now as I left the majority with my family. I’m adding to my preps weekly according to my scheduled priorities. I would love to meet with a group of similar people, or even someone else in my shoes. As we all know well and understand, going it alone is not much of an option at all.

I can be reached through here, or at ktownking81@gmail

Apr 042012

Title says it all!

More than prepared for the worst.

Master’s degree in International Affairs and fully aware of the most serious potential dangers that foreign enemies can bring with a simple attack on a single oil facility NOT in US soil! NO JOKE! We are one major pipeline bombing of being completely screwed. When the oil supply is cut off, gas stations are cut off, trucks are cut off, food and supplies are cut off. We are an upside down triangle balanced on a mere pin-point of continued survival. Read Michael Klare’s stuff for more info. When SHTF I want to be in a small group who THINKS with reason and has the backs of one another. Kiddos welcome. Anyone able to contribute and willing to work hard to survive the coming economic chaos is welcome. Exchanging thoughts and ideas, always welcome. I have a bug-in location, AMAZING commodities facilities within 300 yards that would AMAZE you and the value/asset I can bring to a group. Simply seeking rational people to bug-out with if and when necessary.


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Apr 042012

OK, My name is Mark. I live on the shore. Just a country boy that has worked on the water all my life. And here I am at almost 50 prepping for the end of the world as we know it. title wave  ? Yellowstone ?, broke gov ?, asteroid ?, Solar flare ?,  medical pandemic ?, no rain for two years,Hurricains, global flooding from melting ice ? What did I Miss. Anyway, I’m behind the curve. We started prepping this year. my son and I sat down and said Yes, it would be better to prep than not. ,so we have started to plan. We now have  about five months worth of food. Have been cleaning and refolding old camping gear. Funny thing, ever try to make fire without a lighter,LOL, We tried everything rubbing sticks, even put one in a drill with gun powder on lint,” Nothing” the only thing that worked  was a concave mirror and sunlight, it was funny. just saying. My girlfriend of many years is ok with us prepping, but not much help :(. The hard Question is what to do about the ones you love if things do go wrong. I can see um now, pulling up in the driveway. I think we will have to bug-out as we for now are working as hard as we can for us, but whats the point to life with out your loved ones. if we bug-in, we might not have what we need for everyone. I’ve been learning how to garden and done well for two years. But as some know it’s not easy to make it work. Getting these things together is costing more than one would think., we are still so far from where we want to be. Just for a new hand pump well will be 3 to 450.00, I could go less, but I know the better water is deeper on the shore, plus i have to dig a 6  inch hole 100 foot deep, have you ever done that? me neither, but I have to try and save money somewhere. ..- guns got some duck hunting guns, and a 30.06 thats right onsight, but we are looking at AR-15′s ,-”Really”- yes, I guess if you want to protect your family and food , At this point I am starting to miss my old surfer days. But we will push on, So my girlfriend opens up the third bedroom door to find toilet paper stacked up over her head in the corner, and just says ” did you get enough” the funny thing is, I am sure it’s not. but money has to go to other things on the list like powdered milk.” 268.00 bucks” Have I lost my mind Please tell me I am doing the right thing. I was thinking that this just can’t be a bad thing,  if nothing go’s wrong I will still have a lifetime supply of camping food. so . Here we are ,the prepper Nation, ??? what I am looking at, and could use some advice on is ham radio’s, I have used VHF all my life for work but this is something new to me. how do preppers pick a channel , how do you store it if a solar flare zaps the Earth ????? so many Questions and fells like so little time.  Tipit

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