Apr 052012

I would like to help organize prep groups. If you fit into one of these groups and are interested in participating, please contact me:

1.  Have a desire to help other preppers as they travel thru your town to reach their “cabin in the woods” location

2. Looking for other families to help purchase a “cabin in the woods” to share responsibility and stock and prepare the home for a group of preppers. Working together each year in until the time comes. If it never does, then we have an investment and vacation place. Everything legally done.

3.  Donate to “safe houses” that provide fellow travelers with temporary overnight accomodations as they arrive safely to their own place.

We have finished questionaires for participants for your review and ideas. This will help match you with other like-minded people in your area.

Also, there are many great ideas to talk about that cut the cost and provide a Plan B for us. Please contact me and lets talk.

Apr 052012

Ok it looks like I going to have to drive this boat in our family, hubby is not on board but I will not leave him behind nor let that stop me. Need some step by step on how to even start. I am leaning more towards no electricity so not even sure how I will boil water or how will I cook food for my family. Not living in the best area in SA so I will have to keep things mum don’t want to attract attention to my family. If someone can point me in right direction on how to start that would help. Family of 4, not living in the best area, I am starting a small garden.  I am interested in canning food but not sure how i will cook it if electricity is out. This would be my main reason for wanting to prep no electricity and the possibility that fuel will cause a shortage of things being available for my family.

Apr 052012

My wife and I live nea Brookville Lake in south eastern Indiana.   We haven”t been prepping for long, but I hunt , my wife and I can vegetables and meat. We both believe strongly in the possibility of something happening on a global financial level.  And that prepping is the only possible solution.  If this does happen I feel that it would be advantagous to be connected to a group.  I would like to know if there is a group in this area or. I would like to meet with preppers in this area- south eastern in.  – south western ohio.  possibly have a meet and greet Friday May 11th at  Brookville lake spillway picnic area.  My email is hunter1955 [at] hughes [dot] net     RSVP        Pray for the best   –  Prepare for the ————-.

Apr 052012

For all preppers in the Four Corners Region, there will be a free eight hour Disaster Preparedness class that will cover the following topics;

• Introduction
• DVD’s – What If & After Armageddon (for 8 hour class)
• What is a Disaster?
• Kinds of Disasters
• Types of Man-Made Disasters
• Types of Natural Disasters
• Disasters that can occur in the 4 Corners Region
• What is Survival & Survivalism?
• What does it take to Survive?
• What are the 7 Enemies of Survival?
• What are the 7 Survival Priorities?
• Setting up a Family Disaster Survival Plan
• Utilities – Electric, Gas & Water
• When disaster strikes / Life after a Disaster.
• Questions to Ask Yourself
• Disaster Kits & Supplies for:
- Sheltering in Place – Food, Cooking, Water, Clothing, Lighting, Communication, Power, Medical kits, Defense & Survival Groups
- NBC / EMP & Dust Protection
- Bugging Out
• What are the 10 Essentials to have?
• Survival Vehicle / Survival Transportation
• Bug Out Survival Retreat
• Survival Sanitation
• Survival Chores / Classes
• Returning Home
• Disaster Finances
• Barter / Wampum Items
• Caches
• Safety during and after a Disaster
• Pets
• Dealing with Stress after a Disaster
• Helping Children cope with a Disaster
• Morale, Recreation and Welfare
• Recommended Reading
• Disaster Entertainment
• Disaster Education & Training
• Handout Review
• Words of Wisdom

This class will be held on Saturday, May 5th in Mancos, CO at the public library. A free lunch will be provided for all participants. Any questions, please ask.

Apr 052012

Hey guys and gals. We are starting a new roch. area group for all things prepping related. Our first get together will be on Saturday may 5th in the east Rochester area! Please let me know if anyone is interested in attending. This will basically be a meet and greet to see where we’d like to take our group. I hope to see some of ya there!!!!

Apr 052012

 For those of you in northern California, northwestern Nevada, southwestern Idaho and south eastern Oregon, or actually anywhere you are from is OK. A date for the first MEET & GREET for the Bison Ranch Safe zone, outline and planning for the community has been scheduled for the first weekend in May, please be advised that the weekend of the 4th through the 6th of May is set for our 1st meeting. You and your families; and of course your friends are all welcome to come early and saty late, and you can actually stay for however long you like, permanently if you choose to join me here under the criteria that will be explained at the meet and greet camp out. I have 80 acres sitting smack dab in the middle of Winema National Forest with a 12 acre pasture cleared so that you can come in Campers, trailers, motorhomes, tents, 4X4′s, etc. You can bring quads, motor bikes, and even horses. I have a fenced gated 2 acre horse corral with 2 20X20 gated paddocks. We all know that something is coming, just what it is no one can say. The smartest thing we can do is be prepared for it! I am here all the time! Send your emails to rasaare [at] hotmail [dot] com

Apr 052012

I’m 21 years old and a beginner to prepping. Even though I’ve had strong feelings that something devastating is going to happen in the US or the world, I only recently started acting upon them. I’ve talked to few people about prepping because everyone I have talked to looked at me funny like I was crazy or told me to stop worrying about something that’s not going to happen. So I feel alone in my efforts to survive a world after a devastating event. Whether that be nuclear war, peak oil, food shortage, yellow stone volcano eruption or what ever may happen. I want to be ready or at the very least have some sort of plan when “shit hits the fan.”

I’m looking for a group with land or planning on purchasing land with a year round stream or a lake perhaps up north near Duluth. I am looking to buy land myself but currently do not have the funds.  I am not asking for money. If someone has land and needs help putting up fences, building housing, underground or above, and other things that you may need in a time of hardship. Also to gain knowledge and skills on how to prepare for harsh times.

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Apr 052012

Hi. I am new to prepping, but I have been concerned for a couple of years now. I have started to save water for the past 6 months, got chickens a year ago, and have recently started to save food, and preparing a bugout kit for the car. I am interested in being in a type of group. I believe in strenght in numbers. I feel my husband and I would be a great asset to a prepper community. He is a auto tech and I am a social science teacher with great organization skills. Please let me know if you are a prepper who lives in the area. thanks.

Apr 052012

I’ve said all this before over the years on this site, but I’ll say it again now.
This site has been going for some time.
It has gained acceptance as a resource for those wishing or needing to contact others interested in prepping.
Due to shows like “Doomsday Preppers” membership has swelled with what people call “newbies”.
As well as owning this site I am a member of several other prepper forums, both in the U.S. and Australia.
Those other forums have had problems with “established members”, “old hands” and their attitude to “newbies”. This has led in some cases to out and out attacks on “newbies” who are seen as lacking in some way because they are new to the idea of prepping.

This WON’T happen here! Everyone has been a “newbie”. Nobody was born prepping!!!!! Respect the new members.

New members. Read the prepper forum! Read the READ FIRST and GETTING STARTED HERE links at the top of this page.

Don’t post your phone numbers!

If you are going to post, create a new email account at gmail or yahoo, just for responses to your post. (Yahoo tends to block posts as spam, I would recommend using gmail).
If you create a post – don’t say something like, “I live by the river and would like to speak to others locally.” You need to say in your post what state you are in! Counties doesn’t cut it as most county names are used in dozens of other states apart from yours.

Think about what you are going to post. Catchphrases like “looking for likeminded” – how do we know what your mindset is? You might worship a carrot, think you live on the moon and paint yourself orange at midnight for all we know.
Say what your mindset is, THEN say you are looking for likeminded.

Follow these few simple points listed above and you’ll find that people will take your posts seriously.

Old hands and established members – treat our new members with respect. If you need to correct them on a point, don’t get personal about it. There is no need to be petty or to resort to verbal abuse.

RESPECT one another. This site is about meeting, networking and discussing for preppers – not point scoring or belittling others.

Apr 052012

Hi I’m new to posting so give me a moment. I’m looking for like minded people in my area to talk with and possibly prep with. I’ve been doing this for a while and have the basics well and covered. Looking to camp and start working on my wilderness skills now. If interested let me know. If your further away we could meet in the middle lol. Keep it up prepping is a lifestyle not a hobby!

Apr 052012

So we’re pretty new to the whole prepping idea — we’re basically preparing for anything really. I personally don’t think 2012 is the year to end all years (based on religious beliefs) but I am not naive to think that something isn’t right around the corner. We live right smack dab in the middle of downtown Nashville…couldn’t have picked a worse place pre-SHTF but we do have lots of family that live on land in various states. Push come to shove, we’d head in their direction. We’ve started stockpiling food (http://www.tiffanycartier.shelfreliance.com/TiffanyCartier), guns and ammo, but I’m hesitant to really worry about anything else in great lengths except for your basic survival gear. Call me crazy but I feel like there are so many ‘end of day’ visuals in movies these days that they make you kinda stop and wonder.

We are both avid hunters/fishermen/gardeners — but will that even matter? What’s the point of stocking seeds and all that if there’s the very real possibility that we won’t be able to grow things in the soil — and worse yet, it takes time for a garden to spring up..doesn’t just happen over night. And then you have to think, will my beautiful lush garden give away my location and ultimately my security? I think of movies like “Eli” — “I Am Legend” — the “Resident Evils” and while the idea of a zombie apocalypse seems silly to me, there’s the real chance that a pathageon/nuclear/climate change/etc could happen that would kill humans/animals alike, thus ruining our hopes for a food source.

I guess these are just things that I think about and would love to hear everyone else’s opinions on such since most people I talk to seem to ‘prepping for anything’ but yet relying heavily on seeds and hunting.