Apr 062012

My son will be attending graduate school in Minneapolis in Aug. He doesn’t know a single sole in Minnesota and since I don’t know anything about Minneapolis as far as prepping I am scared to death for him.  I am looking for someone that will allow him to bug out at there location in event TEOTWAWKI hits until he can find a way to get home to Maryland.  He is a hard working young man that is used to splitting wood, milking goats etc. and will be able to help in that respect.  Financialy – he has nothing to offer.

Apr 062012

Just putting up a new post to get together with others from our area.  I have met a few new folks already as a new member myself. I’m just glad there is hope that if the poop hits the fan I will  already know some people who where thinking the same thing and took time to put away the basics. As I read most of the posts, I can see that things might be different from folks on the other side of the bay, ” The WEST-NW/SW/the Mid WEST/ Lower SOUTH/North East and all parts in between. Here on the Shore”DELMARVA” we have a lot to live off of, as an Internet Group we can help each other with the paine of some of the jokes that come our way,  and still continue to prep knowing we are not alone. I am here to help and I hope I can get some Help ,  as there are things I just don’t know about.  Thank’s for INFO if you got it.MB

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Apr 062012

I am new to prepping and looking for some others in the Twin Cities. I can’t afford to bug out to the country, and I don’t plan on hiding. My plan is to stay in the city, bug in and come out after all the others have run off for the hills. I am looking for an ideal bug out location and places to store rations, but I’m coming back home. Burned to the ground or not.

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Apr 062012

We are open to more folks here at the Little Red Hen Homestead (preferably younger than us).

Need more hands, minds, diverse skills, creative and resourceful for the goals we can agree upon and those already set. Together we can have a better chance of survival and quality of life

You and/or spouse, family,etc. should come with at least 6 months of food, usable resources and some funds. More info if you call us.

We are not religious fanatics and accept all faiths (just don’t try ramming yours down our throats).

We have diverse skills, pay a basic rent per person ( which goes to sustaing the land, projects, electricity, wifi et.), work toward specific goals, possess excellent work ethics based on skills and ability and share some meals.

Each person is responsible for developing their own domicile in a reasonable period of time (RV, yurt, Teepee etc) but everyone can help with the labor as able.

We are on an acre but 5 acres across from us is available and the owner will carry. 12 folks could buy the property outright actually. It has a well and electricity and septic but would lend itself to solar and wind easily.

Give me a call: Nine two eight /four three two /two nine three three or BeginPrep (at) yahoo dot com


Apr 062012

I am a 41 year old female who lives on a small farm se of stillwater, ok. I am married with 3 kids of my own and 3 step children but only  have 2 living at home now. I love to garden, cook, read and mess with my animals.

Living on a farm we prep not because of the end of times or maybe a financial depression but because I hate to shop if I do not need to. But have really gotten into the prepping for about 6 months now. I buy extra but prefer to grow my own whether it is meat or produce. I am in the process of putting in an orchard and would love to put in a pond. Prepping has become a way of life for my family.

If there is any one out there who can give me ideas on how to build a cheap wind turbine or solar panels and how to put in a hand pump on my well. I need some one to throw ideas at.

I also have some training in the medical field I hope to be able to go this fall and work on getting my EMT.