Apr 072012

I am new to the site as well. Looking for a Christian based group of like-minded individuals to purchase property with around the N. Ga mountains. I am a food gardener and my husband is a HAM radio operator with a General License and equipment. He is also a builder and hunter.

Within our small group we have an EMT and a Paramedic with a 16 year-old son.  I have contacted a couple of people regarding the bug out retreat idea, but I wanted to just put it out here to see who may be interested.  We have been learning the way of permaculture, and prepping for a few years. We have some food storage and a good bit of seed stock. We are well armed and have hunting dogs.

If anyone is interested in meeting up to discuss possibilities please let me know.

Apr 072012

I have a daughter and her husband who live in the Houston area that I am very concerned for in a SHTF scenario.  They are waking up, SLOWLY…its like they’ve paused the Matrix and they are trying to decide whether to actually swallow the red pill or not. *sigh*  Both hard workers, he is in the engineering field and she is health/fitness/sports medicine end of things.  He has some tactical training as well (I believe CCL too) as he was involved with law enforcement in IL, prior to a job transfer.  I know I will soon get a phone call asking for guidance and direction of how they might go about making some contacts and be part of a group in their area.  As her Mom, it pains me knowing she has no interest to return ‘home’ , which maybe to her advantage given our location being east of the Mississippi. Her father is in center of Ark. and has his head buried in the sand with no desire to surface anytime soon (aka, no help there, not an option).

So, I reach out to the other Christians in her area on her behalf in the hope God intervenes and places like-minded people in their lives. In the mean time, I would also ask those that are preparing in the Houston +/- area to consider replying to a mother’s plea here and let me know if there is anyone out there.
Thanks so much and God Bless!

Apr 072012

I’m just beginning my prepping and I feel somewhat limited due to the fact that I don’t own a home yet.  We are planning to buy next year and I can’t really get a good stockpile or garden going until then.  Does anyone have any recommendations as far as the best/first steps to take in the meantime?

Also…I have experience shooting guns but I don’t own my own currently.  Due to budget constraints I’d prefer to buy used.  Does anyone have any recommendations for the area?

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Apr 072012

hi, we are preppers and looking to start a down river community of preppers in riverview mi, please respond if your in the area and interested

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Apr 072012

We are trying to find anyone in the sarasota, arcadia, and ft myers areas that are prepping. We would like to be a part of or create a large group that can move or stand together in times of crisis. Completely new or veteran experienced encouraged to respond. We would love to hear that we are not the only ones worried abuot the near future.Hoping we can do our part to preserve the human race. Thank you and may God watch over all of you.