Jun 102012

I am in the process of purchasing a 40 acre ranch in Show Low.  I live and work full time in Phoenix with my wife and two sons.  My long term plan is turn this property into a productive farm/cattle ranch.  I plan to spend one weekend a month there and am looking for partners to work the other weeks/weekends.  This is not a scam and I am not asking for people to “buy in” or sub divide the property.  There is one operational well and one that can be setup to use solar power for $4000.  There is 20 acres of fenced pasture ready for crops and/or livestock.

Here is what I am looking for.

  1. Couples with or without children who want to help make a long term sustainable farm.  I think that the maximum capacity of this property is probably 16 to 20 people max. 
  2. We can meet here in Phoenix and discuss our long term goals.  If we have similar goals our families can meet and see if we are compatible.  I am a firm believer in the constitution and the right of all free men to live their life with minimal government interference.  I support Ron Paul and believe that both the Republican and Democratic parties have sold out to Corporate America and no longer have the average American’s interest in mind.
  3. The initial goal is to plant long term plants such as blackberries/raspberries/strawberries that will grow for many years. 
  4. I have experience raising chickens and plan to add goats and cows for their ability to reproduce and provide long term supply of food.
  5. You must have your own guns and be able to defend yourself and your family and to hunt game when necessary. This is not Waco Texas and we will follow all current Federal and State laws in terms of firearms.  I have my concealed weapons permit (CCW) and all people who wish to join us must also posses theirs to comply with state law.  I obtained mine 3 months ago and it is easy to do with a 1 day class.  They key point of this is that there is a FBI background check and hence I know that everyone I meet is not a felon.

This all is just a rough draft and I am fairly new to the whole prepper thing.  I did go crazy preparing for Y2K.  However unlike that non event I think that this time it is different.  The world is changing fast and my goal it to protect my wife and children and work with other people who share a common goal.

You can email me at moonvallyfish [at] gmail [dot] com 

moonvalleyfish [at] gmail [dot] com

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Jun 092012

This post is an attempt to begin an alliance with New Braunfels citizens who are or are thinking about prepping for our future.  In the past few years we have seen some major changes with our country.  This has led many people to begin preparing for man-made and natural disasters.
I am trying to put together a network of people who want to secure our community’s future! This will include a wide variety of people who have specific skills in different areas.  We need people in law enforcement, medical personnel, communications, ex-military, cooks, seamstress’, welders, machinists, contractors and other professions.  When we have enough people interested, we can begin having classes on survival, prepping, bugging out/in, security, emergency medicine, long-term food storage and other related subjects. This will give us the knowledge to develop a survivalist community if SHTF (Sh*t Hits The Fan).  We are designing this so that everyone can teach a class in their area of expertise.  The idea is that we all help each other!!  Right now we have a couple of families that are interested in taking the steps to secure their future.  We would like New Braunfels area citizens to respond.  Once we have established a solid foundation for this experiment, we can consider the surrounding area preppers to be included.

If this is all new and you have no idea where to begin, that is ok!  We will help you through the process!  Once we have enough people to begin, we will set up an email list so we can communicate with each other to establish meeting dates and classes.

It’s imperative to secure our future because no one but ourselves will guarantee our own survival…  Please contact me if you are interested..  The more people we can get to join the better it will be for us in the future.  I am not a conspiracy theorist, I’m a realist and I believe strongly in our Constitutional rights!  If the government has spent billions of dollars on underground shelters, food, water and over 400 million rounds of ammunition, then why shouldn’t we be prepared also??

Jun 092012

Hi from Richardson, Allen, Frisco, Addison, Carrollton, Plano – Texas area..

Family and friends, We meet a few times a month (and have been doing so for over a few eyars) to chat and train on crisis situations.. we are all adults just working on getting our preppering and etc ready for hard times if they come.

We work on urban and woodland survival skills, CQC, medical, rigging, first aid, basic firearms, advance tactical firearms, home defense, BOB, BOL, communication, land nav, cooking, canning, etc..

Take care,



Jun 092012

i am a 15 year old central Floridian prepper looking to establish a network of other like minded individuals so message me about your local your prep and ill return the favor so we can at least try to rebuild after SHTF thanx

Jun 092012

I am new and looking to get what ever advice that I can get

I would like to meet with like-minded persons that live close to the Sterling Hights area.

I have worked as a home health aide for the past 3 years however I prefer working in machine shops  doing mechanical type of work . I have also worked as a pipe fitter and have done some welding .

 email me at k_house2000 [at] att [dot] net 

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Jun 082012

Hey all – I’m Lucinda from Texas Ready. I’ll be set up at the Survival Expo and Blade Show at the Cobb Galleria Center this weekend, and will be giving a lecture on Heirloom Seeds and Food Independence at 4PM Saturday. I would like to invite anyone in the Atlanta area to attend!

I would also be available to speak to prepper groups on Friday and Saturday evening. If interested, please call me at 281-288-7826 or 832-493-1357 and we can set something up.


Lucinda Bailey


seeds [at] TexasReady [dot] net

Jun 062012

Hi folks,

I’m a single male engineer, 32. I am agnostic and libertarian, but personally identify with Christian morals. My retreat is currently my 30-acre farm in the Willamette Valley. 

I’m interested in joining another group at a more remote, defensible retreat in Eastern Oregon, Idaho or Montana.  This would become my primary retreat, or a backup depending on distance.

My goal is preparing for an economic crash and “killer caravan” scenario. I feel this scenario would be difficult to resist without a large group and hardened retreat, which my farm does not provide very well.

I grew up in Oregon on a farm and am acquainted with carpentry, gardening, ham radio, and firearms, but not an expert. I’m willing to invest to improve my skills in an area the group would need.

My brother is an MD and my mother is a retired nurse. They may gradually come to see the need to prepare. I hope for them to join up someday but can’t speak for their plans at this point.

My preps so far have included: LASIK, obtaining 10k rounds ammo, 2 carbines, 1 MBR, 5k ft barbed/razor wire, 2 years Mountain House food, 3 antibiotic kits, and photovoltaic panels.

Looking for a group whose members are well-educated, polite and cultivated, like the fellow country folks I grew up with. Regarding leadership, I’d prefer a group with strong central authority and ability to make firm decisions.

If you have openings or just want to hang out and discuss, please contact me. I can meet near Portland, Corvallis, or Salem and visit the Bend area monthly. Also planning  a trip to Idaho this summer.

Email: portland.acoustics at gmail dot com.


Jun 062012

Have been prepping for two years. Seriously looking for property in the Kamiah area. Would like to connect with other preppers who are in area or here in CA and planning to move to the same area . I’m a Christian and conservative, looking to complete preps (well, I guess they’re never complete but have saved some things for after move) as I prepare place for family. Will be in Idaho within the next two weeks – can email, call, meet for chat in Id or CA. Privacy and security will be uppermost . . .

Questions, information, interest? Please email me here… Thanks …

Jun 062012

Have been a solid student of current events for over 2 decades. I don’t like what I see.  My wife and I (both 55) are cautious of what lies ahead; don’t believe that end of the world will occur on 12/21, but know that life as we know it could, and at any time, for any number of reasons. Just want to make sure we can survive and thrive the day after.  Live in Law’ville area and have place in mountains not far from Blairsville. Looking for like minded people (preferably in N GA mountains) to share ideas, skills,  sense of community and possibly to watch each others sixes,  if  it gets to that.

Stay safe,

Gary 1956

Jun 062012

Hi we are a family of 6 and are trying to find like minded individuals that live in or around Ashburn or Loudoun County Virginia. We are just starting to gather necessary supplies and have been spotting sites, but have no land or designated area as of yet. We would like to discuss with individuals that have an interest and desire to want to prep and move rapidly forward with preparations. If you have already started that’s even better, if you have a location/land already designated that’s even better, but if you are just starting and have done nothing, but have desire, we would like to discuss with you. Please contact us and tell us your level of interest and exeprience.

Jun 052012

It has been a year and a half since I last posted and in that time there’ve been changes in a situation. These changes have been a positive step in the right direction in that I found a full-time job in the extra income will be useful in paying bills and being able to prep and more consistent manner.  However, new job also necessitated that we as a family move from our previous location in northern Nevada to central Nevada.

Jun 052012

We are looking to relocate this summer to the northern area of NM, have been prepping for several years. My husband, son (age 9) and I are looking for a group to connect with in the 4C area that are similar minded. We currently own a farm in California, and are experienced with large and small scale farming, firearms, solar technology and construction. We are easy-going by nature, yet we have always believed in hard work, and taking care of ourselves.  We will be flying our own aircraft with food and supplies later this summer. Planning for the worst, yet praying for the best. Hope to meet others who are like-minded in the area looking to share thoughts and ideas with. Thanks.

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Jun 052012

I am in extreme NCA have been a survivalist/prepper most of my life. We are Christians that believe in the Constitution. Wanting to network with like minded people in our area.  If you would like to talk about prepping you can email me at justincase [at] gmail [dot] com.

Jun 052012

It would help alot if I put in the correct email address !

Looking for fellow preppers new or squared away to exchange ideas and info, any subject. Guns, , food storage, first aid, tactical,  wilderness survival, what ever. I would like to start a group in Grass Valley or?



rlaineg [at] yahoo [dot] com


Jun 042012

Hello folks. My fiancee and I can be considered fairly new to prepping. We are getting married june 9. We live in Dickinson ND, she has family in Minot and Mayville, so we travel around a bit.

We are looking for others in the state/are to work with for mutual support/aid. I am steel fabricator by trade right now. She is a teacher of 25 years. This year i hope to get back into hunting and fishing. Our interests are many.

Reply if your interested in chatting. Will take things from there.

God Bless.

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Jun 042012

I just started researching self-sufficiency requirements if the SHTF…would consider being a part of a like-minded community for safety and skill variety…I am 61 and my wife is 55, no children…would like to correspond with others just beginning to research as well or those already in a community..

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Jun 042012

im a soldier stioned here in fort benning,ga. im looking for a team for me and my family. i bring 15 years of military experience and know how.incase your wondering what my job is in the military,im a scout i do recon and love it i can be reached at bart [dot] viers [at] yahoo [dot] com i am willing to relocate

Jun 042012

Hello everyone, I am a survivalist moving at the end of June 2012 to Lima, OH. I am a Family Nurse Practitioner who will be working in the ER at Lima Memorial. I want to get to know other preppers in the area. I have lots of great skills to contribute. Please feel free to contact me and lets talk. Let’s prepare together.

Jun 042012

I’m looking for like minded group or individuals around the Leander, TX area. About myself:Mid 30′s Christian, family man, employed by U.S. Army(no deployments yet), politically I am a constitutionalist. Hoping to find friendships in the prepper world to share ideas and learn.

Jun 042012

I have been prepping for a little over a year now an looking to find a group I have started into ham radio former military combat medic security background currently a firefighter looking for a group in it around roanoke Virginia or if interested in forming a group in the area contact me

Jun 042012

I am new to this but I am aware that there is safety in numbers and one person buying everything needed is hard. I am looking for like minded people in Montgomery County that would like to get together to start building a plan and location for any event. We do have a major fault line in southern Indiana and NASA.COM states the Solar Maxim will take place in mid 2013. The economic fall is all ways a possibility. In any event that comes along a group of prepared people is better than an individual. Please contact me if you would like to help build this group. I am located between Indianapolis and Lafayette. Once we get started I would like to try to get a Doctor,Farmer, and an Engineer involved with the group. Construction and military  background would be a nice group to start with to get this started.