Oct 052012

Looking for Arkansas Area Preppers.  We are located in the North Central Area of Arkansas.  We are wanting to talk with folks about the wide variety of topics regarding Prepping/Survival/Preparedness/Medical/Gardening…  We have been Prepping before the word Prepping was around.  We have good Skill Sets for preparedness but always wanting to learn more.  Long term I  would like to develop a group of folks that would be interested in developing an Arkansas Preparedness Expo.  Some of the discussion:

  • Develop topics of interest
  • Develop a vendor list
  • Food Storage Clinics
  • Gardening Clinics
  • Medical Hands On
  • Range Day
  • Protection/Defensive instruction
  • Find a venue
  • Develop a budget
  • Recruit Speakers
  • Kind of Brainstorming, and the list goes on

A big under taking but I believe there is a huge need for this in our area.  I would like to hear from anyone that:

  • Interested in Prepping In’s & Out’s
  • Solid Prepping Skill Sets and would be willing to teach others
  • Vendors that have products that would benefit the prepping lifestyle
  • Vendors that have training available.  ie Martial Arts, Medical, Gardening, Krav Maga, Blacksmith…
  • Willing to work and help facilitate an event
  • Good organizational skills
  • Maybe you too have thought about the need for a similar event
  • Been prepping for a while or just into the game
  • There is just a few of the topics

I am not looking to “Rake In” on the Prepping Craze or make a bunch of cash off of people fears.  I want to help inform others and help them develop preparedness skills.  I have been and continue to be OPSEC minded however with current events I am willing to get myself out there to contact other “Like Minded” folks.

Thanks for reading and take care,


arkprep1 [at] gmail [dot] com


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  1. Hello, I’m the State Coordinator and Unit Commander for the 126th Arkansas Frontiersmen,we are located in Garland County if we can be useful at one of your get togethers let me know,it’s a good idea to Network.www.thefrontiersmen.org

    • Hello,
      We live in Garland County as well. We are looking to join a preppers group, Getting involved with a group of people. It would be great! I have a masters in accounting. I had also been a Certified Nursing assistant at a hospital and hospice. Also, I was part of some surgeries. I love gardening and so does my hubby Dave. Dave grew up on a farm, so he is very knowledgeable with fixing farm equipment. We are both retired, but very active. We enjoy motorcycling, and hiking. We are currently finishing up are bug-out bags, and researching prepping to home and bug home.
      Let us know if we can join your group.
      Thanks. Denise

  2. I’m with Watchmen of Central America, starting a chapter down in SE. Arkansas looking for members. Being down this way is helpful, but looking for members all over the state. Watchmen are in several states, but only now starting in Arkansas. We are prepper minded, patriots who will band together to help one another. It is not political, not anti-gov, and not racist. You can contact me or check out the website. http://www.watchmenofamerica.com/

  3. I would be interested in talking to you about things over coffee. I have been prepping for almost 4 years. I am looking for a group/family. I grew up farming in SE Arkansas. Growing up my family had a large garden and we did a lot of outdoors activity. In college I had training as a 1st responder and emt. We hunted, and shot targets with shotguns, rifles and pistols. I practiced a lot. I am looking for opportunity to link up and learn new things and share any useful knowledge and experiences i have. If you are a prepper if you have not discovered Alex Jones’ radio show you should try to listen in on his show on XM 166 or go to his website at http://www.infowars.com. You can stream his show from the website for free. He is full of fire and is awesome. Give me a buzz. Waiting to hear from you.

  4. Hello there. I’m also in Arkansas. I’m with a small group of people within the state that are putting together a group to come together as a community if things go back. There are a couple of us across the state, but the group is growing. We have broke the state into 4 chapters of the main group. We discuss prepping ideas, and have chapter meetings coming together to get to know each other, ask questions, learn new skills. If interested, I would like to talk to you more about it. email me at apnsechapter {at} yahoo {dot} com