Apr 082014

Arkansas Confederate Preppers is looking to add more members. No matter how long you have been prepping you are welcome. We are especially looking for those that would be interested in joining a community where we would come together in a SHTF situation.

We are a network of 3 Chapters throughout Arkansas and the surrounding states in which to better prepare ourselves, family and community for natural, man-made, or economic disasters. Our mission is to provide education, training, and equipping of members to mutually defend our families, friends, and property during a crisis.
We are not Anti American, Anti Christian, Anti Community, Anti racial, we accept all people who want to learn, discuss and inform. We are not a cult or Anti Religious, or an Anti American group. We are people (A Community) who wish to come together to learn, teach and prepare for the survival of our families, friends, community and country should something devastating happen in the United States
We support God, Christianity, Israel, NRA, and the United States Constitution including the Bill of Rights.

A.C.P is and will be governed by the Founding members and the duly elected officials. Our Charter is and will be a living model, which is to say that it has and continues to be modified as best practices are discovered. As a member of A.C.P it is your right to bring up questions and comments on how our organization operates.

Official Charter Alterations
Any Charter alterations will be voted on and approved by the elected officers of the group, with the Founding Members final approval.

Self Responsibility
All members of A.C.P are responsible for their own actions. At no time will any action in violation of Local, State or Federal Law be construed as condoned, supported, sponsored, encouraged, or acceptable by the group or any of its members. By becoming a member of SAPN you acknowledge that any act or public declaration in violation of any law shall be the responsibility of the individual and none other.
All interested parties shall be considered for membership provided they can meet 4 of 6 requirements.
1: Be associated with at least 1 member

2: Motivated and willing to participate

3:Have a means to equip themselves ie (Food, equipment, Firearms, knowledge)

4: honest and Dependable

5: Willing to come to the aid of others

6: Be a minimum age of 18 unless a parent or family member is a A.C.P member.
Any member may leave the group at any time that they choose

Reason for dismissal from A.C.P

Lack of participation
Bringing negative affects to group
Bringing shame or notoriety to group
Acts of Violence toward another member
Violation of Local, State or Federal Laws

Executive Officers

The executive officers will consist of a representative from each of the 3 chapters. Executive officer positions are as follows
President, Vice President, CFO, CTO, Logistics Officer, and Secretary

Chapter Officials
Chapter Commander
Chapter Training Officer
Chapter Secretary


Elections will be at a time set by the founding members and then every 2 years thereafter. To be elected to an executive officer or a chapter position you must an active member in good standing for a period of 6 months.

All members will be responsible to equip themselves and help equip the group with the basic supplies and knowledge needed to function as a community in any disaster natural or man-made.

Basic and Standard equipment (BEL/SEL)

Each individuals BEL and SEL will be based on that persons/Families group affiliation. These items will include but are not limited to Food, Clothing, Water/purification, shelter, equipment and tools.

Meetings & Training

Officers will meet monthly either in person or online or by other communication method.

Chapter meetings will be held every other month in the same manner as the officer meetings at a time determined by the officers.

Training will be quarterly and will be held at a location determined by the executive officers, training events will be held at different locations throughout the year.


In order for A.C.P to be able to function as a community all members will need to be an active participant within the group. There are several ways for a member to be productive within the group ie (Knowledge, supplies, and donations )
To remain an active member you must attend a minimum of 3 meetings in a calendar year and 2 training sessions in a calendar year.

  11 Responses to “Arkansas Prepper group looking to add members.”

  1. Good evening Prepper Bob,
    I meet 5 of your 6 criteria that I know of and am interested in discussing mutual interests. Please reply with contact info.


  2. Prepper Bob,
    I am interested in learning more about your group. If you would please reply with some sort of contact info. Thank you.

  3. You can email me at rdavid59 [at] hotmail [dot] com

    • trish55011 says:
      September 27, 2014
      Hello Prepper Bob, my husband and I are completely new to prepping of any kind. We know that we need to do something, but do not know where to start. He is a welder, and I am currently in college for a medical profession. How can we find out more information about your group? We know that we cannot “lone-wolf” it when the economy crashes.

  4. Hello Prepper Bob, my husband and I are completely new to prepping of any kind. We know that we need to do something, but do not know where to start. He is a welder, and I am currently in college for a medical profession. How can we find out more information about your group? We know that we cannot “lone-wolf” it when the economy crashes.

  5. I would like to get more information about your group. I am new in all of this and would like to get ready when things goes south. Thank you

  6. Hi would like to know more about your group as far as areas your near. Im in hot springs area.I want to be close enough that I couid fulfill my requirements since I work a lot.also have a friend with a lot of farming experience that would come with me.thanks mtndewpoo

  7. Hi.
    I live at Greers Ferry. I started preping about an year ago, and I do have, food, water, and first aid supplies. I was wondering if there is any preppers in my area. I meet 5 of 6 requirements. I don’t know anyone in this organization.
    I’m retired army national guard, and have lots of training under my belt.
    I look fwd to hearing from you.

    • Copterdoc, I live in the Searcy area. But I work in Heber. Our organization is statewide, but we are broken up into chapters. We are going thru some re-organization right now, but We do have a White county chapter. If you are on facebook you can look me up, my email is rdavid59 [at] hotmail [dot] com. you can look me up that way or look up Robert Collins. My profile pic is of me. I am bald with a goatee and I have a red shirt on. Our group pages are “Arkansas Confederate Preppers” an “White County Chapter of the Arkansas Confederate Preppers”. Looking forward to getting to know you.