Apr 212015

Landscaping work and a place to stay at our camp for right match. We are a Christian Family looking for like minded Christian Family to help us work our land and have a sustainable farm. We are not anti government….just want to be self reliant for upcoming hard times. We have a landscaping business and have a small farm. There is a place for your RV here or you may be able to use ours.

Email chardamos three six seven @ gmail.com

Apr 172015

Hi, My name is Renee. I am a 24 female nursing student. I live in Louisiana.I have 2 sons. I am new to prepping and knowing that anything can happen is what helped me decide to start prepping.  So, like any parent I would like to have a safe place for my family just in case SHTF.

I am looking to start a prepping group/community. I would like to have a large mixed group of open minded people from all walks of life.  Your race, age, religion, material status, family size or where you live will not matter. As long as you can offer a skill or two you will be welcome. and for those who don’t have skills you must be willing to learn. I would require a background check from your local sheriffs office, I’m not trying to get all in your business. I’m just trying to make sure everyone would be safe.  If you would like to explain anything you will get a chance to do so.

I would like to buy some land to build a bug out community. i am currently designing an above ground community and an underground retreat. I have started looking at some land in the Midwest states. I figured that would be the safest place in any SHTF scenario. I do like the land in Missouri.

If you are looking to join and you have land and you would like it to be used let me know.

I know most people don’t want a large group for various reasons. I figure we are all adults and are we are all trying to do the same thing ( have a safe place). so why not work together. It would hurt to have a lot of skills in one group. Plus if we did have to go underground we would need a lot of different people for social reasons.

So if you are interested in this, email me at ladavianw [at] icloud [dot] com

Mar 282015

knowledgeable in firearms, hunting, fishing, horticulture, construction, food storage, preparations and cooking. looking to move to permanent land to process, make and keep preppared and ready for ease of life when said case happens. looking to help and be a part of a sustainable community. have weapons funds and transportaion. mainly looking to farm secure and carry out any construction duties and contribute funds  serious inquires only.


Jan 242015

Hi, my name is Katie. I live just outside of Huntsville, Alabama in the Monrovia/Farmstead community. I’m looking to meet like minded people who are concerned for our country and feel a day of reckoning is coming. My husband and I are one generation away from the farm, but we did raise our four kids on a mini farm (10 acres) near Ardmore, Alabama before moving into town, so I do know how to grow gardens and put up food (canning, freezing, dehydrating, and fermenting). I’m also pretty good at sewing and enjoy simple country living.

Ron and I also have knowledge of animal husbandry, but that is from our grandparents who made it through the 1930s depression. My grandfather ran a grist mill in Falls Mill, Tennessee during that time. My husband and I both spent many wonderful years during our childhoods visiting our respective family farms.

I am out of town for the moment but will be back in Huntsville in the spring and would like to find a group to share information of all sorts. When Ron retires we hope to buy land and go back to the farm up around the state line, though I would like to return to Lynchburg, TN where my family originated from. Anyway, I would like to get to know people who have that same feeling in the gut that things are just not right.




Nov 232014

The Gulf Coast Prepper Network is a new group comprised of preppers located in South Alabama, South Mississippi, and the Florida panhandle. Located in Mobile, Alabama, we are currently seeking new members interested in networking with other area preppers for their mutual benefit. For additional information please visit http://GulfPrep.Net.


Nov 152014

Looking for like minded people in north Alabama and southern Tennessee.  With skills and experience.  Looking to find a good group to get to know and possible bug with! Hope to hear from yall.

Oct 122014

Looking to start or to join a group of preppers would like serious people not wanting to join a militia or anti gov group. I’m looking for people with the skills to survive and thrive in a pandemic event I have woodland survival skills as well as scouting skills and the will to survive wish to meet some people of like mindness I have 3 uncles who were green beret and my friends dad who was spetsnaz teach me a lot of things about making out in the woods and some of their skills email me at stroup146 [at] gmail [dot] com if you’re interested look forward to hearing from you

Oct 102014

I’m looking for preppers around the Prattville/Boothe AL region I would like to start or join a group I have skills to survive in the wilderness such as shelter building, rain collection, knowing where to get food as well as scouting out areas looking for people with skills and will to survive you can Email me for quick contact at stroup146 [at] gmail [dot] com look forward to hearing from you

Sep 052014

Hello, We are newbies to the site. We are interested in meeting like minded preppers. AS preppers know, our daily lives hang on by a thread, in all aspects. As a city dweller, we know security is our main priority. With the inevitable right around the corner, I feel we are in the last hour of this  era. An apocalypse is not something to be feared & understood, with putting religion aside, the definition is quite clear & welcoming. We do not belong to any organized religion, but follow the teaching of who we know today as Jesus Christ. We also hold our inherent rights know as ” The Constitution “, dearly & would die defending & making sure other do not cross the line of violation. I feel these rights were not drawn up to remind us of them, but to remind gov’t & corporations of them. (which actually makes a whole lot more sense.) We have a rogue so-called gov’t, who is in-actuality a corporation who took control in 1933.

We seek others who possibly have some established land, & are family oriented. We could bug-out ourselves to a little 3 acre plot, but  we know there is power in #’s.  Would enjoy meeting up with a group or family who is feeling the same, but already have a acreage & want to share their land.

With society, politics, & war holding on by a tread, this house of cards that have shaped our reality is fixing to crumble, along with the dollar. Knowing this, it’s common sense to make perceptive planning. And this is just the man-made troubles, not to mention Earth/Space troubles. If you’ve studied planet-x, you know what I’m talking about.

We are in our early 30’s & have plenty of skills & common sense. We have a good start on supply, & could currently hold-out for around 4-6 mos.  Did I mention we have 3 kids ? :) We would go as north up to Kentucky if we met the right family or group, but let’s be honest, when SHTF we prob wont make it that far north before roads are shut down & martial law enacted. This would be a permanent move us when we found the right place. Knowing that the 3acres we are looking at is about 1.5hrs north, & a mountain nearby is pretty comforting. We are just putting it out here to see what response we get before making our final decision. We would go as far as offering the neighboring 3 acre lot to a like-minded family. The man only wants 10k for each lot, & would take payments. Either way we seek a joint adventure in this shit-storm to come. Let’s talk, time is running short. I dont want to be the ones who regretted not making this move, or saying shoulda, coulda, woulda.

Jul 162014

I am going to Alabama soon to start a prepper/survivalist commune. I have some property on a hill in trussville, not far from lake goerge. There is a house, a garage, several trailers and old vehichles,a well, power there but not conected. The house needs work but is fixable.I have family near by. I recently lost my job after a motorcycle accedent and I do not like what I am see happen to the hard workers of America. In short the harder we work the more they take from us. I am what some call a prepper and for the most part can take care of myself, but the truth is (power in numbers)(not looking for hundreds of people). We can do more together than alone.. When the shtf it would be nice to be around trustworthy people that are there for eachother. It would be open vote no president. Tents, huts, friendly pets,leagal weapons,reasonable drinking,tobacco, wacky too all welcome.Looking for people(female or male) with skills like hunting-gathering, botany-gardening, leagal law, carpentry,film-photography fabrication, medical, farming ,,,,I think you get it, if you think you could benifit a group and pull your weight mail me at FreeAlabamaCommune [at] gmail [dot] com. I could really use more info on how this could work easier. I know I’ll probably get a bunch more bullshit for this but its better to be self efficient than a homeless begger with no security so for the bullshitters would you like me to camp in your neighborhood or on my own property.

Feb 092014



1.Rifle with ammo

2.Pistol with ammo

3.A knife with sheath

4.A machete with sheath

5.Steel toed combat boots with extra socks

6.At least two sets of winter as well as summer clothes and a rain poncho and a nice backpack like a hiking backpack or a rucksack any big bag to hold your things

7.Rations mre’s canned goods dry stored goods packaged in airtight plastic or the new long storage food they sell on the internet and tv

8.Your own cooking and dining utensils (example:a pot a pan a spoon a fork and a knife or they have utility utensils that have all three built together like a swiss army knife

9.Flashlights,lanterns,glow sticks,candles,etc.

10.Flint and a striker

11.Tarp and tent 1-4 man

12.Matterials for building traps fortification and other projects for survival

13.A toolkit with a hammer,level,saw,tape measure,level,square,screwdrivers flathead and Phillips,nails,screws,etc.

14.The will to survive

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Feb 082014

Hi to all. I am a 54 year old male with substantial farm and animal husbandry, interests in Permaculture, food forests, aquaponics, small “low maintenance as possible” food production models. I have lived in community (twice) and learned alot (one good one bad experience). I like the idea of private land but with cooperation between neighbors who are geographically close. I have scaled back my own ideas of sustainability–after a false start buying some bad land, I now know that I can support myself on about an acre and that four people is a good number to cooperate on a small farm system. To me, prepping is not about hoarding food and bullets and hightailing it out of the city but to already be where you want to be, producing and eating healthy food, and living a sustainable life, in both good times and bad. I am looking for a few good people and a few acres in Texas. No racists, anarchists, apocalyptic-hopefuls, just some nice people, individuals, couples or a small family that wants to develop a mini-farm, and live well. I am in Austin. If there is nothing suitable in Texas I would say that I am willing to consider Arkansas, Tennessee, NC, SC, GA and Alabama. Thanks for reading. Good luck to everybody who is seeking a sustainable, sane future……

Sep 172013


I am a new to prepping. I am looking for like minded people in the North Alabama area. I know how to can and dehydrate my own foods but I am always looking for new ideas. I am currently preparing my place to raise a few animals that will help me become more self sufficient. If there are any local groups I would love to become a part of it. I am also seeking any advice that you may have to offer. Thank you.

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Aug 082013

Come join us at our monthly mtg at Shoneys Restaurant in back meeting room. We have our eat and greet at 5:30 and start mtg at 6:30. All welcome! Topics we will cover include: Starting series of lessons on bugging in during a crisis, Learn a Herb, How to make your Hospital stay more tolerable and what your rights are, Gardening in small spaces and composting techniques, and we will promote our outdoor survival training class coming up on Aug 24.

Jul 172013

Hey guys, I would like to say Hi. I am a former Army Ranger and Green Beret. I have taken my training and started developing classes on several important subjects. I have taken the planning process that I used as a Green Beret and tailored it to a family evacuation plan. I have other classes on bug out bags and patrolling and in the process of creating others. I also have a lot of tactical knowledge that I can share. I currently work in law enforcement and was in New Orleans after Katrina and I know how bad it can be here in the US.

Jun 042013

Hey everyone,

Letting everyone know about a new annual event coming to Alabama on September 7th and 8th, 2013 in Oxford, Alabama.

That weekend will be the first annual Southern Preppers Convention and Green Living Expo at the Oxford Civic Center in Oxford, Alabama.

Admission will be free to the general public and we are now accepting vendor submissions on the website. A full schedule of events will be posted

soon but will include classes in hydroponics, aquaponics, survival, CPR, alternative housing, and much more. Viewing rooms will be going all

day with informative programming throughout the event. We will have a large vendor’s room where you can purchase all of the prepping and

survival gear you could ever need! Don’t miss out and check us out at http://thesouthernpreppers.com/ . Feel free to contact us via email for

any questions you might have.

May 202013

Our monthly mtg will be Monday night, June 3, 2013 @ Shoney’s restaurant in back meeting room. This is located on Ross Clark Circle, come and eat between 5:50 and 6:15. We will start mtg at 6:30. Have several speakers lined up. Covering herbal remedies, first aid, benefits of solar power and show and tell on building a $50 bug out bag. All Welcome!

Apr 232013

Hello, I’m a 50 year old single Grandmother raising a five year old and on a fixed income. I’m looking for someone or a group to help me start prepping I’ve done some small things but not enough. I’m looking for a group or family in the Morgan or Lawrence County area. Email me at Justifiedgirl at aol dot com.


Apr 222013

On Mon, May 6, 2013 @ 6pm @ Houston Co Library on Burdeshaw st, we are hosting Vonda, the qpon qween who will teach extreme couponing and how to stockpile for preps. She will teach on how to extreme coupon at all stores, but specifically publix. We have to have a head count for this due to seating and making sure we have enough hand outs. Message me if you plan to attend. If you rsvp and have to cancel, let me know that too. We are expecting a full house for this! Don’t miss it.

Also on Fri, May 10 we are camping for one night at www.landmarkpark.com. see site for details. If you have never been camping or its been a long time, this would be a good soft start to it. Learn how to put up a tent, get familiar with camp gear and items in your bug out bag. We plan to camp out monthly and progressively build up our outdoor survival skills. message me if your plan to attend !

Mar 212013

Please contact me at jsnell123 [at] gmail [dot] com

Mar 062013

You might be interested in a survival/preparation mutual interest group meeting for folks in and around central Alabama. To me that means the Birmingham area.
I in no way want to step on toes if someone is currently meeting. I apologize in advance if I am not fully aware of everything that is going on. It may even be better to not reinvent the wheel if there is a wheel already out there. I do want to develop a consistent and valuable way to share knowledge and skills. This is not entirely altruistic. I need to learn myself.
I am still looking for a location for the first meeting that I have unilaterally scheduled for Saturday. March 23, 2013 at 12:30 (lunchtime). The agenda for the first meeting follows:
– eat lunch (maybe)
– get to know one another a little
– discuss the best time, location, and periodicity for the meetings
– discuss future topics

The second meeting (to be scheduled) already has a guest speaker (Frank) who will be discussing how to clean water.
Let me know your thoughts.

Email me at BeFreeAL [at] gmail [dot] com if you are interested.