Mar 172017

I’ll spare you the “why should you join a group?”  You made it to this website, so I’m assuming you’re all past that notion.  Whether you start your own group or you know people who have one already, PLEASE JOIN A GROUP.  9 zillion reasons for that, but we all need a support group.  Whether it’s a high probability/relatively low impact event (like a power outage or wildfire evacuation) or a low probability/very high impact event (like an EMP or economic collapse), a BOL (bug-out location) and a group you can count on is a wonderful thing.

Ok, now that that is out of the way, our group is trying to expand.  We have a handful of families now, we’d like to double or triple that.  Most of us are in our 40s.  I’ve read most of the Colorado posts on this site and others and we’ve taken a few things we’ve liked from other groups and tried to make our group work for us.  We’re located off the beaten path, roughly between Denver and Colorado Springs, not too far from Monument/Black Forest/Larkspur/Palmer Lake/Franktown/Castle Rock.  We’re a little far if you’re coming from Fort Carson or Fort Collins, but we see that as a good thing.  We have a little land, our own small rifle range on site, wildlife, and I think we offer many advantages for those people coming from the city.  We have a modest home with room for everyone.  Two of the biggest concerns in these parts are long-term solutions for water and heat and I think we’re set up pretty well in those areas.

From our standpoint, there’s no such thing as living too far away to be considered for our group.  As long as you can make regular meetings and have a plan to get here if needed, you’re welcome.


What kinds of things are you worried about?

First things first: I’m not worried about anything.  There are things in my life that cause stress, just like everyone else: my job, my ability to be a good spouse, raising my kids properly, etc.  But I’m not paranoid.  I’m very aware of the differences between fear and danger and I’m fascinated with the normalcy bias.

But I also pay attention to things going on in my community, in my country, and in the world around us.  I try to be a student of history and a realist.  I’ve seen close family evacuated by a wildfire and were certain they’d lost everything… and tried to learn from so many mistakes and lessons that those situations created.  I ask difficult questions of myself and my family; things like “Where would we go if we had to leave?” “What if this power outage lasts longer than 2 hours?”

I’m also interested in large issues that could directly impact us – things like an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), another or bigger 9/11, economic collapse, etc.  But I’m less concerned about the cause of an event than I am with our response to the event.

Ok, I see the point. But who else is in the group? Can I meet the rest of the group before I decide?

There are no perfect groups and no perfect marriages, but we use two general criteria for selection into our group:

  1. Would I trust you alone at home with my children for an extend period of time?
  2. Would I trust you with my debit card and PIN number?

Trust for us is the key to making this work.  Notice we don’t have criteria on religious preference, years of experience in a certain field, or even political leanings.  If you’re interested and willing to commit to the group, you’re a good candidate.

Having said that, we take our security and privacy very seriously.  No, you can’t meet the group first.  Our personnel list is confidential information, as is the exact size of our group, and even our exact location.  We realize that this is asking a lot of potential new members, but OPSEC (operational security) is of utmost criticality and something we will not compromise on.

As your liaison to the group, I am available to answer as many questions as I can.  I do, however, prefer that you keep most of your questions off the internet – save them for email or personal conversation.  But I can tell you that everyone in the group has had the same questions you do and know that I absolutely trust all of our members implicitly.  We’re a diverse group but we all share a common goal: helping each other out should the time come.  The selection process may be lengthy, and you may or may not meet other members of the group along the way.  We expect you to respect our privacy during the process, but all questions are fair game.

Can I leave the group after I join?

Absolutely.  We’ve had members leave for various reasons in the past.  All we ask is to remember our foundations of OPSEC and not do anything that could compromise our trust.  If you leave the group, we can stay friends, but don’t expect to reap the benefits the group provides later – that’s not how this works.

I’m not sure I have useful skills.  I don’t want to be a drain on the group.

If you’re willing to commit to the group, we’ll commit to you.  Period.  None of us are professional preppers – we all have regular jobs, we work in corporate America trying to make ends meet, and we all have much to learn.  I’ll take one Johnny Hustle over a hundred prima donnas any day.  Obvious useful professional expertise is given a preference (electrician, EMT, builder, combat vet, herbologist, farmer, etc.), but not required.

Will I move in with you full time?  Or how does this work?

This is not a “millionaire retreat” like another group on this site in another state.  You keep your own home, please keep your job, etc.  Don’t tell your boss where he/she can go on account of us… unless they had it coming, then by all means.  But once you’re a member in the group, you’re welcome with us anytime, for any reason – short term or long term.  If that reason is “I just got tired of paying rent,” then it’s not likely you and I will ever be friends in the first place.

The point is this: if something causes you to leave your home, now you have a place to go.  Whether your power is out, there’s an issue with your drinking water, social/societal issues near your home, any number of large-scale events happen, or you just want to escape to our neck of the woods for a night or two, come on over.  We encourage our members to bug out too early instead of too late.  That’s our offer to you: you always have a safe place to retreat to.  Your offer to us becomes your willingness to contribute to any number of things we need help with including gardening, security, fire mitigation, group organization and leadership, etc.  When both sides have something to offer and both have much to gain, you have an economy.

Our members feel strongly in the concept of self-reliance, emphasis on “self.”  But we’re here to support each other in times of need, we’re all stronger together, and we understand that none of us can do this alone.

I’m not a gun person.  Will I be welcome?

If you are willing to pick up arms to defend yourself and your family, and also our group, you’re welcome in the group.  If you don’t have experience but you’re willing to get a rifle and learn how to use it, you’re welcome (we can teach you).  If you will never, ever, want anything to do with firearms, find another group.

I voted for Candidate X.  Religiously, I believe Z.  Does that matter?

Only if you make a big deal out of it.  Politics and religion are important to many of us personally, but our GROUP has no interest in either one.  If you feel it necessary to tell us why your decisions in those areas must be our decisions, find another group.  But if you’re willing to work on the common goal (mutual survival in a crisis) and leave the rest at home, you’re welcome here.

What will my role in the group be? Will I be taking orders from someone else? How is the group organized?

Group organization is a great question to ask in person.  We do ask a lot of our members, but we fit everyone into functional groups that you’re comfortable being in.  Some people are good at gardening, others are good auto mechanics, others enjoy medicine and first aid.  Most of us have very little experience in any of these areas, but we’re interested in learning and we work on everything together.  The only exception to the functional areas is that of security; we’re all in the security business, whether we like it or not.  But we’ll do everything we can to help you be successful at something you enjoy.  Whether you’re a leader or a follower, we have a role for you.  We have more than a dozen different functional area teams and we need help in nearly every area – so regardless of your interests, we need your help!

What if I say yes?  What does the group require of me?

We require four things:

  1. Take ownership and commit to the group. Go “all in.”  We need your help!  Take this and run with it.  Be involved.  Take this seriously.  Commit to mobilizing with the group if the time comes and to building this into the group you want it to be.
  2. Commit to meeting minimum supply levels, including food for your family, good footwear, firearms, etc. Our group has come up with a list of less than ten things that we feel are most critical to your own survival (the minimums), followed by recommended items, followed by things that are nice to have.  Most preppers have most or all of the minimum supplies today.  The point is that none of our members are a drain on the group; if we have 20 people in the group but only 3 show up with any food, we’re in real trouble.  YOU are responsible for meeting the minimums.  You decide how to meet those minimums.  Rest assured that these items are YOURS and always will be.  These aren’t donations, they’re to ensure individual group members are all squared away – that you can meet your own basic needs – so we can focus on other things.  Secure pre-positioning is strongly encouraged, and you may retrieve your items at any time, no questions asked.
  3. Chime in.  Answer emails.  Be honest.  If you have a problem that may affect the group, bring it to the group.  Ask questions.  Answer questions!  This is for real and we take this seriously.  We expect the same.
  4. Get a tattoo of our choosing on your body. And I’m totally kidding about that one.  Just making sure you’re still paying attention.


Please private message me.  The link is here: and if you’re logged in to this site, there’s a box near the top-right of this page that says “view message box.”  Click “new message” and start typing my username into the “TO:” box (John Hart).  I prefer to not have my email address displayed here, but PM me and we can start the discussions there or over email.

We’re extremely reluctant to bring in random strangers from the interwebz, but if you’re willing to start the process with us and bear with us throughout, I’d love to talk.  Serious inquiries only, please.

If you have your own group and you’re interested in exploring a partnership or just knowing that other groups exist, let’s talk.  Getting to know other like-minded people near us is kinda the whole point.

Thanks for reading all this, and I look forward to working with you.

Feb 262017

I just moved to Colorado, and I am looking for a group to help with prepping as I am new to this. I live in the Aurora area, and I am willing to meet somewhere, preferably nearby, but is not required.

Feb 122017

Looking for a small cabin to rent on acreage in Park County Colorado, Can pay up to 600.00 per month or trade care taking/ security duties, Fire Mitigation/Tree Work, Construction or help with setting up long and short range communications systems (Ham Radio operator / Tower Climber ) also have older 28ft motor home that I currently live in and will need place to park it as well, off grid is fine as long as there is a wood or propane stove for heat ( I have solar panels ) Can help with any prep set up you may need to get property ready for occupation by retreat members. Currently living in motor home on small horse property near Bailey Colorado that has recently been sold and I need to move from by end of March 2017. Call Dennis at 720-281-2562 or email hamrigger [at] yahoo [dot] com


About me; 53 Years old, Ten + years US Army, Training in wilderness survival since age 13, Active member of County Search and  Rescue Team since 2005, General Class Ham radio Operator since 2004, Communications Tower Construction 12 years, Own and operate Tree Service Company doing Fire Mitigation and Residential Tree Work and also currently working for  other tree company clearing trees from power lines. Prepper since age 11 when I joined the Boy Scouts.

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Feb 022017

Hello.  Hope this doesn’t get me tagged under the extreme caution… I’m only mass posting this on most of the options because I haven’t had a whole lot of activity.  I’m sure that there are plenty of people out there that would fit well with us so here goes—

We (family of 4 myself36/wife35/son13/son6) are located in Maine.  We live on private 30 acres on a long dead end dirt road.  I believe that my property would be very defensible in SHTF with the right people.  We are currently doing many advanced preps that i will not go into.  We have a field started for garden/pasture approx 4 acres.  We have a large barn.  Starting to raise meat rabbits and chickens and will get goats in the spring.    We are also doing other medium scale things to our property to help with agricultural production and self sufficiency.    I think that it is important to be well rounded in my preps by having quality tactical gear, arms, ammo, ect. and important items to be able to charge batteries and other misc things like doing laundry, along with stocking up on other important items like food, canning supplies, tools for cutting fire wood ect.  But all in all none of it will amount to anything if I do not have two things in place… one being our ability to grow, raise, and preserve our own food and the other defending what we have at SHTF.

Currently we plan to have one other family join us when everything falls apart.  We are in need of someone with real tactical combat experience.  (ie real Military experience) I’m not talking about someone who has been through boot camp and never deployed.  I am hoping to find an experienced military man (with family?)  that can train with us regularly before shtf and also help plan for strategic defenses of the property.  (this could be things like preps to purchase like 4 pallets of razor wire if you get my drift.)   Also a medic would always be needed.  Aside from that I honestly think that some other local friends that i know that are prepping would be just fine if we needed more bodies.  All in all we are very well rounded. We make our own soap. Can fix vehicles, tinker, do carpentry, farm, ect.  I plan to have 4+/- families at our retreat after shtf.

Some basic requirements I would have would be regular biweekly/monthly training meetings, maintaining a years+ supply of food, byo AR-15 with ammo.  Always would welcome help ‘on the farm’ if you can make the time.  Heck i have 4 acres to plant so you could help and harvest and EAT  too.  I am not doing this to make a living, just want to learn to walk the walk the hard way before it is a necessity.  If qualified and relocating i would be willing to rent our other house out to you.  We are not looking for any free loaders before or after shtf.  Everyone must carry there own weight after shtf and before… well if we don’t work we don’t eat.  I would assume you would have or find a normal job to support yourself unless you have a pension or want to try to make a living farming here.

Both families are genuine bible believing born again christians.  Although i myself am very much against the tide of modern day christianity and have only recently tried to start to go to church.  I have been a believer for 17 years and have a strong faith in Jesus and a very fluent bible knowledge.  I do not state that to segregate.   Well, I’ve probably said too much about my plans, but i am hopeful that it will help bring forth some people who have some serious skill to join us.

Oh, if you already live in Maine and want to plan to bug out with us (instead of move close by)  that could work too as long as you still would hold regular meeting/training schedule.  Hopefully if nothing else this leads to a life long friendship.

Jan 142017

New member of the prepping community looking to join with other survival-oriented people in the southwest area. Currently in NM, able to travel. Own my own weapons and a small gear stockpile. Unable to stockpile any great quantity of food and water due to living space restrictions and lack of funding. Humans are social animals who, despite being *able* to survive alone, function best in groups. I’m just looking for somewhere I can help out.

Skills: decent marksman, moderate first aid experience, several years’ backpacking experience. Former boy scout and ROTC cadet. Employed as a chemistry assistant in an electroplating shop for 4 years. Some minor communications and electrical experience. Helped build 2 houses in the Las Cruces area, know my way around manual labor construction a fair bit.

If anyone in the southwest area has an existing group that could use an extra set of working hands, with a halfway decent brain attached, please let me know.


Nov 062016

Hello Ladies and Gents

I would like to thank so many people from this site for all the contacts and conversations we ,My son and I received we have been offline and off grid for a while. With time and a little patience this site has gained us a friend who we teamed up with and a group that we three are now members of and we all live together in our own places. We my son and I have been in groups for long term stays as we have said before in our other post [ Get us if you can ]… We do not know what happened but we were not able to get into our post or back on the site with our old profile. But we are back and we ask each of our friends who have contacted us to get back in touch you know who you are lol…As I was saying it is hard to wade through so many people and groups and find the real deals as most of us very well know, however after many months of looking for the right people and so many contacts even friends,, we made a choice and we could not be more happy with the real and down to earth people we have found.. For op sec reasons I will not be giving a list of we got this and we got that …

Now if you are looking for a group to bond with to become friends and maybe extended family we may be what you are looking for .. If you are real, , honest,,  true to yourself and others you may fit..  we are not a religious group we have many people with many different points of view and we respect each other and each others points of view…  We are open to all good people contact us by e mail if we like what we see and hear we will move to phone person to person talks and get to know each other.. we love ex mil alpha dogs and those who have a prepping and security mindset..  If you have skillsets you bring to the table and you wish for safety in likeminded numbers we may be your kind of crazy lol
findingfreedom1900 [at] gmail [dot] com

Oct 292016

Hi Everybody,

I have been a prepper for over 20 years and have noticed a lot of posts seeking communication, connection or like minded people.  I worked for Outward Bound for 10 years and have over 30 years of wilderness experience.  I am pretty well set up but want to help others get to a more comfortable position.

I am not seeking money, donations or information about your situation or group.  If you are looking for answers, advice or just someone to bounce ideas off of, you can contact me at skylar4762 [at] aol [dot] com.

Take care, time is short.


Oct 282016

36, married with 3 daughters  been prepping for 10 years,  so fairly advanced.  have multiple retreat options,  close and far.  I have groups that I’ve been apart of in other places,  but I know no one in this area.  if you’re up for some conversation,  send me a message or email me at freedomjesse [at] gmail [dot] com

Oct 192016

Hello. I’m a prepper from Alaska that just moved to CO. I had to come to CO to help care for family. Prepping was part of everyday life in AK and I’m feeling vulnerable here without my support group. I would like to possibly find a prepper group here to be associated with. I live in the foothills and prefer to stay away from the large city so I was hoping to find a group located in the mountains that is open to new members. Just a brief note about me: I have advanced skills on my preferred sidearm (handgun), intermediate skills on large caliber weapons, urban or outdoor warfare search/combat techniques, combat medical skills; knowledge of greenhouse growing, stress management counseling, medicinal herbs (learning local plants); good at basic construction and learning advanced tracking. Overall, I am hard working and a fast learner. I have a Christian base but can associate with other faiths that have the same core values. I have acquired/built a stable residence for a temporary location that can hold me off grid (1 year) until I can get to permanent location, which is what I’m looking for. Please send me a note if you or someone you know is looking for new members. I am very cautious of people so please be patient if my responses or wanting to meet come slower than others. Thanks for reading.

Oct 022016

I am a former army special forces medic. Have skills in security, defense, general construction,  some gardenibg and farming, small livestock, individual water purification. Designs for satellite systems, including tv, phone and internet.  Basic generator designs and alternative fuel, using rain water to power consumption engines

If you would like to discuss how we can benefit each other please contact me
I am in Illinois. However thinking of relocating. Texas, Colorado, Arizona,Wyoming, Montana

Thank you

Sep 292016

Most prepper groups seem to consist of younger individuals or couples. My wife and I are in our late sixties and live in eastern Colorado but aren’t of the belief that older folks don’t have a place in a SHTF situation. We’ve been prepping for several years and are convinced that prepping takes a long-term commitment and is a lifestyle that needs to be practiced continuously. We would like to locate like-minded individuals serious about pragmatic preparation. Age is mostly irrelevant; attitude and pragmatism are essential. If you live in or near Elbert County in Colorado and might like to meet up or communicate, I would appreciate a reply. simlaprepper

Sep 022016

Stop sitting around the house, lets get out and work! A little friendly interaction, get to know the people who are likely to be around after SHTF now, and maybe even have a few ideas rub off, or get some good training in with your gear. Practice makes perfect!

Condition yourself. Work together with a group of like minded folks doing the same thing…PREPARING so we succeed. Planning to bug-out? Have you tried your plan? Need to get home from work if SHTF? Have you tried doing that without a vehicle? We’ll go with you to test it all out.

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. Would you rather be punched before? Or after? To know what it feels like, and see if your plan, preps, and gear will work or not, I for one would like to practice now. Practice makes perfect after all.

Get familiar with your preps now while you have the comfort of making mistakes, don’t wait until your health and safety are actually on the line before busting open that new toy you just got off Amazon.

Network and build those relationships now, that you may need in the roughest of times!

Physically active group, not into just the classroom theory of prepping, but actual practical application. Bring a DO WORK attitude and be ready for movement.

Leave the Religion, Politics, & 420 at home…don’t need to bring that with you.
Shoot me a message…

shtfit300 (at) gmail (dot) com

Aug 282016

Our family (of 4 possibly 5) is realizing that things are heading downhill fast and is looking for a likeminded community or small group to connect with.  We are praying to find someplace that can allow us in based on what an asset we can be and not the money we can bring.  We wish to relocate to Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, N. Nebraska, but preferably somewhere out West since it is less populated (Montana, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, North or South Dakota, Wyoming, and Utah). We are choosing not to remain in Tennessee. We know the SHTF soon and we want to take action now. So far we have a few books, some food, and our BOBs. We know time is short and are hoping to make this change soon. We also know that it will not be easy work and it will be WORK…..we understand that and wouldn’t expect it to be worth it if wasn’t.

Skills we can offer…. My husband is a mechanic (auto and diesel), knows flooring, carpentry, meat cutting, gardening, firearms, how to live  in the woods, hunting and fishing, self-defense, cooking (indoor and out), has been known to pull a MacGyver now and then, childcare, some medical, and he even does laundry. I can bring the basic household duties but I have also worked many jobs and can probably do it all except weld or drive a semi (but I haven’t tried those yet either), I have cleaned stalls, worked in food service, Amazon fulfillment, MANY factory jobs, office jobs at a college and a tax office, customer service positions, and traveled with a carnival a friend owns. My daughter just graduated in May 2016 and has her first real job at Amazon, but she has always helped my uncle at their place with the garden, grass cutting, and just following him around helping. My son is starting high school this year.

In all honesty, I’M SCARED AS HELL OF WHAT IS TO COME!!!!!!!! While I have no doubt that my husband will do whatever it takes to protect us, I know that we need more training and help to make it. We are not financially blessed by any means, he works a decent job, and I am unemployed, making the other income to the household an SSI check and child support. I am scared for my children and the future that is in front of them, especially my son. I see these things of how they want to “weed out” the weak, disabled, and elderly, and it frightens me as to what could happen to him. We have thought of all the options we have when the time comes and some of them frighten and hurt me. We currently live just outside of Chattanooga, but it is just over the mountain in our backyard, and those folks are going to be heading somewhere to try to survive….

We do not want to hide any information from you, so you ask and we will tell. We have no roots here, and have been looking to leave for a while, but have stayed just because it’s where my kids have always gone to school. I pray that things do not occur the way everyone is saying, but all the signs are pointing in that direction. I get bombarded with emails daily about the coming things and at times I am ready to give up because I just don’t know what to do. I know the Lord says to trust in Him in all things, but it is hard for me sometimes and that scares me too. You can reach us at live4future17[at]gmail[dot]com we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Aug 022016

Hi, my group and I purchased a property in pikes national Forest in 2013. We spent the last three years gathering supplies setting up basic farming, livestock, fencing, water supplies, filtration, greenhouses, cabins, solar and much much more. We love it here.

However due to family illness we have to move. The vast majority of our group have become family and have decided to move with us.

I’m hoping to find someone here who is looking for a defensible and discreet bug out that already has a lot of work and supplies laid in. My other option is to try and sell things piecemeal and turn the property back into a publicly marketable mountain home. We’d much rather find folks looking for a prep/bug out.

If you have interest or questions please feel free to contact me at serenityrivercolorado [at] gmail [dot] com

May 062016


We are a couple (both 35) with a nearly three year old son.  We have been preparing and training in Northern California for years, but are no longer confident that this is a safe area to live through the increasing earth changes and what may come.

As such, we are looking to strategically relocate and join a high-trust, thoroughly self-sufficient community that includes other families.

We respect operational security, but do require a sufficiently open dialog that we can develop the requisite trust to move forward.  While this is necessarily a process, it’s also an urgent one.

Some of our interests and areas of expertise include:

Cooking, fermentation, pickling

Licensed amateur radio operator

Electronics & repair; Software/Internet
Music:  Piano, Guitar, Harp; Theory, Education
Parenting / teaching
Philosophy & Counseling

Health & Fitness
Nutrition & anti-cancer diet

Both experienced entrepreneurs, which means applying infinite creativity in solving endless problems and working with others to build something real.

There is clearly much more.  I am confident we can make a meaningful contribution to any community, particularly given that we share a goal of securing a future for our families.  Eager to discuss how we can work together.

If you are such a group, or know of any groups looking for families, please reach out:  christian ѳ props ˑ org

All the best, and God bless.

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Apr 142016

UPDATE Nov 1, 2016: NEW RECRUITING NOW CLOSED. If we open again for new members, I’ll post a new thread. Until then, please consider this thread closed. Thanks.

Dedicated, organized, group looking to add members.  We’re in Castle Rock, CO and currently have 5 full members with 6 or 8 more currently under consideration.  We have some serious medical expertise, a couple firearms professionals, and various other skills currently, but need more of everything – especially military (combat!) experience.

My wife and I have been preppers for more than a decade.  We’re in our late 30s/early 40s and trying to get back into shape.  Most of us are Christian, but you’re free to practice religion however you choose.  What’s not negotiable, however, is trust – we have to get to know you and feel comfortable with you before a formal invitation will be extended.

We don’t ask for you to contribute any supplies to the group, but we do have personal supply minimums for you and your family so that we know you won’t drain current group supplies.  Donations are appreciated so that our team leaders can enhance our current capabilities, but not required.

If you’re considering voting for Hillary or Bernie, keep scrolling.  You’re looking at the wrong group.

We’d love to find a place to bug-out to, but pending that, we’re gathering in a few proximate homes and making a go of it together with as low of a profile as we can.  If we outgrow our current location, we have other options we’ll pursue should it come to that.

We’re not anti-government, but we feel that it’s our responsibility to take care of each other, not the government’s responsibility to take care of us.  We’re not a militia, but we do require our members each own a rifle and be willing to learn to shoot with us.

If you become a full member, expect monthly full-group meetings and frequent additional team meetings, depending on which teams you’re interested in (aligned with skills and interests).  Our goal is 20 dedicated adults, but 30 or even more is possible with the right people – and that gives us far more long-term survival options.  Zero OPSEC or security concerns with any of our members or you’re out.  No hard feelings, but we won’t compromise on that.

We want team leaders and anyone willing to contribute.  We need fresh ideas.  If you’re along for the ride, or “oh well Steve is good at that, so I’ll let Steve take care of that stuff,” this isn’t the group for you.  We’re “all in” and we expect the same from you.

We’re a group of moral, honest people looking to join together to weather hard times. We’re committed to each other and to making each other stronger. We’re organized and we’re motivated. We have each other’s backs. We take care of each other and we’re committed to keeping it that way.

In dark times, we want to be a light; we strive to help our community and help those less fortunate. We aim to be a beacon of hope and to get our community back on its feet. But we can’t do that if we’re stuck focusing all our time and energy on Maslow’s Physiological needs (the bottom row on the pyramid).

We will maintain our honor and our moral fortitude so that we can be an example to those around us. Without honesty, all is already lost.  “With firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”

PM and we’ll go grab coffee and chat.  We need to trust each other or this doesn’t work.  Thanks, and God Bless all of you.

Mar 282016

Warning: This post is older than 12months. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

Hi my partner and I , 27 & 32 along with 2 children: boy 10 girl 8 are new to prepping. We would like to find a group to join or form one ourselves. Willing to relocate to Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, or Colorado to form group…Age, sex, race, religion not important. We are not starting with much so we dont care what you have as long as you are willing to help get the things needed for our success at survival…land food water shelter defense medical… Would like to eventually be self sustaning in every form and fashion. We are looking to buy land in one of previous mentioned states. Hoping to find people willing to help get land so that we could get larger acres. Let’s start surviving together. Let’s talk.

Mar 202016

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In Lakewood / Denver area.  Looking for other to camp / bugout practice trips with, or just learn things from others.  Been prepping for several years, 10 year Marine Corps Vet.

yatyas311 at gmail

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Mar 052016

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i have been looking for a bugout area, i have a 30 ft jayco which can be used when shtf just looking for a place to put it and willing form a prepper group would like to talk about it i do have medium knowledge about survival, but they say strength in numbers  reply if interested would like to start group here in longmont,

Feb 212016

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Hello to all,

I am attempting to assemble a group of like minded people to get together and discuss ideas and fundamentals to see if forming a group or alliance would make sence. By make sence I mean not all people are compatiable, and if things go south i want to know the people around me, and not end up in an even worse situation.

I am located in Littleton, I have a “bugout” warehouse located in Ken Caryl right next to the foothills, as well as land in the mountains 31 acres just outside of Leadville. The reason for the warehouse is what if its an EMP…your cars wont start.  Neighborhoods like yours will be the first stop of looters and your starving neighbor.  This could be used for the group long term survival as well as meetings and discussion purposes.
I AM NOT RELIGIOUS I DO NOT CARE IF YOU ARE OR ARE NOT, MAKES ZERO DIFFERENCE TO THE GROUP. I feel like this gets put in the mix far too much. Race, religion, beliefs, and gender make no difference to me, and should not to you, the person standing next to you helping you, and helping to defend you your family can be anyone. To look at it any other way to me is discrimination.  I have my beliefs however they are kept to myself.

If that offends you, you should find another group. These are subjects that WILL NOT be brought into discussion.

I have a list of topics I would like to talk about and get opinions on and Im sure anyone that attends will have the same, almost like a meet and greet.

Ideal time for initial meeting would be in the last week of February, or First week of March 2016.  I do want to get this going the sooner the better. If you have friends or family members that share your thoughts bring them along as well.  You could message me if you wish, however here is fine as well.  :-)

Feb 192016

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I am a 33 year old husband and father of 2 boys (8&9).  I live in South Metro Denver.  I started prepping 6 years ago.  I am a honest and very hardworking individual.  I have been trying to form a self sufficient/prepper group amoungst my family and friends without much luck.  I am looking for individuals or groups that have similar interests.  Specifically ones that have started or are willing to build up a great bug out location.

Feb 092016

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We are a Christian family in the Greeley /Evans area.
We are looking for like minded people to connect with and build an extended family. We are seeking others who want to work as a unit, prepare, and build for the future of our families.
We do not know what kind of disasters may come. We do know that we will be able to provide sustainable food, water, and security to each other and our kids. Everyone has different skills, financial abilities, and knowledge. Every family will be expected to contribute physically, intellectually, financially, or otherwise as able. If you are not a contributing, you will be asked to leave. Nothing personal, but we are not here to support you if you aren’t willing to work for it. Everyone, even children, can do something.
Every thing we plan for and contribute, we will share equally. No one skill is worth more than another. No one person deserves more than any other. God sees us all as equal and that is how we will treat each other.
Once formed, the core group will plan and begin to execute our collective design. Together, we will learn survival skills, homesteading skills, farming, and others that will be essential when SHTF.
If you live in the area, and want to be part of this, we look forward to hearing from you. For the security of all involved, there will be one way contact and many questions before new members are welcomed.
Greeley Evens Colorado Prep

Greeleycoprep [at] gmail [dot] com

Feb 052016

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I’m in the Longmont area , my son and I am looking for like minded people. I Believe in God and our Constitution and both are getting taken away from us slowly, anyone that knows,” first aid/trauma, land navigation, tracking, wild game processing and anything else we might need to know to live off grid” would be of great help, we have stocked up on some items and I’m working on a list of items that are most commonly required and/or recommended,  anyone willing to talk teach hookup please contact me. thank you

Jan 172016

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The Idea of prepping is simple. What you want to prep for can make if complicated. How well you can prep depends on your financial situation. We prep for what I strongly believe will be an economic collapse of this country. No person, family, city, county, state, or country can operate outside of a budget forever. Sooner or later the bill comes due. When it does it will most likely make our U.S. currency worthless. Then the question will be how will you live or how well will you live. We prep because we want to maintain as close to a normal life as we now have accepting some changes we will have to make just due to the situation at hand, but it doesn’t matter how well you prep. In the end it will come down to how well you can defend it. Because their will be more unprepared people than prepared ones. When people start going hungry they will do things otherwise they wouldn’t do when instinct to survive kicks in. No matter if you go to the mountains or where ever, somebody sooner or later will stumble across you by accident or hunt you out deliberately. The real challenge will be can you protect the ones you love and can you protect the preparations you have made to insure you and yours survival. The greater the number in a committed family the better the chances of surviving are.
We have been prepping for almost 8 years now. Only 4 of us have mainly built to what a few have called a small piece of heaven. I don’t quite see it that way…LOL Its been a LOT of hard work, and a LOT of money to get as far as we have and I still see a ways to go before I will feel I’ve done my best to provide for my love ones and have provided all the means necessary to protect it. We are looking for LIKE MINDED PREPPERS who are looking for the same as we are. Prepping takes commitment. For family’s to join together it takes honesty, trust, and most of all respect. Communication is the key to all that and more. So to answer your question. What are you looking for?
We are a family of 4. we have been hard core prepping for 7 going on almost 8 years now. We have two acres along the Alabama Florida line. We are looking for like minded families who are already peppers or is severely interested in prepping. We are looking for families or individual(s) to join us. We are not looking to form a group but more of an extended family. One’s who would possibly move/live on site to share the work with us. Or help out on weekends who feel they may need a bug out location. We have added additions on to our house. We have turned a 3 bedroom 2 bath house into a 7 bed room 3 bath house. We are looking to do one more addition. We also have a mobile home which is almost completely remolded to house a family also. We want to place one more on the property also to house others. We have a extended stock of food. We also have over 100 chickens, 40 turkeys, They are housed in a 24 X 100 foot long pen’s broke down to 12 x 12 pen’s with tin roof covering the entire thing.14 hogs housed in a 36 x 36 tin roof covered pen’s broke down to 12 x 12 pen’s. With water ran to all animal pen’s. We have a 8 x 16 shed that houses 4 incubators and a bitty bruter for hatching chickens and turkeys. We have 50, 55 gallon food grade drums of grain corn for human and animal consumption. We have 50, 55 gallon drums of animal feed for our animals. We have a solar powered well free from the grid for water. We also have a complete solar system to power our entire house free from the grid. We have built a EMP proof room to protect the solar power components. We have a 25,000 gallon above ground pool that serves not only as entertainment but as a reserve water supply also. It has a screened in deck with a flat screen TV and DVD player for entertainment and relaxation, including a 12 person pick nick table. We have a 125 gallon solid fuel hot water heater. We have a 12 x 24 glass green house a garden area with a above ground sprinkler system. We have converted from electric to gas cooking with enough fuel to cook for at least 2 years. I have a shop area with tools, welder, cutting torch to build and fabricate what ever we may need. We are currently putting in a out door kitchen. We are installing a 6 foot fence around the property. We do have much much more. We have implemented back up systems for almost every thing We work hard! We are very neat and organized. We are looking for others to join us for I know a single family cannot stand alone. We will not accept any FREELOADERS. We do not ask for any financial help. Only that you provide what personal stuff you may need for yourselves. If you feel you can and want to contribute financially that’s fine. If you don’t mind working hard caring for animals and getting your hands dirty a little we just might be the ones for you. We are looking for like minded individuals that know what is coming in this country and don’t mind WORKING HARD TO SURVIVE IT OR DEFEND IT. We are dug in deep no plan for bugging out!
WE ARE LOOKING FOR LIKE MINDED PREPPERS.PLEASE HAVE SOME UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT THIS MEANS. I want to address some issues I have ran into. We are just down home good old southern folks. We believe in God, the Bible, Country, and the Constitution but were not going to beat you over the head with a bible. Yes occasionally I like to drink a beer but I’m no drunk. No we don’t want illegal drugs brought here or grown here. No I cant just up and come and get you if you don’t have transportation. Then blame me for your problems because you was not truthful about yourself or all YOUR PROBLEMS. NO were not providing some kind of retirement community. We all work here! We have had several visitors come here spend any where from a weekend to a week. All who have visited have wanted to join or come back. If we do not feel you are right for us its nothing personal. I had a vicious slandering attack against me by one simply because we choose not to let one come back. This people called them self “a prepper” I know this site was set up to help LIKE MINDED PREPPERS, get in touch communicate, and form groups. Sadly I have noticed its being used for much more than that. If you feel you are a LIKED MINDED PREPPER then email me at Knightmagic101 @ aol {dot} com. I will return your email with a cell number so we can talk and see where it can go from there. I can provide a couple of numbers so you can talk with one or two others that all ready live here or one who is planning on coming back to join. Any ways happy prepping and maybe I’ll hear from you…Thanks Rick. Knightmagic101 @aol{dot}com I have had a lot of people contact me I have enjoyed the conversations with all. I have noticed all most all have done little prepping or lack the resources or financial means to do any prepping. We do not hold that against any one wanting to join us. Here’s the key issue. Pets,… mainly Dogs. I’m sorry we cannot take in any one with dogs. Especially keeping them inside the house. We just cannot have people living in and around the house and others in other dwelling and all with several dogs. There’s to many problems associated with this. Sanitary is the prime reason. I could list many others. So no matter how well you say your dog is house trained or gentle it is. The answer is NO. NO DOGS or Cats. Besides who’s going to feed them in a SHTF situation. We can not take our feed for our live stock to feed dogs. IF You have a solution that you think will work run it past me. I’m not heartless to the love of animals. But for the safety and well being of all you have to draw a line somewhere. If you think you have a good idea run it past me Maybe it might work…as long as its OUTSIDE THE HOUSE NOT INSIDE…
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Jan 082016

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We are a Christian family of 4, currently located in Littleton, Co. We have been prepping for over 2 years, and feel like we are ready to contribute to a larger prepping community. I am a Navy corpsman Veteran, and currently a nurse. My husband has been in construction his whole life, and is currently now in electrical, and can build anything. We have been looking into buying land of our own before the end of this year, but can also contribute to land already acquired. Please contact me if we seem like a good fit.

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Dec 132015

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Christian Warrior’s looking for other Christians to connect when the fall out happens.  I believe with the world getting worse it will get to a point when cities will not be safe, we are a family of three and have been prepping for over a year. We are looking at northern Denver mountain area.



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Nov 102015

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I am looking to quit my job in 2and a 1/2 years and want to buy property that people can come to, and help me survive off the land as much as needed. I’m thinking that 35 to one hundred acres should be enough to make sure nobody F’s with me! I have many skills in building and electrical/ utilities / and other handy stuff. not sure tho where to buy land at yet as I want to be able to travel back to once a year. maybe some advice would be nice. any where is cheaper than San Diego. Idaho / Montana / Colorado? serious only respond please, no time for B.S.

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Aug 222015

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Hey Colorado!

Any Preppers in the El Paso County Falcon/Payton area looking for new members or wanting to start a group?

Contact info: unknownpatriot [at] hotmail [dot] com

Aug 152015

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I am looking for people to start a prepping group. I am in the Pueblo, Colorado area, and have secluded fully wooded land, ready to be worked on for the group. Mainly looking for people to fill the core of the group positions, but all are welcome to apply. If interested please email me at rickallen91 at yahoo dot com

Aug 062015

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Tired of trying to do it all on your own.  you may be a good fit for our group .We are a nationwide prepping group made up of good people who care about each other, who take care of each other, and who prepare together. Why? Because we live in very uncertain times and it is the smart thing to do. At this time , we are 452 members strong in 43 States. If we continue to grow at this rate, we will be in all 50 States by December 2015 with more than 1,000 members. We are inviting you to join our family of preppers. We are an amazing group, you will make us better!

Our mission is to create an independent system, free of external support which would promote interdependence. In an uncertain world filled with natural disasters and worldwide terrorism, it is only reasonable for a person to seek security in the strength of a group. This system will ensure the safety and security of its members regardless of the scope, duration, or intensity of any emergency. Our mission is to develop a nationwide network of well organized, well prepared, well meaning, likeminded individuals who know, trust and care about each other. The goal of our group will be to leverage the collective skills and resources of its Members so that when the storm arrives, the weak will be safe, the hungry will be fed, and the sick will be healed. Please check out our Plan B .  If you are interested in more information please email me back and I will answer any questions you may have.  bredon1384 [at] gmail [dot] com