Mar 282015

knowledgeable in firearms, hunting, fishing, horticulture, construction, food storage, preparations and cooking. looking to move to permanent land to process, make and keep preppared and ready for ease of life when said case happens. looking to help and be a part of a sustainable community. have weapons funds and transportaion. mainly looking to farm secure and carry out any construction duties and contribute funds  serious inquires only.


Mar 212015

First off, thank you for your interest in this post.

We are a group based in north central Georgia and we are currently searching for potential new members. Our group is comprised of both active and prior service military and law enforcement as well as individuals from the civilian sector, all with widely varying skill sets. We welcome skilled individuals from all walks of life to apply for membership so long as they meet our entry requirements. However, we are very careful when selecting new members and membership is not guaranteed to everyone that applies. We value the quality of the individual over the quantity and do lot look to become some huge rag tag group overnight. We strive to maintain a group of highly skilled and trained individuals capable of adapting to and overcoming any situation(s) it may find  itself  in.

We are lead by a board of founding and high ranking members and use a military rank structure and follow the chain of command. However, any issue(s) may be brought before the board and/or the entire group so that a decision can and will be reached by fair vote. We do this so that no one person or faction will hold ultimate power and authority over the group or an individual member. EVERYONE is responsible for his/her own actions and will be held accountable. Since we are based on military structure and hierarchy, each member is given a rank and position by the board based on their individual skill set, training, and experience. Even though new members will initially be placed into a position by the board, all members have the chance to request a change in position if they feel that they are better suited elsewhere. However, the final decision will be made by the board with input from your superiors and/or subordinates. New members must wait until after their probationary period is over before requesting any changes. All members may be promoted, demoted, or discharged from the group by the ultimate decision of the board based on their actions and overall performance both within the group and in their personal life.

We are NOT extremists or some anti-government organization and we welcome anyone whether they be male or female so long as they can meet our entry requirements. We will NOT tolerate discrimination and/or bigotry of ANY kind whether it be racial, sexual, religious, etc. and members who go against this will be subject to immediate and complete discharge from the group.
We believe that family is important and individuals with families are more than welcome to join so long as they are able to keep the two separate when necessary such as in certain training exercises, events, etc.. We try to schedule classes and training at least once a month on weekends. Some situations may require one on one individual training and this can be accommodated IF the member in need of individual training can work out a schedule with an instructor. We train year round and in adverse conditions so long as it is not inherently dangerous to do so.

During training and group activities that are NOT located in public you are expected to appear neat, clean, and in proper uniform. For those of you familiar with military uniform regulations it is a good base for what is expected of you. However, we do not hold strictly to ALL of the listed regulations. For example: keeping your hands in your pockets is fine, just so long as the situation would not dictate otherwise. You’re trusted to use common sense and good judgement and if that is beyond your ability then you are not what we want or need in our group. Below will be listed the ENTRY requirements necessary to join our group.

  • A criminal background check is required for ALL members. A criminal history DOES NOT necessarily mean that you wont be allowed into the group. We understand that every situation is different and we take that into account when considering new members. Just be honest and sincere up front and odds will usually be in your favor.
  • ALL members must be able to LEGALLY purchase and own firearms and other weapons in the United States.
  • ALL members must be in decent physical condition and be able to perform required tasks and participate in training and group exercises . A disability DOES NOT necessarily mean that you wont be allowed into the group. We understand that every situation is different and we take that into account when considering new members. Just be honest and sincere up front and odds will usually be in your favor.
  • ALL NEW members are subject to a three (3) month probationary period in which time they will be observed closely. In this period new members may be discharged at any time.
  • ALL members must miss no more than three (3) scheduled group events without an acceptable reason within a twelve(12) month period. Missing more than three (3) scheduled group events WITHOUT an acceptable reason within the twelve (12) month period may result in immediate and complete discharge from the group.
  • ALL membership applicants must go through an email, phone, and face to face interview/meeting with a current member charged with the selection of new members.
  • ALL new members are required to fill out and sign several forms including a full disclosure and waiver form, protecting the group from any legal actions having to do with the actions of an individual member and vice versa.

If you are interested in joining our group please send an email to njwheeless [at] gmail [dot] com . Please include some information about yourself including but not limited to: name, age, gender, physical condition and ability, background, skills and/or training, etc.. Upon receiving your email you will receive the member information packet mentioned above. Also, if you have any questions or concerns please make sure to include them in your email.


Stay strong. Stay safe. Stay free.


Mar 152015

Good Morning Folks,

It has been a long, cold winter here in Maine.  On June 6, 2015 Northern Self Reliance will be at Square Tail Brewing:

demonstrating engines running on wood gas.

Please come out and join us for some great beer and a chance to see wood gas in action.  The demonstration will be from noon until 6:00 or the beer runs out.

Jan 222015

We are a group looking for other groups  who are looking to make some alliances and willing to work together if the SHTF. We would also like to share ideas and hopefully meet up for training. It never hurts to have groups all over the place so that way if you have to leave your area then you know you have another group who can help you out and get you back on your foot. Our group has a lot of experience with firearms and camping just to keep it short. If you have any questions feel free to contact us and I hope we will be able to work together. We are looking for groups from NC, SC, VA, TX, GA, and KY really any states near North Carolina. Contact me at jernigan09@yahoo(dot)com

Dec 302014

We are a survival community located in Georgia that is looking for 50 people to join us to go inside a large bunker to ride out doomsday or any type of war, economic collapse, civil unrest or just stuff like that. We are looking for people that are hard working and that will work within the community. We need each person to put in $45,000 to build our bunker and once doomsday happens we will all go inside the bunker and survive and we will setup our own community government with a president and a Congress and the Congress is made up of 5 people that are voted on by a majority vote of everyone inside the bunker. Each person will have a job like the community founder and leader will be President but will also work and do other things to help build and better the community while down in the bunker and the Congressmen and women will be working on making new laws but will also do other tasks to help the community while in the bunker and everyone else will be given a job to do that they are best at whether it is being a greenhouse worker, a doctor, a law enforcer/security,  generator worker, etc etc. Also we maybe able to do some financing if you can’t put up all of the money at once. Also here is couple reasons why you should join us.

1. Be in a community with protection, community government, food, water, etc etc

2. Same price as buying a personal bunker but with this you get to survive and thrive with a community were everyone has their own job so not one person has to do everything.

Also once the bunker is complete it will have the following

-50 Bunk Style Beds with under storage areas

-11 NBC Air Filtration Systems complete with Blast Valves and Over Pressure Valves

-9 Traditional Wet Toilets

-9 Personal Showers with 1 decontamination shower

-2 Full Kitchens, complete with alcohol burning cook top stoves, sinks

-Gym/Health & Fitness Room

-Educational Center / Library

-Lounge Area with wrap-around sofa

-Dining Hall

-Laundry Room complete with 3 washers and 3 dryers

-Utility/Storage bunker

-Tool Room/Workshop/Utility Room

-Security unit where your infrared camera monitor and the main gun vault are located

-Decontamination unit

So if you would like to join us please do so by emailing the community leader at austin11rowe [at] gmail [dot] com thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

Oct 162014

Hi, 40 yr old beloved sister in Christ with the alias  name of  Faith747 looking for other preppers in my area or in the North Georgia Mountains.

Had a Vision from the Lord 3 years ago of being a  part of a homestead compound and living among fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Hope to speak to some of you soon! :)

Oct 152014

I’m about 30 and have really just started my own preps. However, I’ve been accustomed to prepping since my parents always stockpiled and prepped. Looking for other like minded people in my area because I’m a firm believer survival is in numbers.

Sep 042014

Howdy, we are looking to join some good Christian people in the North Georgia Mountain’s or Western North Carolina. We both have skills in building, hunting, fishing, gardening. We have a camper and lot of equipment. No we have never belonged to a group but with the way things look we would like to join together with like minded people. We are also willing to help buy in to some acreage if the plan is a good one. We are in our fifties but we are young at heart, healthy and work and play hard. You can contact us at fairhairedchild [at] netzero [dot] com or by this post.  Thanks for reading~Alleythecat

Jul 012014


I’m very new to this, and I shy away from saying hobby to call it a necessity. I’ve been looking for like-minded individuals around where I live in North Georgia, Barrow county to be exact, and so far haven’t had much luck.

For a little background on me, I am married with one child and given my new adventure into being a father, found a new sense and need to protect my family and those I care about. For that reason I have begun looking into preparing for the worst, and I am looking to learn from experienced people/families, groups. I am also interested in possibly joining a group that can benefit from my skills and help keep my family safe should our way of life or very survival be threatened.

I have light training in hand to hand combat and martial weapons, and am currently expanding this training. I am also training myself in the use of modern weapons such as firearms, and own several. For more detail, please look into my profile. I look forward to speaking with any of you!

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Apr 182014

im Dawn Ashe…i live in dallas which is paulding county ga….looking for a group to join with me ….ivebeen searching for a few years and only met with frustration….i feel a group would be better not only financiallybut there is safety in numbers…plz contact me at dawnashe [at] rocketmail [dot] com or on facebook….my profile pic is me &hubby and im wearing a NYG tshirt

Apr 162014

my name is Dawn… ive been seeking to get a group together for 2 yrs now….i have a family of 4 and feel in this economy it would be more feasible to have a group to stockpile with. Also there is safety in numbers. I am holding a MAG meet and greet /bbq the 27th of this month at White Oak Park in Dallas GA Paulding county at 2pm…there will be a demo on cleaning/suturing wounds by LPN Vicky Mitchell who is also with me in group. plz contact me thru facebook  Dawn Ashe… i have profile pic of me and hubby and im in NYG tshirt

Apr 112014

HI we are hosting a prepper practice campout near dublin ga in june. please contact me if you’d like to attend we would love to meet other preppers.
TEOTWAKI Practice Campout
Join us to practice your prepping skills and learn more.
We will be purifying all water we will be drinking
We will be cooking your prepping food.
No coolers please.
Each family will get a chicken to butcher in our chicken butchering class. ( I encourage all ages to attend even small children can pluck)
Bring fire pits if you have them
Chicken butchering and Canning meat
Children 12 & under gun safety
Children 12& under fire starting/ cooking with fire
Making a two bucket water filtration system
Making a rocket stove
children first aid
children introduction to horses
Adult s– Weapons and prepping
Making char cloth
Horses and prepping.
Our Faith and Prepping
Freeze dried foods and more.
making bread from wheat
Fee $50.00/ family to cover port-o-potties etc.
JUNE -20-22, 2014
Let me now if you have a skill or product you would like to share.
Once you sign up you will be sent a parts list of items you need to make the items in the classes. And Directions to the farm.
Contact Leah Flowers Ochwalkee Creek Farm
Glenwood, ga 30428. ph-912-429-8131
Email: starvina83 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Apr 082014

I’m an individual looking for a community to join and add my effort to. Somewhere warm would be preferable, South of the M/D Line. I’m best with animals, both farming and hunting. Looking for a community in an area or with members who have thriving small businesses I might find work with as an Administrative Assistant. I can forward my resume to anyone interested. ki.ritter813 at gmail dot com.

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Feb 082014

Hi to all. I am a 54 year old male with substantial farm and animal husbandry, interests in Permaculture, food forests, aquaponics, small “low maintenance as possible” food production models. I have lived in community (twice) and learned alot (one good one bad experience). I like the idea of private land but with cooperation between neighbors who are geographically close. I have scaled back my own ideas of sustainability–after a false start buying some bad land, I now know that I can support myself on about an acre and that four people is a good number to cooperate on a small farm system. To me, prepping is not about hoarding food and bullets and hightailing it out of the city but to already be where you want to be, producing and eating healthy food, and living a sustainable life, in both good times and bad. I am looking for a few good people and a few acres in Texas. No racists, anarchists, apocalyptic-hopefuls, just some nice people, individuals, couples or a small family that wants to develop a mini-farm, and live well. I am in Austin. If there is nothing suitable in Texas I would say that I am willing to consider Arkansas, Tennessee, NC, SC, GA and Alabama. Thanks for reading. Good luck to everybody who is seeking a sustainable, sane future……

Jan 092014

I have 12 acres mostly wooded way off the path. Jasper county has no interstates and no walmart, or any other big box stores. We are interested in finding other preppers that want to build their own bug out treehouse or bunker. Build a community escape and hide easily from the city. 30 miles from conyers. Really in the woods.

Dec 292013

My family has been prepping for 5 years. We are located in Northeast, Georgia. We are looking for a Christian-prepper family to meet and discuss forming a larger group with, based on mutual help and defense, should the need arise. Our skills are shooting, gardening, canning, storing food and prepping. Other skills and details can be discussed upon meeting. There are five in the family, and two others. We do not know all there is concerning prepping, but we have a good start. Serious inquiries only. Contact me at: patrickhenry_three (at) yahoo (dot) com

Dec 222013

Hello everyone,

My name is James, I am (soon to be formerly) military, grew up in the woods and will soon be moving back to the hills where I grew up. I am not really looking to relocate or move in with someone, as I have a piece of land in mind, nor at this time, am I looking to take someone in. I have a small family and a couple individuals, and I would like to get firmly on our own feet before I consider that. However what I am interested in is any like-minded preppers in my area. Possibly network with other groups, share ideas, knowledge and possibly support each other if something goes down in the future.

I am a fledgling prepper, just getting started, so any advice would be greatly appreciated as well. I would like to prepare for as much as I can, whether it be natural disaster (our area is actually due for an earthquake, FYI) or economic collapse.

If you are in the area, or within a couple hours away, I would be interested in hearing from you.

Leave your email in the comment, or PM me if you feel more comfortable with that.

Hope to hear from yall soon, stay safe and God bless!


Dec 042013

looking to email with others about prepping and thriving in the future.  serious people only – willing to keep their families alive and well when the government can’t help.   covington, ga – robertsranch [at] netzero [dot] net   – Tim

Nov 132013

Hello all i’m here to present to you a most beneficial land investment proposal that most of you would agree that is VERY reasonable. More info will become available for you once we know you actually have the funds. We ask that only ten people can be selected. the ten people does not count your kids of spouse so they are ok. Also we ask that the ten people have AT least 2k to offer, CHEAP I know. WE ask that people who are interested have multiple skillsets or major one in a big way. We know how the ec0nomy is and that some groups have closed their doors. Well this one is open. Once again more info will be given once we know you have funds. This doesn’t mean that you will have to give it up right away. no scam so that takes care of that. You can reach me at Benteam2014 [at] yahoo [dot] com Don’t miss out!!

Oct 312013

Hi, I am a mother of two boys. One a soldier currently on active duty headed to a sandbox soon. My other son is a high school juinor. We decided to start prepping and am looking for others in my area willing to teach us as well as network. I have medical training, spent several years on Civil Defense in my hometown state (Mass) as well as volunteer fire fighting.

We are on day one of stocking. It’s very over whelming and at times confusing. Any and all help welcome. We are ready 110% to be ready when SHTF.

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Oct 182013

I’m a 32 yo old with a wife and small children. We have recently begun to prep. We are very interested in learning more about prepping. We are also interested in scouting for possible community groups. We believe that eventually “blank” will fit the fan and we want to be prepared and able to take care of ourselves and our children. If anyone else out there in our area is like minded we would love to be able to throw ideas around.

Sep 162013


I’m a 38yr old single mom of 3 ages 5(girl), 13(girl), and 20(boy). I am fairly new to prepping and would like to learn more to be more prepared. I’m still not sure if I want to create a group (team), join one, or just network and maintain solo w my family! I am a nurse with 7yrs of ER experience, currently attending school for nurse practitioner to practice in urgent care setting in the future. My son has two yrs of Wyotech, 1yr for diesel mechanic for heavy equipment machinery and big rig trucks and 1yr of advance diesel marine inboard and outboard and power sport engines with one yr of work experience.

Other things that I can do:

I’m very resourceful
I’m no stranger to any power tool and can always learn what I don’t know. I am a “handy woman” no job too big or small, I don’t mind getting my hands dirty and a little elbow grease. I can make soap, I’ve done some canning, I can sew, and eventually will start learning how to work my loom. I’m creative and crafty which I feel will help in emergency situation to be able to improvise. I’m also bilingual .

What I have/working on:

I have a bug out trailer, it has all camping equipment ready to be hitched at anytime and be mobile, although I don’t have a bug out location.
I have a greenhouse fairly large (20ftX20ft roughly) made of glass, currently nothing growing, although I have yielded nice produce in the past, I just don’t have the time now. In it I have two hydroponic systems plus traditional planting (dirt) all w irrigation system and exhaust(ventilation).
I also have a variety of citrus trees, lemons, oranges and tangerines.
I have a large chicken pen that has housed a 100 chickens in the past but currently have no chickens, again I don’t have the time or money for them.
I also have a hog pen to raise at least 2 at a time.
I have storage area to store prepping food and supplies but it does not have much yet.
I also own fire arms and have learned to use them. Currently looking for archery supplies.
I live of 5 acres mostly secluded by trees with very few neighbors.
I feel that I have the beginnings of a good setting that I need to expand and create a solid system.

Again not sure what direction I want to take in regards to joining a group and how to incorporate what I have.
It would be optimal if I can get people to help with yielding crops and raising some life stock since I can’t do it on my own at the time. However, my problem is trusting someone enough to help me do it.

I do want to meet like mined individuals that have experience in gardening and what it takes to start and maintain crop inside a greenhouse as well as outside crops.
That know how to care for chickens, pigs, turkeys, ducks, goats and so on. In addition individuals That know about storing and prepping that can advise me as to what and how I should store. I have a basic idea to all of this but I’m looking to go beyond the basics.

Aug 212013

Hello all! I am looking for a good down to Earth group to join up with in the North Georgia area. I am a hard working person in personal life as well as professional life. I do have a small backyard garden, do some canning, a bunch of dehydrating, shooting, camping, fishing, reading, etc… I am eager to learn all I can about any topic. I give everyone a positive chance and don’t care about any of the usual PC terms for a person (race religion orientation). I get along with pretty much everyone. Currently I am would be pretty much self reliant for well over a year in a worst case scenario, so i would not be a freeloader. If there is a property or area, I am more than happy to contribute to the team effort.

Let me know if anyone is interested! PM me for any other info about myself!