Mar 022015

Just a little about us; I am a 53 year old man with wife and 20 year old son.

Like ALL of you, we are looking for local preppers…
We live in Terre Haute, Indiana and we have friends with a farm 160+/- acres to bug out too… with-in 20 miles of home…

We are really just beginners… general outdoorsmen… my other half is basically a self trained apothecary, herbalist, wild crafter, grower…

We are going to be building a wood gas generator this spring to run a truck on plus several other uses…

Might want to meet for coffee and talk some morning at the coffee cup resturant on lafayette ave.

send your thoughts to — top cash at yahoo dot com

Jan 252015


I am in Southeastern Ohio and I am new on here. Looking to meet like-minded people.

Basically I have a general knowledge in a lot of survival/prepping skill sets. I also offer a good deal of knowledge on construction, farming, hunting, fishing, trapping and maintenance. I am wanting to start my own group here on Ohio.

I have been reading and researching different groups and also different survival communities.

Looking to meet new people and form new friendships. Basically looking to network with others and other groups, exchanging ideas, beliefs,  knowledge and setting up a communications network. Always looking for new members. Strength is in numbers we all know that. These way its going in the world today….who knows when the SHTF is going to happen.

Contact me anytime

southeasternohioprepper at gmail dot com

Jan 212015

Christian Group considering leasing “Bug Out” sites.  The property is approximately 70 miles from Chicago in Northwest Indiana which is close enough to be able to get to yet far enough to get out of the turmoil of the city.  The property is an old farmstead with house, barn, water well, pond, and area for gardens & livestock.

Contact me at dck5876 [at] gmail [dot] com for more information if interested.


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Nov 302014

Hi, I’m a young woman looking to learn different prepping skills from those more experienced nearby and also a farm to possibly work at over the summers ( with or without pay, I really like big animals like horses). I don’t have a lot of preps yet except for knowledge, check my profile for a detailed description or email me to chat.

know now that while I respect others’ beliefs and religions and am probably the definition of a non-racist person, you probably don’t want me in your group if the first thing you say about yourself as a prepper is that you’re christian. I like to believe in an afterlife and such but I’m just not really any specific religion.

chat with me at           eclipseloves (dot) 055 (at) gmail (dot) com

Nov 042014

Hey all. My group is looking to recruit prospective members with valuable skills to add to our group. We drill bi-weekly in SW Michigan. If you are interested, drop me a line at s dot Allen 19th at live dot com.

Nov 012014

We are looking to start a Christian Midwest bug out group, with approx 30 families from Illinois,Indiana,Kentucky, and or Missouri.We must limit the individual campsites to seven family members. housing must not be permanent should someone present a problem down the road and is voted (off the island] camper or skid is fine. Each campsite will share  work load as we will rotate by campsite.  we plan to be self sufficient and off the grid location is off the path and game is plentiful unlike other bug out locations who do not want you their until it hits the fan. we encourage all members to show up often to ready your home and know your neighbors to build a good rapport. If this is your desire and plan to be part of a functional family for the long hall please respond a.s.a.p.  thank you and May God Bless.

Sep 182014

Hey Im Mallory I’m 21 and all the prepper groups ive found don’t do much prepping, id really like to learn more about guns / how to use them along with a few other skills. if there are any other preppers / groups in southern IN or around Louisville KY that wouldn’t mind teaching me a few things let me know – Mal

Aug 152014

i live just out side the suburbs of browns burg Indiana and have a few family members and friends that know to bug out to my home encase of a shtf Senior with communications being down. Now my question is i don’t own any land but my house on two acres. If i had to bug out further i know id like to get close to a water source. but most of every thing is privately owned land. what is some of your thoughts about this where do you think would be close but secure?

Jul 242014

I’ve seen a few people post on here for northern Indiana, but few are close enough to make it a viable option. Realistically, a team should be close enough to be convenient for all to meet in reasonable amount of time, typically less than half an hour. Anyone in or near Rochester, drop me a line.

Jun 222014

i have seen a few preppers from this area would like to get all to come to a meet and greet to see if we can work with each other and poss form a group  I have prepped for some time and now think it is time to start thinking about expanding to help others and to also learn from you we all have things to offer and we all could grow even you who are new have ideals that could help us all .

I would like to do drills of bugging in and out.

first add, camping out , hikes, security,hunting , foraging, growing food, coms, and all arias if prepping to many to list just come and have some fun and learn new things!

looking to form area group please send me a note.

I ask that you are able to meet 1-2 times a month.

send a pm to me with your ideal of rally points ,dates and times  you would like to meet

unknown 1                 out.

May 192014

Throwing out feelers in and around Meade County (including our neighbors across the river in Indiana) for like minded families.  My wife and I are 30-ish former military living in rural Meade County. We have been prepping since moving here 3 years ago and our emphasis is on homesteading and self sufficiency. We are Libertarian leaning and as such try very hard to to be nonjudgmental. That being said, our rural community seems to be less “A Country Boy Can Survive” and more “It’s Free, Swipe Your EBT”, which has come as a huge shock and let down to us. We’re feeling pretty isolated at the moment and would like to connect/network with others who share a preparedness mindset.

Apr 302014

I’m currently living in the western part of St. Joseph County with my wife and three kids. Been prepping for several years and I’m looking for likeminded and down to earth people to work with and build a prepper team/MAG.

Looking to meet on a regular basis to exchange skills and information. Also to build a relationship of mutual respect and consideration and preferably friendship – after all you have to like the people you team up with. Eventually, I’m hoping to build a group big enough to get discounts for supplies and possibly set up a retreat.

Because of obvious logistics issues, I would like to limit it to anyone within a 50 mile radius of South Bend if possible.

If you’re interested, reply with a description of what you’re looking for in a group and what you can bring to the team. Leave an email address so that I can reply. Once we talk, I’ll set-up a ‘dead-drop email’ for further communication.


Apr 262014

New to the site but have been reading it for months. I come here via the link from Survival Blog and been a long time reader of that. I have decided it is time to develop relationships with those of like mind and would be interested in forming or coming into a group of such. I have spent the last 5 years prepping and all areas have been addressed. I am a seasoned nurse with new knowledge now in field medicine as I have taken 2-1 wk courses in the last year. My focus now is learning alternative and natural medicines that will come in handy when the pharmacies are closed. Please read my profile and if you can, comment with information that would help me achieve my goal in becoming an integral part of a well prepped group, I would appreciate that. Non smoker and non drinker here, conservative in my politics and beliefs.

tangibleassets [at] hushmail [dot] com

Apr 152014

Environmental Health and Safety Engineer by trade, I’m well informed and educated and prepped. NOW I need to find groups in my area with which to work. Please contact me if you have further info. Talk soon…

Feb 182014

I am starting a prepper group in northern Indiana. I’m in the process of purchasing 860 acres and I’m wanting roughly about 27 people for this group. No criminals (rapist, child molesters, thieves, bank robbers, and so on) . I am married with 5 kids. That’s why I’m being very picky. This is not a racist group or total anti government group or waco texas. This is for preppers, beginners or hard core. The land has 150 tillable acres, 50 acres for bunkers, 600 acres woods. It has 3 streams running through it and 1 natural spring.

Feb 132014

i am looking for like minded people in northwest indiana if there are any preppers interested in possibly starting a group feel free to email me at jeremyhancock18 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Dec 292013

My wife and I are looking to expand our preparedness group with other skilled individuals here in the NW Ohio / NE Indiana area. We’re real down-to-earth people who see the potential for bad things on the horizon and we want to be in the company of other smart, skilled individuals.

For more details, contact me directly at RSOP (at) RadicalSurvivalism (dot) com

Oct 292013

MVP Network will be holding its first preparedness meeting

Sunday November 10, 2013 at 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm.

This meeting will be held at the Gander Mountain in Huber Heights Ohio.

The topic for the night will be the:

  • Introduction to the Preparedness Life Style 101.

Everyone is invited. Admission is free. Please let us know if will be attending, so we will have enough materials available.

You can contact us by Ph.  937-681-6432

E-Mail: [email protected]

Join our Face Book Pg:

Hope to see you there

God Bless America & Long Live the Republic

Oct 272013

If anyone in the state of Indiana is interested in hooking up with like minded people in the prepper community I have a great opportunity to get you involved or starting up a group in your area. I am looking for some good leaders in areas of the state where there are currently no groups. We offer training, equipment and peace of mind with strength in numbers. If you are currently looking to join an existing group or starting/leading one of your own in the state of Indiana please feel free to contact me at the below address and I would be glad to share more information on what we have going on. We are looking for some good people to lead who have survival skills and willing to share with others.

watchmantaz [at] hotmail [dot] com

Aug 222013

I’m looking to get a group going down here or join one.  We had one going when I lived up in Indy, but most of the people lost interest.  A couple of us do stay in touch at least monthly.  Would like to get to know like minded people in this area.  I just moved my family from Indy back in May.  We are a Christian family that loves the outdoors.  My wife and I have 3 boys.  I am an Ironworker by trade, but can build just about anything.  I also am knowledgeable about medicinal and edible plants and herbs.  I am even starting a small business making tinctures, balms, and other remedies for people.  I try to use local herbs that I gather, but grow what I cannot find.  I have been prepping for many years when money would allow.   My wife is in the medical field.  We would like to hook up with other like-minded people in the area to start a local group, or introduce ourselves to an existing one.

Jul 242013

Hi I’m new to this Forum.  Here is a little about me, where I live and what I’m looking for. I live on the NE side of Indy and I’ve been working at Prepping on my own for just a little while now. I am not anywhere near where I would say I’m comfortable with my plans, but I’m spending most of my extra time these days getting there. There are several podcasts that I listen to most days along with different blogs that I read. I’m at a point right now where I’m spending most of my time getting things together, working off of different lists I’ve found that seem prudent. Some I make up myself. I’ve also been working on developing different skills in the areas of Emergency Medicine, Food Storage, Navigation/orienteering, preparedness skills, self defense, situational awareness, first aid, gun smithing, blade sharpening, fire making, knots, & marksmanship to name a few. Problem is I feel like I’m doing everything on my own and when something does happen, no way to make it on your own, so I was hoping to get hooked up with a group of people that have the same overall goals that I can work with and count on during an emergency. Would be nice to be able to pool resources/skills.  Anyway, that’s kind of where I’m at and what I’m looking for. How about you? Oh, I don’t live by myself, I am married and have two kids. Both my kids are grown and pretty much out of the house. My daughter is in college and my son is going into the Army.  Anyone else out there interested in something like this?  Feel free to contact me at danielr01 (at) comcast (dot) net


May 112013

Hi there,


Looking to network, partner, prep, socialize with other preppers in the Greater Chicagoland area (up to five hour drive from Chicago Loop). Have some land and currently in the planning and designing stage of a large 130’x 30-50′ organic garden in the west suburbs. Have access to highest level of combat, anti-personnel, survival, defense, offense tactical training available through contacts in MARSOC. Just received my FIOD and will start training soon.


About Me:
Originally from Wheaton, currently living on Chicago’s NW side near Diversey exit. Christian, straight, married 36 y.o. male with 1.5 y.o. daughter. Just getting started with this whole concept and starting from scratch.


Why I Am Prepping:
This country is getting more and more screwed up. FDA approved poisoning of food by Monsanto, Obama grabbing guns and instituting Islam into our country and removing Christianity from schools and society, FEMA and DHS stealing our liberties one by one – this is all nuts. I’m a normal guy and don’t think the world will end at midnight but I do believe that there are “too many something’s wrong” going on not to at least make some sensible preparations just incase SHTF and the world becomes FUBAR overnight or over time. I am NOT anti-government. I am looking to meet balanced, practical people who are serious about making a long term commitment to this. Racist, radical, lazy, anti-religious, all talk individuals are not welcome to contact me. Old or young educated or not, rich or poor, black or white, I don’t care. Must be of high moral character and have no criminal background. Don’t have to be perfect but people of questionable integrity will not be welcome.



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May 042013

I am new prepper and just registered with this site.  Is anyone out there in Indiana.  I am currently in central Indiana and have property in souther Indiana.  I am not sure if you are supposed to put email address’s in these posts, so can someone let me know how all this works???  P. S.  Not very good with computers.

Gladiator2900 [at] sbcglobal [dot] net