Apr 242014

My family and I have 30+ acres in Waldo County, Maine. Ultimately, we are going to move there, but we still have some obligations in Southcoast MA (aging parent, income tied to MA for the time being) keeping us here for a short while longer. However, We have a cabin built, and are using permaculture principals to design long term food sustainability. I don’t know how much time there is before things get really bad, but we would like to network with others in the area, and hopefully get some group prepping efforts going.

I am an herbalist, focusing on herbs for a post-collapse world, with some midwifery training. My husband is a beekeeper and working towards becoming a krav maga instructor. We homeschool our kids, enjoy shooting, gardening, and homebrewing. Hoping to meet some prepper families close to us in Maine. If there are any in MA, especially in eastern MA, I’d welcome the contact as well. Thanks!

Mar 282013

Hi I,m thinking about starting some prepping for myself. I’m in so me area and want to move way up north where it’s cheaper to buy some land one or two acres. can anyone out there lead me in the right direction?? I’m looking for a mobile on its own land with a possible rent to own option.  Thanks

Feb 192013

We are going to be hosting an emergency preparedness expo near Hagerstown, MD, August 17-18, 2013.   Our goal is to bring vendors/exhibitors from the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.  Details can be found on our website, which should be online by the end of the week. I will post the web address at that time. In the meantime, feel free to contact us at beprepared2013 [at] yahoo [dot] com.  Our goal is to provide an educational venue on the East Coast similar to what is provided in Nashville, Denver, Arlington, TX, and other western and central US cities. Please spread the word.

Jan 082013

I have 50 acres of isolated land in central ME, just south of Moosehead Lake. I am 21 and will be graduating college with a degree in Mechanical/Aerospace engineering in May. I have no money (yet) but unbelievable determination to create a fully self-sufficient off-grid paradise on my land. I have been thinking about lending land to serious preppers, allowing them to pursue their dreams without paying for the land. The only thing I ask is to fully welcome my family and I during a time of crisis, essentially creating a bug-out location for my family while pursuing your own plans. As soon as I have the money to do so I plan on moving there and investing the time and money into stockpiling and homesteading, but I am afraid that I may not have enough time before shit hits the fan. Please email me if you are interested and we can discuss details further.

noofis378 at aol dot com

Jan 052013

Hello we are a group in augusta maine i would enjoy if you would come check out the page and ask questions and like so we can have people to communicate with G&G Survival.

Dec 092012

Hey how you doing fellow preppers out there  I’m .was just wondering the cost of any land out there in NH,VT,ME,MA, CTor NY all in higher elevations, at least 500 feet or more above sea level on an acre or two of land .. It just came to me to look up online for others like me . Ive tried talking with people I know and no “dice” , Some people are just stuck in that Neanderthal stat of mind.. O.. Well……. Im a great asset to any group or camps of preppers with skills and supplies . Iv been getting ready for a year 1/2 now I have everything I need to survive a full year or more without leaving the house.. I have seeds of all kinds to plant, 55 gal drums of gas, propane, kerosine , generators, heaters… Water, water filters,weapons,, plenty of weapons and great amounts of ammunition.. Willing to help who ever with building a good location but don’t want to pay $$ to much for land when I could use that money $$ towards more supplies and shelter . . I would be able to put some serious time into working on a location I come alone not married or kids.. not yet anyway;; . I prep to be safe and ready!!! for what ever comes our way these day time are changing really fast and if you don’t see that then your a fool, I’ve tried to cover all the bases as far as what could happen and where but I still have a lot to learn (I just purchased a few books on hunting, trapping, plating, defense ect,ect.. But already know a bit on everything .. This is when others and other groups come in hand… I’m fit, have my own business 24 years now.. im really good with my hands and can build anything and fix anything figure out situations of all sorts, Well I’ve said enough,, I think we should talk and maybe meet so we can get a better sense of one another .. Need that trust!!! jmskimcoat [at] aol [dot] com.. Hope to hear back from you … Prep On!!!!

Dec 092012

I need someone willing to share land with me for homesteading reasons. I have 2 children that I share with my ex husband. I have basic first aid training, Gardening skills, Parenting experience as well as experience caring for others children, I am well versed in animal care including goats, chickens, rabbits, horses; I have minor skills with cattle and sheep but am taking steps to learn.  I can sew, have basic repairing skills like the use of a screwdriver and a hammer, I can cut kindling and gather wood like a champ, i can stack chopped wood; but when it comes to the actual chopping for some reason the axe head likes my shins…

I Have a picture of what I would like to do: https://www.facebook.com/homesteading/photos_stream 

And hope to Start an orphanage for POST shtf, I have seen personally and on the news and in war stories from local elders of people going through hard times or after disasters who cannot deal with their kids or feel they need to kill or abandon them in favor of feeding themselves, or perhaps they cant even do that much. But children are the future, they are hope. Family’s who have skills to offer post shtf will be admitted on probation, they will be told upfront they can if they wish just leave their children here and return for them should things look up again, This will also be an option for those who have no skills to offer.  I have seen plenty of people who say “if you cant save me please save my child” or “without food to eat; to kill them would be a mercy” well I want to save them. When old enough they can shadow jobs that interest them them eventually begin to work for food. I will discuss with the land owner what we can support and how to fine tune this. remember post shtf we can take control of anything we can defend. Elderly maybe admitted if they have skill knowledge like knitting, crochet, or trade secrets such as making clothes, child care, planting, construction etc. this way everyone contributes somehow.

No drunks will be admitted, period, any who BECOME drunks will be booted as a safety risk.

Skills that will be needed: nurses/doctors, daycare provider/babysitter, Teachers for prek-6th grade, people with Security or Military background,  Blacksmith, animal specialists & a vet.

Email me at FightingCrow [at] gmail [dot] com or reply here.

Nov 152012


We’re a family of three: one medical doctor, one veteran and a jack-of-all trades contractor. We’ve just started thinking about prepping … just in case … and we have a home garden, stream, pond, artesian well, as well as proximity to the Piscataqua River. Two of us are expert with firearms; not the doctor, though. We’d like to network with others to discuss how to take care of ourselves, as well as how to better serve our community. Let us know if anyone in our southern Maine/NH have any ideas on this. Many thanks!

Nov 132012

Hello, my name is Brian.

I am prior Army and my wife is Coast Guard and we live in military housing. We do not own the home we live in nor will we be here permanently but I want to prep for me, my pregnant wife and my 18mo old son. I’m looking for community, friends, help and information. I hope no catastrophe happens while we are here nor before we are ready. I am starting to collect food and saving money to purchase receptacles for food and water storage. I just began to prep and will take any help, advice, tips, fun facts that could save lives and/or knowledge.

Thanks everyone. I wish preparedness for all.

Nov 022012

Looking to join up with like minded grupe for shelter for me and my 2 children.I want to start stocking up on food and suplies. I am knew to this I have only recently learned of the situation.I do have CNA skills some carpentry skills gardening skills and some animal care skills.I have no skills with guns but feel it is my obligation to my children to learn so I can protect them.I will do what ever I can in return.I am willing to build my own shelter I just need a location to do so.I know I am out of time and I should have started long ago I just didn’t know.I had a clue some thing wasn’t right I just didn’t know.I am currently learning all that I can.If you are willing to team up contact me.I wish to be off the grid as much as possible.I also would like to learn more.Thanx

Oct 172012

looking to connect with other preppers to do training exercises. make plans for when the time comes. im retired us army did two tours and have knowledge of some things.

Oct 012012

im looking for other familys to help work the land wear putting 3 cabins for me and my wife my mom and dad and sister and her kids and bf.  we want other familiys to joine us with skills=such as farming-carpintry-militery-hard working people with skills and and one with med tranning. and help prepping as a community. pleae allready have some prepping done already. my name is  sam get back to me  id love to meet with people

Sep 202012

Good Day Everyone,

Okay hear is what my husband and I are seeking, we would like to live in the following states with enough land along with wooded acres. MO,ME,VT,NH,CO,WV and maybe northern part of Tenn. this is just a few, where we can grow a garden, hunt for our food in hunting season, have a cabin or camp for shelter, along with a wood cook stove. we have started to prepare for this already just having a hard time finding the right land for X amount of $’s My Husband is a Disabled Vet so he will have some income to help out with going into a town for supplies. We are trying to find other like minded couples or a group to do this type of  living. we are both in our mid-forty’s we will not be able to move until next year about July/Aug time frame, we have a son that is a senior in school. you can send me a message on here or at r_c76 at hot mail dot com. We both want to get away from the city life. Plus we are seeking to have our four seasons, very tired of the southern living and the weather. We are both Very hard workers

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Sep 182012

I’m currently living out of state, but plan to move to Maine in the very near future. I’m looking for land and other preppers who might be interested in joining together. ANybody interested?


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Aug 272012

Hi everyone. My hardworking small family and I are currently on the coast, about an hour from the Canadian border. We have a small farm and some gear but we need to find a location that’s a bit more inland, well defensible, and preferably off grid and at a high elevation. We are getting more and more concerned about flooding where we are now.

We have a great skill set (Navy veteran/cook and Permaculture designer/seamstress with tons of experience in herbal medicine, full time outdoor living,  self-defense, animal care, hunting, foraging, and sustainable farming.)  If anyone has a location available or in mind we would love to speak with you about joining your group/family for a better chance of surviving by working together.If you are interested in contacting me to speak further, please send me an email at sca*rlet/pyxi [at] gmail [dot] com (without the/ and *, I am just attempting to avoid spam) Brightest blessings to all and good luck.

Jun 142012

I think it maybe time for an update… We are still getting our stuff/things in order and feel that as most people do we will never get enough done or in time. We are a god loving family we pray at dinner time and know that he will help us (all) in our time(s) of need. We are not the type of people to force feed people god. That is a choice they will have to come to terms with. I am a 41 y/o male retired army and lived on a farm for most of my younger life. My wife is 31 and she has taken to preping and learning what she can with much enthusiasum (on a side note My spelling sucks).  We have 3 children. A 17 y/o son a 13 y/o dauter and a 9 y/o son.

I am unsure as to the list of skills I should add but I will bet it a go: 1.)    I have been train by the U.S. Army as an infanrty man. I hold 2 award that are relivant a E.I.B. (expert infantrymans badge) and a C.I.B. (combat infantrymans badge). 2.) I can raise animal for food. cows chickens pigs turkey rabbits just about all of the normal farm animals really. I can kill and clean them all as well. My wife just got 12 chicks that are breed for the cold maine weather. 3.) We can garden (we only use herloom seeds) 4.) My wife likes to make candles 5.) We canne food stores from the garden and meats. 6.) My eldest son and I are good at building stuff and working with our hand. Power tools and or hand tools. 7.)I am a good shot…I need to work with the others in the family to help us all be the best we can. 8.) I am also a weilder and can use a torch :)

There will be more to be sure that we will add. My wife is very good at helping me with the writting parts lol

May 072012

I am starting a Maine Prepper Group, if you are in Maine or are looking to come to Maine, send me an email at universal truthes at gmail dot com. Or respond here, I have been up here in northern Maine for a litlle over a year now and have been learning the bushcraft/survival skills and also participated in skinning and processing moose and deer for a couple of months. In short, I have been getting ready for whatever is coming. I believe the you know what is going to hit the fan over the next year. I would be willing to talk to any of you who want to establish a place up here but have no time to do so. I have an arrangement at the moment but am wanting to get or form a community of a small number of families up here. The land is cheap here around 04732, $500-$1500/acre, and there is plenty of water and it is very clean and very good tasting, best I have had in the U.S. Also, it is not overpopulated. Let me know if you are looking at Maine and we can talk further. Thanks and talk to you later – Doc.

Apr 232012

We are a family of 5 and have gone into full prep mode in Maine. I am unable to do everything and looking for other with the skills to join us. We are not looking for people who thing this is a fun and trendy thing to do on the weekend. This is a total commitment of My family. Wanting to talk with others about what is needed to be done and what they feel needs to be done.  Ideas and knowledge is always welcome and God bless.

Feb 212012

Hello People,

I’m looking for a group of families who want to prepare and prosper. What I mean by that is that is that I want to work on the kind of preparedness that improves life, getting us into breaking free of the rat race and to smell the roses, while at the same time raising our ability dramatically to be self-sufficient and prepare for tough times ahead.

Doing that means:

Storing food, growing food, hunting, raising some livestock.
Homeschooling our children which can be done fairly easy working together.
Learning how to use guns, getting power off the grid, and having or developing multi skills.
And quite a bit more…

I like to look at it as an adventure. We might as well. Worrying isn’t going to solve anything but make us sick and as long as you’re doing everything you know you need to be doing then you would only be harming yourself to continue worrying.

I would like to join together with a group of 10 or more (by more I mean a lot more if there’s interest if it’s feasible and doesn’t slow us down)  families on a large plot of land that is far enough away from large populations but possibly close enough to eastern Mass  (maybe 1 to 2 hours away) that I and others (ideally self-employed and or who have some flexibility) could continue to work part-time inspite of the long commute.  While we work together as entrepreneurs to create enough distance businesses i.e. internet, shipping based businesses to eventually support a living for those commuting.

One of the basic ideas is to create a comunity that makes life extremely inexpensive and enjoyable to live in. We should strive as a community to take care of all our essential needs and work with other locals to increase our range of security and buffer and creates opportunities for trade and raising prepper awareness.

We need to stay involved in politics so that when most people start becoming part of the problem during breakdowns, we can be part of the solution. I find it hard to believe that the globalists would just leave us alone for very long should they be able to take control by being the ones offering all the solutions and mopping up the mess after a collapse.

Done right we could buy a plot of land from possibly (depending on our group size) enough acres to provide some woods for some fuel through proper management, open fields for growing, areas for greenhouses and common buildings for dining, recreation, school, excercise, spiritual center for any groups that want to use it for their particular meetings.

The cost for just the land if its a large enough amount would turn out to be fairly cheap per family (maybe 5 to 10 thousand apiece and we should have no problem arranging for finance plan for those who need to finance as long as downpayment is big enough). We can possibly create an s-corporation to arrange the ownership and set-up the rules together that we all have to agree to.

We should be striving to create more of a republic than a democracy the way the founding fathers of the Constitution wanted things. Therefore we need to form our rights and by-laws correctly from the beginning so that everyone who signs on knows what they are getting into. Changes thereafter should require at least a super majority of 80% or better to change something or remove someone for too many violations. Anyone who is removed for violating will just be agreeing to put up their share for sale for some determined fair value price that we will create a formula for at the outset.

So step one: Find each other that we can agree to a set of rules and see that we can get along.

Step two: Create task list and start looking for land and location.

So step three is where we need each others help to get things done right:  We can each buy our own park model homes that we can eventually sell after we’ve created a our own self-sufficient nice homes to replace them. We will need to create septic systems, and energy systems, water supplies and a center.

The clocks ticking so we need to get meeting and get started. I have a nice spot in Beverly to hold those meetings and we can begin to create a task list and get the ball rolling. So contact me and I’ll get back to you quickly.

Even if we are just a few families we can get  our own place at least just far enough to stay away from the cities that we can continue to commute and work on our tiny community goals of self sufficiency and that would be a big step while we consider a more serious bug out plan :-)

Other thoughts :

We can plant orchards that can produce in a year. Produce honey and maple syrup for sugar. We can bake our own fresh bread and mill our own flour as well as many other naturally healthy foods at the center.  We can welcome both men and women singles as well as families.  A willingness to work a set number (possibly 5 hours per week) should be required. And for those people who do not have enough time to devote, we can have people who will do their share, but will want to  be paid.

We should have possibly a set up with hydroelectric, wind and solar as well as back up gen and possibly geothermal systems.  Trade cabins (wood-shop, pottery, bees, dairy, etc) gun range, horses and farm animals.  Every house should be arranged to have it’s own small green house as well as large central greenhouses- including possibly if feasable a tropical greenhouse. We all pay equal shares,  live on land full time or part time- your choice. Use a unique system of governing by breaking everyone into small groups and then have each group draw a name out of the hat to elect a rep for that group every 6 months. That person would represent the groups ideas make policies and handle disputes with the other appointed reps. The whole comunity would vote (using 80% rule) for major matters.  All races and religions should be welcome. No one should be allowed to push their beliefs or solicit other members of the community other than by hanging a flyer at the center. All religions are encouraged and welcome to use the center or a room in the center to hold a weekly service. We need to appreciate diversity in beliefs and race and strive to respect everyone for having them,  while joining together on a whole other level for food, education, shelter, recreation and survival.  Yes –and we should build a nice indoor/outdoor swimming pool with tropical garden around it :-)


You can contact me at bill [at] billgilmore [dot] net

PS. I’ve also had in mind an idea of creating with others interested families, very much in a similar way, a retreat where we stock supplies and set it up to serve two purposes. One being a place to hold monthly meetings to lay out to be used for when SHTF. And two the place could be used as a nice family get away that’s exciting and fun if it’s done right. But my first priority is to move the family so we can be together on a daily basis with like-mined folk build friendships and have fun. But you can mention if you’re one of those more interested in this other ” just in case” senerio. We can hold meetings for that too and see where we might be able to work together.

Feb 212012
I live in NH, but have a 75 acre camp in the woods of southern Maine, and is  very secluded. I am fully prepared for my wife and I. There is plenty of water, and game there. I would sell 12 acres next to my camp to the right person or group.  it is very defensible, one way in & out, and easy to close off. it is 2 miles in the woods from a tar road which is not town maintained. There is no electricity, and no one lives there. It sits among thousands of wooded acres. For more info contact me at :
ralphzag [at] hotmail [dot] com">ralphzag [at] hotmail [dot] com
Jan 192012

Hey my names Erik. I’m a small business owner and my work demands me to travel a bit more than I would like to. But I have another family member who is on board and understands the importance of self reliable living in this day and age. Looking to get a property in northern Maine. Love to talk with like minded people in the area to help me with the area I’m looking at. Thanks look forward to hearing from somebody.