Feb 172014

Looking for anyone close to western maryland who is interested in exchanging ideas and information or has an existing group or looking to start one.  I have military training and have been prepping for about 4 years now.  Shoot me an email.  afprepper(at)outlook(dot)com

Jan 062014

We are excited to announce that the  2nd Annual Mid-Atlantic Emergency Preparedness & Survival Expo will be held August 16-17, 2014, at the Washington County Agricultural Education Center south of Hagerstown, MD.  Visit our website,  http://midatlanticsurvivalexpo.com/, to read local news coverage of last year’s expo and endorsements by our exhibitors.  We will be updating our website and Facebook page in the upcoming months to include names of exhibitors and the sessions they will be presenting. If you are interested in being a vendor/speaker, please write us at beprepared2013 [at] yahoo [dot] com. Last year’s expo was a resounding success, and we are looking forward to even more vendors and attendees this August.

Nov 252013


My husband and I are looking to purchase a farm and equip it as self-sustaining.  Thought Kentucky would be far enough away from DC and was concerned about the ability to farm in WV mountains.  I supposed Maryland is a possibility ?  concerned that you couldn’t get far enough away…

Pretty new to this but frightened enough about what I see going on that we have decided to invest in a “bug-out” location and equip it.   Any suggestions as to locations where there are plenty of like minded folks ?   Also would like to make a trip out there to look at properties and was hoping to correlate that with attending a preppers meeting in Kentucky or TN.  are they posted anywhere ?

I have three young adult children, one in law school, one in college and one is a senior in highschool.   I am 51 my husband is 56.   Both of us have engineering degrees.

We currently live in the DC suburbs in a nice neighborhood within walking distance of a lot of not so nice neighborhoods.   also if there are realtors or folks selling property on the blog we would be interested in that as well.

I believe in God but am not especially religious.





Oct 252013

Hello everyone,

I’m so happy to have found this group.  I am completely new and completely ignorant to prepping.  I need to learn everything from canning/food prep/storage all the way through to ham radio and weapons.  I have started building a edc backpack that I carry everywhere with me.  I’ve started storing water, although I know I don’t have a sufficient quantity.  I have challenges in that I’m on a very tight budget and I also live in an apartment.

I’m looking for new preppers who’d like to talk and learn together, but I’m also interested in moderate to very experienced people who can help me and prevent me from trying to reinvent the wheel.  I look forward to making connections.


Jun 102013

Hello everyone. We are a husband and wife team that live in southern Maryland who are new to prepping.  Been collecting information from books and internet sources but not sure where to start

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Feb 282013

I am new to prepping and was looking for individuals in Maryland to talk with about prepping. I am married and a mother to two and would like to talk to other younger families that are starting or who have been prepping to share ideas and advice.

Feb 192013

We are going to be hosting an emergency preparedness expo near Hagerstown, MD, August 17-18, 2013.   Our goal is to bring vendors/exhibitors from the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.  Details can be found on our website, which should be online by the end of the week. I will post the web address at that time. In the meantime, feel free to contact us at beprepared2013 [at] yahoo [dot] com.  Our goal is to provide an educational venue on the East Coast similar to what is provided in Nashville, Denver, Arlington, TX, and other western and central US cities. Please spread the word.

Feb 162013

Looking to meet/talk with other likeminded preppers in delaware. Looking to learn/share knowledge for prepping. This invite goes out to all of delaware and also the eastern shore area of Maryland. Looking forward to hearing from ya’ll.

Feb 082013

Hi Preppers,

I have a group in Virginia and we are looking for members. We already have a several families involved but we are looking for more to fill our ranks. We are looking for members skills that are valuable. However if you are new to prepping our experienced members will be happy to help you. If you are interested in joining go to www.vapreppers.com or email jackhouston @ vapreppers .com if you go to the website please go to the how to join section. I hope to see some new applications soon!

Jack Houston
Group Leader

Feb 062013

I am a 42 year old professional male who is single and has no children. I would like to find a group that needs someone who can provide security. I have the capabilities of eliminating  threats instantly from zero to 500 yards. I also have the abilities to access the air waves. I grew up on a farm and have been living in the city life for the last several decades, thus bringing me a wide range off experiences. Please contact me if need a team player for your group. I look forward to a long drawn out interview with you soon. Currently living in the Annapolis, MD area.

Jan 092013

hello fellow preppers, i am looking for a group of people/families that are in the NOVA area and that want to meet up to practice mock bug outs and learn shelter building (bushcraft) and other types of aids that you will need in order to be a great prepper and a useful member in a team. I have been prepping for around one year now and want to put some skills to the test.  Looking for a weekend getaway to test out gear and learn other skills.

Dec 312012

I live in Baltimore County, Maryland and I am fairly new to this but I am dead serious about doing all I can do and learning all I can learn to be prepared for what we all know is coming!  Looking for like minded, serious individuals! I’m not totally unprepared..I have read the books and watched the videos and have started but just to talk to others with a bit more experience and knowledge would be very helpful to me! Thanks for taking time to read this and I hope to hear from someone in the area soon!

Nov 262012

Hello. I have just started prepping. I live in Baltimore MD and would really like to know if there is anyone else out there around me? I could use any advise! I’m on an extremely tight budget and I have children. Im not sure even were to start. I have just started storing food and water and minimal medical supplys. I look forward to and guidance offered. Thank you!

Sep 162012

I am an experienced Prepper that has established two separate retreat situations.    I am looking to form a new partnership with an individual/family/group that has OR is looking to establish an agriculturally self-sufficient remote farm that could benefit from intelligent, honest, industrious, Christian partners who are well-prepared with ample provisions, skills and training to be an asset to any group in an economic collapse.

Our Group:

Adults:   3 – Small Business Owner/ Entrepreneur(42),   PhD Psychologist (42),  Grandmother (71),

Children: Two Boys 10 & 8

Preps: 10+ month supply of storable food (Dehyrated, Freeze Dried, and Bulk Grains in Superpails), Water Filtration, non-hybrid seeds, defensive firearms, spare parts, ammunition, camping gear, canning jars, clothing, medical supplies, farming and gardening implements, hoop house, 150 cc 75mpg scooter, books, gold & silver in small denominations of recognizable hallmarks, etc.  24 ft fifth wheel camping trailer

Concerns: Grid-down economic collapse due to hyper-inflation/ collapse of the actuarially unstable $USD and/or the current global debt-based financial system

OR  : Long great depression that leads to increased crime and social unrest in urban areas.

Ideal Situation: Relatively hidden agriculturally self-sufficient remote farm at least one tank of gas away from Washington, DC  (We are currently located in Northern Virginia and would bug-out in the case of a collapse.

Potential Retreat:  We know of a potential retreat property outside of Roanoke. Single family home that could support our group and another couple with 1-2 children.  The property is on a private road at the end of another private road in a mostly agriculturally self-sufficient community.  We can’t afford the property ourselves at this time but could partner with the right couple looking to create a retreat situation from scratch.

Survival Philosophy: James Rawls’ Patriots and the Survival Retreat Operations Manual

Aug 292012


I’m looking for a preppers meet-up group in the Annapolis/Eastern Shore area. I’m serious about being prepared in any circumstance. I’m in the process of planning a survivalist retreat through a wilderness company. I target shoot regularly. I get space weather updates, and I read survival blogs, and “Emergency Management” magazine. I’ve also read numerous books on EMP’s, as well as survival books. I think knowledge is never wasted, and you can’t be too prepared.

~ MJ

Jul 012012

Ive bEen prepping for about six months and am pretty far along.  Figured I should start trying to find other like-minded people to meet up with.  Please contact me if interested.  I’m learning gardening and I’m pretty handy.

May 182012

Being new to the group I hope I placed this in the right area.

Delmarva Survival Training will host a Meet-up entitled “Easy Food Storage on a Budget” This meet-up will be held on May 31, 2012 at 7 PM. Naturally like all our meet-up this one will be free of charge. Think for a moment….. Have you noticed the increase in cost relating to your normally weekly staple shopping at the grocery store? These prices are only going to escalate higher and higher with the increased cost of fuel. It takes truck loads of products around the nation to supply our supermarkets with food. In the event we experience a stoppage within this transportation chain for any reason what-so-ever than society tends to be disrupted and starts to disintegrate. If you have the foresight to store up on food and know the basic principles of food preservation you are essentially one step ahead of the game. Food costs will never again go down but only up and as such we should be preparing.

This scheduled meet-up will cover several topics relating to food storage and preservation and should prove to be an interesting and entertaining get together. Subjects which we intend to discuss include:

What kind of people stock up on food and what is their mindset
Nutritional requirements of emergency food supplies
Water bath canning principles
Pressure canning operations
Shelf life of stored foods
Purchasing canned foods and properly rotating your stock
All about containers – Those you can use and those you can not use
Dehydrating foods and storing them for over ten years
…….. and more

We should be able to store up during the good times in order to compensate for the upcoming bad and this meet-up will help to prepare you and your family for such an event. This get together will be conducted by experienced preppers who have learned from their mistakes and are ready to instruct others so they do not make the same errors.

When: May 31, 2012 at 7 PM
Where: Redden State Park Education Center, Georgetown DE

For your convenience you may submit specific questions ahead of time. Pass the word around. Please respond if you plan to attend as we have a 25 person limit. I can be contacted at joseph [dot] parish [at] survival-training [dot] info .

Apr 272012

I’ve been prepping for 25 years, first for the big earthquake, then for hurricanes, next pandemics and now economic collapse.  It was simpler when I started but the risks to plan for now require more complicated plans and preparations.  I seek similar minded individuals preparing for disasters to brainstorm and discuss plans and preparations, potentially trade skills, etc. I recently read “How To Survive The End Of The World as we know it” by Rawles and now have an outline of what to consider.  I think our planning in this area is complicated by the sheer number of people on the east coast, in MD and in Baltimore.

Apr 242012

I live in southern Maryland just west of laplata. Have been prepping for the last few year mainly focusing on homesteading. I am married and have a young kids. We are looking for other people or families that are on the same journey to share ideas and skills. We are currently looking for a BOL in central VA trying to find a area with other peppers to work together.

Apr 232012

My girlfriend and I are closet preppers in the Annapolis are. We would like to find like-minded people tat we can trust and help each other. We are both hunters, outdoors type of people. I’m a highly trained firearms and tactical weapons instructor, with both military and police background. My girlfriend is a great cook, avid gardener with one hell of a green thumb.

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Apr 062012

Just putting up a new post to get together with others from our area.  I have met a few new folks already as a new member myself. I’m just glad there is hope that if the poop hits the fan I will  already know some people who where thinking the same thing and took time to put away the basics. As I read most of the posts, I can see that things might be different from folks on the other side of the bay, ” The WEST-NW/SW/the Mid WEST/ Lower SOUTH/North East and all parts in between. Here on the Shore”DELMARVA” we have a lot to live off of, as an Internet Group we can help each other with the paine of some of the jokes that come our way,  and still continue to prep knowing we are not alone. I am here to help and I hope I can get some Help ,  as there are things I just don’t know about.  Thank’s for INFO if you got it.MB

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Apr 042012

OK, My name is Mark. I live on the shore. Just a country boy that has worked on the water all my life. And here I am at almost 50 prepping for the end of the world as we know it. title wave  ? Yellowstone ?, broke gov ?, asteroid ?, Solar flare ?,  medical pandemic ?, no rain for two years,Hurricains, global flooding from melting ice ? What did I Miss. Anyway, I’m behind the curve. We started prepping this year. my son and I sat down and said Yes, it would be better to prep than not. ,so we have started to plan. We now have  about five months worth of food. Have been cleaning and refolding old camping gear. Funny thing, ever try to make fire without a lighter,LOL, We tried everything rubbing sticks, even put one in a drill with gun powder on lint,” Nothing” the only thing that worked  was a concave mirror and sunlight, it was funny. just saying. My girlfriend of many years is ok with us prepping, but not much help :(. The hard Question is what to do about the ones you love if things do go wrong. I can see um now, pulling up in the driveway. I think we will have to bug-out as we for now are working as hard as we can for us, but whats the point to life with out your loved ones. if we bug-in, we might not have what we need for everyone. I’ve been learning how to garden and done well for two years. But as some know it’s not easy to make it work. Getting these things together is costing more than one would think., we are still so far from where we want to be. Just for a new hand pump well will be 3 to 450.00, I could go less, but I know the better water is deeper on the shore, plus i have to dig a 6  inch hole 100 foot deep, have you ever done that? me neither, but I have to try and save money somewhere. ..- guns got some duck hunting guns, and a 30.06 thats right onsight, but we are looking at AR-15′s ,-”Really”- yes, I guess if you want to protect your family and food , At this point I am starting to miss my old surfer days. But we will push on, So my girlfriend opens up the third bedroom door to find toilet paper stacked up over her head in the corner, and just says ” did you get enough” the funny thing is, I am sure it’s not. but money has to go to other things on the list like powdered milk.” 268.00 bucks” Have I lost my mind Please tell me I am doing the right thing. I was thinking that this just can’t be a bad thing,  if nothing go’s wrong I will still have a lifetime supply of camping food. so . Here we are ,the prepper Nation, ??? what I am looking at, and could use some advice on is ham radio’s, I have used VHF all my life for work but this is something new to me. how do preppers pick a channel , how do you store it if a solar flare zaps the Earth ????? so many Questions and fells like so little time.  Tipit

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Mar 242012

We live in the Romney WV area looking for folks that are looking for a place to bug out to.  We need help building a root cellar and a barn green house  not the cash as mush as the Labor.  I am ex Army EMT jack of a lot of trades.  My wife is also a EMT great farmer gardener.  We be leave in God but will not be Voting Republican.  So if you think you are like minded meaning open minded.  You would have a place to put a camper on our land for your Labor.  AKA a safe place to bug out to from the City.  We do not care about Color race or sexual orientation.   All are welcome as long as you can bring something to the table.  We are looking for good fits not body’s.

Mar 172012

who in maryland will like to get togather and start meeting? we can meet once a mouth and sgared ideals with each other and maybe we can do a camp out once a year. this way we can work togather. i start a group on face book let me know what you all think