Apr 192016

Come visit the Vendor/Craft Show at Mt. Hope Church, 3417 E. Grand River, Williamston, MI
on Sat, April 23, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. There will be several “PREPPER” Vendors there…Norwex Rep, Vitamin Rep, and I sell Thrive Life Freeze Dried Foods. Free Samples N Snacks! I will also be promoting our preparedness group that meets here once a month. Come out and visit me and lets talk Preps…

Don’t forget about the preparedness meeting on Sat, April 30 at 11AM, same place….See my previous post for more info about that meeting.

Apr 152016

Christian base group starting 

my wife and I are starting a prepping/survival group in northern michigan

We are both military vets with a lot in our background. We do have 4 kids

We are looking for like minded people that are wanting to train learn and also share and teach what we do not know.

Please contact me asap

Prep3030 @ gmail dot


Apr 102016

HI Prepper World,
Our next prep meeting is Saturday, April 30, 2016 at Mt. Hope Church, 3417 E Grand River, Williamston, MI. Church located between Williamston and Webberville. Start at 11 AM to 2PM. Lunch is provided…We always have some kind of prepper food…taste test various freeze dried foods, home canned foods, fresh garden foods etc…FREE meeting. Family Friendly! All are welcome!
Here’s the line up for this meeting….
Open in prayer and I share a scripture verse on what Bible says about being prepared. This is a 5 to 10 min discussion. If you aren’t a church goer…don’t worry about it. We have others that attend here that don’t go to church. It’s not like a church service…only 5 or 10 min. Then we get on with the line up…
We have a former mil guy that will go over knives…how to pick right knife for your b.o.b. How to sharpen knife, differences between knives.
We have an RN that will share medical info…This class will focus on How to wrap sprains and broken limbs properly and differences between the rubbing alcohols and their uses.
We have a rep that will demonstrate how the rolling garden container works and its benefits. We have several in group that share gardening tips.
We have a maple tree farmer in the group that will explain process for making maple syrup. We have a guy that will do product reviews on gun parts. This class will focus on a particular scope. We are in process of organizing a ccw class, should be able to announce date for May class at mtg. We will discuss home canning and food storage as well. There is always other discussion that goes on about various topics. This is great place to connect with other like minded preppers. Please RSVP by responding to this message or private message thru here. We just want to make sure we have enough hand outs and food for everyone! Thanks….Thrive On!

After the meeting we will have a prepper swap n shop. Bring any prep related item you no longer want to swap for something else or to sale. Camp gear, Fish gear, survival or cook books, ammo, gun parts, backpacks, food, medical supplies etc…
Great place to practice your bartering skills!

Apr 102016

Greetings to all

Look for Preppers/Survivalist in the Hillsdale County Michigan area (NW part). Closer the better.  NW Ohio will do also.

Looking for like-minded people to do………………..what Preppers and Survivalist do.   I think it would be wise to do these things together.

That is “Before” the SHTF.

People in the Medical and IT field most welcome.  Also, “Old school mechanics”

My talents are in the construction field, i’e’ concrete, carpentry, and a little bit of everything else.  Also small arms repair and instructor. this was one of my military occupations.

My contact info



Mar 312016

As people preparing for the future, and members of this forum, we all understand that one of the keys to survival is a community. Someone we can rely on and trust, share information with and to ultimately ensure the future of ourselves and our families. My brother and I have come to realize this and are looking to build onto the small community we have already started. We have about 20 or so people with family members. Each of us bringing different skills to the table in a collective we hope will carry us through anything that would happen. The location we have is in Northern Wisconsin with an abundance of natural resources and plans to install items to help with sustainability. We meet up three or four times a year to assist and train ourselves in the case of a situation. Our training includes, firearms, basic survival, team movements, reaction drills, general gear inspection and making plans for the next time. We are not militant types, anti-government or anything along those lines. We are moral, American value driven community of men and women looking to ensure the safety and the security of our families future. I wouldn’t say this a recruitment post, but more of a general call for fellowship and the open flow of communication. If anyone is interested feel free to respond or private message me. I’d be happy to answer any questions. Look forward to hearing from you.

Mar 142016

Hi Friends,

We are a Christian Family with a small homestead in the beautiful and pristine U.P. of Michigan. There are many people who may not be able to purchase rural acreage, and they sometimes join in with a Prepper Group.
If you are a healthy family, or couple that would like a place to spend the Summer, maybe we should talk.
We are looking for a family that is Christian, and would like to park their Travel Trailer out back here on our land – in exchange for helping out around the place.
Of course, it would have to be the right “fit” for both of us.
Possibly even people that wanted to learn some farming skills.
Spring is here, and Summer is on the way.

Email: bobanddarlene1 AT yahoo DOT com

Feb 232016

Hey Prepper World,
Our next meeting is Saturday, March 12, 2016 at 11 AM to approx 2 PM at Mt. Hope Church, 3417 E. Grand River, Williamston, MI. Suburbs of East Lansing area. Church located between Williamston and Webberville. Light Lunch provided. All are welcome. Free to participate. We will host an essential oils consultant that will explain the benefits and various uses. We will discuss what to pack in a bug out bag and actually pack one in the class. We will give various reasons why you and each person in your family needs a b.o.b. packed and ready to go. Our nurse will go over various medical training and also teach on square foot gardening. After the class we will have a field trip over to a maple tree “farm” and learn how maple syrup is extracted and made. One of our members will give us a tour of the farm and explain the process. We had 16 people at our feb mtg…thanks to all who came out. We are always looking for people to teach on various preparedness/survival topics. Come out and join the fun. We do not have a doom and gloom outlook on the times we are living in….rather a survive and thrive mentality. Remember…YOU are here at this point in time for a reason and a purpose…YOU GET TO watch history being made and be a part of an exciting time in history…so come on out and get on with it.

Feb 062016

We just started a monthly meet up to discuss a preparedness related lifestyle…to share skill sets…build relationships with like minded people…be able to help the community in a crisis etc…
Had our first mtg in Jan with 14 in attendance. We have a structured mtg with pre planned topics to cover…food storage, first aid, herbal meds, situational awareness, hardening your home, gardening tips, self defense, frugal living etc…
All our welcome, but please keep in mind that we are meeting at a church, most are church attendees, therefore we do acknowledge God and what the Bible says about preparing for hard times etc…If you are aetheist or whatever, we don’t care, Just don’t try and debate our beliefs. They aren’t up for debate. Just come and learn.
Next meeting is Saturday, Feb 20, 2016 at 11 am to 2 pm…light lunch is provided.
Please rsvp ahead by contacting me thru here.
This meeting will feature a THRIVE consultant explaining benefits of freeze dried foods and we will taste test this brand for our lunch. You may order product there too. We will also cover benefits of storing salt for curing meat, canning etc…
We have an RN that will cover first aid and herb info. Gardening tips will be shared and there will be a demo from a Norwex consultant on cleaning products.
Join us at MT HOPE CHURCH, 3417 E. Grand River, Williamston, MI
church is between Williamston and Webberville…suburbs of Lansing.

Jan 172016


The Idea of prepping is simple. What you want to prep for can make if complicated. How well you can prep depends on your financial situation. We prep for what I strongly believe will be an economic collapse of this country. No person, family, city, county, state, or country can operate outside of a budget forever. Sooner or later the bill comes due. When it does it will most likely make our U.S. currency worthless. Then the question will be how will you live or how well will you live. We prep because we want to maintain as close to a normal life as we now have accepting some changes we will have to make just due to the situation at hand, but it doesn’t matter how well you prep. In the end it will come down to how well you can defend it. Because their will be more unprepared people than prepared ones. When people start going hungry they will do things otherwise they wouldn’t do when instinct to survive kicks in. No matter if you go to the mountains or where ever, somebody sooner or later will stumble across you by accident or hunt you out deliberately. The real challenge will be can you protect the ones you love and can you protect the preparations you have made to insure you and yours survival. The greater the number in a committed family the better the chances of surviving are.
We have been prepping for almost 8 years now. Only 4 of us have mainly built to what a few have called a small piece of heaven. I don’t quite see it that way…LOL Its been a LOT of hard work, and a LOT of money to get as far as we have and I still see a ways to go before I will feel I’ve done my best to provide for my love ones and have provided all the means necessary to protect it. We are looking for LIKE MINDED PREPPERS who are looking for the same as we are. Prepping takes commitment. For family’s to join together it takes honesty, trust, and most of all respect. Communication is the key to all that and more. So to answer your question. What are you looking for?
We are a family of 4. we have been hard core prepping for 7 going on almost 8 years now. We have two acres along the Alabama Florida line. We are looking for like minded families who are already peppers or is severely interested in prepping. We are looking for families or individual(s) to join us. We are not looking to form a group but more of an extended family. One’s who would possibly move/live on site to share the work with us. Or help out on weekends who feel they may need a bug out location. We have added additions on to our house. We have turned a 3 bedroom 2 bath house into a 7 bed room 3 bath house. We are looking to do one more addition. We also have a mobile home which is almost completely remolded to house a family also. We want to place one more on the property also to house others. We have a extended stock of food. We also have over 100 chickens, 40 turkeys, They are housed in a 24 X 100 foot long pen’s broke down to 12 x 12 pen’s with tin roof covering the entire thing.14 hogs housed in a 36 x 36 tin roof covered pen’s broke down to 12 x 12 pen’s. With water ran to all animal pen’s. We have a 8 x 16 shed that houses 4 incubators and a bitty bruter for hatching chickens and turkeys. We have 50, 55 gallon food grade drums of grain corn for human and animal consumption. We have 50, 55 gallon drums of animal feed for our animals. We have a solar powered well free from the grid for water. We also have a complete solar system to power our entire house free from the grid. We have built a EMP proof room to protect the solar power components. We have a 25,000 gallon above ground pool that serves not only as entertainment but as a reserve water supply also. It has a screened in deck with a flat screen TV and DVD player for entertainment and relaxation, including a 12 person pick nick table. We have a 125 gallon solid fuel hot water heater. We have a 12 x 24 glass green house a garden area with a above ground sprinkler system. We have converted from electric to gas cooking with enough fuel to cook for at least 2 years. I have a shop area with tools, welder, cutting torch to build and fabricate what ever we may need. We are currently putting in a out door kitchen. We are installing a 6 foot fence around the property. We do have much much more. We have implemented back up systems for almost every thing We work hard! We are very neat and organized. We are looking for others to join us for I know a single family cannot stand alone. We will not accept any FREELOADERS. We do not ask for any financial help. Only that you provide what personal stuff you may need for yourselves. If you feel you can and want to contribute financially that’s fine. If you don’t mind working hard caring for animals and getting your hands dirty a little we just might be the ones for you. We are looking for like minded individuals that know what is coming in this country and don’t mind WORKING HARD TO SURVIVE IT OR DEFEND IT. We are dug in deep no plan for bugging out!
WE ARE LOOKING FOR LIKE MINDED PREPPERS.PLEASE HAVE SOME UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT THIS MEANS. I want to address some issues I have ran into. We are just down home good old southern folks. We believe in God, the Bible, Country, and the Constitution but were not going to beat you over the head with a bible. Yes occasionally I like to drink a beer but I’m no drunk. No we don’t want illegal drugs brought here or grown here. No I cant just up and come and get you if you don’t have transportation. Then blame me for your problems because you was not truthful about yourself or all YOUR PROBLEMS. NO were not providing some kind of retirement community. We all work here! We have had several visitors come here spend any where from a weekend to a week. All who have visited have wanted to join or come back. If we do not feel you are right for us its nothing personal. I had a vicious slandering attack against me by one simply because we choose not to let one come back. This people called them self “a prepper” I know this site was set up to help LIKE MINDED PREPPERS, get in touch communicate, and form groups. Sadly I have noticed its being used for much more than that. If you feel you are a LIKED MINDED PREPPER then email me at Knightmagic101 @ aol {dot} com. I will return your email with a cell number so we can talk and see where it can go from there. I can provide a couple of numbers so you can talk with one or two others that all ready live here or one who is planning on coming back to join. Any ways happy prepping and maybe I’ll hear from you…Thanks Rick. Knightmagic101 @aol{dot}com I have had a lot of people contact me I have enjoyed the conversations with all. I have noticed all most all have done little prepping or lack the resources or financial means to do any prepping. We do not hold that against any one wanting to join us. Here’s the key issue. Pets,… mainly Dogs. I’m sorry we cannot take in any one with dogs. Especially keeping them inside the house. We just cannot have people living in and around the house and others in other dwelling and all with several dogs. There’s to many problems associated with this. Sanitary is the prime reason. I could list many others. So no matter how well you say your dog is house trained or gentle it is. The answer is NO. NO DOGS or Cats. Besides who’s going to feed them in a SHTF situation. We can not take our feed for our live stock to feed dogs. IF You have a solution that you think will work run it past me. I’m not heartless to the love of animals. But for the safety and well being of all you have to draw a line somewhere. If you think you have a good idea run it past me Maybe it might work…as long as its OUTSIDE THE HOUSE NOT INSIDE…
.. Posted by Blueleader

Dec 152015

In the Michigan area?  Come visit the Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo, Saturday, March 26, 2016 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the Birch Run Expo Center!

The Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo is back again! The show will be on March 26, 2016 at the Birch Run Expo Center in Birch Run, MI.

This show is full of survival gear, options for living off the grid, self-sustainability, farming, alternative energy, literature and much more! Our exhibitors will have many products for sale and there will be speakers who are experts in their field there to share their knowledge.

The show is a must-attend for anybody looking for ways to keep their home and family safe, from those new to preparedness to hardcore prepping enthusiasts.

Check out our website at www.glepe.com for more information. See us on Facebook and Twitter! Check back regularly as we continue to add more.

Nov 142015

We have an awesome retreat site, and an excellent group of good Christian people.  We are all prepped up with everything you can imagine and a few things you can’t.  We’re not weirdos and don’t have an agenda other than the safety of our loved ones and each other.  The one skill set we are missing is in the medical field.  We’d entertain a doctor, nurse, paramedic, corpsman or anyone with the right medical training and skills.  We have member families from Indiana and Ohio as well as Michigan.  There is a vetting process and requirements so contact me directly with any questions.

tscm120 [at] gmail [dot] com

Nov 032015

Tired of this broken way of living, looking to escape today’s ways of harming the earth. Looking for group of like minded individuals. Pretty poor but I make up for that with hard work.  If you need workers or just more people in your community please contact me, thank you 1ove. Tacotuesday1998 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Oct 262015

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to post, and make folks aware of the opportunities for Preppers in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

There are currently some really nice places available in our area.

We don’t have a “community”, but there are many like minded folks in the area.  You would purchase, and own your place, just like anywhere else.

Over the years, we have made other preppers aware whenever there were places for sale here, as a service, and to hopefully end up with more potential bartering/sharing neighbors here.

If anyone is looking for a homestead in an area of great natural resources, and low population density, give us a shout.  We aren’t into this for a dime.  We just tell other folks about these places, and welcome them.

Email us at:  bobanddarlene1  AT  yahoo  DOT  com



Oct 072015


I am a single female, 41 in Oakland County, MI that is looking for a group to join.  As you know, it’s a very lonely life being a prepper without a group, or friends that are of the same mind-set.  I think of prepping as a “Coming to Jesus” moment where after you know and see the truth, you can never go back.  No offense to Jesus or other fellow Christians, I am Catholic and mean no disrespect; but it honestly is that profound.  Prepping isn’t something that can be done successfully by one single person, as each personality and individual brings an abundance of skills and knowledge.  Please contact me by replying to this post, or emailing me at JerricaLee1973 [at] yahoo [dot] com





Sep 192015

First I am 31 years old and born and raised in the city and suburbs of Chicago.  It will probably be just me but my father has been  curious and he may take the journey with me.  We have both become tired of the grind of city life and want our independence back that only comes with living off the land in my opinion.  I have always despised city life and I am looking to fulfill my dream of moving to the middle of nowhere to start a life.  I am looking for groups anywhere in Michigan but I want to be in a very low population area if possible.  I am looking to start this journey this upcoming spring and would love to buy property next to a veteran of this lifestyle.  I am green when it comes to this type of living and could definitely use guidance and advice from others who have been there and done that.  I am an able bodied strong male who has never been scared of a hard days work and in return for helping me become more self sufficient I can give my labor as payment.  I plan on getting a few acres (at least 1) and build my own house on the property.  The only thing I really need is a water source on or near the property.  Also I reiterate that I want to be in a low population area in case the unforeseen does happen and the economy does crash.  I would appreciate anyone’s help or advice on aiding me in my journey to be self sufficient.  If anyone has any places in Michigan where I should be looking please let me know.  Thank you all in advance for your help.

 Posted by at 9:31 am
Sep 162015

We are looking for a group in MI that is established and ready to go. We have a 7 yrs old son and have been prepping for 3 years I am a combat vet with a lot of security knowledge and will bring a lot to the table. We have a lot of preps and are willing to share what we have with the right group. I have a lot on first hand knowledge of fist aid and am certified by the US Army and the red cross. if you like what you here contact me at peacemakerjake [at] yahoo [dot] com

Aug 062015

My wife and I have a 7 year old son and have been prepping for several years now, I have military training in combat and we are looking for a group of like minded people who believe in Christ as lord and savior. We would relocate if there was work available for us. If you are looking for a family to join your group who are not afraid to work hard and protect our group please contact me at peacemakerjake [at] yahoo [dot] com. I’m Robert but everyone calls me Jake cause of my last name Jacobson and my wife is Ginger. Thanks to all and blessings.

Aug 062015

Tired of trying to do it all on your own.  you may be a good fit for our group .We are a nationwide prepping group made up of good people who care about each other, who take care of each other, and who prepare together. Why? Because we live in very uncertain times and it is the smart thing to do. At this time , we are 452 members strong in 43 States. If we continue to grow at this rate, we will be in all 50 States by December 2015 with more than 1,000 members. We are inviting you to join our family of preppers. We are an amazing group, you will make us better!

Our mission is to create an independent system, free of external support which would promote interdependence. In an uncertain world filled with natural disasters and worldwide terrorism, it is only reasonable for a person to seek security in the strength of a group. This system will ensure the safety and security of its members regardless of the scope, duration, or intensity of any emergency. Our mission is to develop a nationwide network of well organized, well prepared, well meaning, likeminded individuals who know, trust and care about each other. The goal of our group will be to leverage the collective skills and resources of its Members so that when the storm arrives, the weak will be safe, the hungry will be fed, and the sick will be healed. Please check out our Plan B .  If you are interested in more information please email me back and I will answer any questions you may have.  bredon1384 [at] gmail [dot] com

Jul 072015

Hi to all in the group; my first post ever on a ‘prepper’ site. I’ve been preparing since 1999 (Y2K)….2012….yadyada. I’d like to connect with other like-minded preppers in the area to share ideas, scenarios, scavenging and evasion techniques. A plan for (almost) any contingency – ” If you don’t have a plan, you are planning to fail”. Strategy and strength in numbers will be a absolute must in the aftermath of TSHTF.

Jul 062015

Hello all,

First off, happy 4th of July to all American preppers!

I am a part of a small, Ohio-based prepping network that are looking to extend our membership out to the other mainland US states! (sorry Alaska/Hawaii). We are very organized in our methods of prepping and want like-minded people who can contribute, to come on board!

So some more info…

What are we:

– An Ohio-based prepping network! What does this mean? Basically, we are a group of like-minded prepping individuals who share their knowledge, wisdom and experience with other members of the network. We have our own, private lines of communication to do this.

– What do we do? In ‘peacetime’ we mainly share information and news between one another. The local individuals do meet for prepping meets/range days/beers and we are looking to become more organized (and varied) with our meetings as we grow in size.

– What do we have? Besides the usual prepping resources, we have organization and (hopefully) a growing community! In all seriousness though, we do have a hierarchy. This is formed and enforced through a moderate selection process; each member has an assigned peacetime and post-SHTF role based on their skill set. We have contingency plans, bugout location(s) (working on a few) amongst other things. We pride ourselves in being very organized.

What do we want:

– Likeminded individuals: We do not discriminate based on age, gender, marital status, religion, sexual preference, or anything else you can think of. However, we do select based on experience and there is an interview/selection process as explained below.

– Experienced Preppers: We do have a selection process. This is essentially to prevent freeloaders and ensure that you’re a good fit! We do ask that people applying be actively prepping prior to joining, or have the means to do so after joining. Exceptions are always given on a case-by-case basis but generally we aren’t a group suited for brand new preppers.

– People with niche skills, such as:

  • Medical professionals: Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses, Medics, EMT’s, Combat Medics.
  • Former soldiers/military personnel: Particularly those who have undertaken both training and/or combat roles. Former ‘specialist’ MOS’s are encouraged to apply.
  • Mechanics: Particularly vehicle mechanics.
  • Builders: Especially those with experience building small houses (or similar)
  • Naturists: No, not the people who are naked all the time. We’re looking for people with experience in edible plants, alternative medicine and growing large quantities of food.
  • Electricians/Plumbers: As with the builders, experience with domestic buildings is a plus!
  • Chefs: Anyone with experience storing, preparing and serving food. People with experience in creating home made alcohol also a plus.
  • Farmers/Vets: Anyone with experience in keeping and maintaining the wellbeing of animals. Particularly farm/domestic animals.
  • Blacksmith: Anyone with experience in fabricating and welding.
  • Seamstress: Experience making and repairing clothes.

What we are not:

– A paid membership-based network: We are not ZERT! You will be required to only give up knowledge and experience to become a member. Besides what you spend on your personal prepping, we will never ask you for your hard earned cash!

– A militia: we are not an organization to help you plan your government overthrow. We are about sustainability and community. Yes, we are armed, but are by no means an offensive fighting force. We won’t be going to war with the federal government, teaching you tax evasion or helping you plan the assassination of your neighbor. So if that’s what you want – move along!

– A charity: Our members prep their resources for themselves. We share knowledge and training now. Post-SHTF resource sharing will occur between communities in line with our pre-approved plans.


I know I have posted a lot of info, if you think that this network sounds like it could be for you, please leave a comment below, tell us about yourself and leave your email address! I actively monitor this so will reply pretty quickly. Looking forward to seeing whose out there.

– JP



 Posted by at 11:55 am
Jul 032015

Are there any groups in MI that are starting up or are looking for dedicated members? My wife and I have been preparing ourselves for a few years now, and I really would like to meet some others as there is strength in numbers

May 182015

Ok let’s try this again.

Hello preppers

My name is Frederick and I have lived all over the country with my family,my father was in the Air Force.my wife grew up in the country and has lived the subsistence lifestyle before.we purchased some property at one time and she was a great teacher on how to raise and harvest pigs chickens sheep and ducks.it was very mind blowing for me.and I learned a great deal from her.she is currently a true prepper and is learning many things that again she has passed onto me except for her sewing skills which I really don’t care for.she can hunt fish garden she is going too do canning soon.I am an Artist by trade but currently down due to a major motorcycle accident.i can still do many things just I am not 100% yet.i am highly intelligent and can learn or mimic just about anything just by watching a couple times.i taught myself how too become a glass blower off of You tube. I also taught myself how too reload ammo the same way.and when I do things it is at 110%

I am looking too purchase some land here in Michigan for purposes of having a place too retreat to if the matter comes at some point in my life and I am looking too have other like minded people who will do the same as part of a group or unit too make things work when nothing else does.

i am proficient in the following

glass blowing,smoking meat etc,fishing,hunting,fruit and vegetable gardening,minor skills in carpentry,working on cars,reloading ammo.and gasafier

I plan too learn canning and water reclamation and I’m going too do black smithing at one point.anything that will take me and mine too a point where we won’t have too rely on the outside world for everything and am looking for others that are looking for the same.

if interested in talking please email me at

insaneinktat at yahoo dot com





 Posted by at 11:57 am
May 172015

hello I am in the st Clair county/macomb county area looking for others who are in my area too discuss prepping.looking to start up a prepper group thanks Fred, you can contact me at    Insaneinktat(at)yahoo(dot)com

 Posted by at 6:57 pm
Apr 072015

Hello everyone! First off, thanks for such a wonderful website, you guys have so many excellent resources here, and I’ve read nothing but great things from all of your members here.

So, down to business, we are a group of families, 5 in total, that are looking for like-minded preppers in the Western Wisconsin area. Our largest city nearest us is Lacrosse, but we are not in the same county. Our ages range pretty much from late 20’s to mid 40’s and we have varied levels of prepping skills. Myself, I have been prepping for about 16 years now due to my experiences living in other countries and experiencing disasters there. Several of our families are currently serving military, with their members having multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have lots of experience in security, patrolling, survival living, first aid and canning. We have multiple medium size acreage locations that we own and can switch between each if we need to. All of us also have children, all on the younger side of things, ranging from newborn to about 9 years old. We are looking for people who understand the trials, tribulations, and joys that having children entails, since they will be with us no matter what! So anyone considering this, please take this aspect into consideration as well.
So… What we are NOT looking for. ..

1) drug users, We dont “420”, and since we are mostly military, Im sure you can understand our point of view, we cant use it, and cant be around it. So as a base rule, if thats your thing, we probably wont see eye to eye.

2) criminal element or background. We understand everyone screws up in life, and must be held accountable, but if you are a child molester, pedophile, or have a violent criminal history, Im pretty sure we arent going to be compatible. Harsh? Sure, but Im talking the safety of my family here, its first and foremost my base criteria.

3) Extremist. This can range from religious, to governmental. If your friends say you have a tin-foil hat issue, or you start talking about UFO’s coming down to abduct people because “night time is the right time” we probably arent going to get along. Just being honest here.

4) Drama… save it for someone else, not our thing. Dont think I need to go into detail here.

SO… What we are looking for…..

1) people who understand what it takes to be self-sufficient and arent afraid to pitch in when it is needed to accomplish a certain goal

2) People who understand that there will be safety in numbers, but those numbers have to be able to get along, if they cant do that, it wont work

3) Folks with experience in farming, sustainable living, beekeeping, solar power, mechanical engineering, home schooling and HF communication. Im sure that sounds like a pretty extensive list, and yea, its pretty emcompassing, but its the primary areas where we are weak, so it only makes sense to add those factors into our group.

4) Families are preferred, but we are willing to accept single folks with the understanding that if the time comes that this is truly needed, we expect you to do your fair share of chores along with the rest of us. We dont care if you are male or female, as we dont see that as a hinderance or help either way, its the person and the skillset that matters to us.

5) Normal, well grounded folks, with imagination. Because if the time comes, theres a possibility we may be with out power, or running water, so folks who are able to see this for what it is, accept it, and be able to brainstorm to come up with positive solutions, well those are the people we are looking for. Folks who think outside of the box instead of inside it.


As a group, we all hunt, fish, camp and enjoy outdoors activities. So we are able to incorporate that mindset into our preps. We also are all firearms enthusiasts, and have various levels of experience with all aspects of firearms from defensive pistol, long range rifle, to state certified CCW Instructors. Obviously we are more than willing to teach each and every person everything we know, to make all of us more proficient, we only ask that you teach us everything you know so it helps us all out. We all have been prepping for various years, from 16 like myself, to 3 years with the lastest addition to our group, so while we know our little piece of the pie, we dont know it all, so thats why we want to network with others and possibly even add a few more families to our group.

A few other details about us, none of us are regular church going familys, we are all spiritual in our own ways, and have our own beliefs, we only ask that you respect that aspect of all of us, and we will respect your spiritual beliefs as well. We have law enforcement, nursing, soldiers, and outdoorsmen/women in our group, and we all get along because of a mutual respect for each others ability to bring something to the table, and each others ability to get along with others without the usual “catiness” you find with women, and “ego” you find with men. Its a unique situation because we all get along without the usual “issues” you find in some groups. Experts in one area know when to defer to experts in another, and we all set aside the egos to reach that goal. If this is something you and yours are looking for, then by all means, please contact us and lets start a dialogue with each other.

I can be reached at strmfeathr [at] yahoo [d0t] com and please, title any correspondence as “prepper family” so I know what it is regarding!

Til then, thanks for reading, and we all look forward to hearing from you folks soon!

Feb 112015

We are a cpl new to prepping. We are having a hard time finding anyone around us that are serious about prepping or believe anything will happen. We are looking for anyone around us that are like minded,or even a group in our area. We are near Greenville an Grandrapids area. You can reach me at freedom1sttrucking [at] gmail [dot] com Thanks

Feb 012015

Looking for any groups in the western upper peninsula. Would love to meet like minded preppers to build a community to be able to work together in the event of economic breakdown or other emergency situations.

Jan 252015


I am in Southeastern Ohio and I am new on here. Looking to meet like-minded people.

Basically I have a general knowledge in a lot of survival/prepping skill sets. I also offer a good deal of knowledge on construction, farming, hunting, fishing, trapping and maintenance. I am wanting to start my own group here on Ohio.

I have been reading and researching different groups and also different survival communities.

Looking to meet new people and form new friendships. Basically looking to network with others and other groups, exchanging ideas, beliefs,  knowledge and setting up a communications network. Always looking for new members. Strength is in numbers we all know that. These way its going in the world today….who knows when the SHTF is going to happen.

Contact me anytime

southeasternohioprepper at gmail dot com