Feb 112015

We are a cpl new to prepping. We are having a hard time finding anyone around us that are serious about prepping or believe anything will happen. We are looking for anyone around us that are like minded,or even a group in our area. We are near Greenville an Grandrapids area. You can reach me at freedom1sttrucking [at] gmail [dot] com Thanks

Feb 012015

Looking for any groups in the western upper peninsula. Would love to meet like minded preppers to build a community to be able to work together in the event of economic breakdown or other emergency situations.

Jan 252015


I am in Southeastern Ohio and I am new on here. Looking to meet like-minded people.

Basically I have a general knowledge in a lot of survival/prepping skill sets. I also offer a good deal of knowledge on construction, farming, hunting, fishing, trapping and maintenance. I am wanting to start my own group here on Ohio.

I have been reading and researching different groups and also different survival communities.

Looking to meet new people and form new friendships. Basically looking to network with others and other groups, exchanging ideas, beliefs,  knowledge and setting up a communications network. Always looking for new members. Strength is in numbers we all know that. These way its going in the world today….who knows when the SHTF is going to happen.

Contact me anytime

southeasternohioprepper at gmail dot com

Jan 212015

I am a 26 year old male currently in graduate school. I live in SE Michigan (NW of Detroit). I have most of what I need regarding gear for a bug out situation but I really don’t have many skills necessary to do much or a bug out location. I am originally from Missouri and still spend my summers and Christmas back there but for the rest of the year I am essentially on my own here in Michigan. This is my second year here and I would like to get to know some like minded people. Back in Missouri I have a couple of buddies that I am close to who are  “preppers”. I am not necessarily looking to join a group nor do I want to be a burden on any one. I feel like I am where I should be right now but I also feel somewhat uncomfortable knowing all that is coming down the pike. I plan to be in Michigan for the next 3 or so years (I assume SHTF before then). I do not want to put my life on hold just because of what is happening.

What I know about prepping/bugging out I have learned on my own. I do research every day learning a little bit at a time but don’t have any land here that I can do any camping/training, etc. It would be nice to find someone nearby who has some land (not as a bug out location, but so I can practice camping/etc.)

I am a very religious person (Catholic, but I have nothing against fellow Christians of different traditions). I am in decent physical shape. I am willing to help out others in whatever way I can. I am willing to trade labor for knowledge/experience.


Jan 212015

Christian Group considering leasing “Bug Out” sites.  The property is approximately 70 miles from Chicago in Northwest Indiana which is close enough to be able to get to yet far enough to get out of the turmoil of the city.  The property is an old farmstead with house, barn, water well, pond, and area for gardens & livestock.

Contact me at dck5876 [at] gmail [dot] com for more information if interested.


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Dec 312014

The Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo is back again! The show will be on April 11, 2015 at the Birch Run Expo Center in Birch Run, MI.  This show is full of survival gear, options for living off the grid, self-sustainability, farming, alternative energy, literature and much more! Our exhibitors will have many products for sale and there will be speakers who are experts in their field there to share their knowledge. The show is FREE to the public and a must-attend for anybody looking for ways to keep their home and family safe, from those new to preparedness to hardcore prepping enthusiasts. Check out our website at www.glepe.com for information on exhibitors and speakers. See us on Facebook and Twitter! Check back regularly as we continue to add more.

Dec 262014

Hi there,

We are going to be moving to the White Cloud area of Michigan in less than a month. We found about all these prepper groups in Michigan and are very excited!

****If you know of any groups or individuals in/around our area, we would be so thankful to find out such information****

A little info on us. We are just a husband and wife couple who have some experience in prepping and farming, we also love hospitality and Christian gatherings. The Lord has not blessed us with children yet, but we do hope for them in His timing. We have chickens, ducks, a milk goat, a dog, and a cat. I (the husband) like to grow medicinal mushrooms and my wife loves to sew modest dresses. We both enjoy herbology and natural medicine. My wife is also studying in the field of midwifery and natural childbirth. We hope to do fostercare and IF we end up adopting through there, we are hoping to homeschool! That’s pretty much us in a nutshell!

We dont mind meeting people of all ages!

Thanks so much for your info,
JSK Family

We are wondering out of curiosity, where is the best place to move in the upper peninsula of Michigan? And why?
(we would prefer to be close to preppers,farmers,homeschoolers,christians,etc….)

Dec 132014

My name is Jonathan.  I have been very aware for what seems like a long while, the very real threats to our nation and to us individually. I however have spent little time gaining resources for what seems very near the crescendo of something epic. For what I lack in resources, I make up for in my ability as a quick study and man of action. I am also not without skills. I have spent most of my working life as a carpenter ( now out of work) and also an outdoorsman with minor tracking, trapping, foraging and bushcraft skills. Also am currently studying on my own accord ,wild medicinals and edibles of the region and countless other survival skills. I have also studied the application of medical treatment in war-like circumstances, I.e. sutures, clotting, infection and minor surgery with the equipment to perform. Also have studied ( and currently) Native American medicinal practice. As I said, I am a young father ( currently stay-at-home) with a 3 yr old son. My common-law wife works ( alot) to keep us societally viable while I work out skills and a survival program. I have waited this long to seek some friends in part because I am skeptical and rather a loner but also due to a feeling I may not have much to bring to the table. That has now passed as has time and events unfolding lately have fortunately or unfortunately ( yet to be decided) have made it impossible to not feel vulnerable and I believe from my research life is going to quicken its pace of change. I am a man of faith looking for like-minded friends to reach the crescendo with. God bless

Nov 192014

Hello from West Michigan. Looking for individuals close to my area who is interested in sharing useful ideas on preparing my family when SHTF. I never thought I would have to worry about this during my time but keeping track with food shortage and the market I can see how things can change and when it change its going to change really quick. I am a single mother of two and need to get my house in order now. Any suggestions will help. Not Ready!

Nov 042014

Hey all. My group is looking to recruit prospective members with valuable skills to add to our group. We drill bi-weekly in SW Michigan. If you are interested, drop me a line at s dot Allen 19th at live dot com.

Oct 132014

Christian family, me and my wife and 2 kids would like to meet other families in or around the Walker Michigan area who are like minded. We know things are about to get really ugly and we can find security in Jesus Christ together as the Holy Spirit guides us to prep for the storm. Lets share our prepping ideas and help each other. Any age is welcome, wisdom and knowledge has no restrictions. Amen?

Oct 022014

I am new to all this prepping for the most part. It is something I have thought about doing for quite some time. However, not many people I know personal are like minded like me. That is when I figured I would Google like minded people. And that is how  got here.

I am 37 years old, a college graduate in human services, work in the medical field having both my CENA and nursing secretary positions. In my spare time, I love gardening, making foods from scratch. And with foods, I try my best to make it all natural and nothing added unless I add it myself. I have Skype mandalynn.mitts which can be easier to get a hold of me. Weekends are also best.

I am seeking more knowledge on me thinking about going off grid. Someday I will be able to do it. But I do not want it to be when I have no choice with no actual skills. Thank you for reading my post and I look forward to hearing from you.

Sep 132014

What my plan is, is to network with key individuals. Get to know each other and build a rapport and friendship.  Start conducting some training classes etc.  As of right now I plan on bugging in.  But that could change depending on other group members’ locations.  Meaning, if other group members have a better location to bug out to and are willing to allow their location to be the designated BOL area.

I’m 45, married with 3 children. We are Christian.  I spent 16 years in the Army and Michigan Army National Guard.  I worked 4 years as a correction officer and emergency response team member at a prison. Besides tactics, I worked as a Medical Specialist (medic).   We live in a rural area south of Cadillac.  We are raising chickens.

We only live on two acres but my back up location is at my in laws property which is 120 acres near Tustin. They have a cabin (wood heat) on the back side of the property which is concealed by trees.  There is a lot of land that can be used as a garden and for hunting.

I figure that the group members could pool their assets to make a retreat a better location. (Some items may be prepositioned.)  What belongs to you, belongs to you.  What is mine, stays mine.  Granted there is going to be some items that are pooled from all members like the group first aid kit or items used for training.  That way if a member quits or is dismissed, there is no arguing about what belongs to you.  I think that written agreements should be implemented so there is no confusion later.

I think that one of the main priorities should be a year +/- worth of food for each member. All of this will take some time, some longer than others.  Since this is new, everything is subject to change.

I am looking for a doctor, physician assistant, registered nurse,  Military and law enforcement to form a mutual assistance group for an emergency situation.  If you are proficient at gardening, canning meat and produce you will be an asset.  If you do not necessarily have any skills but have money for supplies you will be an asset.  There is safety in numbers.  So how about you, what is your background?

Everyone must work towards the goal of one year of food in storage. Group members must chip in to purchase supplies that will be used by the group.  Group members must be willing to attend training such as firearms marksmanship, first aid, survival skills etc.  Everyone coming on board must be very dedicated, focused, self driven, be able to give their word and keep their word. Communication Security (COMSEC) is a must.  Everyone’s identity and personal information will be kept confidential.

I believe the group should make decisions together (committee). No dictatorship.  I think there should be a figurehead for daily operation decision making but answer to the group committee.

If this interests you then send an email to materielgeneral [at] yahoo [dot] com and tell me a little about yourself and what you can contribute to the group.

Thank You,

Sep 082014

Hello I am a 26 year old man with various skills that would benefit a prep group main ones are ASE automotive technician, lots of firearm and tactical training, proficiency with various weaponry, and some mixed martial arts training located in holland hoping to join or be a part of a start up in the holland area

Sep 052014

The River Country Resilience Circle is looking for new members! We are located in St. Joseph County, Michigan and we currently meet in Centreville twice a month. Our first meeting every month is a potluck dinner & brainstorming session. Our second meeting is a presentation to teach our members something valuable. The presenters are either members or knowledgeable guests from the local community.

We are a small group (less than 10) looking to expand, we want beginners, experts and everyone in between. Our members are from various backgrounds, and we welcome anyone and everyone. We are also interested in networking with other groups.

Our focuses are Mutual Aid, Teaching & Learning, Personal Security, and Social Action.

We have held classes for basic preparedness & gardening, and  we are planning to do much more.

Please visit our website for more details: www.RiverCountryRC.org

Aug 282014

Hi there,

My name is Terry, I have been trying to find a place were I fit in with my kids, because of the whole prepping thing. I have many skills that can be of good use. I use to teach Martial Arts, and remodel and build houses. I am a great cook, and a great builder lol. It’s kinda hard trying to find a good place or group being a single father, soI figured why not join a Preppers online community. Thank you, hope to hear from you guys and gals.

Jul 292014

We are a well-established group of normal families with a great retreat site and excellent location. We are prepped up and take continuing training and education seriously. We currently have a diverse spread of skill sets but lack someone to head up medical. We’re located in a sparsely populated area of Northern Michigan (Lower Peninsula) which enjoys unlimited ground water, excellent hunting, trapping and fishing plus all that a well-developed retreat site would include. We take defense seriously but are not a bunch of Rambos. We’re Christians but won’t beat anyone over the head with a Bible. There are minimum requirements for membership and a background check will be conducted. If you have any interest contact me at …
tscm120 [at] gmail [dot] com

Jul 132014

So many good groups out there but many are in places I would not like to live, either because of the politics, or present laws, or just the area in general. For three years now we have sort of been living in survival like mode, in our small travel trailer.

Due to lack of a truck, we must sell, but we see this as God’s way of moving us into something better. Right now as I sit here, my last few days in my own “home” I am feeling pulled in to many directions.

I love Montana and the laws here are good for us, ( I am a single mom and I home school). California has the potential of massive destruction due to earthquakes, and the south well mostly I can’t breath through the heat and the mugginess.

I am originally from Michigan and still have tons of family there, but between the recent removal of animals on small farms, Dearborn allowing Sharia Law and the fact that there is not a shred of the farm left, I have no desire to return.  So where do we belong?

I have done so much in my life but I have also died.  That singular event has made it very difficult for me to reintegrate with humanity. I have tried, but I feel out of sync and solitary.

But I still have one at home and my job is not complete until she has flown the coop. I know what I want, a home of our own and property. But this is a foolish dream and one that must go.

So I know I would like to be among like minded people, but sadly I can not find them.

Jun 102014

     The Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo “GLEPE” (www.greatlakespreppers.com) is a must attend for everybody! GLEPE will be held on October 4th at the Birch Run Expo Center (www.birchrunexpos.com) in Birch Run, MI. This show is FREE TO THE PUBLIC and will teach you how to prepare your home and family for emergencies and disasters of all kinds. Expert speakers in the fields of food storage, alternative energy sources, water filtration, wilderness survival, responsible gun ownership and much more!

    Get great gear and ideas for survival and emergency preparedness. Major Exhibitors include Cabela’s, Joes Army Navy, Coleman Outlet, Live Free/American Survivor, Consumers Energy, Michigan State Police,  and the United States Coast guard as well as dozens of exhibitors specializing in survival and preparedness with gear and supplies for sale that everyone must have to be truly prepared!

May 082014

My wife and I are new to the prepper lifestyle, we started a victory garden, we watch documentaries, and shows about prepping and survivalists, we are learning to fish, hunt, and survive outdoors.

We would like to meet up with outdoor enthusiasts, preppers, and survivalists in the Flint area, to exchange ideas, and have fun as we prepare for the end of the world…

you can email me, I am a dog trainer, at:  pawsitivelydogs at gmail

Apr 152014

Environmental Health and Safety Engineer by trade, I’m well informed and educated and prepped. NOW I need to find groups in my area with which to work. Please contact me if you have further info. Talk soon…

Mar 272014

Wondering if there are any UP Preppers. Looking to purchase  property up in UP western side.  Plan, go off grid and grow own food.  Need contacts.  Property for sale suggestions are welcome.  Christian couple, survival skills, self protection knowledge, modest, clean, handy, cook from scratch, all organic, no pharma, herbal remedy knowledge, physically fit and good work ethic. No baggage. No children.

Mar 252014

The River Country Resilience Circle is looking for new members! We are located in St. Joseph County, Michigan and we currently meet in Three Rivers twice a month. We are a small group (3-6) looking to expand. Our members are from various backgrounds, and we welcome anyone and everyone. We are also interested in networking with other groups.

We are currently organizing classes for basic preparedness & gardening, and whatever else our group decides is a priority.

Please email our group for more details at: rivercountryresiliencecircle [at] yahoogroups [dot] com

We also have a website coming soon: www.RiverCountryRC.org

Mar 202014

The Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo is back again! The show will be on April 19th at the Birch Run Expo Center in Birch Run, MI.  This show is full of survival gear, options for living off the grid, self sustainability, farming, alternative energy, literature and much much more. Our exhibitors will have many products for sale and there will be speakers who are experts in their field there to share their knowledge. The show is free to the public and a must attend for any body from a person looking for ways to keep their home and family safe to the hardcore prepping enthusiasts. Check out our website at www.greatlakespreppers.com for information on exhibitors and speakers. Check back regularly as we continue to add more.

Mar 132014

Hi, Newbie looking for mentor! I have acquired many skills in my life but know I need more and I need friends. I know I can’t do this on my own so I am seeking others of like mind. I am Christian, pro 2nd amend, and not into drugs /alcohol or criminal activity/violence. I am a Vet (noncombat), I have extensive medical experience (20+ years) and have been into Wilderness skills for most of my life. I also have communication skills. if your group is looking for potential members or you would like to start a group please respond. God Bless, Healer

Feb 112014

looking for a few people or even a group to join I’ve studied up on a lot of different ways of living off the grid still have a lot more to learn I believe. I have ideas to bring to the table just looking for Good hearted down to earth loving caring people who’s been paying attention like i have to our surroundings not only the economy messing up its the weather our earth. I’m more concerned about sinkholes floods droughts very high & low temperatures & so on i just want to be ready & prepared for any & everything as much as possible.