May 092014

Hi, We are a small group of preppers looking to improve our BOL. Needing someone that is well skilled that is looking for a place to call home with like minded people. Family type environment is what we have and what we are looking for in others .No drug users! Looking for honest hard working people to join with us to provide a safe place when the SHTF. We need others to help finish what we have been working on for two years and to start adding other projects like gardening ,farming, aqauponics, solar/wind power, canning and etc. There is an old, small farm house that need repairs (we will help with that expense) that we are willing to let someone come to stay in al long as they are working with the group. So if you are looking to get out of a big city and start over with a group that is working hard toward being prepared to thrive not just survive, our place may be it.  Please email me  sculpepper68 at aol dot com and we can talk more. Please include your info. and what your skills are . We are what I think of as hard core preppers so if you do not live the life style than this is not for you. We are doers not talkers !

Mar 172014

Hi , we are looking for new members to join with us .We are in south Mississippi and we have a good start to a safe Bug out location that we have been working on for two years now. We are working hard to prepare for what is coming to keep our families safe. There will be strength in numbers when that time comes ,no one will be able to make it all alone. Contact us at sculpepper68 at aol dot com

Feb 262014

In Jackson,  miss looking to buy some land and start a group or join an existing group.  I work hard, I’m fairly young but am college educated and spent years doing let’s call it hostile interviews. let me know if there is a group or if you want to join.

Feb 202014

Hello my wife & I are moving from North Dakota to the Natchez area around May 2014 we are looking for like-minded preppers that are preparing for natural disasters and possible break down of the government in the US.

We have gardening skills, I am a chef with over 15 yrs experience in restaurants, everything we have is FIFO organized, I have advanced medical training including basic suturing of open wounds.  My wife can crochet anything from yarn or string[advanced skills] & she also knits [basic skills] .

My wife can make pasta & tortilla’s from scratch she has some skills with freeze-dried products as the only foods we have that are freeze-dried is onions & a few other spices & vegetables.  I have basic butchering skills with some equipment.

We are looking for like-minded people & we are willing to learn new skills & trades.

I do have ham radio equipment & antennas as I am a FCC licensed operator for the past 10 yrs.

We can be reached here on this site or new e-mail efc [dot] nd [dot] prepper [at] gmail [dot] com

Todd & Marie + dog

Feb 082014

Hi to all. I am a 54 year old male with substantial farm and animal husbandry, interests in Permaculture, food forests, aquaponics, small “low maintenance as possible” food production models. I have lived in community (twice) and learned alot (one good one bad experience). I like the idea of private land but with cooperation between neighbors who are geographically close. I have scaled back my own ideas of sustainability–after a false start buying some bad land, I now know that I can support myself on about an acre and that four people is a good number to cooperate on a small farm system. To me, prepping is not about hoarding food and bullets and hightailing it out of the city but to already be where you want to be, producing and eating healthy food, and living a sustainable life, in both good times and bad. I am looking for a few good people and a few acres in Texas. No racists, anarchists, apocalyptic-hopefuls, just some nice people, individuals, couples or a small family that wants to develop a mini-farm, and live well. I am in Austin. If there is nothing suitable in Texas I would say that I am willing to consider Arkansas, Tennessee, NC, SC, GA and Alabama. Thanks for reading. Good luck to everybody who is seeking a sustainable, sane future……

Sep 182013

Good day all my family is prepping for what may come in the near future and is looking for others to either join us or talk about prepping sharing ideas I feel the time is getting very close. I would like to take a bit of time getting to know anyone who is looking to join my family.

I have a back ground in applied science through FEMA testing and training because I worked with the fire and rescue for 33 years I can be reached at wolfhummingmaz@yahoo dot com please email me if interested

Aug 242013

Hi just found this site today.  I was a member of two prepper groups in Northeast Texas and one in West Louisiana. Looking to connect with like minded people around or near Natchez. I have been a carpenter most of my working life. With the overall skills I have learned I can build just about anything if you have a drawing or can describe it real well. Willing to barter my skills for other items. Let me hear from you and we will see if we can get together.

Jun 042013

Hey everyone,

Letting everyone know about a new annual event coming to Alabama on September 7th and 8th, 2013 in Oxford, Alabama.

That weekend will be the first annual Southern Preppers Convention and Green Living Expo at the Oxford Civic Center in Oxford, Alabama.

Admission will be free to the general public and we are now accepting vendor submissions on the website. A full schedule of events will be posted

soon but will include classes in hydroponics, aquaponics, survival, CPR, alternative housing, and much more. Viewing rooms will be going all

day with informative programming throughout the event. We will have a large vendor’s room where you can purchase all of the prepping and

survival gear you could ever need! Don’t miss out and check us out at . Feel free to contact us via email for

any questions you might have.

May 122013

I am a new prepper in Yazoo County, MS and am looking to join a self sustainable community or I am willing to work with a group of like minded individuals/families to start a new community here in Yazoo County. There are large tracts of land here in yazoo and surrounding communities that could be used to start a community.

What my family has to offer:

  • We have basic gardening experience, mostly dealing with vegetables (tomatoes and peppers)
  • I have a good working knowledge of raising animals. (I have raised chickens, rabbits, goats, and dogs, as well as bottle raised a sheep. I have worked with horses and ponies, though it has been a while.)
  • I can cook
  • make lots of different crafts
  • working computer knowledge of the internet
  • my husband has a class a license and can drive a tractor easily
  • my father is a mechanic and can give members gun shooting lessons (ex military man)
  • my husband and I both can hunt
  • I can skin and gut most anything, and can descale and clean a fish
  • my husband and I both can fish. I can make cane poles out of fresh cane found locally.

You can contact me here or at bharber85 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Feb 052013

We have what we refer to as a 24 hour to 48 hour stop off. We have a location in northeast florida were we will form up with one another. It is a well hidden location and off the beaten path. After we meet up there and redistribute supplies and other thing,s we will take more hidden paths and country roads to northern Alabama. There we will form up with more preppers. We will remain there until we have to bug out again if needed. However, I don’t believe that will an issue. We are all well trained and I believe we have thought out everything, from night watch to dig in locations to fortify ourselves. We have all been prepping before it became the “in” thing. For me, for example, my father would drop us off in a closed base on the weekends or more to survive on what we had in our pockets and on our backs. We don’t let many people know the extent of our preparations until we know they are reliable and trustworthy, just because we do train our children. Not just for when the shtf, but also for real life issues like kidnapping and ect. We are more like a close knit family, rather then a bunch of people stuck together like you see on doomsday preppers. We are not saving for any particular event, but more for any that comes our way. We help in knowledge. Every one has to carry there own weight, our reloaders reload, our medics heal, carpenters build, and school teachers teach. We all have very valuable skills, and like most people, some have to double up as others as most of us have a vast array of skills to bring forth so we can survive. We have thirty people in Florida, and close to triple that in Alabama. Our Alabama location is on top of three mountains that hold live stock, homes, a huge lake that is river fed. So even if someone dams the river, we will have enough water from the lake and springs to survive till the dam is taken care of. The three mountains surround a valley, so the children and the elders will be very well protected. We also have all walks of life. This must be expected, as we all pull our own share. We range from old to young, different back grounds and race, to different sexual preferences and religions. I myself don’t care the color of the skin or if they’re gay or straight or if they’re religious or not, as long as when the time comes, they will defend and push, and not retreat and stall. ( Yes, I know retreat to fight another day or fight from another direction).

We would like to know more about you, your views and ideals, ideas you may have for preparing, what you are looking for in a group, your preparations, your experience and training (if applicable), any special skills you may have that you believe would be an asset, etc. Please contact at Looking4kitten (at) ymail (dot) com

Jan 232013

My wife and I are looking for fellow peppers in our area. We are new to prepping and have started with goals of surviving in a temporary disaster senerio, something like the Katrina or the Sandy hurricane. That’s how I had to sell it to my wife anyway. Little did I know that once you start there is no stopping. I’m at a point now where I see the need to learn and share from like minded people in my area. I have been trying to reach out to people though Facebook ( but that has been slow going since I really don’t know what I’m doing and I think people can pick up on this. I can’t seem to find people with the experience and the knowledge. I know they are out there. I would love to learn how to can food and dehydrate food

Jan 212013

Fairly new to the prepping but loving every second of it. I live in the pass and my husband thinks im crazy lol i told him when SHTF ill be eating food and he will be begging me to eat ( of course i wont actually starv him) if your close to my area email me. Looking forward to hearing from everyone and being apart of this forum. Headed to the menge flea market to find more preps! :)was

 Posted by at 4:51 am
Dec 202012

Looking for like minded preppers
We currently live in South Florida the worst place to live if the dollar collapses – I have followed Dr. Marc Faber for the last 10 years and thanks to him I sold a home in 2005. This economist predicted the 87 stock market crash, 2000 Tech Stock Market Bubble, 2008 housing collapse and now the dollar collapse. I believe this will occur within a couple years considering the FED is printing fiat money like there is no tomorrow.
I am a DWM professional 57. My girlfriend and I are looking for an ESTABLISHED REMOTE COMMUNITY with like minded self sufficient individuals. We will consider NC, SC, AL, MS, TN and GA. A total of up to 6 individuals may join us.
I have done 10 years of prepping within the last couple months. Not a right or left winger but believe in GOD.
I am not a minimalist by any means, therefore existing or future plans for power generation ( preferably hydro, but also solar and wind ) is mandatory, as well as a clean water source, wood ( structures, fuel ), and the ability to harvest and hunt.

My off grid skills are limited but I can provide cash for building community, lots of ammo, guns, survival gear and the ability to learn.

My girlfriend & I would like to hear from you govtsupplies at aol dot com

Mike & Sheri
govtsupplies at aol dot com

 Posted by at 2:43 pm
Oct 312012

My name is Drew. I am currently living in Northeast Mississippi. I am new to the prepping game. I hadn’t thought to check anything like an online forum until tonight while searching for plants that could be used for medicine, nourishment, etc… I came upon this site. I thought I had a good idea of my supplies and possible “bug-out” plan but after reading some of the posts here I thought some suggestions wouldnt hurt. I have some ideas for places to go and steps to take and would like to talk to some of you, if at all possible, that may know a little more than I. I am easy to get along with and will never attempt to make jokes or act superior in anyway. so if you have any advice or any questions about what I have in my survival pack and plan feel free to write. If you email me please write survival in the title area or ill assume it is spam. thanks. e-mail is aps_87 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Aug 202012

Hi, My family is looking for a few families that are thinking like we are,time is running out to get things prepared and we are working hard to get things how we need them. We have joined a group but most are all talk and no hard work with no end results. Knowing that this will take more than just our family to make it through all of these hard times when they come ,we know that we are going to have to learn to trust in others that think as we do. If you are in Jackson ,George or Greene Co. Mississippi and are worried as we are email me    sculpepper68 [at] aol [dot] com

Jun 172012

My family and I are looking for rent to own property. Would like something wooded, water a major plus, ie. pond or running stream. We want to relocate from new jersey to someplace we feel would be much better for survival purposes. Please feel free to email me if anyone knows of anything we may be interested in, thank you.


malibese [at] yahoo [dot] com

Apr 252012

I hope God will help me know how to talk to people so they to can see the need for grass root preparedness, I trun my back on my grand and birth parents when they tryed to teach me the how to of real wrold living, growing , gathering and presurring. thank you david of mississippi

Apr 022012

I’m looking for preppers in the Detroit Lakes area to work together this summer, build trust and learn together for if/when things go bad. If you are interested please email me at reeshee2012 [at] gmail [dot] com, I really want a close knit group of people that can depend on each other, this is what I’m working for.

Mar 082012

I’m a relative newbie to the prepping game. I’ve been prepping for almost two years now. I have stocked up on just about every type of tool, camping gear, medical supplies, outdoor cooking gear, organic seed bank, 6 months supply freeze dried  food, $300 worth of rechargeable batteries, and every book i could find off amazon about prepping, food harvesting, preserving, and storage, shelters, survival, etc… I’m really now just looking to get plugged into a group of likeminded Christian individuals that i could help in their preps. Please send me an email at guidk709$ at Just take out the $ sign using that to prevent spam.

Feb 232012

Hello All,

My previous post is reposted below.  The main change is that I am no longer moving to Cali.  Everything else is still good.  Im still looking very hard to find other preppers (families or individuals) that want to purchase land and build a retreat or already have land and retreat and are looking for more members.


I am a prepper in Mississippi looking to join local groups as well as I’m looking to buy a Volvo C303 as my new B.O.V.  I live in Hattiesburg Mississippi but I am currently looking at moving to Sacramento California with some friends.

Price for the C303 is negotiable depending on the condition of the vehicle.

I am willing to travel to connect with groups who have the same outlook as I do.

Contact me at bodhi [dot] ronin [at] yahoo [dot] com or facebook bodhi.ronin

Feb 232012

Hello, my name is Gideon and I just joined this site today. I am new to prepping and due to my fiancé and her career plan am unable to join a group because we plan to move probably late this summer. I have just about nailed down my BOBs for both myself and my fiancé and got about a month of freeze dried food. I have read Rawles book on how to survive TEOTWAWKI, but I am looking for more guidance of item priority as well as skills development, mainly welding, survival skills, and food storage. I have a focus on mobility right now, so advice in that arena would be best. I much prefer meet/greet/practice than postings due to being a hands on learner. I can be reached at smackwappidy [at] hotmail [dot] com and I thank you in advance for you time and assistance.

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Jan 052012


My name is Heather. I am married to Mikkel. We love gardening, tending to our chickens and ducks, and fixing and working on cars. We are looking to join a group. We would be a good asset to any group. We can do anything that needs to be done. We live in Madison ms. So if you have any more questions about us or would like more information on who we are feel free to email us at jackofalltrades1980 [at] yahoo [dot] com