Apr 162014

New group starting and looking for people willing to jump in for the long haul. There’s a LOT to be done, so you need to be not only interested in a new start, a new beginning, but a new adventure with like minded folks who just want to live in peace as long as there is peace in this country, and be treated equally, not discriminated against because you’re different like I’ve seen so many other groups put limits on the types of people they want. We don’t care if you’re Christian, Muslim, atheist, straight, gay, bi, your skin color or what station you hold in life right now. In our group, the poorest will have as much as the richest, and everybody is expected to pull their own weight, like working in the gardens for instance or hunting. If you want to eat, you have to pitch in. Anyone 16 and over can vote on any issue that comes up, and for the first year or so, there  will be many issues without a doubt, so everybody’s input and cooperation is vital. Again, the group is new, so we need skill sets of many kinds, and we need honest reliable people who want to live peacefully without discrimination, and for the goal of survival. This is no church, nor cult, just regular people wanting something different than what we see and deal with everyday. The adventure is yours if you’re ambitious and willing to contribute all you can and teach all you can, and a group of strangers will become family. If you’re interested contact UnitedPreppers [at] groups [dot] facebook [dot] com or shrimpburger [at] hotmail [dot] com for more info.

Apr 152014

Environmental Health and Safety Engineer by trade, I’m well informed and educated and prepped. NOW I need to find groups in my area with which to work. Please contact me if you have further info. Talk soon…

Apr 012014

I’m just going to post this and see if there are others thinking the same thing.

Are there others that would have interest in finding property, building a community that all would share equally without huge additional financial burdens on one person?

we have been looking and looking for property that we can afford to buy as a secondary property but would it be smarter to have a group go together and do this??  I don’t know, I do know I am overwhelmed with everything.

we have lived off grid, did so for over a year down here on solar and a generator, hauled our water.  I raise much of our food, am very good at preserving food if that matters.   older, here don’t do any kind of drugs, don’t believe in western medicine, do smoke cigs but am getting ready to switch to ecigs and try to quit.   Drink very rarely but do have an interest in learning to brew beer and winemaking.    have lots of skills myself and willing to share/help others, just need other liked minded folks to focus with.  I have a disabled roommate (veteran) who is like minded but can’t do a heck of alot and that really drags me down.   I had to quit my part time farm job to handle things here last year when he had back surgery.

I know this probably is a long shot but one never knows.  the legal crap is the part that I don’t know alot about.   But it never hurts to talk to others.  reply here or serious replies only to lonleyrural1967 [at] gmail.com       even if its just to talk, toss ideas around.   It seems the only folks that I meet are out in the eastern states.

Apr 012014

Just a reminder that Jacob’s Cave is having the first of its three annual meets. A four day event starting this Thursday, but there’s rain for the forecast, so we might go on Friday. If you like to get out and walk and poke around maybe buy stuff, this is the place. It’s miles long and you’ll find lots of chickens, rabbits, goats and other animals, not to mention folks selling their junk. And new stuff too. I like to buy hardware and tools for the homestead. There are always people selling firearms too. If you want to kill a day, Jacob’s Cave will keep your interest if you’ve never been there. Here’s a link:


This place is pretty extensive. Some people bring their ATVs, golf carts, etc. to get around. Us, we pull a yard cart with a couple of chairs, a cooler with drinks and food and a dog cage in case we buy some critters.

If there’s a place to meet folks, this is the place. Have a good time.

Apr 012014

Located in south central/southwest mo (East of springfield).  looking for other like minded folks to talk to, meet up, start a group, I don’t know.  Been here almost 3 years and nobody…  you try to talk to the ‘locals’ they think you are nuts.  looking for another parcel of timbered property, we have 10 acres but too close of neighbors (good ones for the most part).   but too much money invested here to just up and leave it.

not fancy people, not crooks either.  I am quite a recluse.    reply here first.

Mar 132014

I feel alone! Even though I can see all of the sites and post from other preppers, I still feel like we are hiding like the homosexual people used to. I know that we can’t broadcast to the world because of the detrimental effect it would have when something happens but I can’t help but feel that I am isolated. I have built what very little I have and all that I have learned primarily by myself. I don’t even know for sure if I am preparing correctly, if I have enough knowledge to survive, and if I am actually part of a secret community or not. gamer62626 [at] yahoo [dot] com or on here. All you really need to do is help me find sites for info or other preppers and/or tell me I am not alone so I don’t feel like a freak. I am in Branson Missouri and am actually looking for an off grid community to join.

Mar 062014

I’m a retired healthcare professional who lives in Springfield, MO.  We have 60 acres located away from the city that we have been developing as a self-sustaining homestead to be used as a “bugout” retreat in case of a disaster or the collapse of the U.S.  We have many skills and have been working at this for a long time, however, time is running out and there is still much to do.

We are looking for a small family unit whose members have:  skills to contribute, their own food and preps, good work ethics, and are physically fit.  Owning your own travel trailer would be a plus!  You must be willing to spend approximately one weekend each month at the property.

We are building a bugout homestead – not a militia unit.  However, if you have military experience or expertise with firearms, we consider that very useful.

If you’ve been prepping but can’t afford (or don’t have) a safe place away from the city to go to, this may be what you’re looking for.  Send an email to RussSt50 [at] gmail [dot] com and we can talk.


Feb 262014
We are Christians my wife and I are retired and debt free with monthly income (long as the economy last).  We are ready to prep full time and move to an area with trees and some rain to join a group. I have my own tools and equipment, food, water filter, some weapons and ammo, camper to live in till living structure is built.  Looking to build a rammed earth living structure.  Will need at least 1/2 acre to build and live on.  We want to help others do the same, also willing to work on the common area preparing it for when it all falls apart.   I also have the material to build a shop with metal roof.  I have two sons (19 & 28) and a wife all in better than average health.   No medications required for any of us.  All are on board for this. Thought we had a place but didn’t work out so we need to get out of the city.  We currently live in a irrigated desert which is running out of water.  When power is gone water will be gone as will civil order.  I am a Nam Vet.  We have building experience, some electrical, plumbing, welding, machine, metal buildings & roofs, mechanic both gas and diesel, solar hot water system, semi truck driver, reloading experience and equipment, certified gun smith (passed a test),  and other.   I have worked relief on two hurricanes working almost 30 days with each one.  I lived at a mission base with my oldest son for two months in the Amazon with out power so we ate meat only when we had caught or killed it.  Lived in our camper one year on the road along the eastern coast from Niagara Falls, to Beaumont Texas then on to El Paso and Las Cruces N.M, then Sholo to Sahuarita, Arizona while home schooling.  We are debt free and looking for a group to connect with and then relocate.  This will not be a quick process as we will need to get to know each other (although time is short).  Don’t need decoder rings but security is an important point before we consider joining forces with others.  I have much more to share but will do so in a more privet way.  So contact me then we can talk privately.

prepper_  email us at:    weareoutof-time [at] yahoo [dot] com

Feb 252014

Currently in St Louis, MO, but want to get out of the city soon.  I have that gut feeling as I am sure most of you have had at one time or another that things are bad and gonna get worse in the near future.  I do not want to be around here when that happens.   Being here is eating at me more and more daily.

About me:  I am a 49 year old Christian mom with one child and 1 dog with me.  My other 2 kids are on their own and going to college with their own bug out plans set up.  ( within an hour of STL)  I want to be further from major cities than that but close enough for supplies and emergencies till SHTF.

I have quite a few skills I can bring to the table which can be discussed later.  I am very resourceful,  easy to get along with, intelligent and I would be glad to submit to a background check.  I have never been in trouble with the law other than a speeding ticket back when I was younger.  I quit smoking over 3 years ago, don’t do drugs, and rarely drink.

I am a creative, artistic type and enjoy learning things just for the sake of doing something I have never done before in case I might need the experience later.

I would like to find a close knit group of preppers  who are more like a family than a bunch of strangers that happen to be on the same land.  I think if everyone works together things get done faster and everyone is more likely to have each others back in an emergency situation.

I could go on but if your group could use a handy gal, a kid and a protective dog,  and want more info, please email me directly at socomom1964 @ gmail . com


Feb 132014

When the music stops, will you have a chair? The time to “think about” preparing has past and the time to act is now. For soon it will be too late. There is a lot of talk about “bugging out” but I am here to tell you that if you don’t have something secure and already prepared and waiting for you then the odds, of your survival, in a WROL situation are greatly against you.

We are looking for person (s) to join an established retreat. We are a family of 8 healthy, Christian, educated and prepared adults with a near ideal central Missouri location. Presently 3 people permanently live on site in a 6 bedroom, 2 ½ bath with two full kitchens. The house in not hardened at all, it is a home, not a fort. However the house was designed with defense in mind and was laid out in a manner whereby fortifications could be quickly added. We have 55 acres of timber, bluff and pasture. Bordered on one side by a bluff and creek, that never runs dry. The other three borders are timber and fields. The house cannot be seen from the road and there is approximately a ¼ mile of private lane that leads to the location. All structures and all infrastructures are new, the oldest part being built in 2011. There is a small natural spring that has never stopped flowing, we have a newly stocked pond, 300’ drilled well, large garden area, fruit trees, grape vines, outside wood burner that heats the house and keeps the water hot, there is also a 1000 gal LP tank and LP stove and furnace. We have on site fuel tanks for both gasoline and diesel. When the house was built, wiring and sub-panels were installed for the purpose of alternate energy sources. There is a large machine shed and barn, both with water and electric. We have regular traffic of deer, squirrel and turkey. Our adjoining neighbor has 106 acres and is a like minded and prepared family of 8 with equal assets and will be part of our mutual assistance community. Our two groups present a wide variety of talents and experiences that range from farming, animal husbandry, gardening, welding, electronics, hunting, fishing, carpentry, firewood, mechanics, engineering, nursing, expertise in security and firearms, former Marine and a Doctor.  We have people experienced in cooking, baking, canning, preserving, sewing, teaching, major and minor wound treatment. We are raising chickens, ducks, and meat rabbits and soon will be adding goats. We have five good horses, two tractors and all the farm machinery and implements and support tools and equipment necessary to accomplish just about any task required. We have been prepping for years but are not yet fully prepared, if that were even possible, however the 3 B’s are pretty well covered. The next and pending project is to add a, off grid, combination of wind and solar power system to power all of the essential circuits and well pump.

We are looking for persons who want to “buy in” to an established and functional safe haven. $10K per person or $15K per couple will get you equal access to all assets. You will have a ready and waiting place of refuge. We are looking for persons who will be willing and able to bug out and relocate to this position in an EOTWAWKI situation. This would require that nearly all of your assets and contributions would have to be already in place and therefore would also dictate a reasonable proximity to allow for training, labor and preparations and of course a reasonable assurance of reaching the location in a bug out situation. You will also need to have something (s) to “bring to the table” in the form of physical assets and knowledge or skills or experience in addition to a financial buy in. We are not looking for a “fat cat” who thinks he can just write a check and reserve a room in our home.  If you join, you will plan on spending some weekends and vacations working, training, learning some new skills and practicing some old ones. There is a large flat grass field that could serve as a dirt landing strip, I mention that only because in theory, someone could be fully stocked and committed to this retreat but live a distance away and then simply fly in and land should a WROL situation arise. There is also a nearby municipal airstrip and tower. For OPSEC all candidates will be interviewed off site. A societal collapse which is preceded by an economic collapse is all but certain and is possibly just a stroke of the pen away. All that needs to happen is for any of a number of foreign governments, who are not friends of America, to decide they are going to stop using the US dollar to pay for energy and our economy will crash in a matter of hours. I am speaking about the “Petro-Dollar”, check it out, it is both real and scary.

 Are you ready?

To initiate contact, respond via email at:   thestrongtower2 [at] gmail [dot] com

Dec 252013

Good afternoon. My family and I have been prepping for some time on our own. I have small, loose network of 2 or 3 others doing the same. I believe it’s time to become more structured. If there is anyone in or near St. Louis County I would enjoy sharing thoughts and ideas and perhaps either join or begin a more systematic group. Thanks for the time and Merry Christmas!


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Dec 232013

I am in the Troy area and have been prepping for about 2 years now. I just purchased 18 acres south of Rolla for this purpose also. Looking for like minded people to discuss future prepping and possibly put togeather a group of people for a mutual benefit. I have many skills and I am also former military.

Dec 172013

Is there any one around the st. Louis area who is a prepper or just a thinker who might like to exchange ideas and just communicate. Let me know I’m interested in getting in touch with like minded people.

Dec 142013

Hello I am new to this site looking for other preppers around Midwest Missouri wanting to start a group here if there is not one already

I own a large farm here set up fairly well deep well PV  and generators wood furnaces for heat and also a green house

I am a DIYer can fix and build most anything

I am also an extra class Ham operator

Oct 252013

we are starting to prep, trying to research and learn all we can, are hoping to join a trustworthy group. we are hard working and loyal team players. i believe there is a stronger hope when there is a group joining together instead of being alone and trying to make it through.  please contact me at podgy22a  at  yahoo  dot com  thankyou

Oct 242013

Missouri is a greap place for preppers as the Ozarks offers diverse places in find the prefect location of wilderness and down home living. Currently there is no land available around my retreat because of the fact. But all my new neighbors are preppers! So, if you can find some acreage chances are your prepper group is just waiting for you to say hello!

Oct 152013

Hello Everyone,

I have posted before but it has been awhile.  My family and I are finishing a fresh move to Springfield, MO.  I would like to start meeting some like minded people and offer a range meet up if anyone is interested.  I practice as much as possible and can also teach others who would like a bit of instruction.  Send me a message  if you are interested and we will see how things unfold.


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Sep 292013

hi my name is alex i am 26 yr. old,  i live in Jefferson city.. I am looking for preppers to shelter with in the west region of Missouri.. I have been doing research and want to get away from the new coast line that is suppose to happen. West Missouri looks pretty safe after nibiru passes and all is said and done… I have tactical skills and I am currently a corporal in the Missouri militia. I currently have a months supply of food, but mainly have weapons and ammo.. preferable preppers with an underground shelter is what I’m looking for, but time is of the essence and can’t be picky… you can contact me at: 660-833-0510… thank you

Sep 102013

We are looking for the right person or couple to team up with and live on our land with us. We have much skills between the two of us. But need help to get things done . I am skilled in most all building facets and have most all tools and equipment needed to get the jobs done. Very deep well on property. We already garden and can ,we raise our own animals .  This is very hard work but is also very rewarding . We can do more if we have the same like minded couple or person teaming with us.

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Aug 122013

We are a small group of preppers looking for others to assemble with in the Springfield, Missouri outskirts. We are currently looking to purchase land and have others come and join us, or join a group that already has this to offer in exchange for our skills and the security that is inherant in numbers. We bring a lot to the table in the way of survival skills, which we can discuss more if you are interested. There are 3 adults, one teenage boy and a child. We have more people with important skills that will be moving to this area shortly and helping out as well. Ideally, we want land that is in a trust so it can’t be taken from anyone (you or us or your/our children), a southern exposure to grow plenty of food, preferably a natural water source, and a place close enough to the nearest city, which is Springfield, to work until we are ready to disconnect from the grid entirely. We are considering earth-homes and underground greenhouses. We are educated in permaculture, so food and water will be maximized. Solar and wind energy are high on our agenda. Security is priority with us..It is very important to us that the people we meet are as serious about being prepared for the upcoming uncertainties as we are. We aim to work hard to have a self-sustaining system in place as soon as physically possible. Together we can get this done.

Jul 282013

Hey guys…I jumped on here to see if anyone would be interested in free room and board for work? We are a small group, currently, 3 adults, a teen, and a child. We just moved to the Ozark area to find acreage to build earth homes and a sustainable life for all of us. We know things are about to happen so we are working hard! We all bring a lot to the table and hope to find the same in the people we assemble with….The reason for this particular post is to replace my live-in nanny/assistant. She must go, and the thought of trying to find someone like-minded, that can do the job, seems impossible. Try explaining a survivalists mind and lifestyle to a typical nanny! LOL! Sooo, if you know of anyone, this is a great opportunity, and I would really appreciate the help in finding the right person(s). Come survive the zombies with us!! LOL! Thanks!

Jul 192013


I wanted to reach out to anyone in the North-West Missouri and North-East Kansas area’s and let you know that you are not alone.

Since moving to the Kansas City area in the fall of 2011 my wife and I have discovered that there are many like minded people in the area.  Most of the folks we have met seem very down to earth and not over zealous by any means or on any level.

We have been fortunate enough to network with several of them and found there are several groups that meetup regularly and are very helpful to their fellow friends, neighbors and countrymen.  Several of these groups are looking to grow and are also looking for people with particular skills.  I have met all of them and my family and I have grown to trust and become quite fond of several of them.

If you are looking for a group of “Friends” to turn to as a support system in times of need, or just looking to network and exchange thoughts and idea’s, feel free to send me and email and I will do my best to assist you in whatever capacity I can.

pabarnes4038 [at] g.m.a.i.l.com

Thanks and best wishes,


Jul 172013

I was born in Mansfield, grew up in Seymour most of my life and have family in Marshfield. I joined the Air Force after 9/11 and am now ready to come back home. I am married with 3 kids and hopefully 1 on the way (should find out today) and we have been preparing for things to come for about 3 years now. I am interested in meeting people in the area who are as serious as we are. We are solid Christians and are also looking for a good church in the area. email me at patricksprague2003 {at} yahoo {dot} com

Jul 062013

didn’t know it would be this difficult to find work in the Joplin area. I have over 25 years in the automotive parts and repair field, (general Manager on repair side NOT a mechanic). If anyone knows of someone hiring I have a resume, Thanks and keep up the prep

malibese [at] yahoo [dot] com

Jun 252013

Hello,57 yr.old woman,2 sons ages 27 & 29. Sons have hamm licenses,we are all trained medical first responders, CERT, emergency mgmt board reps.,volunteer fire fighters & I am a Red Cross disaster volunteer. We hunt & fish for entertainment & food. We are long time preppers, I own & live on 40 acres,sons live close by. I am a very experienced gardener as are my sons but I enjoy it, they understand the necessity of it. I am looking for well prepped knowledgeable persons that need a bug out location & would like to put some effort into creating a better location. We are located in Henry Co. Missouri,west-central Mo. No couch preppers if you can’t work as hard or harder than myself no need to contact me. Joining a group means you will have to contribute time & finances,no I don’t need your money nor will I give you mine. People have to work together & be patient with others. All ideas will be listened to & voted on. If this post interests you let’s meet & discuss. I hope God blesses all of us on our journey.

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May 262013

Looking for one prepper to live on my 60 acres.


I’m looking for one person who is seeking a bug out location. I have sixty acres deep in the woods. The land is in South East Missouri, that is all I will give for now. There is a town 20 miles from the land. It is on a no name road and has a creek running through it. There is a river within walking distance to the creek. I have a 20’x24’ cabin with a loft. There is no electric, well or septic. There is cell service and I have a USB cell modem that works at the cabin. I have a small stealth solar set up for charging what little electric I use. The cabin can not be seen from aerial Google maps.


I’m looking for a like minded person to live on the land and help build a bug out shelter down by the creek. The only way to get there will be on a foot trail. The shelter will be hidden under the trees. We will stock it for what ever comes in the future. Chickens, rabbits and a garden will be near the cabin not the bug out shelter. I don’t want more than one person because I want the location kept secret. Children and family need friends and talk, giving away what we worked for.


What do I mean by like minded? Some one who does not smoke, drink heavily, or need services like utilities. A person who is ready to live off grid. A person who is quite and can bring some skills like hunting and building. A person who will rely on stealth more than shooting it out with government or people seeking to take what we have.


Age and sex are not important


If this interests you contact me. KDOEYH [at] usa [dot] com

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