Feb 102017

Currently living in Virginia, near coast. Am planning a trip to MO in March for about a week, and would like to know what areas to focus on with possible good, established prep communities to make the most of my time out there.

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Feb 022017

Hello.  Hope this doesn’t get me tagged under the extreme caution… I’m only mass posting this on most of the options because I haven’t had a whole lot of activity.  I’m sure that there are plenty of people out there that would fit well with us so here goes—

We (family of 4 myself36/wife35/son13/son6) are located in Maine.  We live on private 30 acres on a long dead end dirt road.  I believe that my property would be very defensible in SHTF with the right people.  We are currently doing many advanced preps that i will not go into.  We have a field started for garden/pasture approx 4 acres.  We have a large barn.  Starting to raise meat rabbits and chickens and will get goats in the spring.    We are also doing other medium scale things to our property to help with agricultural production and self sufficiency.    I think that it is important to be well rounded in my preps by having quality tactical gear, arms, ammo, ect. and important items to be able to charge batteries and other misc things like doing laundry, along with stocking up on other important items like food, canning supplies, tools for cutting fire wood ect.  But all in all none of it will amount to anything if I do not have two things in place… one being our ability to grow, raise, and preserve our own food and the other defending what we have at SHTF.

Currently we plan to have one other family join us when everything falls apart.  We are in need of someone with real tactical combat experience.  (ie real Military experience) I’m not talking about someone who has been through boot camp and never deployed.  I am hoping to find an experienced military man (with family?)  that can train with us regularly before shtf and also help plan for strategic defenses of the property.  (this could be things like preps to purchase like 4 pallets of razor wire if you get my drift.)   Also a medic would always be needed.  Aside from that I honestly think that some other local friends that i know that are prepping would be just fine if we needed more bodies.  All in all we are very well rounded. We make our own soap. Can fix vehicles, tinker, do carpentry, farm, ect.  I plan to have 4+/- families at our retreat after shtf.

Some basic requirements I would have would be regular biweekly/monthly training meetings, maintaining a years+ supply of food, byo AR-15 with ammo.  Always would welcome help ‘on the farm’ if you can make the time.  Heck i have 4 acres to plant so you could help and harvest and EAT  too.  I am not doing this to make a living, just want to learn to walk the walk the hard way before it is a necessity.  If qualified and relocating i would be willing to rent our other house out to you.  We are not looking for any free loaders before or after shtf.  Everyone must carry there own weight after shtf and before… well if we don’t work we don’t eat.  I would assume you would have or find a normal job to support yourself unless you have a pension or want to try to make a living farming here.

Both families are genuine bible believing born again christians.  Although i myself am very much against the tide of modern day christianity and have only recently tried to start to go to church.  I have been a believer for 17 years and have a strong faith in Jesus and a very fluent bible knowledge.  I do not state that to segregate.   Well, I’ve probably said too much about my plans, but i am hopeful that it will help bring forth some people who have some serious skill to join us.

Oh, if you already live in Maine and want to plan to bug out with us (instead of move close by)  that could work too as long as you still would hold regular meeting/training schedule.  Hopefully if nothing else this leads to a life long friendship.

Jan 172017

I’m looking to buy land in Missouri. Would like it to be untouched and off the grid no phone or power lines on it. Would prefer it to be around or in close enuff drive to other preppers. I’ve been looking for awhile now and just haven’t found what I’m looking for so if anyone knows of anything let me know please.


Jan 112017

A Caucasian conservative Christian couple in the mid forties seeking to network with other like minded couples or groups who have an interest in prepping, homesteading and other self sufficient lifestyles. We are both former military, educated, secure and raised in very rural areas of Southern Illinois and Southeast Missouri. We are not interested in militia groups, radicals or anti government types. We are open to networking, joining a like minded group or even creating a group with others. Contact us if you are on the same page. God Bless!

Jan 022017

I am a retired Navy vet that has been prepping 7 years.  I currently live in central Mississippi, moved here from Dallas, in an attempt to escape the big city in an economic crash.  I have determined that this location is unacceptable in a magnetic pole realignment scenario.  Need to be over 900′ above sea level.  The Ozarks seem to fit the requirements for both of these scenarios.

I am a young 65 year old that is still in good shape and I drive a ’97 F250HD that is in good shape as well.  Plan on purchasing a travel trailer prior to this move for my “home”.  I own over a years worth of freeze dried food, have a Berkey water filter, have a library of over 100 books and magazines related to off-grid living and just too many items for self sufficient living to list.

I am spiritual in that I believe in God but not attending a church.  I attempt to live a Christian life but fail all too often.  Willing to work with building/maintaining a garden, any construction projects or any other projects that need to be planned/worked.

I have worked in Naval aviation as a hydraulic tech, an Air Traffic Controller and finally in the field of computer operations and maintenance.  Since my retirement I have spent 15 years driving 18 wheelers nation wide.  I maintain my own vehicles, have rebuilt 2 automotive engines, have an adequate amount of mechanic tools and experience to get me through tough times.  Am working on several ideas to create off-grid DC power, 24/7/356, without relying on wind or solar to charge a large bank of batteries.

Reach me at wthms [at] mail [dot] com or PM me at this site. Thanks.

Dec 232016

Visit our Christian prepper website to see our most visited article on why the Ozark mountains are the safest place on earth… according to several sciences and according to an open vision God gave Corrie ten Boom. Our articles give the founders testimony of his calling to this type of ministry. We are about to start making mini villages of mini homes. You might want to look into this.


Dec 012016

Hello Preppers:

We are a new small group of like-minded preppers that have land, water access, trained in medical, off grid survival, holistic medicine, basically all things necessary to thrive, not just survive. We are Hebrew followers of Torah, we home school, teach and share in building this community to take us through what is about to occur. If you are interested in joining us, please respond to crzy4Jesus at gmail.com and we will line up what exciting plans we are making to prepare us together. United we stand, divided we fall.

Dec 012016


I am seeking like minded people to get in touch with near or around the Branson Missouri area. As, I will be transitioning near that area within the next couple of months from Indianapolis. I am a born again Holy Spirit filled Woman of God who is fully aware of the times we are in. I am being led most assuredly in that area. I am willing to learn new things in regards to survival, as I am an able body. I appreciate your time in advance. Thank you.

Nov 062016

Hello Ladies and Gents

I would like to thank so many people from this site for all the contacts and conversations we ,My son and I received we have been offline and off grid for a while. With time and a little patience this site has gained us a friend who we teamed up with and a group that we three are now members of and we all live together in our own places. We my son and I have been in groups for long term stays as we have said before in our other post [ Get us if you can ]… We do not know what happened but we were not able to get into our post or back on the site with our old profile. But we are back and we ask each of our friends who have contacted us to get back in touch you know who you are lol…As I was saying it is hard to wade through so many people and groups and find the real deals as most of us very well know, however after many months of looking for the right people and so many contacts even friends,, we made a choice and we could not be more happy with the real and down to earth people we have found.. For op sec reasons I will not be giving a list of we got this and we got that …

Now if you are looking for a group to bond with to become friends and maybe extended family we may be what you are looking for .. If you are real, , honest,,  true to yourself and others you may fit..  we are not a religious group we have many people with many different points of view and we respect each other and each others points of view…  We are open to all good people contact us by e mail if we like what we see and hear we will move to phone person to person talks and get to know each other.. we love ex mil alpha dogs and those who have a prepping and security mindset..  If you have skillsets you bring to the table and you wish for safety in likeminded numbers we may be your kind of crazy lol
findingfreedom1900 [at] gmail [dot] com

Oct 202016

I am looking to start a serious prepper group in the Columbia area. I currently work in the law enforcement industry and have over ten years of law enforcement experience. I’m also a state certified firearms instructor, Conceal carry instructor and defensive tactics instructor.

I am looking to build a group which will meet and train twice a month in the areas of security, firearms tactics, bush craft, survival, first aid & homesteading.

Race, color, age, gender do not matter to me, if you are in shape and are serious about preparation for SHTF which is closing in on us please send me an email at : docmafia (at) yahoo(.) Com

Sep 252016

My name is Scott,  I live outside of New Orleans and have been trying to relocate to the Ozarks for the past few months. I turned 37 yesterday and it’s just me and my dog (border-collie) I am a professional chef/cook/baker and on my time off I do research and development on alternative energy and resources. Born again and baptized four years ago and have been awake and preparing ever sense. I am completely self sufficient and am absolutely not looking for someone to take care of me, but become part of a team/family. My current location is unacceptable and makes my preparations nearly worthless, I know what is coming. Just looking for like minded individuals to reach out to in these troubling times. scottchristianfaith(at)gmail*dot-com_
Thank you for your time,

Sep 242016

Just joined this site with intentions of gathering information and joining a community or group in the SW MO area. Anyone on here have any further info on the theory that there will be an economic crash at the end of September? I’m a dentist in the area and have all but given up hope on this country’s government but still believe in the goodness of people. An economic crash is certain, but if its THIS soon, I need to begin lines of communication to see what options exist for my family and I.

Sep 042016

I have truck and a travel trailer that will be home for as long as I need it to be.  I’m looking for a prepper community homestead.

Who am I and why would I make a good community member?

I am a 40s Female (divorced) with a 16 year old daughter who is home-schooled and a smart, straight A student. I’ve been a single mother since she was born.  I’m resourceful and hard-working and have always supported us without help from family or the father.  I’m mentally strong and intelligent person with excellent critical thinking abilities and can handle emergencies and stress like a veteran EMT tech.  Other benefits:

  1. I work from home – so I can keep my revenue source going wherever I live, until the financial system crashes.
  2. I’m self-sufficient and can provide for my daughter and myself.
  3. I have food, water filters, basic necessities, and protection (I am security minded).
  4. I carry my own tools
  5. Skilled in the following areas:
    1. General carpentry and home remodeling
    2. Large equipment operator
    3. Handy with all power tools
    4. Ride both a motorcycle/4 wheeler
    5. Great fisherman
    6. Back-packing experience
    7. Hair cutting
    8. Gardening
    9. Canning
    10. Raised on a farm

What I am Looking for: people that are spiritual minded, not religiously fanatic.  Gun/protection minded, not Militant.  Established community with off-grid resources.

Sep 012016

Family looking for a small community of honest folks who look forward to surviving whats ahead.  allready prepped for a while. got a series of skills sewing, farm work, living off grid, medical, teaching, growing our own garden. etc.. questions.. please ask.. and please no hateful comments… thanks.. shell

Aug 312016

are there any religious prepper sites? been searching for religious organizations that may have prepper communities —-am christian, catholic rite (not following the pope) tho; looking in arkansas or missouri area and hadn’t run across anything. am willing to look at other area.
FYI: contacted a few morman groups who said , sadly, even a lot of morman’s aren’t prepping —wow guess lost their way; and,there seems to be a lot of catholics churches in utah, but alas no preppers—anyway thought I would ask around

Aug 282016

Our family (of 4 possibly 5) is realizing that things are heading downhill fast and is looking for a likeminded community or small group to connect with.  We are praying to find someplace that can allow us in based on what an asset we can be and not the money we can bring.  We wish to relocate to Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, N. Nebraska, but preferably somewhere out West since it is less populated (Montana, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, North or South Dakota, Wyoming, and Utah). We are choosing not to remain in Tennessee. We know the SHTF soon and we want to take action now. So far we have a few books, some food, and our BOBs. We know time is short and are hoping to make this change soon. We also know that it will not be easy work and it will be WORK…..we understand that and wouldn’t expect it to be worth it if wasn’t.

Skills we can offer…. My husband is a mechanic (auto and diesel), knows flooring, carpentry, meat cutting, gardening, firearms, how to live  in the woods, hunting and fishing, self-defense, cooking (indoor and out), has been known to pull a MacGyver now and then, childcare, some medical, and he even does laundry. I can bring the basic household duties but I have also worked many jobs and can probably do it all except weld or drive a semi (but I haven’t tried those yet either), I have cleaned stalls, worked in food service, Amazon fulfillment, MANY factory jobs, office jobs at a college and a tax office, customer service positions, and traveled with a carnival a friend owns. My daughter just graduated in May 2016 and has her first real job at Amazon, but she has always helped my uncle at their place with the garden, grass cutting, and just following him around helping. My son is starting high school this year.

In all honesty, I’M SCARED AS HELL OF WHAT IS TO COME!!!!!!!! While I have no doubt that my husband will do whatever it takes to protect us, I know that we need more training and help to make it. We are not financially blessed by any means, he works a decent job, and I am unemployed, making the other income to the household an SSI check and child support. I am scared for my children and the future that is in front of them, especially my son. I see these things of how they want to “weed out” the weak, disabled, and elderly, and it frightens me as to what could happen to him. We have thought of all the options we have when the time comes and some of them frighten and hurt me. We currently live just outside of Chattanooga, but it is just over the mountain in our backyard, and those folks are going to be heading somewhere to try to survive….

We do not want to hide any information from you, so you ask and we will tell. We have no roots here, and have been looking to leave for a while, but have stayed just because it’s where my kids have always gone to school. I pray that things do not occur the way everyone is saying, but all the signs are pointing in that direction. I get bombarded with emails daily about the coming things and at times I am ready to give up because I just don’t know what to do. I know the Lord says to trust in Him in all things, but it is hard for me sometimes and that scares me too. You can reach us at live4future17[at]gmail[dot]com we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Jul 202016

My wife and I will be moving to West Plains Mo by the end of this year, we have lived in Columbia Mo for 5 years and have started a community of people like us. but now with this move we are looking for other in south Missouri that are like minded.    We have been semi self- reliant for 5 years and have a lot of skill but still willing to learn new stuff.

Jul 182016

Hello everyone, I’m finally back after some major set backs broke truck and computer crash. I’m sorry for the time away, I’m still very interested please read my past post (http://www.preppergroups.com/wanting-to-join-a-group-in-missourikytnncwestvirgina/) and I will respond ASAP to all.  Thank you for your time, Phillip            P.S. I have a new phone number so ask for new number  again thank you, Phillip

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Jul 102016

20 Acres in Missouri.  Between Lake of the Ozarks and Springfield, MO.  I need to be the one to furnish the housing. However it is a work exchange for housing as a permanent place to live.  Restrictions apply.  Grow a garden for some of your food and can it.  Electricity generated. I don’t charge rent but I don’t support you either.  Like minded.  No opposites. I do not have a commercial business.  You will not be working for me.  The work exchange is to care for the place and it will be your home to make the community function.  If you are wanting to live on a place you do not own you can go to the link below.  The land and buildings will not be sold nor the equipment or anything else.  If you go to the website please read it before calling or emailing.  For like minded only. No opposites.

Thanks for reading my post.

A-Beautiful-Life, Missouri, Permanent

Jun 222016

240 Acre Homestead

Ponds, creeks, caves, pastures, forest – isolated – 30 minutes from nearby city.

Have 60 acres of pasture, and 180 of forest.

Will be building green-houses, edible forest garden, etc.

Have goats, chickens, ducks, and will be getting cows in the future.

Looking for like-minded preppers to join our community.

Apartments for rent on site – brand new – on grid – but will be prepped for off-grid living in future – solar array and rain catchment.

Locations on site for trailers or RVs and hook ups.

Rent will be paid until government collapses at which time we will not worry about trivial things such as money. 🙂

Looking for people to move on site that have the time and interest in preparing for the future – putting in perennial gardens, working with livestock, building ponds and rain catchment systems etc.

Looking for people that not only want a place to live out the apocalypse, but people that want to become a part of a community – a part of a family.

Sounds like a good fit for you? Email me at genpurematt at gmail dot com or call three16.9nine3.60zero2

Let me know your skills, interests, etc.


May 142016

I’m 38 father of two and their mother would be joining us. She is a good worker pretty smart and is good with computers. I’m former military work construction grew up on a farm hunt trap work on cars or can do do anything ppl need done I’m looking for ppl we’ll say for now with in 100 miles of me to meet for now. I don’t care what your back ground or past is I teach my kids and their mother how to live and protect them selves all the time so if I need to teach you things that’s fine you never know maby you know something I don’t. 

May 132016

Hello, I just moved back to Arkansas. I am looking for a small group, minus any maniacal zealots who wants to be king personalities discluded.

I as anyone who has put much real thought have my own set of skills, as well as ideas. The reason I want a small groyo vs. a larger established group is not only security, but to avoid a obvious paper trail.

I made this wrap around email to avoid it being tracked back to me. Since I have in depth studied gov tactics, I am obviously careful.

I see a lot of the same post on different states, and suggest anything you want kept secret not to post. I see a lot of people posting about big farms, a lot of info. Trouble with big operations they are easy to track.

If anyone seriously interested in poofing when it goes down, I am free to talk. I am happy to share my ideas and may even give you insights on the overlooked. I am in Nwa, and probably going to set up a group. This way I can screen and avoid the obvious mistakes most tend to make..

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May 112016

We are building a village with those who have a balanced view of what a long-term, self-sufficient life is really all about. Short and long term survival doesn’t focus on just one thing. It encompasses building safe, sustainable housing, keeping and tending animals, garden, orchard, wildcrafting, hunting, and a myriad of other skills, as well as defense.

What is being built here is modeled after an 1800’s style village where each individual house had a specialist living there who contibuted their skills to the village, so everyone’s needs were met.

Our village is off the beaten path, far away from major highways and interstates, and also well off the county road. This place can’t be seen from any road!

We welcome inquiries from families and individuals with skills in the fields of blacksmithing, medicine, and mechanics and mechanical fabrication of alternative machines from useful junk, as well as other useful skills.

The village has been sectioned off into 1/2 and 1 acre parcels which are offered on a long-term lease basis for a minimal amount. We are interested in building the village, not money. You make your haven what you need it to be. There are only eight wooded, 1 acre parcels left for building your safe haven.

If you are working on perfecting and learning new self-sustaining life skills, are not an extremist, one way or the other, and have a balanced view of what it means to not just survive, but strive to live a comfortable, self-sustaining life, then contact me at kb233196 (at) gmail (dot) com. We will send you an initial questionaire to get your view on things, then we can proceed from there.

Apr 122016

We are looking for like-minded preppers to join our village. Village? Yes. We are successfully building a private, members only village, modeled after small, late 1800’s villages.

The villagers back then, lived close enough to help each other out, and trade with each other. They offered their specialty, in-house shop skills to other villagers, and had celebrations and get togethers with their neighbors. The village was self-sustaining. The whole village looked out for each other, and there was a defense plan for one and all. That is what we are building here.

If you are tired of the ‘Burt Gummer’ wannabees, and those who just ‘play’ at ‘artisan’ prepping, perhaps it is time to find real preppers, people who live their lifestyle.

A self-sufficient life takes work, but there are many self-sutaining, alternative projects which can be incorporated into a life made comfortable which will endure when ‘the lights go out’.

If you are interested in learning how to not just survive SHTF, but also live comfortably long after the dust settles, in the beautiful SE Missouri Ozarks, send us an email. We will send you an initial questionaire, then go from there.

kb233196 (at) gmail (dot) com

Mar 282016

Warning: This post is older than 12months. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

Hi my partner and I , 27 & 32 along with 2 children: boy 10 girl 8 are new to prepping. We would like to find a group to join or form one ourselves. Willing to relocate to Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, or Colorado to form group…Age, sex, race, religion not important. We are not starting with much so we dont care what you have as long as you are willing to help get the things needed for our success at survival…land food water shelter defense medical… Would like to eventually be self sustaning in every form and fashion. We are looking to buy land in one of previous mentioned states. Hoping to find people willing to help get land so that we could get larger acres. Let’s start surviving together. Let’s talk.

Mar 202016

Warning: This post is older than 12months. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

Looking for a place to live around other like-minded individuals, a place where you and your loved ones can make your permanent prepare in place home on 1/2 acre? Are you looking for a place to not only live and learn, but teach others how to live a new beginning on your own leased property?

A place is being created for like-minded individuals to share their knowledge and skills with others, and to learn from other experienced people who are already preparing.

Many are waking up to the fact that a myriad of things are beginning to happen and will increase in intensity in the short time we have left to get ready.

Anyone who has done their homework knows the safest place to be is away from the coastlines, and any land mass subject to liquifaction during earthquakes. A spot, high on the plateau of the Missouri Ozarks, on the backside of a mountain, was chosen as a safe haven where even the flash floods climate change is bringing will not affect residents living there.

We are looking for good, stable like-minded families and individuals with the necessary skills to contribute a self-sustaining life. There are openings for Animal Husbandry, Carpentry, Construction, Electrical (alternative), Gardening and Farming, Medical, Blacksmithing, Repurposing, Salvaging, and Security.

If you know it is time to get out of Dodge, that no one awake can afford to wait to build a self-sustaining life, and that there is more safety in numbers with other like-minded individuals, then contact us now for more information. You will receive an email questionaire to fill out and return to save time because as we all know……we don’t have much time left to prepare!.
kb233196 (at) gmail (dot) com

Mar 182016

Warning: This post is older than 12months. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

We are still looking for decent people to join up with here in Missouri, we live in Central Missouri . Are there any preppers/homesteaders here in Missouri that want to join hands and work together towards a safe place for their families. Are there communities out there that are not “out there”, weird, extremist !!!!!. We are hard working, skilled, smart, with good morals and values. We are a family of three, my husband, son (15) and myself. I don’t care if you or I can run marathons, shot like an FBI agent, or can lift x amount of weights. Can you grow a garden, milk a cow, make cheese, raise eggs, the basics to taking care of your family. We can. Oh we are skilled hunters, my husband is a machinist by trade, I worked in dentistry for 20 years. I know own a in home bakery. Our son is very hard working and works along side his dad. He is home schooled so he is getting a good education. We are and would be a great asset to a group of GOOD people.That is just to name a few good things about us. Just finding them is the problem. If you are out there and are looking for a good family to join you. Just email me at sparcrzie2 (at) yahoo dot com . I won’t leave messages on here.


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Mar 142016

Warning: This post is older than 12months. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

Family of three maybe eight looking to move with 90 to 120 days notice.

We are Christians.  My wife and I are retired and debt free with moderate monthly income (long as the economy lasts).  We are looking to prep full time and move to join a group or help start a group. We are looking to live a self-sustainable lifestyle before and surviving while thriving after any crises that may occur.  I am not looking for a place to hide and die but a change in lifestyle to get off the grid as we can and then staying off the grid.  I don’t want to work hard and dumb but simple and basic.  I have my own tools and equipment.  I hope to get (or build) a saw mill and backhoe.  We have food, water filters, some weapons and ammo and a camper to live in till I could build a living structure.  Hoping to build some type of an earth structure from one of the following CEB, (compressed earth block) Rammed Earth Bags and/or Adobe using the Earth Ship concept of a reactive living structure (no mechanical heating or cooling).   I am hoping to build a CEB press.  I believe biofuel is an answer to renewable fuel and garbage scrap disposal.  I also believe aquaponics is the only real answer to a year round renewable food source.

If we join a group, we will need at least 1-2 acres to build and live on. We want to help others do the same, we also want to work on the common area preparing it for the group for when it all falls apart.  I am learning more every day and by no means have even scratched the surface so I want to learn from others as well.  We have started converting our lights over to LED lighting, 12v rolls of strip lights in the old 120v light fixtures.

I have the material to build the roof for a shop about 40’x40′ using earth walls from local soil.

I have a wife, two sons, (22 & 30) a daughter-in-law, daughter (24) with 2 year old son and a son-in-law all in better than average health. No medications required for any of us.  All are on board for this.  We thought we had a place but it didn’t work out so we need to get out of the city.  We currently live in an irrigated desert which is running out of water.  When power is gone, the water will be gone as will civil order.

I am a Nam Vet.

We have building experience, some electrical, plumbing, welding, machine, metal buildings & roofs, mechanic both gas and diesel, solar hot water system, semi truck driver, reloading experience and equipment, certified gun smith (passed a test), canning experience with canning equipment and more.

I have worked relief on two hurricanes working almost 30 days with each one.  So I have seen civil disorder, marshal law and rioting with families who were desperate and not prepared at all.  I’ve also seen families who never missed a beat as they were ready for the natural disaster that hit.  12 years ago I lived at a mission base with my oldest son for two months in the Amazon without power so we ate meat only when we had caught or killed it.

Ten years ago we lived in a camper for one year on the road along the eastern coast from Niagara Falls, to Beaumont Texas then on to El Paso, then down to Las Cruces, N.M, then from Sholo to Sahuarita, Arizona while homeschooling.

We are debt free and looking for a group with christian values to connect with and then relocate to, which will not be a quick process as we will need to get to know each other (although time is short).  Don’t need decoder rings but security is an important point before we consider joining forces with others.

We have served the Lord for 21 years full time without a paying full time job so we do not have a nest egg or 401K so if you are looking for a lot of money look somewhere else.  If you would like to explore a Godly relationship with a hard working and honest family then we are open to more communications.

If you want to talk about someday doing something then please find someone who is looking to someday do something to talk to.

If you are ready to act now, I have much more to share but will do so in a more private way.  So contact me then we can talk privately.  Email me and I will send you my phone number.

email us at:

prepper (at) tutanota (dot) com

Feb 102016

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You know we have been looking for a group with simple values to join for some time. People working together towards the same goals. We have been prepping for 10 years or more. We come with a lot of skills and knowledge, I know every possible way of persevering food . I raise small animals and have raised large animals. We all hunt with rifles and bows. We are a family of three. My husband is a machinist by trade, and an awesome wood worker. Our son is following in his father’s footsteps. I have an in house bakery. I have taught myself to make soap. I quilt and sew and plant a garden every year. We dehydrate and vacuum seal in jars as well as bags. There isn’t much we can’t do as far as taking care of our family, extended or other wise. We are a family with good morals and values. We believe in hands up not hands out. We are of strong mind and body. We are not freeloader and soon not be around such. We are more then willing to contribute to the community. We live in Central Missouri but would be willing to move to the right area. We aren’t extremists. We don’t want to over throw the government. We just want to find like minded folks that want to gather together to keep our families and happy and healthy during hard times. If you want people like us in your community please just let me know

sparcrzie2 (at)yahoo dot com


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