Sep 022015

Hey there my name is Travis and im looking to join a group or just talking to people who are preppers like myself ive been prepping for 10 years now,going on 11 and its been a blast prepping ,learning new tricks hearing peoples ideas i have a son and a wife and i just want to make sure they are safe no matter what so if u live in charlotte or nearby id like to chat with somehow…everyone of us preppers out there always have something to learn and learning from each other is the best way to do that my personal email is

glock704 [at] gmail [dot] com


xxchevymanxx [at] yahoo [dot] com

Thank You Travis

Aug 062015

Tired of trying to do it all on your own.  you may be a good fit for our group .We are a nationwide prepping group made up of good people who care about each other, who take care of each other, and who prepare together. Why? Because we live in very uncertain times and it is the smart thing to do. At this time , we are 452 members strong in 43 States. If we continue to grow at this rate, we will be in all 50 States by December 2015 with more than 1,000 members. We are inviting you to join our family of preppers. We are an amazing group, you will make us better!

Our mission is to create an independent system, free of external support which would promote interdependence. In an uncertain world filled with natural disasters and worldwide terrorism, it is only reasonable for a person to seek security in the strength of a group. This system will ensure the safety and security of its members regardless of the scope, duration, or intensity of any emergency. Our mission is to develop a nationwide network of well organized, well prepared, well meaning, likeminded individuals who know, trust and care about each other. The goal of our group will be to leverage the collective skills and resources of its Members so that when the storm arrives, the weak will be safe, the hungry will be fed, and the sick will be healed. Please check out our Plan B .  If you are interested in more information please email me back and I will answer any questions you may have.  bredon1384 [at] gmail [dot] com

Aug 042015

More details and to RSVP –

Doing this for a friend, I am not in any type of leadership role with this group.
PREPPER Meeting with Last Saturday of the month. For August it will be the 29th 11-1600 hrs. Feel free to join us and learn what to do on a rainy day.
11-1200 hrs is a Pot Luck Meet and Greet. The training starts at NOON. Call us if you have any questions 252.689.7737 (PREP) or email Cole [at] PreppersGetIt [dot] com if you wish to RSVP. We will be at the HOMESTEAD Shelter. Animals and children are most welcomed but must be on a leash. It’s a park so bring items they would enjoy. In time we hope to have a separate tent for kid. Looking for helpers now. 3 Rules- No weapons, No profanity and No bad attitudes. Thanks.

PS- This is a Christian valued Prepper group but will not hit you in the head with it. All are welcomed and encuraged to attend. -COLE

Jul 212015

We are a family of 4. we have been hard core prepping for 7 going on almost 8 years now. We have two acres along the Alabama Florida line. We are looking for like minded families who are already preppers or is severely interested in prepping.We are looking for families or individual(s) to join us. One’s who would possibly move/live on site to share the work with us. Or help out on weekends who feel they may need a bug out location. We have added additions on to our house. We have turned a 3 bedroom 2 bath house into a 8 bed room 3 bath house. We are looking to do one more addition. We also have a mobile home which is almost completely remolded to house a family also. We want to place one more on the property also to house others. We have a extended stock pile of food. We also have over 100 chickens, 40 turkeys, They are housed in a 24 X 100 foot long pin broke down to 12 x 12 pins with tin roof covering the entire thing.14 hogs housed in a 36 x 36 tin roof covered pins broke down to 12 x 12 pins. With water ran to all animal pins. We have a 8 x 16 shed that houses 4 incubators and a bitty bruter for hatching chickens and turkeys. We have 50, 55 gallon food grade drums of grain corn for human and animal consumption. We have 50, 55 gallon drums of animal feed for our animals. We have a solar powered well free from the grid for water. We also have a complete solar system to power our entire house free from the grid. We have built a EMP proof room to protect the solar power components. We have a 5,000 gallon above ground pool that serves not only as entertainment but as a reserve water supply also. It has a screened in deck with a flat screen TV and DVD player for entertainment and relaxation, including a 12 person pick nic table. We have a 125 gallon solid fuel hot water heater. We have a 12 x 24 glass green house a garden area with a above ground sprinkler system. We have converted from electric to gas cooking with enough fuel to cook for at least 2 years. I have a shop area with tools welder cutting torch to build and fabricate what ever we may need.We are current putting in a out door kitchen. We are installing a 6 foot fence around the property. We do have much much more. we have implemented back up systems for almost every thing We work hard! We are very neat and organized. We are looking for others to join us for I know a single family cannot stand alone. We will not accept any freeloaders. We do not ask for any financial help. Only that you provide what personal stuff you may need for yourselves. If you feel you want to contribute that’s fine. If you don’t mind working hard caring for animals and getting your hands dirty a little we just might be the ones for you. We are looking for like minded individuals that know what is coming in this country and don’t mind working hard to survive it or defend it. We are dug in deep no plan for bugging out! If you think you got what it takes then you may respond here or email me @ Knightmagic101 [at] aol [dot] com. …Thanks Ricky J happy prepping


Edit: Phone number removed 30 Sept 2015.

Jul 142015

After much thought I have decided to disband the group at the end of August instead of the end of the year as previous told. On August 31st the following will happen:

– All small groups are independent groups effective immediately. You are free to advertise group meeting on my blog as always. As well as offer advice on how to build, organize and lead your small group

– The easternncprepper [at] gmail [dot] com email account will be deleted. If you want me to send out any messages to the group before then email me the message and your contact information. Also please update your contact information to use the backroads2roots [at] gmail [dot] com account.

– The domain name will be used for advertisement after August 31st please update your bookmarks to The easternncprepper information will be left for archive purposes.

– The Facebook easternncprepper page will be removed

Just because the group is ending does not mean I will cease to be active in the self reliance community or be willing to network and meet with other like minded people. Feel free to email or call me as always with questions, advice and contacts.

Jul 132015

Developing a community and a nuclear bomb shelter,totally self-sufficient Christian community in mountains.
Seek physicists, truckers with own truck, plumbers, electricians, concrete construction personnel, chemists, welders,
emergency medicine specialists,nurses, aquaponic farmers. We have tractor, SurvivalStill, air filtration
equipment,many animals batteries, grow lights, non-GMO seeds.etc. and expertise but need more of same and preferably someone with at least $20K capital.
Need backhoe and diesel truck ! Please contact me with resume,amount of capital and be ready to move quickly.  This is a team effort;no one person runs everything. Please PM me if interested.

Contact either truefaith at jesusanswers dot com or georgertd2humphries at g mail dot com
All major retailers shut down by 3rd week in August. Look at “The Best Evidence for Planet Nibiru”
on YouTube.

Jul 062015

We are seeking some mature Christian disciples who would like to become a part of a “community of disciples” living together on the same piece of property and helping each other through the difficult times that are coming very shortly. We have 15.5 acres of land in northwestern North Carolina in the Brushy Mountains. We already have a 700+ foot deep well with plenty of good water, a creek on the property, an apple orchard, raised bed garden, a chicken coop, a mobile home for our family, several outbuildings, a beautiful library, wild game (deer and turkeys), blackberries, blueberries, and fig trees growing. We have incredible mountain views in every direction and several great building sites on the property.

We are looking for mature disciples who are walking close to the Lord on a daily basis, abiding in Him, prayer warriors, who know how to love and serve other people and walk in the fruit of the Spirit, and who desire to live together in community, loving and supporting one another. We need people who can bring skills, knowledge, tools, and resources with them to contribute to the building of a small community of disciples. We are rich in Christ, rich in family, rich in land, rich in wildlife, rich in Biblical truth, rich in love, rich in Biblical knowledge and books and study, while at the same time we are somewhat poor in resources, machinery, and skills. For example, we have an excellent deep well, but have no funds to buy a deep well pump to be able to access the water without electricity. We have plenty of land for growing things and raising animals, but we lack a tractor and even a riding lawnmower.

I grew up on the mission fields of Central Asia, and later served the LORD in Japan, South Sudan, and most recently in Haiti. I am married and we have two precious children ages 9 & 11. We live out our faith from what I like to call a Biblical Hebraic perspective, which means that we celebrate the Feasts of the LORD throughout the year, we believe in keeping God’s commandments and walking in His ways, we keep the Sabbath and rest from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday, and we eat only what the Bible calls clean foods. We believe in all of the gifts of the Spirit and all of the fruit of the Spirit. We love God with all of our hearts, souls, and resources, and seek to love our neighbors as ourselves. We are living a set apart life walking in the narrow way. We are also homeschool parents and teach our own kids the fear of the LORD and how to walk in God’s commandments. We do lots of canning and are considering getting goats soon for milk, cheese, yoghurt, and meat.

If you would be interested in joining hands and hearts with another family or two in a community of disciples who are sold out completely to Jesus Christ and living according to His commandments and His Kingdom principles, then please contact us via this website. We have room for someone who has a motor home or a camper or even for someone who wants to start by pitching a tent. We have plenty of timber on the property and would like to build a community latrine, laundry area, and shower/bathing area. The first step would be for us to start corresponding by email and talking via telephone, getting to know each other. Then, as the Spirit leads, we would set up a face-to-face meeting here at our property and get to know each other better and show you the property and discuss the possibilities. If you are interested, add some information about your interest in the comments section, including how to reach you by email or phone. Or you can use this site to send me a message.

Jul 062015

Hello all,

First off, happy 4th of July to all American preppers!

I am a part of a small, Ohio-based prepping network that are looking to extend our membership out to the other mainland US states! (sorry Alaska/Hawaii). We are very organized in our methods of prepping and want like-minded people who can contribute, to come on board!

So some more info…

What are we:

– An Ohio-based prepping network! What does this mean? Basically, we are a group of like-minded prepping individuals who share their knowledge, wisdom and experience with other members of the network. We have our own, private lines of communication to do this.

– What do we do? In ‘peacetime’ we mainly share information and news between one another. The local individuals do meet for prepping meets/range days/beers and we are looking to become more organized (and varied) with our meetings as we grow in size.

– What do we have? Besides the usual prepping resources, we have organization and (hopefully) a growing community! In all seriousness though, we do have a hierarchy. This is formed and enforced through a moderate selection process; each member has an assigned peacetime and post-SHTF role based on their skill set. We have contingency plans, bugout location(s) (working on a few) amongst other things. We pride ourselves in being very organized.

What do we want:

– Likeminded individuals: We do not discriminate based on age, gender, marital status, religion, sexual preference, or anything else you can think of. However, we do select based on experience and there is an interview/selection process as explained below.

– Experienced Preppers: We do have a selection process. This is essentially to prevent freeloaders and ensure that you’re a good fit! We do ask that people applying be actively prepping prior to joining, or have the means to do so after joining. Exceptions are always given on a case-by-case basis but generally we aren’t a group suited for brand new preppers.

– People with niche skills, such as:

  • Medical professionals: Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses, Medics, EMT’s, Combat Medics.
  • Former soldiers/military personnel: Particularly those who have undertaken both training and/or combat roles. Former ‘specialist’ MOS’s are encouraged to apply.
  • Mechanics: Particularly vehicle mechanics.
  • Builders: Especially those with experience building small houses (or similar)
  • Naturists: No, not the people who are naked all the time. We’re looking for people with experience in edible plants, alternative medicine and growing large quantities of food.
  • Electricians/Plumbers: As with the builders, experience with domestic buildings is a plus!
  • Chefs: Anyone with experience storing, preparing and serving food. People with experience in creating home made alcohol also a plus.
  • Farmers/Vets: Anyone with experience in keeping and maintaining the wellbeing of animals. Particularly farm/domestic animals.
  • Blacksmith: Anyone with experience in fabricating and welding.
  • Seamstress: Experience making and repairing clothes.

What we are not:

– A paid membership-based network: We are not ZERT! You will be required to only give up knowledge and experience to become a member. Besides what you spend on your personal prepping, we will never ask you for your hard earned cash!

– A militia: we are not an organization to help you plan your government overthrow. We are about sustainability and community. Yes, we are armed, but are by no means an offensive fighting force. We won’t be going to war with the federal government, teaching you tax evasion or helping you plan the assassination of your neighbor. So if that’s what you want – move along!

– A charity: Our members prep their resources for themselves. We share knowledge and training now. Post-SHTF resource sharing will occur between communities in line with our pre-approved plans.


I know I have posted a lot of info, if you think that this network sounds like it could be for you, please leave a comment below, tell us about yourself and leave your email address! I actively monitor this so will reply pretty quickly. Looking forward to seeing whose out there.

– JP



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Jul 032015

Have been getting ready for a few years, seems like no end. looking for a few people that might be interested in relocating to be part of a small group, would like to have female and male participants, have room for 3 -5 people who can bring skills. I am a vet. and also can and know how to do most type of construction, planting, fishing, shooting,cooking,camping. Skills needed are medical, security, comms, water, solar. should have a good supply of personal needs such as food, guns, ammo, and trade needs, as i have a good start myself. contact r c hughes 4 6 at g mail dotcom

Jun 122015

Are you REALLY ready for the Event?

  • What if it happened next month?
  • Would it make more sense to affiliate with a group of like-minded folks who are organized and prepared for such an event because there is safety and skills in numbers?

The facts and your intuition about what is getting ready to happen can’t be denied.  We are heading for a major life-altering event.  Your logic is telling you something big is going to happen.

Then join a group that is serious about preparing for an event.  There is safety and skills in numbers. We have been preparing for several years to shelter our membership and sustain our existence for many years afterwards at a secluded and secure location with full-spectrum provisions for long-term survivability.

We are an organized multi-family prepper retreat located in central North Carolina.  Our membership comes from Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. We don’t live there–we just prepare it for the day we know we will have to live there. We are not sure what will take place or when but we know it will. It is not a matter of if…it is a matter of when.

The 50-acre retreat has a deep well with pristine water, a pond and a fast-flowing creek. Deer, wild turkey and rabbit are abundant. We raise livestock such as rabbits, chickens and ducks.  We have several gardens (raised beds and tilled ground).   We grow food for consumption and medicinal plants as well. We also have a fruit orchard and numerous fruit bushes.  As a back-up, we have been planting natural growing non-cultivated food sources such as tubers, blackberries, etc.  Our objective is to be self-sufficient when we have to occupy our retreat.  We have also constructed a greenhouse to cultivate vegetables, sprouts and seedlings and adding a larger greenhouse to allow longer growing seasons.

We have recently added numerous solar panels to the ones we had stored.  We have a dedicated team working on Energy to determine exact power needs.

It is our belief that there is safety in numbers and a wider range of skill sets as well. We feel it is critical to store and prepare together than risk an isolated effort that cannot be defended when social order collapses. We all value our families’ safety enough to collaborate in preparing for that event.

I am a Vietnam Vet who served with an infantry unit as part of five years in the US Army. I have also served as CEO of three successful companies in my career so I know how to organize people and projects.

We have organized a retreat community made up of hard-working and dedicated folks preparing for an event.  Many of our membership are former military.

The retreat includes a small medical clinic as our membership includes several doctors,  a RN and an EMT. We are prepared for many medical emergencies or situations.

In addition to the medial staff listed above, our members also include several electrical engineers, an auto mechanic, a teacher, a competition shooter/fisherman, a seamstress, contractor, a former SWAT member and trained aviation mechanic and assembler. We have formed teams to address security/weaponry, medical care, food production, food preparation, communications, construction and energy.  Each team has a Team Leader and organizational charter.

Our motto is: Plan…Prepare…Practice.   

Our three-person Leadership Team sets executive policies and provides operational day-to-day decisions.  Issues that involve long-term implications or significant allocation of resources are bought before the group for discussion and input.  We do not run our organization like a commune or home owners association —but more like a corporate or quasi-military organization.  If you are looking for a pure democracy with extended deliberations and a vote on everything while progress is measured at a snail’s pace… pass us by.  If you are looking for a group to join that you can maintain a passive involvement, store food with your “name on the list” for “when the balloon goes up”… we are not the group for you.  We are looking for team-oriented individuals that bring useful skills and positive “can do” attitudes to the table with committed families to actively participate in and further develop what we have achieved so far in the following areas:

  • Operational facilities and extensive sustainable survival provisions maintained in a high state of readiness with the services of a full-time caretaker and group projects conducted at regular meetings.
  • Personal and group training in sustainable living skills (gardening, livestock, construction, food preservation/preparation), operational security / defensive skills, and medical/TCCC (tactical combat casualty care) training.
  • Solid relationships between members based on trust, competence, and contributions to the group over an extended period of time. Everyone in the community contributes from their resources and skill sets to make us a stronger group.

We hold monthly Gatherings which are also Skills Development and Retreat Building Workshops one weekend every month. During a typical weekend we conduct numerous training sessions and defense simulations. Firearms and security training is part of every session and members are encouraged to seek out individual firearms training as well.  These workshops include working on developing the retreat as well as developing our skill sets. We have taken several of our members to other homesteading skill training programs in other parts of the state to improve homesteading skills. We have a 360+ page operations manual to support our members.

We also developed a separate 200-page Retreat Activation & Security Protocol that has been reviewed and critiqued by several retired military officers and several security systems experts. We have a 25-meter and 100-meter pistol and rifle range and provide training in basic handguns, rifle and shotgun use at every Gathering.  We have several trained instructors.  We also have an extensive CCTV camera system for surveillance with several monitoring stations. We take our security seriously.  After all, if you can’t defend it…it is not yours to keep.  Ours is defensible.

Additional training topics we have presented have included foot patrolling techniques, first aid and trauma medical care, compass reading and orienting, gardening, battery storage, food packaging, water purification, alternative energy devices, running & gunning, cheese sealing, EMP protection, herbs and homeopathy, essential oils, sanitation, candle making, operating earth moving equipment, solar energy, slaughtering and dressing of domestic livestock, and survival skills, etc.

We have accommodation cabins, RV spaces, a medical clinic, 2 laundry rooms, a well-house, a 3-room bath house with showers and laundry facilities, community center, provisions storage area, commercial kitchen and communications center/operations room. We have a large amount of stored water, solar energy, propane supply and wood burning as well. We have prepared for EMP with multiple precautions to include multi-layer nesting of all electronics within Faraday Cages.

We have installed a four-stage air filtration unit (with large bank of deep-cycle marine batteries) for our fallout shelter that can remove 99.99% of the impurities in the event of a NBC or fallout event. Every member has to have a functioning gas mask and fresh filter.  Our fallout shelter is self-contained and able to sustain the community members for weeks, if needed. We also have calibrated radiation monitoring equipment, dosimeters and hazmat suits for clean-up and outside monitoring.

To support our communications center, 4-5 of our members have Ham licenses.  Our communications center will monitor radio traffic and stay connected with a network of other ham operators when the event occurs. We also have our own internal switchboard system with hard-wired phone system.  As a precaution, we have duplicate equipment for everything.

The governance bodies are: an Ops Leader, Assistant Ops Leader, a Leadership Team and a Community Council (made of adult members).

Our members rent space (RV space or cabins) at $250/month to pay for on-site caretaker/security personnel and utilities.  We all share in the development of the community through work every monthly Gathering. We don’t occupy the retreat until an event has occurred. Our members can also use the property for R&R to enjoy hunting, fishing, relaxing as we are surrounded by a large area with plentiful game.  We do have a one-time membership fee that is non-refundable. We have one cabin available as well as a several RV spaces (RV has full range of sewer, water and power hook-ups).

We are looking for capable and willing folks to help with physical requirements of post-event such as energy (solar, etc.) patrolling, gardening, wood gathering, hunting, etc. We are also looking for additional skills to add to our mix.  No anti-government types or racists.  We are Constitutionalists and despite a major concern in how our government is run—we are pro-America.

Prospective members go through a vetting process that includes email interviews, telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews, and a background and criminal check.

Although we are secular, we are principally Christian but will consider all religions (or non-religious types).  We are not “Bible-thumpers” but have deep moral, spiritual and ethical beliefs.

We review our mission, vision and core values at every meeting and have a 12-page set of rules.

If you have been prepping for a while and want to affiliate with a like-minded group in North Carolina, then ask for an application.

The retreat is ready to be occupied by members at a moment’s notice. We keep the candle burning 24/7.  You could be one of those able to flee the perils of the decline of social order for the security of a small well-trained, organized, and prepared community.  How important is your family’s welfare and security? What are their lives worth to you?  Think about the advantages of a well-organized group when it comes to the safety and welfare of your loved ones when everything turns upside down. It is like owning an insurance policy you never want collected or that spare tire you keep in your trunk.

Don’t be caught in your house as the armed gangs are going door-to-door pillaging.    Don’t wait too late wishing that you had a secure and organized bug-out location to escape the dangerous world that awaits us.

We have been told by several TV production companies that have approached us for filming that we are one of the most organized groups they have come across.  Then why haven’t you seen us on TV?  It is simple…our OpSec and obscurity is far more important than ‘15 minutes of fame.’  We are preppers–not food hoarders or entertainers.

If your family’s security and safety is critical to you and you live in North Carolina, Virginia or South Carolina, contact us today. Contact me via email: sgtprepper2 (at) gmail (dot) com to request an application and list of further requirements.  We are serious—are you?

Jun 122015

can you imagine in just one hour your world changes?  Just off our coast something happens to cause the greatest tidal wave man has ever seen.  If you live any with 100 miles you’ll have to time all will be gone. If you live with 200 miles you’ll be on the run, The roads will be jammed, people fighting for the last bit of food and water on the shelves. Shortly the effect is felt across the entire nation.The word from very reliable sources say that 6,000 retail stores will be closing this year. Other top scientist warn of a 2.5 mile comet hitting the earth. Jade Helm is not in all those western states for nothing. This is no joke! I was there to see how things go down in a major disaster. When Katrina hit everyone who lived on the coast had their lives changed forever. Violence was everywhere, gunshots in the night warning of looters. That was Nothing, 911 was nothing compared to what is about to happen.

There is a group of people Christians from the southeast who have formed, “The Southeastern Christian Preppers Retreat”. It will be a place of safety in the mountains where you are invited to live in community. The land has river frontage, room for your own small survival cabin, hunting, fishing, secluded from the danger below.

Currently, we are working on a nuclear shelter for protection. We are only taking a small number of people for now. We need your help financially, and labor. in exchange you’ll have your own place of safety to bug out to or live year round. do your homework and see if I am telling you the truth about the coming days, and then join us to get this work done. truefaith (at) jesusanswers (dot) com

this is for everybody in Fl, Ga, SC, NC, Tenn, Ky and Va.  Please understand! it is worse than you think

Jun 092015

Southern Appalachia, Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama.

5 men ranging from 15 to 63, two with special ops and technical military experience seek a few good men or women to join a group on small farm on 157,000 acres. .Water, land, provided. Looking for serious preppers only with a minimum of $25,000 to invest in their own survival. Co-op arrangement with two family prepper groups within a mile. Serious inquiries only. Prefer southerners as they do not stick out like a sore thumb in rural Appalachia. No offense intended but it is a true statement. No maybe thinking about maybe doing something sometime people please.

May 292015

I am an Army Infantry vet and although I am fairly new to this “prepping” thing, I do see the need for it, just like I see the value in the whole “strength in numbers” thing too.
So…if you are ex-military, law enforcement, or have other useful training, knowledge or resources to contribute, please email me at warhorsing [at] gmail [dot] com. I would like to start/join a group in the area I work and live, cause if your like me, you have a life a job, possibly kids, but if your on this site, you know that “life” will probably not remain as we know it for too much longer. So I hope to start or at least join a no-nonsense core group of trustworthy individuals who still retain strong morals, and will take this venture as seriously as I intend to.


May 272015

Family of six maybe seven looking to move with 30 to 60 days notice.

We are Christians.  My wife and I are retired and debt free with moderate monthly income (long as the economy last).  We are ready to prep full time and move to join a group or help start a group. We are looking to live a self-sustainable lifestyle before and surviving while thriving after any crises that may occur.  I have my own tools and equipment, food, water filter, some weapons and ammo, camper to live in till living structure is built.  Looking to build a CEB (compressed earth block) living structure.  I am also building my own CEB press.  If we joined a group, we will need at least 1-2 acre to build and live on.  We want to help others do the same, also willing to work on the common area preparing it for when it all falls apart.   I am learning every day and by no means have even scratched the surface so I want to learn from others as well.  I also have the material to build a shop 39’x40′ with CEB walls from local soil.  I have two sons (21 & 30) a daughter (23) with 16 month old son (possibly a son-in-law) and a wife all in better than average health.   No medications required for any of us.  All are on board for this. We thought we had a place but it didn’t work out so we need to get out of the city.  We currently live in a irrigated desert which is running out of water.  When power is gone water will be gone as will civil order.  I am a Nam Vet.   We have building experience, some electrical, plumbing, welding, machine, metal buildings & roofs, mechanic both gas and diesel, solar hot water system, semi truck driver, reloading experience and equipment, certified gun smith (passed a test), canning experience with equipment and more.   I have worked relief on two hurricanes working almost 30 days with each one.  So I have seen civil disorder and rioting with families who were not prepared at all.  I’ve also seen families who never missed a beat as they were ready for the natural disaster that hit.  I lived at a mission base with my oldest son for two months in the Amazon without power so we ate meat only when we had caught or killed it.  Ten years ago we lived in a camper for one year on the road along the eastern coast from Niagara Falls, to Beaumont Texas then on to El Paso and Las Cruces N.M, then Sholo to Sahuarita, Arizona while homeschooling.  We are debt free and looking for a group with similar values to connect with and then relocate to, which will not be a quick process as we will need to get to know each other (although time is short).  Don’t need decoder rings but security is an important point before we consider joining forces with others.  We have served the Lord for 21 years full time without a paying full time job so we do not have a nest egg or 401K so if you are looking for a lot of money look somewhere else.  I have much more to share but will do so in a more private way.  So contact me then we can talk privately.

email us at:

prepper (at) tutanota (dot) com  or

weareoutof-time [at] yahoo [dot] com


May 242015

Are you just about ready to make THE move once you find your perfect prepper homestead community?

THIS could be the place you’d love to live even if the world never collapses … but if it does, life here will still be wonderful.    It is just so much simpler to thrive (not just survive) in the gorgeous North GA mountains.

We would love to share our beautiful, peaceful  176 Acres of pristine hardwood forest, pastures, and abundant spring creeks with a few pleasant, like-minded, well-prepped Christian conservatives who will love living here as much as we do… and who will cheerfully pull together to thrive through whatever comes.

Will be selling only a few tracts for each person/couple to have their own private homestead of several acres, with lots of space for their gardens, animals, etc.   The majority of the land will remain natural for enjoying common gardens, orchards, hydro-projects, ponds, never-ending pure spring water, firewood, deer and turkey … and forest trails for hiking, horses, and just relaxing. Also very open to ideas like ‘cohousing’ and other innovations; it’s a big property.

BUT… Just what makes is THIS land a “Perfect Prepper Paradise”?  (aside from us nice folks, of course ) Glad you asked!  :-)

Perfect Climate:   Our local mountain ranges create a wonderful micro-climate around us… four lovely seasons, and our moderate summers and winters are even milder than the counties just above and below us.  No humidity and no need for air conditioning with a good design. I (Rebecca) designed my mostly glass passive solar home (heated only by the sun and my wood stove) and have not needed AC in 20 years! Our growing season is very long (Planting Zone 7) with plenty of rainfall and lots of sunshine. Lush green everywhere!

Perfect Location:  Ellijay (in Gilmer County) is a truly beautiful and sparsely-populated agricultural community in the gorgeous, green mountains of the Chattahoochee National Forest, about 40 miles south of the GA-TN-NC  border.

Our ranch is off the beaten track near the end of a quiet dead-end road where you can vanish into your own private world. Extremely peaceful, private yet convenient location… quiet and secluded, but not dangerously remote. Truly God’s country.

We’re about 14 miles from the Southern Terminus of the Appalachian Trail and 8 country miles to Ellijay, a very friendly small mountain town with mostly like-minded conservative, self-sufficient and welcoming people.   Three clean mountain rivers wind through the County; great for tubing, kayaking and trout fishing.

It’s a wonderful place to live and enjoy while life is “normal” and a very safe place to be if everything collapses.  (Think “Mayberry” in the mountains with a strong Constitutional Sheriff!)  Small family farms are abundant:  apple orchards, vineyards, organic grass-fed beef, chickens, etc.  Our neighboring family farm (4 generations) raises delicious grass-fed, hormone-free meat animals.

Perfect Land:   All the features you could want on one gorgeous piece of land!  This 176 Acres is blessed with ALL SOUTHERN Exposure, rich brown ORGANIC soil, and abundant gravity SPRING WATER… perfect for gardens, greenhouse, pasture, and Solar-designed homes!

Numerous pure drinkable, never-ending mountain springs, creeks and pond sites run through the land (we own to the watershed at the ridgeline!).  Plenty of drop for ponds, hydro-power, even fun projects like waterwheels.

The ridgeline runs along our North property line for great protection, which means ALL of the land faces south.  Several acres are already in pasture and open for gardens, orchards, etc.   The majestic old-growth forest with huge mature hardwoods, laurels, ferns and abundant wildlife is a serene sanctuary and provides great hunting (deer  & big turkey).

Because of the mountains surrounding our dead-end horseshoe valley, this location provides a lot of natural security, so we don’t have to be highly “militarized” (although security, military and gun skills are highly valued and needed). But the very best security is living in the right place… and being prepared for anything.  We can even shut off the only dead-end road coming into our mountain-surrounded valley if necessary!  The few neighbors living on our short road are assets; have their own provisions and would pull together for protection.

Most of the acreage is level and rolling up to high level plateaus with great mountain views!   The pastures are at 1750’ and the highest peak on the property is 2100’.  Excellent cell phone and high-speed internet coverage; cable available if you want it.

Perfect Homestead Tracts: Perfect because you’ll help design the perfect homestead YOU want, situated around the large natural areas set aside for common use.   Minimal sensible covenants will protect your investment, but not run your life.  I’ll work with each individual/couple to determine what area and how much land they want to buy for their homestead and then customize their tract to meet their desires.  Whether smaller or very large acreage, there are so many great choices here.  Obviously, the earlier folks will get the widest choices. Prices depend on the size and features of your tract, the terms, etc. All land is slightly different, so we’ll work out each case individually.

Us NOT-So-Perfect  (but pretty  darn nice) Folks:  We’re mature (at least most of the time 😉 ) friends, two separate singles and a couple so far, who have been prepping for varying lengths of time.   TEOTWAWKI can occur for any number of reasons, so we’re preparing for most anything and need a few more solid preppers with the skills to round out our community.

So far, we include a nurse, massage therapists, and many skills including beekeeping, canning and preserving, solar home designer, site planner, Master Gardener and Naturalist, general carpentry and repair, and experienced homesteading with livestock on this land.  We’re steady in a crisis, determined hard workers, easy-going, and love to laugh!  Good sense of humor and a creative, cooperative attitude are required!

In addition to working together on common or individual homestead projects and for mutual security, we want the solid foundation of a community built on good-natured, reliable, supportive friendships. Really get to know and like each other, quirks and all, by making the time to get together for cook-outs, games, music or whatever is fun!

Solid, caring friendships can be the glue that gets us through the rough times. Although we’re all strong, independent personalities, it is paramount to have a compatibility of attitudes, faith, ideas and goals so we’re all pulling in the same direction when it matters most, with the least amount of friction.   We’ll discuss compatibility as we talk individually.

I have lived on this land for most of my adult life and hung onto it through thick and thin “for just such a time as this.”   Been prepping since 2005 (lived here since the ’80’s) and have already been living a very simple life here for many years. I could go off-grid with a bit more time and effort; that’s the goal.

Over the years, I designed my passive solar home; built a pond off one of the springs; have a gusher of a well, plus back-up gravity water from another pure spring high up the mountain; cleared and fenced the pastures (have horses and a llama). You can do that too!  The others have moved nice travel trailers here to stay in until they build their homes.  Each person will have at least a year’s full preps stored away as quickly as possible (meaning soon).

Perfect Time:  Lately, it seems that the world is rushing even faster to compete for which disaster will be the first to hit the fan. You’ve been thinking, planning, looking.  NOW is the time to act.  Time is short, so if you are interested, please contact me very soon to discuss all the great possibilities.

Send me a PM here or email at:   MtnsofGa [ at ] gmail [dot] com.  I look forward to talking with you soon!

Rebecca  (BTW… Did I mention “Paradise”?? :-) )

May 222015

Eastern NC Preppers (ENP) has been in existence for over 3 years. This group has gone on longer than a number of other groups. I believe this is due to the two rules of the group– no politics and no religion. To date, over 250 people have attended a meeting or asked for information. Some of those people have been to more than one meeting and have made connections due to Eastern NC Preppers.

Over time, I have seen changes to the group–to group dynamics and to myself. After deep thought and observation, I have decided to disband the ENP as of December 2015. October 10, 2015 will be the final ENP meeting. The 2 major reasons are as follows:

1. I believe the group, as a whole, is failing the 3 objectives originally set for the group. This failure is not the fault of the group and it’s not my fault, but a combo of all the above with random flukes. There are fundamental flaws that cannot be fixed within the existing group structure and rather than waste your time and my time, I would rather disband the group and possibly start over with a new group, new rules, new ideas and objectives.

2. I no longer agree with the term “prepper”, IMHO the term “prepper” has been overused, misused and has too much attached stigma. I believe the same for the terms self-reliant, survivalist, militia, retreater and even homesteader. I believe the prepper movement is suffering because of this fact. I intend on starting not a revolution of the return to the ways and methods of our ancestors to prepare for the present and future grid down events but an evolution. I am not a prepper, survivalist, retreater or homestead. I am a rooter; I am returning to the root of all things which makes all humans great– To be a hunter. To be a gatherer. To be a fisherman. To be a farmer. –I want to bond and form kinships to grow communities, not around things, but around helping each other live without having to depend on others. Self-reliance, internal worth, responsibility, thinking outside the box, questioning the order of things and healthy debates are all skills that put our species on top of the food chain. These skills are quickly being lost in exchange for dependency—passing the buck, letting people think for us and our unwillingness to allow or consider other viewpoints. I am a rooter; I am returning to the root of all things. My ultimate desire is to be reliant on myself; to be true to the core of my being–building up an independent community. We, as a species, are quickly becoming victims of our own success. We have entered into bondage with that success and that success will be our downfall.

At a future date I will email a offer and requirements if anyone wishes to take over the Eastern NC Preppers, the domain name and the easternncprepper [at] gmail [dot] com email address. If no one steps up then if someone should want to afterwards my stance is no, no and hell no. I am strongly opposed to anyone using the group’s name for there own purposes at any point after I make the offer, which will have a limited window of opportunity.

Here is the timeline of the group’s end:

June 2015 – will no longer be owned by me, if you wish to purchase this domain I plan on putting it up for sale for $50 firm. It will be replaced by the domain This domain more accurately reflects my changed perspective.

July 2015 – Everyone in the group will find out at the meeting about the disbanding of ENP which will also include a public message to all prepper websites that associate with ENP. All small groups will become independent at this point

October 2015 – Last group meeting. No topics will be talked about just a last mingle and burial of the group. All information about the group will be archived on the blog. And not directly accessible.

December 2015 – I will close the email account easternncprepper [at] gmail [dot] com
December 2015- ENP Facebook page will be deactivated.

May 2016 – The domain registration for will not be renewed and allowed to expire.

Finally 3 things:

1. The ENP is going away and their may not be a group of my creation taking its place. However that does not mean I do not wish to keep in contact with people or help them in their prepper path.

2. If I do start another group it will be a fresh start with stricter guideline and admittance to the group. This means no one gets a free pass into the new group if there is one. There will be questionnaires and interviews as well as clearly defined commitments to the group.

3. I will still advertise meetings of other prepper groups and offer advice about leadership and problems in the group if asked.

Any comments, questions or concerns please let me know.

May 152015

I am from Western NC and would to either like to join or start a group in this area.I have been into prepping for several years now if you look around at the state of the world how can you not be into prepping.

I have knowledge in off grid solar power systems and general prepping.Please contact me if you are in a group or would like to start one.

May 082015

Hi, I am looking for a group in the Wake/Johnston co area of North Carolina. I am 34 and my wife is 28, we have 3 children from 3 to 8 yrs old. We are moving back to the area from the coast and while I’m here my family will be coming as soon as we sell our home. I have 20 years in the automotive field and metal fabricating, own tons of tools and I’m an avid off road enthusiast. As a family we camp, wheel, and everyone in the family shoots except my 3 yr old (2 more years for him). We are Christian and while we respect the views of others we expect ours to be respected as well. We grow and can a lot of our food and we are looking for property that would be conducive to an off grid mini-farm with livestock. We would like to either (preferably) Join a group of like minded people to help learn and prep or (second option) start a group of our own. As far as the preps I own that can be discussed off line as well as other details. Feel free to email me at h [dot] ianprice [at] gmail [dot] com to respond, subject: prepper

Thanks and have a great day!

Apr 262015

We are looking for a group of like minded families or individuals to form a Mutual Assistance Group (MAG) in the North Georgia Mountains.

Are you looking to become self-sufficient? Do you realize that you need a community to truly be “self-sufficient”?

I am working towards forming a self-sufficient community in the North Georgia Mountains.  You can live there part time, full time or use it as a weekend get-a-way while we develop the self-sufficient community.  I truly want this to be a dual use land in that it can be used during good times, and will save our lives in the event of bad (SHTF).

We need an initial 10 individuals or families to invest $50,000 each to purchase the property to build our community.  Each person will have property rights for their own portion of the property.

I am an experienced leader and organizer.  I have a military and law enforcement background – plus I am a mom and real estate agent.

We will be forming a Mutual Assistance Group (MAG) and a mini-farm to produce our own food, power, security, etc…
email me today – let’s start a dialog!  educatedHelp  AT Gmail dot com



Apr 212015

Landscaping work and a place to stay at our camp for right match. We are a Christian Family looking for like minded Christian Family to help us work our land and have a sustainable farm. We are not anti government….just want to be self reliant for upcoming hard times. We have a landscaping business and have a small farm. There is a place for your RV here or you may be able to use ours.

Email chardamos three six seven @

Apr 172015

Hi, My name is Renee. I am a 24 female nursing student. I live in Louisiana.I have 2 sons. I am new to prepping and knowing that anything can happen is what helped me decide to start prepping.  So, like any parent I would like to have a safe place for my family just in case SHTF.

I am looking to start a prepping group/community. I would like to have a large mixed group of open minded people from all walks of life.  Your race, age, religion, material status, family size or where you live will not matter. As long as you can offer a skill or two you will be welcome. and for those who don’t have skills you must be willing to learn. I would require a background check from your local sheriffs office, I’m not trying to get all in your business. I’m just trying to make sure everyone would be safe.  If you would like to explain anything you will get a chance to do so.

I would like to buy some land to build a bug out community. i am currently designing an above ground community and an underground retreat. I have started looking at some land in the Midwest states. I figured that would be the safest place in any SHTF scenario. I do like the land in Missouri.

If you are looking to join and you have land and you would like it to be used let me know.

I know most people don’t want a large group for various reasons. I figure we are all adults and are we are all trying to do the same thing ( have a safe place). so why not work together. It would hurt to have a lot of skills in one group. Plus if we did have to go underground we would need a lot of different people for social reasons.

So if you are interested in this, email me at ladavianw [at] icloud [dot] com

Apr 032015

Sixty year old 30 years SOG, JSOG, & Black Ops experience has small farm on 157,000 Acres of federal land – Southern Appalachia. Not looking to save hundreds, just maybe a few like minded people perhaps. I am disabled and need help gardening, canning, cutting wood,  building, cooking, and general preparedness planning and drills. This summer I need help digging a new root cellar. I am also making a non  GMO seed bank. I have a home, access to another home, possibly also a log cabin as well. Water comes from a spring.

Not interested in lazy people, know it alls, smokers, druggies, crazies, or scam artists. Peace, love, and joy has its place, and hippie types would be considered as long as they understand that I am old code and carry a gun. My land, my rules. Not a democracy but a guy that needs help with an already working game plan and is willing to share his knowledge, time, and preps in exchange. Single or family considered.

Will arrange a meet at neutral location with very interested parties. Could use a good electric person.

Contact: matozi1 @ yahoo (dot) com

Mar 232015

Hello to everyone, I just joined the site and I’m thankful for your time. My name is Phillip, I’m a 56 year old male and in good health. I’m a veteran, I’m married with 3 grown kids. I’m searching for a established group with land were I can help build and contribute in any way it make us a safe refuge from the gloom that the world has turned into. I live in Arkansas and willing to relocate and have travel trailer to live in until a solid structure can be built. I’m willing to swap may labor and devoted time for a place to stay. I’m self employed so I can devote all my time to helping.My wife would be joining me but not at first. I want to do a meet and greet and willing for the group leaders to do a back ground check on myself. I have 40 years of being a mechanic and I can do welding, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, heating and air, refrigeration work, gardening and have experience living in the country around horses, cattle and most farm animals. I by no means saying a know it all and will be open to any ones help as life is a never ending learning school and adventure everyday. all I’m a very avid hunter, fisherman and just started trapping this winter so I have a lot to learn as far as trapping goes. I’m a very avid outdoorsman and have experience in living off grid. I still need to keep learning and am wiling to learn. I can provide a list of on hand materials and equipment to offer. I’m willing to work right beside any one who has the desire to make things good for all of us. I’m more than open to questions and suggestions. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from a good solid established group or start up. I can be reached here or at midnightrider2158 at yahoo dot com. Again thank you to all Phillip

 Posted by at 10:27 am
Mar 232015

I’m building a full Prepper community, I have land in the Hanover county area of New Hampshire about 25-30 acres with a well, as well as several dead drop locations on the eastern coast of the US available goal is to make room for between 75-100 people a group that will not only survive but thrive. project will take a few years and stages including group training. this is an invitation extended towards existing prepper groups and individuals alike. About me I am young just 23 my wife 19 and we have 2 kids. I can cook as a trade I am also no stranger to combat and I can use a firearm at an intermediate level and a blade at an expert level. Though with some exception I’m self trained in Firearms, Hunting, Explosives, Trapping,and Smelting. Weapon knowledge includes most strike fire pistols and rifles including automatics, pump and break action shotguns, katana, cutlass, bastard sword, hand and half swords, kopis, gladius, kukri, machetes, most knives, short staff, BO staff, spear, knuckles, and tomahawk and am still learning more weapons and skills.

One thing I’ve learned is numbers are essential so I’m trying to do what i can to pull resources and like minded preppers to aid each other in prepping a safely secured self sufficient community.

What I’m looking for.

  • Friendly and trustworthy, individuals that understand working together equally is important free code no kings no servants
  • Variant degree of skill, if you know nothing the show willingness to learn if you know something be ready to teach
  • Strong and capable, be strong of mind or body or both
  • Financial support, I am poor but i have land to build and train on the more we can build there the more we can do
  • Seriousness, I look at this as a future possibility it could mean survival for my family or more than just them I DON’T think of this as a game or something to do in spare time.

Imagination, prepping for the end brings about what communities will arise at the end new traditions and rituals made old ones lost imagination could be a formidable weapon or a moral raiser be open to new ideas.

There are skills I’m looking for in people

  • Cartography
  • Hunting
  • Butchery
  • Smithing (metal and leather)
  • Communications engineer
  • Engineer
  • Electioneer
  • Plumber
  • HAM Radio
  • Architect 
  • Carpenter
  • Military
  • Private militia
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Masons
  • IT
  • H VAC
  • Pilots
  • Mechanics
  • Gun smiths
  • Strong fighters
  • Botanists and gardeners
  • Historian of great civilizations
Mar 202015

I am looking for a person or group of people who are serious and committed to forming and maintaining a MAG. I am willing to join an existing group or assist in forming a new MAG group. I will bring resources and expect every one to do the same. I would expect to interview and be interviewed before making a final decision. The geographic area of interest for a MAG are specified in the title of this post.

 Posted by at 5:54 am
Mar 092015

Small group of peppers – beginners to advanced – looking to network with other possible groups in or around Carteret County.

Group contains current and former military, law enforcement, and regular citizens.

We have experience in hunting, fishing, foraging, medical/first aid ect.

Most are located in the Beaufort and “Down East” area.  Hope to hear from some people soon!

Feb 222015

In and around the fort Bragg area. Looking to join some people or possibly start a new group around here. Kinda new to the whole prepping thing but I have plenty of skills from the military and growing up in the woods

Jan 222015

We are a group looking for other groups  who are looking to make some alliances and willing to work together if the SHTF. We would also like to share ideas and hopefully meet up for training. It never hurts to have groups all over the place so that way if you have to leave your area then you know you have another group who can help you out and get you back on your foot. Our group has a lot of experience with firearms and camping just to keep it short. If you have any questions feel free to contact us and I hope we will be able to work together. We are looking for groups from NC, SC, VA, TX, GA, and KY really any states near North Carolina. Contact me at jernigan09@yahoo(dot)com

Jan 192015

We have been a small group for about 3 years and it started off as a fun thing that everyone enjoyed doing but in the past year with the way the world is looking we have turned the group into a really prepper group and now we are looking to get new member. We are looking for members in the Raleigh area, Sanford area, and the fort Bragg area. The way we work is based on a lose military rank setup. We have former military, police and what I like to call normal people in the group with other skills that we need. We try to meet every 2 weeks to shoot and talk and just keep everyone close and to just hear everyone out about new ideas and new events in the world. Our group is based heavily on combat/defense meaning that when we get together we shoot and we work on small group movements and tactical drills. This does not mean we don’t do other things we also camp and hike to keep all of our skills in good shape. Our group has to be able to keep ourselves safe and be able to move fast because we have a long distance to travel if something does happen to reach or safe bug out location. We are looking for anyone of any age most of the group is mid-twenties so if you are older and don’t like listening to someone younger then you that knows more then you this group is not for you. We are looking for families and older members we could really use the wisdom that they would bring to the table. We do have a tryout stage which the first part is we meet and just talk and feel each other out to see if we are right for each other. The second stage is gear and shooting skills if you cannot shoot don’t worry we have great experts that can help you become great you just got to be willing to learn. We have a lot more we do but that will be answered if you get up with us. If you want peace prepare for war. For more info please each me at jernigan09@yahoo(dot)com have a great day hope to hear from you!!!

Jan 182015

We are a homesteading/homeschooling family located in Hampstead NC right now but looking to move ASAP to escape Titan Cement going in in our backyard.  We would love to find like minded families to divide some acreage and homestead/school/farm/tend livestock cooperatively.

I am an ex-public school teacher and my husband is ex-navy corpsman now neurophysiologist.  We have a good stock pile of medical supplies and my husband is very good at treating/diagnosing just about anything as well as treating trauma.  I spend my free time playing around with essential oils for healing, growing a medicinal garden, canning, preserving food the old fashioned way, learning to live comfortably with out electricity and learning to identify the many wild edibles around us.

You can contact me on here, but I am new to this site, or you can email me at kristenh0508 at ymail dot com