Mar 292017

Hello, I am looking for like minded preppers in the Edmonton area. I’m not sure if there are any prep groups in this city. I just wanted to put some feelers out there and find out if I am the only prepper in Edmonton. If you are part of a group or want to start some social networking let me know. I really need to start working on my social network.

Mar 182017

Looking for fellow preppers on the gold coast.

I live on the GC but I also I have 40 remote acres in the Huon Valley in Tasmania. It is 4WD access only.  It’s already set up with solar and completely off the grid.

I am looking for fellow preppers around the gold coast who would like to hedge their bets with two locations

If you’re interested post a comment and we’ll talk more

Feb 242017

Hi there, my friend and I are new to prepping. We believe pole shift is happening around end of 2017 and are scrambling with research and trying to get our stuff organised. Would really appreciate any survival tips or any groups looking for more people to add. We live in Brisbane xx

email: shell_mmn at hotmail dot com

Send tips over PM or email.

Feb 232017

Hi Everyone

I recently moved to western sydney and was hoping to talk with other like minded people in the hope of sharing ideas and skills with the potential of starting a group where plans can be strengthened to ensure safety i Ln the event of something happening.

I have been prepping for a while now with the main focus being on food, water and learning more skills.

I’m now looking into land options and hoping to find a few others who wish to discuss ideas and options and look at doing this as a group. Safety in numbers.

If you want to have a chat please email me.

Sebastianrichardson81 [at] gmail [dot] com


Feb 182017

Hi, my name is Cory. I’m 35, live on the Plateau and am a former soldier, an avid gardener, a brewer and a prepper for several years now. I am looking into organizing a prepper/survivalist group/community in the City of Montreal, and wish to meet other like minded people, anglais ou francais, who wish to collaborate and discuss this topic. If you’re not willing to meet and discuss, or open to potentially planning for possible economic, environmental and/or climatic cataclysms in the near future than don’t bother replying. I am only interested in meeting serious minded, mature adults, who are well informed, open minded and knowledgeable about survivalism and prepping in general. If this sounds like you, and you wish to network and possibly meet with other like minded preppers in Montreal, then please send me a reply and introduce yourself.

Feb 062017

Hi, Im from Montreal. Since years I am thinking of leaving the non-sense life of sleep-work-pay bills and the sick beat of the city. I am ready to move and I have money on the side, and a business that can give me enough freedom to start a “off grid” project, buy a land, of whatever the plan is. I want to meet people with motivation and a way of thinking close to mine. I am quick, I learn fast, I have a lot of life experiences. I have motivation, energy, strength, I don t take drugs or have dependence problem. I am a good hearted and very generous person. I believe in God and have a strong spirituality, but I am not radical, I keep my faith for my self or for the ones who want me to share it with them and I respect the faith of others. I don t even where a cross. I want to meet clean and strong people for a project, not some hippie new agey opportunists, or left radicals. I am ready to meet people anytime. Contact me n.emond @ outlook dot com for more infos or discuss. Another contact: n.emond (at) live dot fr. I speak perfectly french and some spanish.

Can t wait to meet new people!

Feb 032017

Hey preps, I’m looking for serious preppers willing to create a group with me when TSHTF. I’m mostly looking for preppers in philippines, metro manila.

Please email me or send me a text message if you’re up for it. We’ll discuss our plans after. Thank you.

Email: penajohnryan [at] yahoo [dot] com

#: 09164271681

Feb 022017

Hello.  Hope this doesn’t get me tagged under the extreme caution… I’m only mass posting this on most of the options because I haven’t had a whole lot of activity.  I’m sure that there are plenty of people out there that would fit well with us so here goes—

We (family of 4 myself36/wife35/son13/son6) are located in Maine.  We live on private 30 acres on a long dead end dirt road.  I believe that my property would be very defensible in SHTF with the right people.  We are currently doing many advanced preps that i will not go into.  We have a field started for garden/pasture approx 4 acres.  We have a large barn.  Starting to raise meat rabbits and chickens and will get goats in the spring.    We are also doing other medium scale things to our property to help with agricultural production and self sufficiency.    I think that it is important to be well rounded in my preps by having quality tactical gear, arms, ammo, ect. and important items to be able to charge batteries and other misc things like doing laundry, along with stocking up on other important items like food, canning supplies, tools for cutting fire wood ect.  But all in all none of it will amount to anything if I do not have two things in place… one being our ability to grow, raise, and preserve our own food and the other defending what we have at SHTF.

Currently we plan to have one other family join us when everything falls apart.  We are in need of someone with real tactical combat experience.  (ie real Military experience) I’m not talking about someone who has been through boot camp and never deployed.  I am hoping to find an experienced military man (with family?)  that can train with us regularly before shtf and also help plan for strategic defenses of the property.  (this could be things like preps to purchase like 4 pallets of razor wire if you get my drift.)   Also a medic would always be needed.  Aside from that I honestly think that some other local friends that i know that are prepping would be just fine if we needed more bodies.  All in all we are very well rounded. We make our own soap. Can fix vehicles, tinker, do carpentry, farm, ect.  I plan to have 4+/- families at our retreat after shtf.

Some basic requirements I would have would be regular biweekly/monthly training meetings, maintaining a years+ supply of food, byo AR-15 with ammo.  Always would welcome help ‘on the farm’ if you can make the time.  Heck i have 4 acres to plant so you could help and harvest and EAT  too.  I am not doing this to make a living, just want to learn to walk the walk the hard way before it is a necessity.  If qualified and relocating i would be willing to rent our other house out to you.  We are not looking for any free loaders before or after shtf.  Everyone must carry there own weight after shtf and before… well if we don’t work we don’t eat.  I would assume you would have or find a normal job to support yourself unless you have a pension or want to try to make a living farming here.

Both families are genuine bible believing born again christians.  Although i myself am very much against the tide of modern day christianity and have only recently tried to start to go to church.  I have been a believer for 17 years and have a strong faith in Jesus and a very fluent bible knowledge.  I do not state that to segregate.   Well, I’ve probably said too much about my plans, but i am hopeful that it will help bring forth some people who have some serious skill to join us.

Oh, if you already live in Maine and want to plan to bug out with us (instead of move close by)  that could work too as long as you still would hold regular meeting/training schedule.  Hopefully if nothing else this leads to a life long friendship.

Jan 232017

I am a teacher looking for a prepper group outside of Houston – outside of Dallas, San Antonio, or Austin (and I’m open to other areas if the right fit). I’ve been seriously considering living permanently in an RV to save money and have a bug-out vehicle. I was raised on a farm and looking to live that simple, joyful life again. I’ve been studying the Bible, watched many documentaries, and read a lot of independent news – all pointing to end times very near, such as an economic collapse and/or major catastrophes. Recently, one quote from Jesus that got my attention is, “Look, I will come as unexpectedly as a thief! Blessed are all who are watching for me, who keep their clothing ready so they will not have to walk around naked and ashamed.” (Rev 16:15)

I interpret that to mean that those of us who are watching for Jesus to come back will see the signs and prepare, thus preventing the unnecessary suffering that comes with not preparing. I think of the danger of being in the cities, FEMA, coastline disasters, flooding in low elevation, being without shelter, clothing, and food if forced to evacuate unexpectedly. So many people tell me not to listen the doom and gloom, to be more optimistic, that I’m creating insecurity this way, that I should buy real estate and make money instead of buying an RV and being a nomad, that we’re going to die anyway, blah blah… I am looking for like-minded people with strong minds, level-headed people, Christians, who will be an extended family to me and my daughter. Please let me know if you’re interested in discussing further, or if you have any advice or thoughts on what I’ve shared, please reply. Thank you.

Warm regards,

Jan 182017

Simply put we are in trouble ,

Greed of ggovernment and such . I would like to have contact with people who truly understand the situation.

From issue’s ranging from economic down trun to out right collapsing money system , solar flare damage , pandemic or man made bio weaponry release,  yes I mean this but not in the next couple of years , maybe around 2029    , black dwarf star that is what most would call nibiru,  but before that many other things if you .

UNDERSTAND the situation that ice age takes little time , less a decade to be full blow iceages . I am lucky to live on off grid place with many good things already in place .

I understand to is only in in company of like mind people can I survive what is likely to the hardest time this earth will ever see .

Leave post or email look forward to chatting with those who have some insight into sciences and understanding


Davidgrissim      at    gmail   dot       com    is email address

Jan 012017

Greetings from Down Under

 Been a prepper for some years without really knowing what one was! Generally just a fellow who is going back to a simpler life that includes being as self sufficient as possible. Have a background in farming and most associated skills. Outdoorsy type who likes to hunt and fish. Would very much like to correspond with anyone, male or female from anywhere, who wants a penfriend to just chat in general and bounce ideas off. I do have a 600 acre retreat in the mountains of Southern New South Wales but it is more a hunting, fishing and relaxing block of bush. Will eventually relocate from the city to the South Coast but will always keep that retreat! Not at the moment interested in forming or joining a group but happy to chat and even meet with anyone and of course keep all options open. I have been to the US twice – Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona (have friends in Arizona) and plan to go back.

Kindest Regards


Dec 252016

Looking to meet other people interested in preparing for the end of life as we know it. I have spent time teaching myself some skills that would be required, but with the birth of my child, I feel a greater drive to connect with others to get a better understanding of what would be needed to survive and provide for my family. I would be very interested in meeting a practicing community, if there are any nearby.

Dec 232016

Looking for folks in the Ontario area who see the writing on the wall and are ready to get prepared.

My house will be sold in April and I will be looking to get a plot of land and starting the self-sufficient life style. I’m willing to throw in/join with others if I can find some honest like minded people.  My main purpose for preparing is to help those who will be caught off guard if/when something happens. I talk to everyone I can about what is happening in the world, but 9 out of 10 are just not interested or simply can not believe. As for the 1 of 10 that will actually listen or perhaps even understand, 9 out of 10 of them are either in no position or are unwilling to do anything. Very frustrating. I feel morally obligated to help these people (my own family included).  Pointless happiness in my life has been replaced with something far greater. Purpose. Which, in my opinion at least, is what this world is really looking for.

Anyway. Looking for those who want to do something and hoping we have time.




Dec 152016

Hi fellow Preppers!

I’m looking to connect and I’m in the inner Northern suburbs of Melbourne. I’m early 40’s and a Carpenter. I’m interested in Prepping and Urban Survival, Edible plants, Home medicine, Self Defence, Wilderness Survival, Bug out strategies and concerning events in the World at large. I’d love to start a group and begin planing and prepping.

If you are like, gimme a shout!


Dec 042016

Hi everyone

I am a sole parent 3boys..2young men and a little boy. I’m concerned as I see things others don’t. I want a plan but everyone around me is ignorant to the mainstream media. Cyber attacks daily on researching truth..not conspiracy s. So I’m looking forward to hear others. I’m resourceful . farm skills. Great cook when not much to cook. I want to be prepped. Not a matter of if its “its” coming. Its when..I do have things useful for a bunker and help yet. Or support or advise as ppl see me as crazy..and I’m not.. They are asleep

Nov 252016

Hi all,
new to prepping and would really appreciate some tips or advice about it. Most of you are experienced on this topic some are as new to prepping as I am. Live near the hills and am enjoying prepping very much. I make YouTube videos based upon preparedness in the 21st century and got some new gear to trial as well.
Any comments love to hear them,
Cheers Aussie Bushman

[Yep living in SA and in Mt barker for those who want to catch up have a talk and discuss about prepping and so fourth]

Nov 252016

We are a Canadian based “Survival Think Tank”
There is room for everyone as we are just as much about doing as we are for planning.

We are ran as both a club and a buisness and any profits generated thru the various projects are directed back into further group projects making Skorpius stronger with each step.

The goal is to create a organization that will be ready for any disaster that may fall upon our wonderful country.

The goal is not to survive but thrive and not miss a beat doing it.

If you feel this may be for you message us for more details and you will be contacted within 24hrs.

Oct 272016

I am in the process of setting up a prepping group for the Albany / Porongurup / Narrikup / Mt Barker area in the Southwest of WA. If anyone is interested in assisting, please contact me via comments below. I will be funding training etc on a regular basis for members under a donation principal only working on a yearly event calendar based around the core principals of food, fibre, shelter, security and medical with weekly / biweekly meetups at a neutral location. No one can survive alone, so lets get together and build a network.

Oct 172016

Hi I’m in gladstone qld Australia and I’m just starting to prep for whatever. WW3 is beginning to look imminent 😢 I plan on growing my own food and stockpiling also buying a cpl of Clydesdale horses for transport  but I still have a long way to go to be ready. I am hoping there are groups near me to give advise ect

thanks kylie 😊

Oct 132016

We are Americans from the south that live in Mexico for the past four years, the land is outrageously cheap down here and we have purchased a very large sector of land that is good for farming and has large hills/mountains not too far off the coast of the Gulf. We are looking for others who may want to join our groups. The Cost of building a home here with a spacious underground bunker in the mountain is very reasonable. The government here and the locals are great and treat us very well. We work a lot of the locals on our agriculture projects. I prefer to speak more in private, I would suggest that interested people set up a free encrypted email with a company named (Protonmail ).

We have all the resources in place to get folks here easy, safely, and can keep you completely off the grid, we have been working on this for the past four years. let me know if you would like to speak more.


Hello. I am known as 092620097.1 and I am one of the founding members of this camp, we are strategically positioned in an area in the Yucatan, Mexico.  This area is very safe, virtually no crime, a little bit of petty theft but not around us. We have fresh fruits, citrus, bananas, pineapples and several other tropical fruits year round not to mention vegetables, the climate is always the same year round between 72 to 86 degrees. We have the ocean that allows us fresh fish and seafood year round within a couple miles from our camp. We have great hunting here, three different types of deer and two different types of wild hogs. The ethnic background around our camp is a mixture of Mayan Indians and Mexicans and all are great people that have been very welcoming to us here. The terrain is very hilly. We call the large hills, small mountains, with the flat lands being very rich for agriculture and the mountains being of something similar to limestone. This is a great place to protect your family, we build all houses/bunkers on the mountain. The structures are built from Center Blocks. We currently are building three different sizes depending on families demand.  The camp has deep wells, solar and wind power, plus generator. We are looking for any people that pass our background checks in the following fields, fisherman, farmers, medical, ex-police, ex-military or military with our same belief system, which is pretty simple, willing to fight for family and friends, willing to fight to survive and a desire to live the best life we can without government interference, in other words, free. and of course, any approved member family are welcomed.

Oct 102016

Hi from Australia 🙂

Thanks for the add to the Prepper Group. I joined the group as I am looking to chat with, share ideas and learn new skills from people around the world about prepping. I am particularly interested in prepping from an Australian perspective. I did read that there is a Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast Region prepping group and would be interested in hearing from any of the group members.

Regards Divergent

Sep 262016

Hi i,m new to the site and looking to meet people in tassie to join in on the info wars on how too’s … i,m finding it hard to find books on what to eat and what not to eat in the bush of Tasmania any one got a good place to get the right book for what ill need to survive in the coming events. i,m in the burnie area

cheers john . look after your self’s .

Sep 232016

Are you or any of your friends interested in learning about radio communications? Do you want to stay in touch with your family and friends during an emergency? Perhaps you would like to have the ability to communicate world-wide during a disaster….

If so then why not let us teach you the skills and knowledge you will need in order to become a fully qualified ham radio operator? Maybe you just want to get a pair of handheld walkie talkies for family use, we can help you with that too.  Our goal is to establish a network of radio operators worldwide who can pass information/news/advice to each other during any disaster, and are willing to provide full free training to anyone who is interested.

You can find us on our facebook page or by private messaging us on the site here.

Kind regards, Noah

Sep 202016

Good day Preppers/Survivalists.

Greetings from South Africa.

I am interested in starting a prepper survival group farm in South Africa.

The idea is to get a self-sustaining farm in South Africa, where people can evacuate to, in case of a major disaster.

I have been following preppers and survivalists for a long time and am myself a keen prepper.

My experience is I have 25 years of military and police experience.

I am just testing the possibility of like-minded preppers/survivalists joining me in this endeavour.

As we are all aware there is a general awareness tendency to prepare for end times or other catastrophic events or incidents which could alter the world as we know it.

Many persons have elaborate plans to evade these events by creating bug out locations and survival plans.

However there are significant weak points in these strategies.

The biggest foreseen are location.

If you have a plan and it’s situated right in the middle of a war zone, your plan will ultimately fail.

In order to properly evaluate a situation let’s use a scenario like the Jews in the Second World War.

Lots of them had abundant monetary resources and were in prominent influential positions, however when they were targeted by the Germans all that fell away.

All the options quickly disappeared, bug out to a safe secluded location, armed resistance etc.

In the end some of the fortunate few were able to escape with some cash and the clothes on their back. These people were in spite of very uncertain circumstances, the fortunate ones.

They were left at the mercy of elements that were totally out of their control, unknown people aiding them, at great risk to these helpers, aiding them to escape.

They had to undergo terrible hardships to evade the police, army and informants.

Lots of them were captured and executed on the spot or taken to concentration camps.

You can imagine the horror of seeing your loved ones executed in front of you.

However if you take the exactly same scenario that was unfolding in all these affected areas Germany, Poland etc. , and compare it to England ,USA and Switzerland, the extermination of these people had no effect in these safe zones.

To cut a long story short, the location they were in protected them for all these hardships regarding the holocaust in these areas.

I wish you to think out of the box and consider moving to a totally safe location.

We wish to point out to u that South Africa could be one of the safest locations.

This of course won’t mean you have to leave your beloved country permanently, but you could consider it as an extended vacation, with the option of returning back when everything is back to normal again.

We base our evaluation of South Africa being a safe destination on the following:

It is on a total other continent.

We have very few natural recorded disasters compared to USA.

It is a beautiful country with moderate climate and lots of sunshine.

The mineral resources, gold, diamonds have been mined for decades and it has now become too costly to continue mining.

A prophet Siener van Rensburg which is considered by many as a African Nostro Damus foretold of a 3rd world war in which Great Britain, USA , Germany and the USSR will be involved.

This war will have devastating consequences on the nations.

He further predicted that South Africa will be one of the safest countries during these periods.

What is amazing about this Siener van Rensburg was the fact that he was able to advise the boer commando that he was in, how to evade capture from superior forces against them, and he would say to them what events would happen for example one of them would be wounded in the left shoulder, the following day, which came true.

It is further noteworthy that all cultures are aware of very uncertain times, and predict an end of the world scenario example Incas etc.

This tendency is shared by all the people in the world, this being the reason for preppers and survivalists awareness lately.

Our plan is to purchase a farm in South Africa for approximately 4 million dollars, which will be used to have a safe haven during this period.

We want to equip the farm to be totally self-sufficient.

We estimate this farm to house approximately 10 families, with the possibility of expanding this amount in future

The farm will have a spring or river running thru it and it will have windmills for extracting underground water resources and buildings will have rain water catching facilities, and at a later stage we want to place a water out of air treatment plant.

For electricity purposes it will have solar panels and wind power electrical generators.

We will have livestock, cattle sheep goats and chickens.

We will further be planting several grain types in order to feed the people and livestock on the farm.

The farm will further be stocked with live wild game, at a later stage a share holder will be able to shoot a quota of wild game.

The farm will be fenced off and the housing part will be surrounded by an in penetrable security wall with alarm and electrical fence.

There will be a main building in the inner enclosure which will be the headquarters and will have security office, several halls including a main hall for recreational facilities.

The farm will have weapons and reloading of ammunition facilities, for the protection of the members.

We will further have an emergency plan and will supply self-defence, military training and weapons training for all members.

We will also have a first aid clinic on the premises for treatment of sick / injured persons.

People will have to consider that we live in a global village and are inter dependant of each other for example food comes from certain areas, oil, clothing, military basis outside the country etc., this concept has been adopted by governments, shouldn’t we also look at these possibilities.

I am writing to you this letter to enquire if you would be interested in being part of this plan and if you could introduce this to appropriate interested persons.

It is also noteworthy to observe the skies for celestial predictions as the bible and other religions refer to heavenly signs – blood mood that is being experienced now.

The USA has also started to invest in South Africa to the amount of billions – The USA government and big industries know something that we don’t know.

If necessary I will submit a plan.

For further details kindly contact me by e-mail alwaysvigilant [at] outlook [dot] com

Kindly take note that at this stage this is only an idea.

I am just testing the market to ascertain if people would be interested in this idea.

Yours faithfully

Berto Ramos

(South Africa)

 Posted by at 6:39 pm
Sep 192016

First thx to the people that attended ganungra it was special you don’t meet people like that everyday thx c your a legendary sole …

OK Saturday another get together all welcome but if your not serious please don’t contact me this is a group who’s not mucking around we have a fantastic location and are in the process now of bugging out in stages our site is nnsw and to be on there by Xmas please contact me if tour interested no cost byo on the spit at main beach starting 11 finish 5 but will go on till Sunday lol

Sat 24th sept  the spit main beach gold coast 10 till 5 rsvp Friday Robbydavey0 [at] gmail [dot] com

 Posted by at 8:18 pm