Feb 182017

Hi, my name is Cory. I’m 35, live on the Plateau and am a former soldier, an avid gardener, a brewer and a prepper for several years now. I am looking into organizing a prepper/survivalist group/community in the City of Montreal, and wish to meet other like minded people, anglais ou francais, who wish to collaborate and discuss this topic. If you’re not willing to meet and discuss, or open to potentially planning for possible economic, environmental and/or climatic cataclysms in the near future than don’t bother replying. I am only interested in meeting serious minded, mature adults, who are well informed, open minded and knowledgeable about survivalism and prepping in general. If this sounds like you, and you wish to network and possibly meet with other like minded preppers in Montreal, then please send me a reply and introduce yourself.

Feb 062017

Hi, Im from Montreal. Since years I am thinking of leaving the non-sense life of sleep-work-pay bills and the sick beat of the city. I am ready to move and I have money on the side, and a business that can give me enough freedom to start a “off grid” project, buy a land, of whatever the plan is. I want to meet people with motivation and a way of thinking close to mine. I am quick, I learn fast, I have a lot of life experiences. I have motivation, energy, strength, I don t take drugs or have dependence problem. I am a good hearted and very generous person. I believe in God and have a strong spirituality, but I am not radical, I keep my faith for my self or for the ones who want me to share it with them and I respect the faith of others. I don t even where a cross. I want to meet clean and strong people for a project, not some hippie new agey opportunists, or left radicals. I am ready to meet people anytime. Contact me n.emond @ outlook dot com for more infos or discuss. Another contact: n.emond (at) live dot fr. I speak perfectly french and some spanish.

Can t wait to meet new people!

Jan 262016

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Hello to everyone,

I am a french speaking gal that has a lot of skills allready aquired(mostly with how to grow,raise,buthcher and store for the long run food) and I am looking for people with whom to share them and learn new one.My husband and I are currently looking for a piece of land on wich we want to have a working homestead and be self sufficent.I can speak english but not my husband so finding someone who speaks french would be a plus but anyone who is near the south shore of Montréal or the Eastern Township is welcome to contact me.

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Mar 132015

Warning: This post is older than 12months. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

Hello everyone. I am looking for preppers in Quebec or Ontario (where our borders meet). Lets face it, our future is now. A New World Order is emerging, aiming to kill, murder and torture all that opposes it. We must survive!

I have a few years survival experience (paid to train), know what to do and how to do it. I am NOT a rambo by any means nor want to meet any gun-ho fanatics, just good people to get through this mess within our very near future.

I also have some field medic experience and nursing aide experience. Family orientated people, down to earth and realistic people are the ones I would like to communicate with and perhaps get together with. As I stated, NO rambos!

Good luck to all