Apr 242014


We’d like to announce a five-day training in aquaponics, a drought-proof method of food production on any scale that combines aquaculture (fish in tanks) with hydroponics (growing plants in water). This comprehensive trainings are hosted by FriendlyAquaponcis, a certified-organic farm on the Big Island of Hawaii, and will be held in Milam County, Texas; Elora, Tennessee; and San Jose, California.

For more information, please visit www.friendlyaquaponics.com.

E pili mau na pomaika`i ia `oe (May blessings be ever with you),

Susanne Friend
Friendly Aquaponics,
Honoka’a, HI

Mar 252014

I have decided I would like to start a prepping/survivalist group.  This group would meet at least one time a month. It will have RANK STRUCTURE like the military.  Everyone will have their own job or duty to do but will be cross trained to be able to do any job the group may have.

Minimum requirements will  be:

  1. Own at least 1 handgun or rifle with a minimum of 100 Rounds.
  2. Must be able to qualify with your handgun or rifle.
  3. Must be able to get a long with others and settle disputes in a civilized fashion.
  4. Must be able to obey a chain of command.
  6. Willing to follow the rules set forth by the group leaders.

I understand some people do not agree with a group like this but some people agree with it.  We will all work together as a team to figure out all the plans on how things should operate.  I have no limit on the amount of people that can be a part of the group.  The more the group has, the merrier.  I would like to have at least 25-30 people though.


I would like to have the following members for each group:

  • Medical: 2+
  • Security: 15+
  • Gunsmith/Armorer: 1+
  • Mechanic: 1+
  • Food/Water: 4+
  • Carpenter: 2+
  • Group Daycare: 3+
  • General members: 10+

The group will be for people in SW Virginia, East TN , & NW North Carolina.

I will update this as I get a chance but these are the basics for the moment.

Mar 182014

Looking for patriots and preppers in Nashville area. I have radio communicationexperience and can teach you how to build a bug out radio bag for under $100. Would like to form a group of friends and mentor each other on skills and learn from each other. Email me at ssweeney at sweeneyhospitality dot com

am interested in having a shtf plot of land as well. I want to enhance my skills and network with other people with similar interest. Ideally I would like a secluded plot of land with the perfect collection of off the grid container homes. imagine a solid fireproof container home in a secluded area. you will be safe inside the home and it can be designed to look like a rough and rusty steel bunker on the outside, while you feel like you’re in a five star hotel on the inside! Its a great disguise to deceive looters and shady characters. These homes can be solar powered with lookout holes and turrets. i also have ham radio experience and will be licensed soon. I am a communications fanatic. have a great bug out radio kit and way for you to build your own kit for $50,$60,$70, or $100 dollars for backpack and mobile bug outs. Think about how advanced you will be while others wait to get the news from mass controlled media. I’m not here to sell anything I’m here to help others.

I also have some great free magazines that discuss what’s really going on in the world today!

Feb 152014

Warning this will probably be long so as my dear mother use to say “pour you a cup of coffee grab you a chair an visit awhile”

I am new to this site, I am however glad that I found it and hope to get to know some of you all. I am 52 and live on a small farm in upper east Tennessee. It is in the country but not as secluded as I wish it was. I have been working on my preps since 1993 when I came home from the military and married my wonderful wife.We raise chickens and rabbits and goats and have raised beef calves in the past and we keep horses. We have a large garden spot but my wife has not fully jumped into gardening like she has the animals. We have fruit trees and we hope to add grapevines and more berry bushes. Wild ones for now have yielded quite a bit of blackberry jam for us and our friends.

At first we stumbled quite a few times getting started. I sought out knowledge and information everywhere I could get it. Books,and Magazines like Backwoods Home, Countryside, Backhome even attended the self sufficiency conferences that Backhome magazine sponsored in Fletcher North Carolina and American Survival Guide where I met what is now one of the best friends I have ever had, a friend that does not live in the area but if I needed him he would come and if I had to leave my family with someone to keep them safe while I went to take care of things elsewhere he would be the one.

And that friendship is why I am here posting this now. American Survival Guide had a letter forwarding service where as they would forward your letter as a go between so persons could contact each other and remain safe until a common ground was established and let’s be honest if we are to open with our information to fast we are inviting the devil to our door. So years later I find this site has that safe place to find common ground before making open contact.

I am new to this site but not to prepping. When I first got started I was referred to as a Survivalist and I guess in many ways I probably was what someone would look at and say now he is a Survivalist with my grab my gun and my pack and go to the mountains where I had spent so many days throughout my life and wait it out attitude. But with a wife and starting a family I knew their had to be other options. So I had to gain more knowledge and network with people who would want to be safe and provide safety and let me help them provide safety for their family as well as my family.

Flash forward 20 years dang it does not seem that long I find myself still seeking even more knowledge and trying to network with even more people. Don’t get me wrong I have found a lot of good people along the way and I am still going to continue to seek out people that are safety minded people preparing for what we all know is coming. We may not all believe that the same thing is going to happen or its going to happen in the same way or at the same time but what is most important we are preparing. And because of that we will survive.    Feel free to email me and we can share some ideas and swap some stories and maybe we will find common ground.  Thank you

Feb 152014

Have posted here before. Recently replied to a couple of people to no avail. 2 Years ago, I met a group of Marines with combat experience, and joined their focused , newly established group. However, a falling out between the members led to its break up.

Not interested in joining a “meet up” club. I am looking for someone with land that needs to add a few families when the SHTF. Also, looking for people who might want to go in on some property to make our own retreat. Something where each family involved gets an acre or 2 to do what they want, while establishing a central rally point/HQ for times of trouble.

Veterans highly preferred since we have a common experience and attitude. I am ex-Army with infantry experience. I am a Christian, but this is not a cult type situation. To each his own. I have a family, including an elementary aged son, but he knows how to shoot, as does my wife.

You will be expected to have your own supplies and arms, as I do.

Please email me at silkman_john [at symbol] yahoo [dot] com.

Dec 222013

Hello everyone,

My name is James, I am (soon to be formerly) military, grew up in the woods and will soon be moving back to the hills where I grew up. I am not really looking to relocate or move in with someone, as I have a piece of land in mind, nor at this time, am I looking to take someone in. I have a small family and a couple individuals, and I would like to get firmly on our own feet before I consider that. However what I am interested in is any like-minded preppers in my area. Possibly network with other groups, share ideas, knowledge and possibly support each other if something goes down in the future.

I am a fledgling prepper, just getting started, so any advice would be greatly appreciated as well. I would like to prepare for as much as I can, whether it be natural disaster (our area is actually due for an earthquake, FYI) or economic collapse.

If you are in the area, or within a couple hours away, I would be interested in hearing from you.

Leave your email in the comment, or PM me if you feel more comfortable with that.

Hope to hear from yall soon, stay safe and God bless!


Dec 092013

Looking to develop a local network in the area.  Ideally would be a mixture of hunters, logistics, military, farmers and if course medical personnel would be ideal. Ideally would like to development a centralized BOL that would be off grid and viable for long term occupancy.

Nov 252013


My husband and I are looking to purchase a farm and equip it as self-sustaining.  Thought Kentucky would be far enough away from DC and was concerned about the ability to farm in WV mountains.  I supposed Maryland is a possibility ?  concerned that you couldn’t get far enough away…

Pretty new to this but frightened enough about what I see going on that we have decided to invest in a “bug-out” location and equip it.   Any suggestions as to locations where there are plenty of like minded folks ?   Also would like to make a trip out there to look at properties and was hoping to correlate that with attending a preppers meeting in Kentucky or TN.  are they posted anywhere ?

I have three young adult children, one in law school, one in college and one is a senior in highschool.   I am 51 my husband is 56.   Both of us have engineering degrees.

We currently live in the DC suburbs in a nice neighborhood within walking distance of a lot of not so nice neighborhoods.   also if there are realtors or folks selling property on the blog we would be interested in that as well.

I believe in God but am not especially religious.





Nov 132013

Hello all i’m here to present to you a most beneficial land investment proposal that most of you would agree that is VERY reasonable. More info will become available for you once we know you actually have the funds. We ask that only ten people can be selected. the ten people does not count your kids of spouse so they are ok. Also we ask that the ten people have AT least 2k to offer, CHEAP I know. WE ask that people who are interested have multiple skillsets or major one in a big way. We know how the ec0nomy is and that some groups have closed their doors. Well this one is open. Once again more info will be given once we know you have funds. This doesn’t mean that you will have to give it up right away. no scam so that takes care of that. You can reach me at Benteam2014 [at] yahoo [dot] com Don’t miss out!!

Nov 092013

Looking to start a small prepping community. Looking for maybe 4 or 5 like-minded families or individuals. We are a family of 3, 2 adults and 1 child. We have military experience and survival knowledge. We’re just starting out but are getting our ducks in a row. lol. Know some basic communications and construction. Can hunt. Major wants would be medical of some sort (doctor, nurse, or vet), engineer, more hunting or security (prior military would be awesome!), and anyone else please feel free to contact us. Email is smokiemountainprepper [at] gmail [dot] com.

Oct 212013

It’s time to make a move out of the system, it’s police state and dying economy.  Enough said?


I’m concerned for my adult children and my grandchildren and their future children. I am looking for a good size parcel of land NEXT TO or very CLOSE to other prepper owned land who share a need for a community of like minded people who support our US Constitution and will support an alternative economy. (Time to ‘starve the mainstream beast and it’s bankers’)

I am retired. Collage degree. A US Veteran (Navy) and I hope to find a piece of land with a cabin or a small house.  I’m old enough to want/need some small comforts for myself as I build a homestead. Solar power and organic gardening are in my plans.

Equally important to me is to be surrounded in a supportive community with honest people.

I want to have an organic garden growing in early spring 2014, so time is of the essence.

Please contact me if you can help/guide me in my efforts. Also interested in casual chat with interested/interesting folks. Never know when you’ll make a good friend with just a small chat :)

My first name is Martino. I can be reached at:     MMARTINO at RISEUP dot NET

Thanks so much!



Sep 192013

Howdy, old homesteader lookin for some backup !! I’m 56 years young but can’t fight like I use to. Still got a lot of girt though. I’ve been homesteading most all my life. I’ve got 18 acres that join bear hollow wildlife area, which is about 100 square miles of,,,, well nothin but woods. Lots,and lots of woods. Got deer and turkey everywhere. Foxes tryin to get in the henhouse. Guess you get the picture. I raise a fine garden every year, chickens, rabbits, your typical homestead fare. It’s some what remote, but also close to neighbors. Driveway is also a mile long up in the woods. Only local folks even it there. Pretty much self sufficient, working on solar power now, always something else. I don’t think anyone could be totally prepared. Now to the meat of this post. I’m looking for 4 to 6 folks that need a bug out location for when the manure spreader hits the windmill !!! No children this would be for worst case scenario.you need to be tough, inside and out. Be able to pull your on load. Just feeding 8 Or so is a major undertaking, then there’s garud duty, the list just Goes on and on.point is ,,,what’s just around the corner ain’t gonna be petty at all. I’m looking for the people that are awake , that have done their research, and know what’s going on in this country. Two Or three couples, with skills, gardening, firearms, medical,canning, cooking,sewing, ,,,,,,so much to do,,,,,,,so little time,,,,,willing to teach the right people. Shelter is a problem, I have an old camper suitable for one couple,, it ain t petty but it will keep you dry. Guess you would need your on camper Or a portable building. The Amish around here makes some nice ones. Well I’m rambling now, if this sounds like something that would fix your need drop me a line,,, time is short. My email is redrex

 Posted by at 8:38 pm
Aug 282013

We are Christians my wife and I are retired and debt free with monthly income (long as the economy last).  We are ready to prep full time and move to an area with trees and some rain to join a group.  I have my own tools and equipment, food, water filter, some weapons and ammo, camper to live in till living structure is built.  Looking to build a rammed earth living structure.  We want to help others do the same, also willing to work on the common area preparing it for when it all falls apart.   I also have the material to build a shop with metal roof.  I have two sons (19 & 28) and a wife all in better than average health.   No medications required for any of us.  All are on board for this. Thought we had a place but didn’t work out so we need to get out of the city.  We currently live in a irrigated desert which is running out of water.  When power is gone water will be gone as will civil order.  I am a Nam Vet.  We have building experience, some electrical, plumbing, welding, machine, metal buildings & roofs, mechanic both gas and diesel, solar hot water system, semi truck driver, reloading experience and equipment, certified gun smith (passed a test),  and other.   I have worked relief on two hurricanes working almost 30 days with each one.  I lived at a mission base with my oldest son for two months in the Amazon with out power so we ate meat only when we had caught or killed it.  Lived in our camper one year on the road along the eastern coast from Niagara Falls, to Beaumont Texas then on to El Paso and Las Cruces N.M, then Sholo to Sahuarita, Arizona while home schooling.  We are debt free and looking for a group to connect with and then relocate.  This will not be a quick process as we will need to get to know each other (although time is short).  Don’t need decoder rings but security is an important point before we consider joining forces with others.  I have much more to share but will do so in a more privet way.  So contact me then we can talk privately.
prepper_  email us at:   weareoutof-time at yahoo.com

Aug 102013

My last post was about 1 year ago. I’m hoping more local people have joined in. I’m in Memphis proper and am STILL looking to connect with some like minded people. I’ve made some additions since my last post. I now have some hens, bee hives and my water storage is 75% complete. No one is going to be able to get along well without some sort of connections. I’m not looking for some one to live off of, or live off me, but I know I don’t know it all, and two (or more) heads are better than one. Respond here or           wreddog at hotmail dot com.

Aug 092013

We had an earlier post some time back looking for others to join us on our adventure to begin homesteading in TN. Not too many folks interested. LOL

But, the time is at hand. We are going to TN around the second week of September to scout the area and try to narrow down our list of prospective properties. The invitation is still open, but the door is closing soon.


Greg and Shawna

Jun 272013

We have room for one more serious Prepper!

Concerned for you and/or your family’s safety in the event of a breakdown of society or other disaster? Been prepping for some time but haven’t found the perfect place to go? Consider joining a small, self-sufficient community in the middle of hundreds of acres in Kentucky. This is a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an intentional community.

Due to the limited amount of unassigned space, we will be accepting applications for the remaining space. You are purchasing a life tenancy in your own housing and will share common spaces. Also included is your share of the foodstuffs that we grow, raise and hunt. Your utility bill will be your own responsibility. Electric should be eliminated when our alternative energy is installed. The locked in, one time, buy-in fee is paid in advance but could equate to as low as $150/month for housing and food, depending on the time period you are here.
*This offer as stated is for one individual. The fee will be adjusted for families according to the number of it’s members.

Military backgrounds, carpenters, teachers, welders, woodworkers, bee keeper, kitchen helpers (such as cooking, prep, canning, cleanup, cheese and soap making, etc…), electricians, mechanics, gardeners, marksmen, hunters, skinners, organic farmers, gatherers, butchers, fishermen, muscle, those skilled in animal care/upkeep and anyone well versed in solar and alternative energies are especially desirable. Multiple skill sets make you a more desirable applicant. Anyone having none of those skills (mostly children) are part of a general clean up crew and can choose to train in other areas that interest them. Each individual involved will be responsible for utilizing their own skill sets to the best of their ability at all times as well as learning new skills.

The ability to get along with others, follow orders if/when necessary from any person in their particular field of expertise and be a self-starter with a positive attitude are all imperative. You must exercise common sense, cooperation and have a willingness to participate. Those that are able to be employed are asked to do so in order for the group to be able to increase stockpiles and make improvements for the good of our homesteads, our community and property and a whole. Each individual will do his or her part according to their capabilities.

If this interests you, contact us as soon as possible to state your interest, to apply or for more information. You must leave valid contact information including email address and phone number or be considered spam. Our decision will be made shortly, so don’t delay.

Jun 042013

Hey everyone,

Letting everyone know about a new annual event coming to Alabama on September 7th and 8th, 2013 in Oxford, Alabama.

That weekend will be the first annual Southern Preppers Convention and Green Living Expo at the Oxford Civic Center in Oxford, Alabama.

Admission will be free to the general public and we are now accepting vendor submissions on the website. A full schedule of events will be posted

soon but will include classes in hydroponics, aquaponics, survival, CPR, alternative housing, and much more. Viewing rooms will be going all

day with informative programming throughout the event. We will have a large vendor’s room where you can purchase all of the prepping and

survival gear you could ever need! Don’t miss out and check us out at http://thesouthernpreppers.com/ . Feel free to contact us via email for

any questions you might have.

May 072013

We’re a married couple with a grown son looking to make our move to Tennessee around the end of the year (give or take). Our plan is to establish (or purchase) a homestead and we’re looking for just a few like minded folks to join us=share resources, skills, etc. We’d like to become as self sufficient as possible with a large vegetable garden, fruit orchard, and raise some small livestock (goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits, etc).

This is for the long haul and not just a BOL.

I said “like minded” didn’t I? What does that mean? Maybe it’s easier to tell you what it doesn’t mean. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with us on every point regarding religion, politics, sports (no NY Jets fans please : ), or whether Tennessee Whisky is better than Bourbon. (Don’t answer that last one…)

So a little about us.

Point number one: We’re not stupid. That should count for a lot these days.

Point number two: We’re generally very easy to get along with. We’ll probably be more tolerant of your faults than you will of ours if we had any…(just kidding)

Point number three: We have no debt. We will incur no debt to make this move.  (see point number one)

Point number four: Our reasons for making a severe lifestyle change at this stage of our lives (ages 50 and 42) have more to do with common sense than our religious (Preterist) or political (Constitutionalist) views.

And Point number five: We are fully committed. No plan B.

Drop us a line. Use our user name at mail dot com.


Greg and Shawna


May 042013

Hi again. After reading about many things on this website and through the links people have provided, I am compelled to rethink some of my own ideas. So I wanted to also revise my intro post.

I am a navy vet, 49 years old and kind of a Jill of all trades.  I have a background in electronics and an engineering degree. I have collected my BOB and am teaching myself to do more practical things like canning, wild food id, herbal remedies, basic farm animal care, and permaculture (challenging for a complete novice, so have a lot to learn). I am looking for land and potential neighbors in the region of VA, WV, PA, TN and KY.

The idea of a community is great, but I am seeing from this site that it would be very difficult to achieve (not to mention the time and risk involved). Maybe the solution is to have each family/person buy their own land close to each other (same general area) and agree to barter with,  and learn from each other. You would not even have to reveal your exact location, and could meet in town or other neutral place to trade materials and skills.  As trust builds everyone can (at their own pace) could get more involved with each other,  and there would be several BOLs to go to if your’s is compromised. It could start by someone who has their own land already and feels confident about their general area’s suitability could recommend an area for others to look for a place.  Btw, when I say land, I mean cheap land!  Any thoughts?

 Posted by at 9:57 pm
May 042013

Hi everyone I live in Florida and have been seeking out an established  group who wouldn’t mind that my three daughters, granddaughter and myself  join a well organized, established group.  I would prefer a place in Tennessee away from large towns.  Our plan is in action except for a place to meet and stay.  Two of daughters would travel from Missouri and one daughter, granddaughter and myself from Florida.  I have a mega gold mine of saved heirloom seeds and a dedicated gardener.  I am a naturalist and survivalist and need somewhere for my family to go.  Please help me or direct me to the right place.  Thank you for listening.

May 022013

Hi All,

I am a 49-year-old female Navy Vet.  Have felt something coming for 20 years and have been researching since. In the last 6 months, I have had an increasing sense of urgency. I hope to find some like-minded, practical, folks to talk with. After the Boston “shutdown” my urgency went ballistic! My credit is not good, but my salary is okay…looking for land now. If you are of similar thought process (and are not looking for a very religious person), please contact me. A perfect situation, to me, would be a large tract of land…everyone would own their own part, with a common section…I am looking at smaller versions I could handle myself, but know that alone it could be much more difficult to thrive. After much research, I am looking in WV, NC, TN, KY, VA. I really loved AR, but is too far away.  I was really glad to find this site, and look forward to talking with you all!!  chrismeier77_at_gmail.com (chrismeier77 [at] gmail [dot] com)

 Posted by at 6:32 am
Apr 262013

Hey all,

We are going to be hosting a “Prep Day” on May 18th beginning at 11:00 am.
This will be held at 7631 Clinton Hwy Powell TN (Overdrive Krav Maga) in the dollar general plaza. Should be able to fit in about a hundred inside and we will be utilizing the outdoor space as well.
This will be a great opportunity for the people in the Knoxville area to network with one another.

We’ll start off with an informal meet and greet and then get rolling with the speakers and demo’s where appropriate.
This will last for several hours and everyone (whether you live in Knox or not) should feel welcome to come and go as you please.

* We have a water purification expert that will be speaking
* A Hand to Hand combat expert speaking and providing demonstrations dealing with and without modern weapons (guns,knives etc.)

There are other SME’s lined up just awaiting verification. (food prep, medical and so on)

Hot dogs and drinks will be available as well.

I encourage you to bring along any notes, gear, tips you would like to share during our breaks and meet and greet times.

Bring along any camping chairs you have as well :)

Apr 152013

My wife and I live in a suburb of Memphis TN.  We recently started prepping and are looking to meet up with like-minded individuals in the Mid-South area.  We’re in the process of developing our bug out plan, and I believe it’s probably a good idea to bug out as a group.  A group will provide us all with (ideally) a wide variety of skills, so we will all be better off.

We’re interested in either starting a group or joining an existing one.

Please contact me at my username at gee mail, or post on here.  Thanks.

Apr 022013

I found this site and is EXACTLY what I was looking for!!

My worry is as others of a natural disaster or severely  intrusive government. Strength is in numbers.

My thought was to create a small group of, say, 30 other individuals and each kick in $3000, $4000,  or $5000 and buy a large tract of vacant land in Tennessee. Land is cheap in a tract like 75 or 100 acres. We create a Real Estate Investment Group for the purposes of buying the land and taking care of future property taxes/etc. Find a piece of land with good timber, creeks/streams for potential water source, potential hunting source, potential farming area (to grow food if needed), etc. Purchase as a group and give us a location to where if SHTF we can quickly gather as a group and have the ability to protect ourselves from others and survive together.

Assuming this catastrophic event DOESN’T happen we all have an area that we can use for camping/hunting/fishing/etc. as desired. We as a group come up with reasonable understandings (i.e. land sections not cleared without group approval, etc.) and have this tract of land, say 75 acres, to use as a “get-away” as needed. And I would expect that vacant land values will increase over time anyway thus would be a good investment as well. Again, we come up with group understandings on future decisions (i.e. buyout rules, land use rules, etc.) but the primary benefit is we have a small group that if the SHTF we can quickly gather and protect our families, food, and shelter as a group.

Of course we can discuss as a group developing into, say, 30 2 acre lots and a central small section as a protection area (“fortress”, “secure location”, or other synonym) that can consist of an area that is easier to protect the entire group and has basic shelter from elements and so on with the balance for some small hunting area and a little farming area as the group feels needed.

My idea is not to worry about developing into homesites/protection area initially and just buying the property with like minded individuals would be my primary desire. Just a small investment with a small group and have access and resources available if something catastrophic or severe happens with a group that can be counted on to work together to protect our small “community”. And, as a group, we can decide if/when we make any improvements to the property.


Mar 292013

I’m new to this site and have an offer to throw out there to those that are serious about prepping/homesteading/surviving and thriving. I’m looking for a family, a small group of prepper homesteaders or capable men that have the capital to assist in purchasing 40+ acres of secluded property in the northern half of middle Tennessee. It’s in an area that I believe is safely out of danger (God willing) of the fault lines of Mississippi and No. Carolina. It has the best of everything – wooded & cleared, hilly & level, 4 sources of water, excellent hunting and only one road in. There are two houses on the property that are both in need of repairs. I can assist with repairs, but I’m not capable of doing it all. I’m pre-approved for a loan, but need someone else to partner with for the rest of the money it will take to purchase, do the repairs, get us off the grid and procure livestock for a self-sufficient, thriving survival for us all. Maybe you’re just looking for a secure location to park your camper so you can get through this? Any situation will be considered but you need to be able to add something to the cause.

The exact location will not be disclosed until the time is right (after we have secured the property), and even then, should not be disclosed to anyone outside of our group for the safety of our members and unit as a whole.

A family or as many strong, handy, knowledgeable, common sense, Constitution loving men that can fit into the second home would be welcomed. Someone with a military background would be a plus to help train the rest of us if need be. Mechanical training, construction and being familiar with setting up alternative energy is also desired in one or more members. Of course, proficiency with weapons, whether for hunting or protection is ranked right up there with breathing. Everyone should try their hand at every task – you might have some yet undiscovered talents.

There is always more to learn and always safety in numbers as long as we’re all like-minded. Of course, we’d all have to meet and get along. First approved will help with choosing anyone else that is being included for consideration.

If a family took the second house, there might be room in the primary residence with us for one male.

Although serious about prepping, I’d like to live as “normal” as possible for as long as it lasts, continue preparing and practicing, then kick into gear when need be. I would like to find others that are also serious and have varied skill sets. To name a few, I am well versed in gardening, animal husbandry, cooking & baking, canning, dehydrating, alternative medicine, so I have much of the nutrition and health aspect covered. What do you bring to the table?

Your personal items and preps are your own unless you choose to share (without undue coercion). Sharing, fair trade and bartering is encouraged for personal items and preps. The hunters and gatherers of the group as well as the gardening and raising of the animals, etc… will be doing so for the good of the group as a whole, as not everyone has those skills. Everyone will be required help in some form or fashion, according to their capabilities. Each individuals job will be what they are good at or what they choose to apprentice in and help out where and when they are needed.

Everyone of age or that has something to add will be heard and considered in the decision making process for the good of the group as a whole so that we feel like family and can trust one another. The final decision on any matter will rest with myself and the other primary financier of the project. At a moments notice, the “control” will change over to whomever is the most knowledgeable in that particular instance or situation until the problem is solved. We need to kick into gear and have each others backs in any circumstance we may encounter.

Only those initially approved will be permitted, so friends and family members that realize at the last minute that you weren’t crazy after all will have to make other arrangements. It shouldn’t be a problem since no one will be advertising the location to anyone outside of our group. If, as a group, we decide to admit anyone else later in time, the members will have a vote. All skill sets and what the person or persons bring to the table and space available will be considered before a decision will be made, as will the opinion of the current members.

I thought I’d throw this out there just in case it fell into the right laps. There are a lot of people scouting around for a bug out location, group to join or place to live but haven’t set anything up already. I was a member of a group that sat around and talked, but never took any action. I don’t think we should wait any longer. Act fast. Talk’s cheap and time’s a wastin’. If you’re serious, contact me a.s.a.p. through this site and be sure to leave your contact information so that I can reach you. Until then, keep your powder dry and good luck to all!

Mar 272013


We will be moving to our property in weakly county soon  and wanted to find out if there are any groups or individuals close by. I am very new to this and would need advice with like minded people once we get there. We have a few supplies started, We love the Lord and are not smokers or drinkers Looking to be better prepared not scared. We have 2 sons husband is an electrician and can barter if needed . Feel free to email

Thanks and God Bless

Mar 222013

Hello fellow preppers. There are very scary things being done by our goverment latley. One of the most recent being a purchase of 1.6 BILLION rounds of amunition. For thoes of you doing the math that is the equivilancy of 5 bullets per American citizen. Things like this is causing me to rethink the place I call home. Not that I don’t love Florida but I belive there are much more safer places. So far I’m researching southern Nebraska or Tenessee. Both would make nice “start over” places to move to. However Nebraska is much less costly while Tenessee provides security of mountians. Anyone with positive or negitive experiance of ethier place please let me know or if you’ve researched a safer place entierly please tell me where. I’m providing for my 5 year old son and a handful of people who still belive I’m not crazy.

Mar 172013

Hey y’all, 31 year old male with wife and kid…looking for some like minded “sane” people to team up with/prep with and be friends in general. I’m in Sumner County. Contact me at Kimo1615 [at] gmail [dot] com I’m medically trained and combat trained aswell as other assets to contribute.

Mar 022013

New preppers here, looking for bible believing Christians to start a prepper group to buy land, build and prepare in eastern TN.  We are currently in Northern VA and are looking for people who know how important it is seek ye first the kingdom of God. To not be moved by fear, but by faith and wisdom. If you are a bible believer and interested in starting a group for the east TN area, please let me know.


Feb 272013

I’m looking to help organize or join a group of preppers in the middle TN / Nashville area.  I know the interest is here and I know of several individuals with the same goal who are not on this site.  I’m not looking for a group that would be trouble and I’m not interested in the “vacation club” idea that I see floating around (pay now, use later).

Basically looking for a group of folks who want to work together to leverage strength in numbers to do everything reasonable to increase the odds that everyone possible makes it through a crisis event.