Sep 152014

Hello boys and girls. Time is growing short for us to be ready to fend for our self. We are looking in the Temple Texas are for members to join our MAG. If your not in our area you need to find or start a MAG. we will share all we know with other MAGs

Sep 042014

I am the president of our local Prep. group. We are a Christian and Family oriented based group. We usually meet on the 3rd Sunday evening of each month. We do all types of training, camp-outs, Saturday workshops etc. If interested in attending and possible membership please contact me at: v l o w e 0 3 2 5  a t  g m a i l  d o t  c o m.

Aug 132014

I would like to connect with fellow preppers in my area. 77062 in Houston,  Clear Lake City, Texas

Thank You,

Cindy [at] kree [dot] net

Jul 162014

Looking for Preppers who plan to stay in and around San Antonio. A group of like minded preppers can network and help each other when SHTF. My personal view is we will suffer a depression rather than a WROL or apocalypse so being food and energy secure can be all the difference, but I do prep for the worst case scenarios.

Jul 162014

Interested in like minded individuals for prepping. Skills by trade include Water Purification / High Purity applications. When the SHTF, I would like to have some affiliation with locally based groups. Not interested in religion – just surviving. Once earned, have a high degree of loyalty and trust with those I interact with. Peppered to carry my own weight and not sponge off others. I expect the same in return.

Jul 152014

Hi … (first day on this website … reaching out … the following is my “intro” …)

Building is my passion!

25 years experience as a home builder and general contractor. I have built 100’s of homes and several condo buildings. (I have also built a luxury dock…. very cool!) I have extensive hands-on carpentry experience and have built everything residential “with a white shirt or no shirt”. Structural and design problem solving is my expertise. Everything from clearing the land and bringing in utilities to complex framing to extreme high-end finish work…. (I managed a $60,000/week contractor payroll back in the 80’s etc…etc.. etc…)

Why a prepper community? The SHTF scenario IS coming. I just want to be …ahead… of the mass exodus.

I am a 55 yo white male. I am now a Bible based Christian (used to be Catholic and still love them) and politically conservative. I used to be a liberal until I was 35. (Then i got some common sense) I do not want to live with liberals, socialists, agnostics or haters.

God be with you!
Patrick Murphy

Jul 132014

Hello everyone, I am looking to meet like minded individuals in my area. (DFW)

I am not particularly concerned with your religion . What I do care is that you have good ethics and morals.  I am raised Catholic in case different religions is a deal breaker for some.

I myself am just starting out so if you could teach me great if not well then we can learn together. I am 24 year old male.  No wife or kids.  I do have an e.d.c. bag as well as an b.o.b. along with some other things.  Working on acquiring my ham license.

I would like to be able to go out and practice skills with people. Be it the range or learning how to can food. Most of the people I know aren’t as open minded. However, I think one should be as prepared as they can. A financial collapse, emp, biological, or some other doomsday scenario may not occur but a major natural disaster could and do happen pretty regularly.  This does not mean that I am not trying to prepare the best I can. Better safe than sorry.

So if you are just starting off and would like to meet, train, plan, or simply exchange ideas feel free to message me.

Or if you would potentially be looking for a new member feel free to do the same.

Of course we would meet in a public place first so everyone feels ok

listcraigs151 [at] yahoo dot com


Jul 042014

We are family oriented Christian Minded Patriotic Americans with high standards of Moral value who want to be prepared, in case some serious event happens.  We are not a militia and believe the Bible, Declaration of Independence and US Constitution are the best documents ever written.  We are constantly improving our retreat and seek to build relationships with similar groups in the area as may be necessary for future survival.

We are prepared for self sustainable living with home schooling, fishing (120 acres available), gardening, livestock, chickens, rain water collection, water well, creek & pond, solar power, lots of tools, Registered Nurse, communications, archery, fire arms, hunting along with tracking and home building skills and Security preparations.  Despite our technological security tools, we need a slightly larger group to maintain an adequate 24-7 security watch.

As a result, we are looking to add a few select Families to our Sustainable Living Retreat between Tyler & Lufkin, but no alcohol, illegal drugs, smoking, obscene language or behavior.  Libertarian or Republican minded no liberal or socialist accepted.  Military security, Ham Radio, Doctor, Farming/Ranching skills among others are needed.

We can build a bunk house / duplex  for added members or build a private residence on near by parcels of land (at your expense).

If interested, please em me at tenmod18 a t gma il and let me know what you are looking for and what skills and resources you have to offer to the group.  Or if you are near by and would just like to stay in contact, we look forward to hearing from you.

God Bless America


May 182014

Hello Folks,

I’m a fairly new prepper looking for other like minded individuals within a 25-50 mi. radius of my area. I’m between Austin and San Antonio. Over the last year or so, I have begun several phases of prepping, food and water storage, have a Technician Ham license, and home garden, but ultimately my home is not really defensible in the event we have societal collapse and/or Golden Horde migration of refugees, either coming out of SA or Austin. I have a BOL last ditch plan if necessary. I had a neighbor behind me, Army Ranger, that was a Prepper also, but he moved to 200 ac. on the US/Canada border, off grid. I’m not as lucky. So I’m actively looking for others to share with, and possibly formulate new ideas for better preparedness.

Thanks for your time.

 Posted by at 3:27 pm
May 122014

looking to meet new preppers in beaumont & Ned & Port neches ect to make a team up. I have a deer lease 5 miles in wood for bug out spot. Building a 16*20 camp now.

I got a lots of skills but want diffrent  people to have a good team. Need God base people for this. He will lead us.

 Posted by at 8:01 am
May 112014

Hello guys I’m Johnathan I’m new to

this website and lifestyle I want to prep hard and help others I want to learn things as well so message me if you can so I could learn more about this , I live in Donna and hope there are preppers close by:)

May 102014

Hello everyone,

I have posted once before looking for people close to Arlington.  I have not had much luck so I am expanding my area. I am new to this as I stated in my previous post. I am currently working on getting my bag prepared.  Once I have done this I will of course move on to gather more resources and skills. I have to start somewhere right.

I was able to email some people from previous posts but seeing as how the posts were several years old I only recieved one response.  I should also mention that one member did take the time to message me. This member lives far away but has taken the time to advice me Immensley. Both of the members that have messaged me have been extremely helpful with giving information and sources of further information. They have also given me advice and pointers.  One can never have to much knowledge and I am grateful for it. I have not listed there user names out of respect for their privacy.

I can read and read but it would be nice to have people to practice skills with and to acquire some hands on knowledge.

Feel free to send me a message with pointers or advice. Or if you happen to know of people in my area.

listcraigs151 [at] yahoo [dot] com

May 072014

Our Prepper/Survivalist group is for anyone interested in becoming self-reliant through homesteading, gardening, food preservation techniques, home defense and emergency preparedness. We started this group to meet like-minded people interested in learning and sharing skills through teaching others. If you live within District 16, any of these 10 counties you are welcome to join. ( Victoria, Calhoun, De Witt, Gonzales, Lavaca, Jackson, Fayette, Colorado, Wharton, Matagorda )
As a group we will discuss things like what is going on around the world currently and how it will pertain to what triggers will cause you to either bug in or bug out.
You will join everyday people who wish to gain the confidence and peace of mind by knowing they are prepared to weather any storm, natural or man-made. By sharing skills and making acquaintances we will make our families and communities stronger. If you ever wanted to be a little more self reliant and depend less on someone else to provide for you, this is the place.
In the event of SHTF/TEOTWAWKI, we offer two, temporary safe haven in the northwest and southeast Victoria county for RV’ers or Tent Campers to fall back to from the big cities.We are actively looking for a suitable secondary bugout location in our district for a more long term escape retreat.
We are Texas Preppers, and we are looking for SERIOUS MEMBERS that can and will PARTICIPATE within our group.

Organizer: Prep Ske, Call or Text: 25four_65four-76five6
Email: Kennske [at] yahoo [dot] com

When contacted we will ask for a meet and greet with one or more of the organizers at a local restaurant. You will also half to fill out a simple contact form, and your done!!!
Murphy says:
“The best skilled survivalist in your group will die in the crash, your gear will burn up or be lost, and all you have, is you and your wits.” Learn a skill, save yourself and your family.

May 022014

I am new to this but am learning slowly and would like to meet people that share this point of view. I am  just a 24yr old guy that is working on being prepared in case something happens. I do not want to be caught unprepared. Better safe than sorry.  In the event that something happens I do know that I will need to get out of the city because cities never seem to do very well during a disaster.

Feel free to email me if you have questions or advice. Or even if you would like to discuss ideas and eventually meet somewhere.  Because like I said I am wanting to meet and learn from like minded individuals.


listcraigs151 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Apr 242014


We’d like to announce a five-day training in aquaponics, a drought-proof method of food production on any scale that combines aquaculture (fish in tanks) with hydroponics (growing plants in water). This comprehensive trainings are hosted by FriendlyAquaponcis, a certified-organic farm on the Big Island of Hawaii, and will be held in Milam County, Texas; Elora, Tennessee; and San Jose, California.

For more information, please visit

E pili mau na pomaika`i ia `oe (May blessings be ever with you),

Susanne Friend
Friendly Aquaponics,
Honoka’a, HI

Apr 082014

I’m an individual looking for a community to join and add my effort to. Somewhere warm would be preferable, South of the M/D Line. I’m best with animals, both farming and hunting. Looking for a community in an area or with members who have thriving small businesses I might find work with as an Administrative Assistant. I can forward my resume to anyone interested. ki.ritter813 at gmail dot com.

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Apr 022014

Looking for like minded people in the Wichita falls area. I have been tasked by my group with responsibility of finding additional people to ensure a group capable of overcoming anything over the horizon.

We need people who can be depended on to not only acknowledge the need for prepping, But the motivation to prepare. Not just bullets and tactiCOOL gear, But the critical necessitates to survive the struggles when the SHTF. Skills such as Medical, Security, Communications, Agricultural, Mechanical, Logistics, Gunsmithing. You can never have to much knowledge.

Single persons or entire families, As long as everyone does their part.             Survival is the goal, It cannot be done alone. And having people you can trust to keep not only you. But your loved ones SAFE. For Contact please contact paladin9171(AT) gmail(dot)com. For whatever reasons I can post but unable to respond via preppergroups site.

Mar 312014

I am 24yrs old, married, mother of one (4yr old). I am new to prepping and looking for others new and experienced in prepping skills. I am willing to learn and train and help you in any way I can. I am a photographer now, but I was in the Army for a short time and got honorably discharged on a knee injury that has since healed. I am in Arlington, Texas off 360 and 20 so I’m right in the thick of it. In a SHTF situation, I would like to bug out to the country and out of the city. I have started my water and food stock pile and I am looking to expand my knowledge and skills for EMF and Economic collapse. I have skills that I need to brush up on to be proficient in them. I also want to learn new skills and I am willing to teach anything I know to someone willing to learn.

My name is April and you can email me anytime at
[email protected]
I look forward to meeting new people and expanding as a community. I am NOT religious and don’t mind those who are just don’t try and convert me lol

Mar 162014

I’m looking for a group here in N. Texas near Dallas area to join. I have extensive Wilderness Survival skills, retired (65yrs old) Sr. Millwright, Published Author, 35 yrs. Lecturing, training wilderness Survival skills, Viet Nam Veteran, Other Training Skills and own survival materials and equipment. Willing to help train, organize, and evac. in exchange for long range evac destination when the SHTF.

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