Oct 312014

I am a young and new to prepping 23 years old and started prepping for bout 6 months now. Currently working on a bug out bag for my wife and I. Although she is not as enthusiastic about survival as I am. I’m looking to learn new skills and learn any tips I can. I’ve been told I’m am a quick learner. So anyone wanting to find a youngster to teach their ways :) please contact me on here or email me. El_loco_chino_cochino [at] yahoo [dot] com

Oct 282014

We are a Christian and Family oriented group. We usually meet on the 3rd Sunday evening of each month. We do all types of training, camp-outs, Saturday workshops etc. If interested in attending and possible membership please contact me at: v l o w e 0 3 2 5 a t g m a i l d o t c o m.

This last meeting we delivered the Kelly Kettle stove orders (a rocket stove only with water).

We now have almost enough interest to order a pallet of large 290 watt solar panels to start making the portable solar generators. (we get very discounted pricing)

We will be having our Annual Planning meeting on the 16th at 7:00pm.

This is the opportunity for all to schedule the topics, activities and training they want the group to pursue for 2015.
We encourage everyone to send in their suggestions and ideas before the meeting so we can organize everything.
It’s also a change to change the meeting time and place if we get a majority vote.

We look forward to members and any who wish to see what we do to attend this meeting.

Please RSVP only

Oct 262014

Hi guys I’m new to all of this and I really need help. My husband doesn’t  really give a second thought to what we all know is coning but I do. We have an eight month old son who needs us both. I need to protect my family. I need to know where to start. I’m currently out of work but I am newly separated from the active military. I am very well trained and I believe in working by strategy and as a team. Yes I am a woman but I will not be screwed with and neither will my family if I can help it. So I’m reaching out. I need friends like you guys that I can count on and that we can rely on one another! Can anyone help?

updated October 26:

hey guys im located in central texas vell county. this is in relation to my last post…we can talk via email kandbfamily [at] yahoo [dot] com ill be waiting. i love all of you guys!! thanks for caring about me and my family genuinely istead of looking away because if our race. it means a lot

Oct 202014

We would like to meet others to join or set up as trading partners for when SHTF.

We live in Rockdale Texas, approximately 1 hour from Austin, Temple, and Bryan/College Station.

Due to our love of the land and for wilderness camping, we have been, without knowing it, prepping for several years.  We are able to, and do quite often, go out in the middle of nowhere and survive for a week or two on what we take with us and what we can gather / hunt, leaving the area with little to no trace that anyone had been there when we leave.

Between the two of us we have the following skills / abilities,

Clothing Design / Making
First Aid / CPR
Hunting – Archery
Hunting – Gun
Wine making
Water Filtration

We are working on learning / developing the following skills / abilities,

Beer Making
Candle Making
Cheese Making
Compass Navigation
HAM Radio
Herb for Medical
Alternative Power

Despite the fact that we do make wine, and are learning to make other forms of alcohol, we do not drink.  Currently we give away what we make to friends and family and plan to use it for barter when the SHTF.

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Oct 172014

I am very new and just really researching, trying to figure this out. I was definitely not raised to prepare. However, I am seeing the need as I live just a few hours from current Ebola cases and 40 minutes from people being monitored by the CDC. I am looking for other preppers that can guide me as it seems overwhelming at times.

BTW: I am not helpless. I have skills I can bring to the table and am a fast learner. We are Christian homeschoolers. I grew up in a medical family as my family is a surgeon and my mother is a nurse. I have worked in the prison system, hospital and mental health treatment centers as a social worker. We just need fellowship, ideas, guidance from the more experienced.

So please feel free to PM me or post a comment below. I am in Williamson County, Texas

Oct 112014

Hello, my name is LISAMARIE.  My partner, David and I recently put a down payment on 16 acres of land in Presidio County, West Texas and are interested in starting a self-sufficient community.  We would like to network with like-minded people with the same goal.  Now, this isn’t something that we begin over night. We work as Gate Guards on the oil field now, but our goal is to have saved the money to pay off the land in one year and to break ground in two to three years.  We are looking for other singles/couples/families that we can get to know now that also feel that two-three years is a reasonable amount of time to save and plan towards this goal.  We would like to start an LLC to protect members interests.  We would be developing a small village with earthbag construction. We would be entirely off the grid with solar, wind and biofuel. We would raise goats and chickens and have a large permaculture garden and greenhouse. Goal is obviously total self sufficiency. Not every member must live on site full time, but it would be preferred if at least some made it their primary residence, as we will. Our goal is to save enough money in the next three years to build a farm. We will do this by saving half of what we earn. Hopefully there are others who will bring in significant financial support, but other things will be considered such as a high skill set and experience, ability for physical labor, contribution of tractors/tools/supplies, etc. The point is, you must be an asset to the community. Labor will be shared.  We will all help in building each others houses.  All members should spend the next two-three years researching, saving and/or stockpiling, and networking and sharing knowledge and ideas with other members. I know that many of us know the importance of self-sufficiency and disaster preparedness and say “we really should… someday.”. Well this is something we can actually do if we concentrate our minds and energy on it and make it happen!  We will not discriminate against age, race, religious beliefs or sexual orientation. You must practice tolerance as well.  I look forward to hearing from potential new members.  Tell me all about yourselves!

Oct 092014

Hello all, My wife and I are fairly new to prepping, and looking to meet, share ideas, learn, and gather as much knowledge as we can, We are looking for like minded people in our area, we are Close to Baytown or east Houston.

together my wife and I have experince in raising livestock, gardening, canning, Hunting, fishing, trapping, I am a very Mechanicialy inclined I have knowledge and experince with solar and wind generators, carpentry, basic electrical, welding.

so drop us a line and tell us about yourself and lets learn and prepare our selves.

Oct 082014

Oct. 19th at 7:00 is our next prepper meeting in Arlington.
We have had a lot of success with the Kelly Kettle sales and training and will start taking
Christmas orders at this time.
We have Chris and his wife from the Dooms Day Preppers show, will be here to speak to us and
show us a plant that can do many things for emergencies.
We will also be planning our next camp-out at this meeting and making assignments so bring your
ideas and question so we can address them at this time.
It looks like we will have several new first time people attending this meeting and want to extend a warm welcome to them.
If you have an interest in our group, have skills you can share, are family and Christian oriented, you are welcome to see what we have to offer.
Contact Vance Lowe at vlowe0325 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Sep 302014

Hi, My name is Rodney. I’m a new prepper & deaf person. Experienced carpenter/construction worker (20 + yrs)..
Outdoors hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and more.. We (my wife and I) are looking for folks out of Austin around country Texas .. Between from Austin to Waco/Houston/SA/Johnson City. Does anyone know sign language.. Interested in joining groups..

Sep 272014

We have an existing MAG north of Dallas, near Muenster, Tx. we are adding new serious members. We meet every month for training and are becoming self sufficient. can build new living quarters to house new members (you pay materials). We need new members to provide security 24/7. Looking for Medical, EMT, paramedics,farming, and combat skills. We are not a militia group. We believe in high moral standards and just want to develop a group that will survive the bad things to come. if interested email at red.horse3 @ yahoo.  com

Sep 252014

Starting a new prepper group in El Paso, Texas.  I have military and survival training.  Looking for any LIKE MINDED people who are willing to join the group.  Looking for medical personnel (doctors, nurses, medics), prior military experience, or no training or prior experience at all but willing to learn.  Looking for no more than 5-7 individuals at this time, if interested please contact me via pm here.


Sep 242014

We just held our Prep meeting in Arlington Texas this week and presented Kelly Kettle Stoves,(a form of rocket stove only that purifies water).
We also presented Mobil Solar generator systems that we are planning on building over this next year.
We then made survival bracelets and belts.
Next month we are doing a camp-out and making the 5 gal rocket stoves for $20 each.
Our next meeting will be on the 19 of October.
If you would like to come out and see if we are a group you would like to be a part of, you are welcome.
Please contact Vance Lowe a: vlowe0325atgmaildotcom.

Sep 152014

Hello boys and girls. Time is growing short for us to be ready to fend for our self. We are looking in the Temple Texas are for members to join our MAG. If your not in our area you need to find or start a MAG. we will share all we know with other MAGs

Sep 042014

I am the president of our local Prep. group. We are a Christian and Family oriented based group. We usually meet on the 3rd Sunday evening of each month. We do all types of training, camp-outs, Saturday workshops etc. If interested in attending and possible membership please contact me at: v l o w e 0 3 2 5  a t  g m a i l  d o t  c o m.

Aug 132014

I would like to connect with fellow preppers in my area. 77062 in Houston,  Clear Lake City, Texas

Thank You,

Cindy [at] kree [dot] net

Jul 162014

Looking for Preppers who plan to stay in and around San Antonio. A group of like minded preppers can network and help each other when SHTF. My personal view is we will suffer a depression rather than a WROL or apocalypse so being food and energy secure can be all the difference, but I do prep for the worst case scenarios.

Jul 162014

Interested in like minded individuals for prepping. Skills by trade include Water Purification / High Purity applications. When the SHTF, I would like to have some affiliation with locally based groups. Not interested in religion – just surviving. Once earned, have a high degree of loyalty and trust with those I interact with. Peppered to carry my own weight and not sponge off others. I expect the same in return.

Jul 152014

Hi … (first day on this website … reaching out … the following is my “intro” …)

Building is my passion!

25 years experience as a home builder and general contractor. I have built 100’s of homes and several condo buildings. (I have also built a luxury dock…. very cool!) I have extensive hands-on carpentry experience and have built everything residential “with a white shirt or no shirt”. Structural and design problem solving is my expertise. Everything from clearing the land and bringing in utilities to complex framing to extreme high-end finish work…. (I managed a $60,000/week contractor payroll back in the 80’s etc…etc.. etc…)

Why a prepper community? The SHTF scenario IS coming. I just want to be …ahead… of the mass exodus.

I am a 55 yo white male. I am now a Bible based Christian (used to be Catholic and still love them) and politically conservative. I used to be a liberal until I was 35. (Then i got some common sense) I do not want to live with liberals, socialists, agnostics or haters.

God be with you!
Patrick Murphy

Jul 132014

Hello everyone, I am looking to meet like minded individuals in my area. (DFW)

I am not particularly concerned with your religion . What I do care is that you have good ethics and morals.  I am raised Catholic in case different religions is a deal breaker for some.

I myself am just starting out so if you could teach me great if not well then we can learn together. I am 24 year old male.  No wife or kids.  I do have an e.d.c. bag as well as an b.o.b. along with some other things.  Working on acquiring my ham license.

I would like to be able to go out and practice skills with people. Be it the range or learning how to can food. Most of the people I know aren’t as open minded. However, I think one should be as prepared as they can. A financial collapse, emp, biological, or some other doomsday scenario may not occur but a major natural disaster could and do happen pretty regularly.  This does not mean that I am not trying to prepare the best I can. Better safe than sorry.

So if you are just starting off and would like to meet, train, plan, or simply exchange ideas feel free to message me.

Or if you would potentially be looking for a new member feel free to do the same.

Of course we would meet in a public place first so everyone feels ok

listcraigs151 [at] yahoo dot com


Jul 042014

We are family oriented Christian Minded Patriotic Americans with high standards of Moral value who want to be prepared, in case some serious event happens.  We are not a militia and believe the Bible, Declaration of Independence and US Constitution are the best documents ever written.  We are constantly improving our retreat and seek to build relationships with similar groups in the area as may be necessary for future survival.

We are prepared for self sustainable living with home schooling, fishing (120 acres available), gardening, livestock, chickens, rain water collection, water well, creek & pond, solar power, lots of tools, Registered Nurse, communications, archery, fire arms, hunting along with tracking and home building skills and Security preparations.  Despite our technological security tools, we need a slightly larger group to maintain an adequate 24-7 security watch.

As a result, we are looking to add a few select Families to our Sustainable Living Retreat between Tyler & Lufkin, but no alcohol, illegal drugs, smoking, obscene language or behavior.  Libertarian or Republican minded no liberal or socialist accepted.  Military security, Ham Radio, Doctor, Farming/Ranching skills among others are needed.

We can build a bunk house / duplex  for added members or build a private residence on near by parcels of land (at your expense).

If interested, please em me at tenmod18 a t gma il and let me know what you are looking for and what skills and resources you have to offer to the group.  Or if you are near by and would just like to stay in contact, we look forward to hearing from you.

God Bless America