Apr 212015

Landscaping work and a place to stay at our camp for right match. We are a Christian Family looking for like minded Christian Family to help us work our land and have a sustainable farm. We are not anti government….just want to be self reliant for upcoming hard times. We have a landscaping business and have a small farm. There is a place for your RV here or you may be able to use ours.

Email chardamos three six seven @ gmail.com

Apr 172015

Hi, My name is Renee. I am a 24 female nursing student. I live in Louisiana.I have 2 sons. I am new to prepping and knowing that anything can happen is what helped me decide to start prepping.  So, like any parent I would like to have a safe place for my family just in case SHTF.

I am looking to start a prepping group/community. I would like to have a large mixed group of open minded people from all walks of life.  Your race, age, religion, material status, family size or where you live will not matter. As long as you can offer a skill or two you will be welcome. and for those who don’t have skills you must be willing to learn. I would require a background check from your local sheriffs office, I’m not trying to get all in your business. I’m just trying to make sure everyone would be safe.  If you would like to explain anything you will get a chance to do so.

I would like to buy some land to build a bug out community. i am currently designing an above ground community and an underground retreat. I have started looking at some land in the Midwest states. I figured that would be the safest place in any SHTF scenario. I do like the land in Missouri.

If you are looking to join and you have land and you would like it to be used let me know.

I know most people don’t want a large group for various reasons. I figure we are all adults and are we are all trying to do the same thing ( have a safe place). so why not work together. It would hurt to have a lot of skills in one group. Plus if we did have to go underground we would need a lot of different people for social reasons.

So if you are interested in this, email me at ladavianw [at] icloud [dot] com

Mar 232015

I’m building a full Prepper community, I have land in the Hanover county area of New Hampshire about 25-30 acres with a well, as well as several dead drop locations on the eastern coast of the US available goal is to make room for between 75-100 people a group that will not only survive but thrive. project will take a few years and stages including group training. this is an invitation extended towards existing prepper groups and individuals alike. About me I am young just 23 my wife 19 and we have 2 kids. I can cook as a trade I am also no stranger to combat and I can use a firearm at an intermediate level and a blade at an expert level. Though with some exception I’m self trained in Firearms, Hunting, Explosives, Trapping,and Smelting. Weapon knowledge includes most strike fire pistols and rifles including automatics, pump and break action shotguns, katana, cutlass, bastard sword, hand and half swords, kopis, gladius, kukri, machetes, most knives, short staff, BO staff, spear, knuckles, and tomahawk and am still learning more weapons and skills.

One thing I’ve learned is numbers are essential so I’m trying to do what i can to pull resources and like minded preppers to aid each other in prepping a safely secured self sufficient community.

What I’m looking for.

  • Friendly and trustworthy, individuals that understand working together equally is important free code no kings no servants
  • Variant degree of skill, if you know nothing the show willingness to learn if you know something be ready to teach
  • Strong and capable, be strong of mind or body or both
  • Financial support, I am poor but i have land to build and train on the more we can build there the more we can do
  • Seriousness, I look at this as a future possibility it could mean survival for my family or more than just them I DON’T think of this as a game or something to do in spare time.

Imagination, prepping for the end brings about what communities will arise at the end new traditions and rituals made old ones lost imagination could be a formidable weapon or a moral raiser be open to new ideas.

There are skills I’m looking for in people

  • Cartography
  • Hunting
  • Butchery
  • Smithing (metal and leather)
  • Communications engineer
  • Engineer
  • Electioneer
  • Plumber
  • HAM Radio
  • Architect 
  • Carpenter
  • Military
  • Private militia
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Masons
  • IT
  • H VAC
  • Pilots
  • Mechanics
  • Gun smiths
  • Strong fighters
  • Botanists and gardeners
  • Historian of great civilizations
Dec 022014

I am new to this concept. Of course, I’ve seen plenty of TV about the subject, but really have limited knowledge. I am mostly retired, single and tired of life as it’s currently being lived. Reasonably convinced that things as they are just can’t continue. Am willing to relocate to a remote area to join a group that might be receptive to someone willing to work and contribute in any way he can.

May 262013

Does anyone know what kind of seeds/crops could be grown in the VT area year round? When the 18 wheelers stop rolling fresh produce will become a rarity so I’m trying to find out what I could possibly plant in my backyard/greenhouse even during the winter months.

Mar 202013

Greetings All, Sorry I haven’t answered any of you, my email is not working at this time. I see there is a fair # of folks in Vt that need to come together for a meet and greet. I’ll set a date and time on a Sat or Sun some where in central Vermont. Once the storm pass’ and the snow melts a bit. I have some vacant land in Strafford, Vt we could meet at. If you want to come, just show up.

Feb 192013

We are going to be hosting an emergency preparedness expo near Hagerstown, MD, August 17-18, 2013.   Our goal is to bring vendors/exhibitors from the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.  Details can be found on our website, which should be online by the end of the week. I will post the web address at that time. In the meantime, feel free to contact us at beprepared2013 [at] yahoo [dot] com.  Our goal is to provide an educational venue on the East Coast similar to what is provided in Nashville, Denver, Arlington, TX, and other western and central US cities. Please spread the word.

Feb 132013

My wife and I own 200 acres in the Mountains of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  We live off grid producing our own electricity, solar and wind.   We am preparing for retirement where we live but believe before that happens we could have some major enviromental or economical disasters happen.  We feel that if something major were to happen it would be a year before the Governement either on it’s own or with the help of  other Countries  could really start to recover, 6 months after Hurricane Sandy and their are still people without power.  We would like to meet up with another couple or woman that is like minded, not necessary preparing for the end of the world but feels that in order to survive would need to be away from cities.   Send an email adventures2 [at] me [dot] com telling me a little about yourself and we can go from there.

Working on getting my ham radio license at this time.   Have hunting, trapping, backwoods survival skills.   We have gardens, chickens and more wood to cook and heat with then could use in our lifetime.


Jan 052013

Greetings Everyone,

I am new to this forum but not to prepping. I have been living off the grid for five years with solar power, micro-hydro generator and gasoline backup. I am currently looking into building a wood gasifier to power the generator. I have a two greenhouses (one for seedling and one for year round growing), gardens, root cellar and storage. My ultimate goal is to be so self sufficient someday that when the SHTF, be it natural or manmade, I would not even know it. I am looking for anybody with the same ideals. I am NOT driven by religion or politics. I simply enjoy being self sufficient.

email: fishfurn (at) aol (dot) com


Jan 042013

Hi Everybody

I have a partner as well, and two small dogs. I’ve been preparing for 5 to 7 years, maybe 10, maybe 11, depending on how you look at it.

Anyway, I am looking to buy or join others on a property approximately 15 to 30 acres and position several all-season travel trailers on the land, or perhaps some other arrangement if someone else has something better in mind. I’m flexible on location right now, since I have none at the moment. Thinking about upstate NY, central/western/northern VT, western Mass, NH, possibly Maine, possibly CT.

At the moment I live on five acres overlooking the Hudson River about 20-something miles north/northwest of the city, about 35 minutes by express train from Grand Central, 45 minutes by car.

The more serious that I get about it, the more uncertain my “serious” prepper friends become about it, and that really concerns me. I have suggested a budget of $50,000 per household, being $30,000 toward land purchase and $20,000 toward housing accommodation. Well that got cold feet, and that concerns me because I don’t see how we could actually get by a freezing cold winter of 4- to 5- months long unless we are prepared to pay for it. Perhaps we could do with a lesser budget for land were we to find something suitable in NH or ME.

So I am looking to find others who are seriously interested and/or who may already have land and might be interested in my joining with my partner.



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