Mar 082015

Again thank you all for your emails about this )

From my previous postings they stated that I am still learning here. As more recently mentioned we are a happily married prepped couple. No baggage and no others in tow. We have put in the research time, acquiring effort and have provided for our own needs for around a couple years of emergency living. From what I see here better than most yet not as good as a few others. We can and will do more as we learn about the areas we still lack in.

Our more recent goal now has been focused around meeting with others to pool our hard work and resources with their like results to then increase all our combined odds. This has brought us into contact with all sorts of people. Some are still going their own individual ways seeming not willing to risk getting closely involved with similar preppers. Others have some veiled mission to drag along their extended families and friends who none of which are preppers, do not want to be and have nothing to boot. To be honest we do not feel we have the luxury of time to wait and see if other people’s plans ever happen. We do know this though, it requires bending, adapting and changing to work with people but we believe in the end it provides for a much better result rather than being alone with no hope.

Since we had been posting that we wished to team up with some others in the region up here to pool resources, skills, over lapping supplies and be ready as a group working together we have received several emails concerning just this. That is just what we were looking and planning for. We just want to get it done asap, then move on.

As result of wanting results and not dreams and ridiculous expectations, we are now building a long term relationship with a group up here as we are all are working out some things which is always expected. We will not waste time in life like some others kicking the can down the road looking for the “perfect situation”. If you are interested in all this then contact me. But please do not do it to *network* or whatever. This is not some social media topic to me. I just do not understand how that will profit us.

If you are of the same mind that we need each other more now rather than still being alone next year wanting our own ways and wishful plans to see if maybe someday they will happen then give this a chance.

cindygirl [at] hush [dot] com

I still see a lot of people starting out on the site and that is great. Do not give up and look to team up with others. Good fortune in the days ahead.

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Feb 242015

Greetings, we are seeking to purchase land in Florida, Arizona/Utah area,  and Oregon/Washington area and we would love to connect with others to share our land with and create a community of self-sustainable open source happy preppers, that are not just focusing on preparing for a crisis or disaster to hit us but are also focusing on enjoying life, living off the land, self development and having fun. If you have or know of land that would suitable for us please contact us or if you are an individual group or family interested in creating/sharing a network of safe retreats across the US please get in touch with us at isicr888 at g m a i l

About us:

Multi-cultural married couple, no kids, in our 40’s, financially stable, world travelers, fit, with many survival skills, fluent in 4 languages, and happy, living between silicon valley and Florida at the moment.

the land must have:

Some type of body of water such as a lake, river or spring. A combination of undeveloped forest  with trails, ponds, swamp, meadows, hills, pasture, shrubs, natural forest, or planted forest is our ideal property. The land must be suitable for growing since we intend to have a botanical garden,  fruits and veggies enough for us never to go to the shops again. Must have wild life and low yearly taxes Border a State forest or preserve, with thousands of acres of GREENBELT (MUST HAVE)
Access to good internet connection (we all work from home and this is absolutely necessary)
Must be in a remote location (MUST HAVE)

Must not have:

Too many neighbors, deed restrictions, HOA fees, proximity to any of the bombing ranges or military base or atomic plants in the state, proximity to any freeways or traffic noise, closeness to the ocean, must not be in flood zone, not close to any industrial polluting factory, or noise pollution source,or  land fill.

Does not matter if it has or does not have:

Electricity is not necessary, septic is not necessary, Any type of proximity to towns or cities, the more remote the better, paved roads  Zoned or with possibility of zoning for agriculture, residential.


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Feb 072015

Again thank you all for the emails about this )

From my previous posting as I am still learning here. As stated I am happily married, so no I am not a single woman prepper with two years of food and supplies. Our two year supplies are for each of the two of us. We have no children or family baggage along this subject line. We both can defend ourselves and our belongings. Since we had stated we wished to team up with some others in the region up here to pool resources, skills, over lapping supplies and be ready as a group working together we have received several emails concerning this.

We have now visited with some various regional preppers along these lines and now we are building a long term relationship  with a group up here. We do not waste time in life and also feel we might not have the luxury of licking the can down the road. They liked us because we had actually done something for ourselves which showed initiative and accomplishment. We like them because they also have backed up their talk with results. We are happily working through somethings which always arise when starting out working together. That is just daily life. This does not change our desire to still meet others with a solid list of accomplishments. If we were at all honest about any of this we would all realize there are so very few of us around and we all need to adjust, give and take and work with each other. It is not a competition as some pursue just the simple understanding it will take more than one or two of us spread all over the place.

To mention again, due to some emails I have gotten we will not risk working with people who have not fulfilled some long duration of supplies and do not work with surviving of the wilds as berry pickers perfecting their bush crafting skills either. Gather wild berries is a great side dish to a real meal. Again I do not wish to seem harsh but so far few have expressed any serious progress in prepping and the desire to pool together when they contact us so perhaps this will save us both some time?

If you agree we need each other and have gotten it done so to speak just send something to,

cindygirl [at] hush [dot] com

I still see a lot of people starting out on the site and that is great. Good fortune in the days ahead.

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Jan 112015

I posted last month and received several replies. Thank you.

I sense I should clarify some points from my last posting as I am learning here. First I am happily married, so no I am not a single woman prepper with two years of food and supplies. We have no children or concerns like that either. We jointly have two years for both of us. Second we both can defend ourselves and our belongings. Next we wish to team up with some others in the region up here to pool resources, skills, over lapping supplies and be ready as a group, then if the need arises stage ourselves together in one agreed upon location. I am not interested in loners.

To be clear due to inquires I have gotten we will not risk working with people who have not fulfilled some long duration of supplies and do not work with berry pickers perfecting their bush living skills either. Anyway I do not wish to seem harsh but so far no one has expressed any serious progress in prepping and the desire to pool together when they contact us so perhaps this will save us both some time?

Just private message me or send something to cindygirl [at] hush [dot] com

I see a lot of people starting out on the site and that is great. Good fortune in the days ahead.

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Dec 042014

I guess from reading some of the postings here I have been doing so called prepping for some time now. So far I have accumulated enough supplies to last myself for about two years. I can also defend my preps. Right now I am just searching around sites to network with and maybe join with other people like me. At this point in time to only to explore the possible compatibility of working together. Reaching out from Newport, Wa. If you are interested in any way shape or form leave some contact information and I can email you. Kiss.


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Nov 262014

Looking for like minded people.  I am a prepper/survivalist in the vancouver area. Moved here 3 years ago would love to meet up with more people. Also I’m a great personal trainer. Contact me if your interested.

Oct 132014

Hi, I’m looking for either an existing group that I would be able to join (or at least get to know to see if I’m capatible) or people interested in starting a group.

I’m married with 2 kids and am active duty military (over 20 years).  I have a lot I can bring to the table with regards to security, self defense, urban / tactical engagement, crisis leadership and management, etc.  I’ve been prepping seriously for only about 18 months.

let me know, and please feel free to ask me any questions you have about me or my experience either via PM or email @ pax_school [at] yahoo [dot] com

Oct 082014

I’m pseudo-new to prepping.  I’m looking for a group of like-minded people that may want to meet up every other week or month and kind of bounce ideas off each other on what they’ve learned or picked up that may be beneficial to prepping.  First, a little about me so you can see where I’m coming from:

I have a daughter and a wife.  My daughter, who is 2, was diagnosed with congenital hypothyroidism at birth and she requires daily medication for the rest of her life.  THIS is my main motivation for being prepared.  We’ve been able to refill her prescription 5-10 days early and any pills we have left over goes in our storage area.  I’ve got about a 3 month supply for her and it’s growing.  This has gotten me thinking about being a prepper.  Unfortunately, we live in a condo so there’s not much storage we can do.  I do, however, have each vehicle stocked with a bug[-out bag, weapon, portable radio, and med kit.  We also have about a 3 month extra supply of dehydrated food stuffs and a big ol tote carrier full of survival supplies.  What i’m wanting to mainly find out is more about food storage like canning, making jerky etc….Also, it’d be nice to learn from someone who has experience with enhanced water filtration or maybe some knowledge about edible plants in our area, etc…..I’m basically here to learn.   If anyone is interested or knows of a realistic group, shoot me an email.  Thanks!!!

Sep 202014

Hi, I have searching and looking for a category that I fit in, and none seems to fit me. So I am posting what I am looking for or maybe start. First , I cant find any groups or discussions  or anything in the washington state areas of Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond, Kenmore, woodinville ares. If I am not looking in the right place and someone knows something, Please point me in the right Direction. I am a Single Christian parent household with two grown children and one small. In the Last year or so we have all talked about how as a family we would like to be prepared for an emergency whether it be Nature or Human that has brought it on.  I know the things I would like to do to prepare but finances pose a huge problem in that area as it a one income support. I have backpacks packed for each person in-case we need to leave house , I have bins in cars in-case, weather or breakdown. I have some supplies in my house but not by any means adiquette   or to maintain 4 people. I do alot of reading on the things I need to do and try and sort out what I can one at a time. I am in process of buying a dehydrator for fruits and vegis and want to learn how to do that, also I have been reading about canning and want to do that but am hoping to find people to help me or teach and guide or learn together. I wanna talk about water storage , rain barrels and how to do all that in a rental house. I feel most Prepper’s own their homes and modify them to meet there needs. Are there any Renters out here that prep and what are your suggestions? I wanna take a gun safety class and learn how to shoot, are there other’s out here in my area that wanna do that to but don’t’ wanna go it alone or are you seasoned or qualified to teach? start a class for New preppers or point the direction. I have lots of questions and my extended family thinks I am crazy and my friend circle is small and not intrested in preparedness as I try. I would like to hear from others in my area and find or start a group. Thanks you can email me at adida316 [at] frontier [dot] com

Aug 112014

I live and work in the western portion of the Redoubt, because of the nature of prepping and OPSEC , it’s very hard to make contact with like minded people here. Was wondering if anyone else is interested in Email correspondence.. Just looking for like minded people who live and work here in the last stronghold of America.. If you live in Eastern Oregon, particularly the John Day/ Pendleton/ Hermiston/ Umatilla areas, or Southeastern Washington, particularly Benton,Franklin, Walla Walla, Columbia Counties.. lets Chat and compare notes and progress.

Craigslistrr [at] gmail [dot] com

May 192014

We are a family of four who are looking to start a small group of like minded folks to form a small support network just in case the day does come where we would have to “bug out”. Ideally, a group of 15-20 people that live in Snohomish County.

We are a couple, both 50, and married for 30+ years (childhood sweethearts). We have 2 kids, 12 and 20. Both are great kids and we are considered “good people” by most that know us. We are far from being hardcore survivalists; however, we know that we should be prepared just in case the SHTF. We are not gun nuts, but we have a few firearms for home self defense purposes. We also know that no mattered how prepped you are, survival for a suburban family will be difficult.

We are looking for folks with families like us, but singles are okay too. Age is open as well and all skill sets are welcome. So what would be different? We want to be part of a group that understands that survival does not have to be dog eat dog. That good people can come together in an organized manner for the betterment and survival of the group as a whole. We are not motivated by religion or politics, and could care less about the color of your skin or your gender or orientation. We want to be part of a group that can work together in trying times and who can, as a group, circle the wagons when needed.

We would like the group to meet and communicate regularly to prep as a group. But as important, to get organized a head of time.

Ideas are welcome…………

Mar 312014

I’m not in any way affiliated with this event, but I thought it could be a good event for people to meet. It’s pretty close to the Yakima, Tri-Cities and Hermiston areas.

Northwest Preparedness Expo

Facebook link (Facebook account not required to read posts)

“The Chamber of Commerce of the City of Prosser and Lower Valley Committee of Safety are working together to create our first annual Northwest Preparedness Expo. It will be hosted on May 2nd & 3rd at the Walter Clore Center in Prosser, Washington. There will be both educational speaker sessions and vendor booths on display.”

Friday, May 2nd 10am-6pm
Saturday, May 3rd 9am-6pm

Mar 092014

Natural Event Survival (The Basic 5 Human Needs)
Saturday, March 15, 2014

2:00 -4:00
Elmer’s Restaurant – Woodburn
255 North Arney Road, Woodburn, OR

Please RSVP:  PDX [dot] Preppers [at] yahoo [dot] com

It doesn’t matter where you live or even how much money you have, there are five basic human needs to be met. These needs are water, food, shelter, energy and security. It doesn’t matter if everything is going perfectly and everything is going your way, or if all heck is breaking loose around you, these five things need to be met.

We prepare now with those five needs in mind, so that if “It” does start to hit the fan, our families are taken care of and we don’t have to try and meet them in a time of crisis. This not only takes care of our family, it makes it so that there are more supplies available to meet the needs of those not as prepared.

Feb 132014

We are Having a Men’s Retreat March 7,8,9 in Battleground WA
The topic is “Liberty”. We Eat like kings and are tought about the Founding Fathers.
We also engage in firearm training, pistol 101, 102, Rifle marksmanship and basic tactical training.
Go to click on Men’s retreat for more info, or email me and I’ll send you a flyer. riverbend [at] wildblue [dot] net

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Jan 252014

I am still looking for like minded Preppers on Whidbey Island. This seems like an excellent location short of nuclear war. The Naval Air Station is a primary target. If there are any of you out there we should organize before it becomes a real OPSEC issue. Our personal security is not such that we can’t share ideas or train together or as a group. For those who understand what I’m saying, good. For those who don’t, sorry but you will make good wool. Let us make this work.


Jan 052014

Hello fellow preppers. I currently live in the Vancouver/Minnehaha area and have recently began prepping for an economical collapse. I’m fairly new to prepping but have been studying the lifestyle and necessary skills it would take to survive after a collapse. I’ve been living vicariously through my little brother by getting him to join a troop of Boy Scouts since he was  7, he is now 10 and I’ve been learning basics with him the past 3 years. I’m looking for like minded individuals/communities that my fiancé and I can join up with and learn more from.

My fiancé is 22 and is a Certified Medical Assistant. She is First Aid and CPR Certified. Has knowledge in wound care, Phlebotomy skills and some knowledge on medications. She grew up around a family that hunts and fishes regularly and has acquired skills in these areas. She is an incredible painter, which could be useful for trade or recreation for a group. She can sew by hand which will be useful for mending garments and cloth like materials. Last and certainly not least she is quite the cook, we all need to eat.

I am also 22 and I grew up in a military background. My father served in the Air Force for 27 years, so I’m no stranger to discipline, hard work, and respect. I have lived in all different climates so I’m well equipped for the outdoors. I’ve lived in Grand Forks ND, Navarre FL, Richmond VA, Albuquerque NM, Satellite Beach FL Gresham OR and now Vancouver WA.  Growing up we moved a lot, by the time I was in 8th grade I had been to 7 different schools. This has been beneficial in the since that I’m easy going and very social I have no problem talking with complete strangers and make friends easily. As I said above I have been taking my little brother to Boy Scouts for the past 3 years so I’ve been learning a lot of the basic essential to surviving. Aside from that I am a very active individual who hikes frequently so I’m comfortable with long distant travel. I have worked for 2 years in logistics and dispatching for a busy warehouse, along with a background in business and entrepreneurship.

Again we have a lot to learn but what skills we do have definitely serve there purpose.

Dec 302013

Hi, I’m a transplant from the midwest to the Spokane area and I’m looking for fellow family friendly Christians that would be interested in purchasing land together in Northern Idaho or Northeast Washington. Say ten acres or so that we could divide, or more if it’s several families, with a mind toward homesteading it. I have an aversion to debt so I’m not looking do any immediate big projects on the land, but slowly work toward cultivating and establishing a homestead bit by bit. It would be nice to have people with the same values to trade advice, help, and labor back and forth – extra hands for each others projects. At worst I think of it as a haven for the crash ahead, at best a goal toward a happier, less grid reliant lifestyle. Contact me if you you’re interested or if you have something like this going on I could join, we can meet for coffee or something.


p.s. – It doesn’t matter to me if you’re Lutheran, Mormon, Messianic, etc… as long as you’re a Christian faith based family. My extended family runs the gammit, but are strong in faith and it makes for interesting theological discussions at Thanksgiving haha.

Dec 162013

hello group! im moving up to that area around February. i have a friend who live in Spokane  who’s going to let me crash for awhile until I can settle my family in.  id love to hear from some other groups in the state

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Dec 162013

I’m 42 y.o. married with 3 children (my wife is not too much in preps) looking for like minded folks near Auburn area. I’m also a ham radio operator.

Originally we came from Russia, about 14 years ago.

Would be great to meet regularly to discuss different approaches and ideas to preps.

Nov 302013

Hi All,

We are looking for Christian preppers to ban together in our area. Both my husband and I have medical backgrounds , although we are not doctors, I worked in surgery for 20 years. We are middle age with no children. Have been prepping for 3 years now. Skills are many with growing our own garden, canning, dehydrating and gun handling skills. Please contact us if we could join your group or to start one of our own.

Nov 022013

This is a message to all and any Preppers on Whidbey Island. We need to start communicating or down the even meeting up.   We can start with some simple ideas and grow from there.   We prepper’s  out here have it made right up to  the minute something really happens.  We have no organization and our isolation only go’s so far.

unventedanger [at] icloud [dot] com

Sep 292013

First off , I am a new member that is very happy to have found this site . Thank You John .
I am interested in talking to preppers interested in networking for information trading here in SW Washington . I would like to share ideas about bartering items after SHTF . And set up a mutual plan for this to happen . I believe this would be an important part of a long term survival plan that most preppers don’t prepare for . Being able to aquire needed items for something they need , from someone who has them by trading something they need . Also being able to communicate with others in the area , for warnings or news of whats happenimg close by with others .
I am a good old countryboy from Kentucky originally . I have always been a survivor , My background is military , Law enforcement and small farming . I have raised at least part of my food every year for most of my 59 years . I grew up working along side My father who distilled in me an attitude of finishing what I started , and that was reinforced in the military , as ” completing my mission ” . I still believe in God , Family and Flag . They say “no Man is an Island ” . I am not naive enough at this point to believe I am an island , but by my nature I am a self sufficient loner ( except for My helpmate , My wife ) . I am looking only for post SHTF trading contacts and communication contacts at this point . If this sounds good to you send me an e-mail ‘ And thanks for taking the time to read the post .

Sep 042013


Looking for other like minded folks on Whidbey Island, WA. I am on the South end in Langley. New to some aspects of prepping, knowledgeable about foraging, wilderness survival, food storage, etc. Is anyone out there interested in meeting or at least connecting online?

Jul 092013

In addition to my involvement in our local open Prepper group in Yakima, I am seeking additional members for a close-knit team. The team has a split focus on mutual support in ‘bug-in’ scenarios, and consolidation during SHTF ‘bug-out’ time. A Bug-Out site is procured, but not yet secured. The site is over 60 acres of high ground with good SiteSec potential. The site is Private Property with water available, although that does need more development. Anyone joining the team will be expected to contribute labor, and some funding, to development of the site. Financial input will not put a hardship on members, we do this as we can.

The team is not fanatical, but is founded on Christian and Constitutional values. Consideration for joining is based on ability to contribute through skills, labor, “stuff”; but most importantly on “fit” with our standards and values. The expected goal is 12 adult members, including spouses & teens who are expected to contribute in some manner. Children under 16 are welcome with their parents and will learn appropriate skills and be tasked with duties. Fellowship & teamwork will get us through, but remember that a prepper group is like term life insurance; if you stop contributing before you need it, you don’t get the benefits.
Currently the most sought skills include Mechanical/automotive & Construction/masonry or alternative. All skills offer value, but these are the currently perceived necessities.