Dec 282014

Just wondering if there is anyone is the Kingston/Markesan/Beaver Dam area of Wisconsin?

****If you know of any groups or individuals in/around our area, we would be so thankful to find out such information****

A little info on us. We are just a husband and wife couple who have some experience in prepping and farming, we also love hospitality and Christian gatherings. The Lord has not blessed us with children yet, but we do hope for them in His timing. We have chickens, ducks, a milk goat, a dog, and a cat. I (Josh) like to grow medicinal mushrooms and I am a roofer by trade. My wife loves to sew modest dresses. We both enjoy herbology and natural medicine. My wife is also studying in the field of midwifery and natural childbirth. We hope to do fostercare and IF we end up adopting through there, we are hoping to homeschool! That’s pretty much us in a nutshell!

We dont mind meeting people of all ages!

Thanks so much for your info,
JSK Family



Dec 212014


My name is Nick and I live on the boarder of Illinois and Wisconsin in the Kenosha area. I am new to the prepper   life, so I’m not sure what to say on here so I will just start with what I’m looking for and take it from there. I’m looking for a wooded area to do some camping on. My two boys want to learn how to make small concealed day shelters. We will clean-up after our selves because the nature of the training is to move, stay and move but leave as little trace as possible. We don’t want enemy patrols to see anything of our passing. So if anyone has something that we can use or even rent, please send me a text at two six two nine nine five eight zero nine five or an e-mail at nicholus.shaffer at gmail dot com.


P.S. Not now, but in the near future, me and two friends maybe looking at groups to join. It would be 10 people (6 adults and 4 children). We would have 73 years of military experience ( 11 in combat with 2 in special operations  ) to bring with us.


Thank you for reading and look forward to hearing from you soon.            Nic

Dec 062014

Racine/Milwaukee/Kenosha area group looking to expand its memberships. If you are new we will teach you basic prepping skills in a variety of areas. If you are experienced in the ways of prepping and survival, we are looking for a couple more leaders to help teach and facilitate groups.  We are developing our individual skills while also building a network of dependable individuals and small groups that can interconnect with each other.     Please message me if interested, John

Oct 172014

Newer pepper looking for others to bounce ideas off, connect with, and become better prepared with.

Im 27 and a father of a 15 month old girl. I have experience with US Army reserve, tactical/emergency medicine, armorer, steel welding/fabricating.

I dont have a large prepping budget but enjoy the diy aspect of it anyways. Im an able body and desire to become independent from the system. Off grid living is my long term goal.

If anyone is willing to give me a leg up or needs help with their own projects im open to all possibilities. Thanks

 Posted by at 3:02 am
Oct 032014


I am forming a group of people who are interested in working together for the common purpose of prepping and surviving. The idea would be to share ideas and work on projects together and network with other groups throughout the state. I am located in Racine county and would like to make my homestead as completely self contained as possible.

I am a pretty frugal person and have skills in plant propagation and foraging (a little). I also have a few chickens and have kept bees. Looking for others who understand the importance of prepping  and would like to share skills, time and ideas.

Please contact me if you are interested.

Sep 222014

I’m 26; I’m female, relatively healthy, married, mother of one son (age 5). I will not claim myself to be an “expert” in any way; I’m not. But I know some, and I learn fast, and I’m willing to push myself as hard as I have to. My “group” is currently a solid three people – myself, my husband, and our son – with a tentative additional two – one male, one female, both in their twenties. The male is a former army medic; the female is a veterinary assistant. Both are willing to carry their weight, should we permanently join up with like-minded folks to create a permanent compound, which is something I’m growing more interested in every day.

I know some things about medicinal plants (as well as more conventional methods of first aid) and have books on identifying and using them; I know various way to prepare them and seem to have a knack for knowing exactly what to use for someone when there are several possible options. I know a fair bit about childbirth as well, though again, claim no “expertise” in the area (other than that I’ve obviously done it). I also know a reasonable amount about gardening, and have books on everything from building greenhouses to natural ways to control pests/combat crop issues and can recognize quite a few edible plants people don’t have a clue they can eat.

I’m no sharpshooter, but I’m not afraid to hold or fire a gun and I’m willing to practice until I’m better. I’ve taken archery classes in the past and am a decent shot, though admittedly out of practice. I am small (not much above 5′) though a bit on the heavy side (I wasn’t always and am working on this) but I’m strong and flexible and a decent fighter. I grew up in a family of military/police officers and was taught many easy ways to defend against an attacker, and am always eager to learn more.

I can swim and climb and hike (though not as well as when I was thinner; again, something I’m working on). I’m not squeamish about killing my dinner, be it fishing, hunting, or trapping, and I’m eager to practice/learn all of those skills. I’m a fairly-good cook (and have been serve-safe certified which means I understand food safety to avoid things like salmonella) and can get creative when my “ingredients” aren’t conventional. I am willing to eat all manner of things (I’ve had squid and deer for instance and have always wanted to try both rabbit and bear though I’ve never had the opportunity) and I understand the value of balancing a home-grown/foraged diet with fresh/preserved meat, regardless of it’s animal-of-origin.

I am fantastic with animals. I own 3 cats (all healthy; all loving; all fantastic mousers) and I spent a year in high school working with a hunting dog trainer, teaching young dogs to retrieve game shot by their owner on silent command. I love horses and can ride relatively well (though again this is something I am out of practice on) and while I prefer to ride horses trained for heel commands, I can handle rein commands when necessary. I haven’t spent much time around farm animals, but I’ve been reading up on the care of animals like rabbits, chickens, and goats, and I have milked a cow before (I don’t think I was very good at it, but I’d be willing to try again!).

I have been learning how to preserve food (dehydrating; canning; smoking; etc. – basically, any way to keep food good for longer). I can sew. I can crochet. I’m capable of wielding an axe; a hammer; a screwdriver; a saw; a drill…and many other tools, with varying levels of skill. I can embroider a flower on a napkin, and I can fix a wobbly leg on a flea-market-find-dining-room-table. I can paint a room, pull weeds, cut hair, hem pants, fix a leaky sink, change a light bulb, lower a fever, bake pumpkin bread from scratch, stitch a wound as well as a seam, and dozens of other skills.

I know religion. In general, I mean. I can whip up a voodoo gris-gris bag in a couple of minutes, cleanse a room with sweetgrass and pine, create a protection charm better than most Wiccan priestesses, and spout off Bible verses. I studied to be a Christian missionary for three years devoutly, and have studied every other religion I could ever since, and I have faith. I feel very strongly that it doesn’t matter what we have faith in – only that we have it. My faith is strong. I do not argue religion; I listen and learn and, when asked, I teach. Religions aren’t as far apart as most people think, but close-minded religious bigots won’t be a good fit for me as I cannot abide being preached at rather than spoken with and listened to.

Beyond that…I am, at heart, a skald; a bard; a story-teller. I write original things, but it’s more than that. I can tell you story you’ve heard a dozen times and twist it just enough to make you swear you never heard it. I own hundreds of story books, of all sorts, and love to read aloud. I love mythology – Greek-Roman is my favorite, but I know tales from Norse, from Egyptian, from Native American, and from Gaelic myths as well. I adore fairytales – from Disney to the Brothers Grimm and various forms in between – and I can spin a tale to catch the attention of nearly anyone.

You can prepare for a lot of things – you can stock food and water; you can learn to hunt and grow and raise food; you can learn to shoot and fight; you can fortify your home; you can learn to hide; you can find alternative energy sources – solar, wind, bio-diesel, methane – for your compound. But what you cannot do – what you simply have no way to stockpile – is the sort of thing that feeds the soul.

Stories, and songs, and dance…these feed our souls. I’m not the best dancer, but I can sing passably well, I can sort of play piano, and I can tell a story like you wouldn’t believe. So while some preppers might have more food, or more secure shelter, or better weapons…no group that doesn’t have someone like me (a storyteller, a musician, or both) is going to be in better spirits. And happy people fight and argue less; they work together and pull together as a community better; they form stronger bonds and a more solid unit. They work harder and longer and smile while doing it. Because feeding your body isn’t enough; you’ve got to feed your soul as well. That’s the heart of our humanity; of who and what we are.

Music, laughter, stories…these things breed solidarity and community and connection. No group or compound should be considered complete without someone capable of bringing together the hearts, minds, and souls of it’s group. That’s what a bard does. So maybe I’m new to prepping; maybe you could find a group with stronger people or more-experienced people. But new as my tiny group is, we’ve got a strong bond and a lot of heart and we’re willing to learn and teach alike; to welcome others as new as us, and accept lessons from those who know more; who have done this for longer.

Anyone interested in learning more about me, or my group, either PM me on here or shoot me an email/gchat invite at theladyslytherin(at)gmail(dot)com. Use the subject line “Compound” so I don’t filter it to spam by accident.

Aug 142014

Me. My father. Brother. Fiancé. And a few friends are prepping for anything. Looking for like minded people in the area. 3 of us are fire rescue medics. 2 have intermediate mechanical knowledge and I have weapons . Combat and tactics training. Located in the middle of no where 45 miles out side of town.

E mail me for info! I hope to hear from you soon.
Never know when somethings gonna go down.

Joshua [dot] j [dot] treasure [at] gmail [dot] com

Aug 112014

Hi Everyone,

What a great site, I’m so excited to see so many like minded people coming together. I am looking to connect with a group in the Medford area if possible, otherwise farther if need be. We’re new to prepping and would love to get some guidance, experience and training.

Our backgrounds are in Alternative Medicine, Health Promotion and Wellness, operating engineer, mechanics and carpentry.

Aug 062014

I am a new prepper going through a high school work program. I’m looking for a bugout location for a shtf scenario before it is to late. I have a 7 day bag ready to get me out of Milwaukee and into northern wi where me and my group will start a small community or hopefully meet with yours(we currently have 3 people ready).  We don’t have many skills other than physical capabilities such as guarding, building, growing, information, ability to work with what we have. my end goal would to have an area to grow food, to build homes with our surroundings, to establish a well rounded defense, and to survive at all costs. If we were to join an existing group we would pull our slack, we are not ask for freebies but a place to build, protection in numbers, we are all young men (18) and living for our next generation. MSG me on here It may be awhile for a response.

Jul 162014

hello everyone, my name is Dan I’m a disabled United States Marine. I was a sniper and a communications specialist for 4 of my 10 years in the Marine Corps.
I live in the Westfield Wisconsin area.
if there’s anybody in my close that needs help with things I’m willing to help with and my physical capabilities.everybody Stay Safe and stay on Point. USMCDAN

Mar 292014

Hi,  I am looking for like minded people in the Central Wisconsin area that may be interested in meeting others to share ideas, or even getting together to talk about or do projects.  If anyone is interested please feel free to reply!

Mar 122014

I have a place and a group of people. I won’t mince words.  I have a  mechanic, holistic healer, first responder, former army specialist and a few other fellows. We have all known each other for a few years, some for a lifetime.

As I said I wont mince words. I am taking “applications” for someone else to come into our group. WE want to HELP people. That is who we are.  We also need someone to help us. I have a good BOL now, and you will too.  I need the money to make this BOL perfect. Plans are set, contractors lined up, building being fabricated.

Living space for additional team members will be a functional and spacious 900, 1800, 2700 or 3600 sq. feet. Each 900 sq foot apt will be a $35,000 one time fee. After that, you can keep it, live in it, use it as a summer retreat now and then and NEVER pay rent. Just own it and know that you have at least one BOL that is kept up.  Never pay a mortgage. I KNOW that other people are paying millions upon  millions for a BOL,  In a bunker…in a nuclear site. I don’t have that. In fact, I can not guarantee that you will be running around in a silk robe in a 20 story community with a shopping mall and a swimming pool on every floor. You wont.  What I CAN guarantee is a group of people with varied life skills working as a team to create something all will benefit from now, and if/when SHTF. You will be getting wood sometimes, hunting others, sometimes trapping, sometimes gathering plants, tending the sick. We will have our specific roles, but we all contribute for the betterment of the team. I could ask more money, most people do. But why? We are regular people. That is all.

I can guarantee nothing except with a team of people all FIGHTING for the same goal, we have a vested interest and we will try like hell to make it through any SHTF. I can guarantee that we will always have fresh running water no matter the season.  I can’t guarantee you won’t disclose my location to everyone. I can’t gurantee that someone else wont. I can guarantee that I won’t. Nor will my people.  I can’t guarantee you won’t show up with an entire extended family no one intended on and counted for. But I offer my trust that you wont. You offer your trust in return.


Remember preppers, you can’t just walk out into the woods to find a BOL. We country folk are already there. Prepared. We protect what we have, no matter how innocent and/or desperate your intentions. We are already here, and we’ve been here.
You need a safe place. One that is a 45 minute interstate drive away from the nearest substantial town in any direction.  You might just want a place out in the country with a garden, and a sledding hill, and tremendous country views with a one time price of what you might spend on a new car.  If a SHTF doesn’t happen, well you lived for free. No rent, no mortgage, no utilities for as long as you want. If the world rights itself, after consulting with us, sell your buy-in…get your money back. It’s part of the deal. DirectTV, internet, electric, water. It’s all included.

I bring you in to the small but very close-knit community/family of mine. I trust you to not ‘give us up’. You trust me to let you in. It comes down to the simple handshake of old, perhaps over the ringing of a blacksmith hammer on an anvil. We got one of them too, and a McGyver .  A real McGyver.

We would all be a team. We make our stores together, throw in to help one another when we can, take watch when we should, use our creative minds to build new, repair and create when we must.

It’s not a paradise. It wont be. Don’t fool yourself.  It just is. A safe place, a place where we all contribute. It’s not a utopia, we’ll argue sometimes maybe have a fight. We’re going to disagree sometimes…we’re only human.
I offer a safe place, a shelter to weather a coming storm. I offer protection, I offer the country, the camaraderie, the combined resources.  I offer weapons training if you need it, and a range.  Bring your chickens, your critters, your children. I offer my trust for yours. My BOL, my post SHTF water/solar/off grid existence in exchange for the resources to make it a wonderful place… for all of us.

What’s in it for me? I get what I spent years designing. I get a bigger crew, a bigger team. I get added assurances that my beloved children will be protected. As yours will be.

Mar 072014

Hello , I’m just putting feelers out there wondering if  theres anyone around the il/wi border who might be interested in maybe starting survival training . Figured start with the basics like shelter building fire making and go from there . I’m a very big camping fan and was just curious as if theres anyone else around .would eventually get into the prepping thing , not a doomsday guy or anything like that just figure why not prepare for the worst so you can enjoy the best kinda guy . we all know something about somethings and im one of those kinda guys . camping,tools,survival,guns,im in to it all. Hope to hear from people who might be interested in doin training meet ups or just emails . feel free to email me .

Mar 052014

S.w. Wisconsin area, i travel the country for work, looking for some allies to share advice and info, to increase probability of long term survival. Experience : firearms archery and defense, outdoors and hunting

Mar 052014

We are afraid of where this country has gone and continues to go. We are looking for Christian families to join with to ensure safety and welfare. We are a family of 6. I am a 14 year army vet with a lot of skills to offer. Respond to let me know what you think

Feb 202014

I am a married man in my younger thirties who lives in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. I am an avid outdoors person and always try to gain new skill sets. Some of my recent skills include canning, knitting, gardening, and plan to start cooking with my solar oven in the spring. Hoping to start a small homestead eventually (constrained by suburban living) to increase my sustainability. Ultimately, I would like to be part of a group of like minded individuals with strong skill sets, perhaps something similar to “the group” from Rawles‘ book “Patriots”. It would be useful to get a good, level-headed group of folks together to start gaining strong expertise in areas such as medicine, Ham Radio, security, mechanics, home steading, etc… I am a scientist and teacher and have been gaining abilities in a variety of places but am certainly not able to learn these skills alone. Please respond is you are interested.

Feb 112014

I am looking for like minded people from the Janesville Wisconsin area to help each other out with projects, knowledge, or a to form a small group if things get bad. I was brought up prepping and have followed the lifestyle since. The problem is I am spitting distance from 50 and realize I cannot do everything by myself anymore.

Feb 102014

I am looking for like minded people from the Janesville Wisconsin area to help each other out with projects, knowledge, or a to form a small group if things get bad. I was brought up prepping and have followed the lifestyle since. The problem is I am spitting distance from 50 and realize I cannot do everything by myself anymore.

Jan 022014

hello I am a new member to this site. my fiancé and I have been preppin for about a year. was just wondering if there is any meetings we cn attend to meet some like minded ppl. we are in the area of Beloit wi. and my email is jsanchez [at] wipreppers [dot] us please contact me and let me know.

Dec 182013

I’m a 23 year old male that has started to prep, I do own a couple of fire arms. I would like to join a group that trains with firearms and I am also willing to pay for the rent of land. All of this said I am going to college so I don’t own a car but would be willing to pay gas money for anyone that would be willing to come meet me or let me in the group and came and got me to join a group.

You can email me at nickdonnay7 [at] gmail [dot] com

Dec 152013

Hello preppers. I am a 32 yr old male, married no children. I am looking for apt dwelling preppers to go in on a cheap piece of land with me. We would do this in some fair way with all buyers on deed or something fair and honest. I was thinking say 10 people at 1000$ each. of course the more the better as long as we can all get along good. It seems 10k can get us 5 acres. We still  need to figure out a well etc. I would also be willing to join up with an already established group or buy the land near an already established group.

My email is fitchbergwelder7525 [at] yahoo [dot] com . I am a moral man and would die to stand against marauders and murders and rapes, etc. Land is needed for farming. Race etc is abs. no issue. Fire teams  etc would be a necessity. I was born in Chicago i have seen evil,and have been through home invasions etc. I am a welder fabricator, have exp in carpentry though not a master carpenter. I have access to plates for body armor and am very skilled with metal working. I have been a hunter for over 10 yrs and have basic combat skills.

I can teach a lot to the untrained but would gladly give up that role to a professional infantryman. A medic of some sort would be great. a farmer would be gold. Anyway if anyone is interested in chatting with the intentions of meeting up if we get along just let me know. Currently a lonewolf desperately looking for pack. Thanks to all.

Dec 142013

I have been studying survival the economy government things of that sort for a while, during a podcast i recently watched a gentlemen suggested finding like minded people and having some sort of community. I come on here with the purpose of trying to find a group in northcentral or central Wisconsin. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Dec 112013

Hi all:

I am a retired Chief Hospital Corpsman and now a Registered Nurse with the specility as a Trauma Nurse in a Chicago Emergency Room.  Every 3 months or more I go to a different emergency room in Illinois or Wisconsin and work a new contract.  I have a lot of my preps in storage, however, I have a lot in my truck that I carry with me.  I am looking for groups or individuals,  in my travels, that would like first aid training, advance first aid training, and trauma training at no charge,  and I mean no charge.   I feel that the more people know how to treat people, the more will survive to help others in their group.  A small injury could kill someone in a survival situation.

Let me know, and I will see if I can help.


Dec 022013

With becoming aware of the way this country is going, I decided to start prepping for emergency situations. Later I realized that as in the military, it’s always better if someone’s got your back, so now we have a group that is well aware of the condition of our nation and also the world. Our group is not only prepping for shtf, but also the spiritual side of it because… EPHESIANS 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

      This past summer we began learning about and prepping for living off the grid in case we should need to. Although survival skills and resources are becoming a necessity for what may lie ahead in the word, we strongly believe there is nothing more important than being prepared for the afterlife. Jesus Christ is the foundation of our group and we take pride in that. Most people carry insurance for this life, but not the afterlife. Our group understands that without trust, there is no relationship.

Oct 282013

Looking for skilled community-minded people to add to our community.  When I say “community”, I am referring to an entire town.  We have people in place that are focusing on getting the area to consider prepping on a large-scale basis.  It is a large goal, but we as individual preppers recognize & understand that true, long-range, post-event recovery will take an entire community.  Think the town of Asheville in the book One Second After.  If you have not read that book.  It is a first step in understanding long term prepping.

We have highly-skilled people involved already, and are expanding with each meeting.

This focus is not on individual prepping, but of course, it is entirely encouraged.  We share our individual ideas, strategies, gadgets, etc. Most prepping that people focus on really is going to take you to 30-60 day post-event.  Of course, its essential to make it that far.  But we want to continue after that time to rebuild and recover as a community.

We welcome people of many skills, and all ages.  Older citizens offer invaluable knowledge of days gone by.  We have some of those.  Children are our future **teach them well and let them lead the way**,  sorry, just got sucked in for a second.  Children also have the ability to quickly learn skills.  We just have to teach them age-appropriate ones.  So families are welcome.  Even *gasp* in-laws.

This is not a compound.  This is not an underground bunker-type of survival.  It is a town.  It won’t be utopia.  Our goal is not utopia.  Our group is in its toddler stages.  Obviously, there is much work ahead, and many people to educate (read: convince).  Many will not be convinced until post-event.  We accept that.

The basic philosophy is that the better prepared the community is, the better all of our chances are.

Come.  Build your bunker.  Survive your few months in a hide out.  Then regroup, recover, and survive well with us.

Oct 252013

Hi everyone. Newbie here. looking for like-minded persons to join and be part of a survival community. My fiance and I are in our almost Mid 30’s. I have knowledge of what’s happening in the country and its by no means good. Hard workers we both are. Would be great to find a off grid or mostly off grid community. I’ve developed thus Lawson of cob houses and idk there is so much I have to say. just hard on a touch screen qwerty …

Oct 032013

Hi I am jeremy, I am 25 years old and like most people that have posted here, I feel and act the same way. I want to fight to.survive if it comes down to it, and I want to protect my family and values if it comes down to it. I have been awaken for the last 3 years, but there is only so much you can do to help herd the sheep. l want to be a part of a like minded group that wants to see humanity evolve to it’s finest. I have many skills to offer, and have the heart like a lion to go with them. With your permission I would like to join this group and hopefully find mutual connection and ideas. I want to see life flourish and evolve whether it be humans, animals, or plants and trees.

Aug 222013

Looking for an established group of similar minded family folks looking to keep their family safe in the event that the sh@t hits the fan. I have skills and resources and would be willing to join up with the right group of people in an established area or help to acquire an area suitable for such purpose. Read my limited profile and send me a message if you feel a potential fit.

Former military, husband and father of two.

While stationed in Utah I had a number of exceptional officers and NCOs that taught and guided me in regard to how things really are. It took me a while to totally accept what I was being told but in the end I was blessed to have people care that much about me to risk their careers by revealing sensitive information and showing me truly incredible things that have completely changed my outlook on life.

Many of the things I was told have come to fruition. And while the years were off, the sequence of events are unfolding in the order I was told they would. This includes the events leading up to 9/11 and 9/11 itself as a false flag operation. Importantly, I take the time to research all that I am told and do not believe something just because someone says it is so. This is something we all should do.

Even though I have no faith in our government I do have faith in many of our military leaders. They are aware of what is happening and many will do the right thing when the time comes. However, many have been brain washed into believing that citizens can and will be treated like enemy combatants in certain situations. Couple this with a traitor like Obama and the recent increase in false flag ops (Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook) the time is approaching when they will be coming first to disarm us, then to put us into temporary housing (read that FEMA concentration camps-they exist and I have seen them). The end result being a helpless population subject to the directions of people who care less weather we live or die.

None of this do I take or say lightly. That is why I am finally reaching out to likeminded people who are not taken in by the lies of our leaders or the crap on the TV. Any half educated citizen can research any of these things and find enough evidence to support what I am saying.

I am also a business person and risk a lot coming out like this. Many in my peer group are book smart and world ignorant. I can’t help people who won’t help themselves first and many have bought the company speach, hook, line and sinker.

I am ready to talk to similar minded folks in regard to what I have learned, safe locations, and how to go about setting up an inexpensive dwelling with needed supplies and necessary security.