Sep 122012

We are a group with 6 families and a secure location west of Columbia MO. Have a large reinforced concrete house, water, pasture, cropland, equipment, etc. We are looking for ex-military and medical folks who can provide their own supplies. If interested please drop me a note doctorj406atyahoodotcom

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  1. Hello, will be looking for some land out that way soon, any idea what land goes for , I’m originally from Montgomery county, around Montgomery City area, now living in St . Louis area, and have started preppers mode, will be retiring soon , have been looking in Warren and Montgomery counties, a botantist by degree and have access to seeds, would like to hear from you sometime,,,Doc

    • Hi there, the Columbia area varies a lot on prices. We are west of town and small acreage goes for $3-5000. South of Columbia is very high $6-10,000 and east is $3-5000. For some reason things are cheaper north between Columbia and Moberly. We used to live there but have sold most of what we had. Still have 42 acres for sale listed at $2750/acre so significantly cheaper than other areas. It is mostly open, while folks seem to want heavily wooded.

      In general Columbia is a nice area and the small towns around are generally nice as well.

      Good luck and let me know if I can help with anything.

  2. Hi there, I dropped you an email. Just wanted to say ‘hello’ here as well.

  3. Hi, I am interested in talking with you more about your group. Please check out my profile and if interested, drop me a line. Thanks!