Feb 212012

Looking to see if there are any Preppers in the El Paso or surrounding areas?  I’m looking to join a group.

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  1. Yes; South of Deming New Mexico.land with water and electric available. Moved family from El Paso. e-mail for meet or phone call mvwsr [at] aol [dot] com

  2. Well, there aren’t any groups, I live in El Paso and know of none.

  3. We have a new group in El Paso if you are interested. I will be happy to give you any information
    peteflo [at] tmo [dot] blackberry [dot] net

    • sure, send me an email elbarbudosocialista [at] gmail [dot] com

      • Hello ,tell us a little bit about yourself. We are a non militant group (no ranks) but we do 0wn guns and try to maintain good discipline. My name is Pete,I am not the leader but more like the spokesman. Each prepper is responsible for his or her own family. I hope to hear from you soon as we are planning a meeting

  4. I would be interested in meeting up. Please send me an email kp_parker33 [at] yahoo [dot] com, thanks!

  5. here in the big bend region, new here (prepper group) but have a long prepper history with a loose group of approx. 15 families not at BOL but close down here. have a 1300 acre very remote and defendable BOL already set. can accomadate 100 for a SHTF incident with current resources. NO crazies or slackers or prejudices. Two retired bird colonels started BOL for like minded personnel. have facilities for 2 to 4 permanent personnel today if qualified and self sustaining. more if you build it. completely off grid with satelite capabilities, phone/wifi internet (no cell phone service).wide variety of animals at location with facilities for more. ready to start an intentional community of stable self sufficient personnel. mutual interview required
    whitebear at spirit tracks ranch dot com