Dec 052013

I recently moved to the Fort Worth area from the East coast.  There’s a growing “survivalist” movement and if you’re reading this you’re already aware of it as well.  In uncertain times it can’t hurt to be prepared and learn how to be more self sufficient.

I’d like to stand up a social group of like minded people with similar values and goals.  No special skills or abilities are required other than having an open mind, a desire to learn, and willing to contribute to the success of the group.  My goal would be to develop the group into a social network of reliable, knowledgable folks so that we may leverage resources from one another.   Chances are you may never become an expert auto mechanic, however, you may be a wizard at electronics or electrical systems.  Usually, as long as someone has the desire to succeed they will bring value to the group and have something to offer.

Families are welcome.  I have a child in elementary school.  Leave a comment to show your interest.  Thanks!


About me:


Advanced firearms knowledge

Several years in Iraq as a communications contractor

Professional level knowledge – computers, networking, satellite, radios

General knowledge of residential plumbing, electrical, carpentry



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  4 Responses to “Fort Worth Area – Family Friendly, All Welcome”

  1. Hello
    been looking to network as well. I’m also a veteran. I have a wife but no kids yet. I’ve got some preps set aside. let me know what your planning. if you want to contact me, email me at jarodbriscoe(at)gmail(dot)com.

  2. Hello,
    I have a similar background. I was 10 years in Afghanistan, 2 tours as USAF SOWT with Army SF and 8 years contracting. I am looking to move to NW Austin area. Let me know what you have going on?
    patwxdaddy [at] yahoo [dot] com

  3. I am new to this and am not quite sure how you are notified if someone posts a comment. Hopefully you receive an email to your email address that you still actively check. I am located in Arlington and have posted on this site trying to meet people in my area. So far I have had no luck networking.
    Feel free to email me
    listcraigs151 at yahoo dot com

  4. I am the president of our local preppers group
    We are a Christian and family oriented based group.
    We usually meet on the 3rd Sunday evening of each month.
    We do all types of training, campouts, Saturday workshops etc.
    If interested in attending and possible membership please contact me at:
    v l o w e 0 3 2 5 a t g m a I l d o t c o m.