Mar 252013

With over 1300 members from all over North Eastern Oklahoma, our group focuses on buying, selling or trading preparedness items, or just talking about preparedness ideas. If you are interested in keeping you and your family safe during emergencies by having the items and knowledge to do so, then our group may be for you. We are the Green Country Prepper and Barter group on Facebook.

A “Survival Tip of the Day” will be posted daily, and many of our members post tips as well, so check back for those. So far we’ve had multiple items traded, including Firewood, Water Purifiers, Heirloom Seeds, Grain Mills, Gun Safes, Gold Panning Equipment, Dehydrators, Cb/Short Wave/Ham radios, Long Term Storage Food, Livestock and more. Many more items are currently up for trade with more being added daily. Some items for trade include: Rifle Scopes, Weapons, Solar Panels, Coffee Grinders, Plows, Heirloom Seeds, Security Cameras, Backpacks, Trucks, Generators, Batteries, Ammo Cans and more! We’ve also just elected a Board of Directors, who will be coming up with activities and projects to help our (your) communities be prepared for disasters. Please feel free to join at:

  2 Responses to “Green Country Prepper and Barter group, Tulsa Oklahoma area”

  1. I am originally from Tulsa, born at Hillcrest. I am currently a SSG in the U.S. Army overseas. I have two tours, one in Iraq aug2007-nov2008 and one in Afghanistan june 2010 – June 2011. Heading back to the states soon on assignment though but would be the excellent choice for another member to a prepping group. I bring security through intensive training from 8 years in the military, everything from hand to hand combat to conducting complex ambushes utilizing the latest and greatest that we’ve learned from our enemies over seas in guerrilla type maneuvers and material making. Have military records and orders to back it up.

  2. So, one has to be on FB to belong? Sounds counter-productive.