Mar 252012

live in hickory NC am skilled with firearms and out door survival skills. am a NC EMT and work in law enforcement and fire.

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  1. Do you have your food preps? We have a group close to you and accepting members for our BOL, but must have beans, bullets and bandaids. Email me at lillylowery yahoo com.

  2. My husband, 9 year old and I are the land hosts of a small group in South Carolina.  We are currently accepting members if you meet our requirements.  The main being do you have at least 1 year of food (or the ability to procure such very quickly), as well as clean background checks for all adults? we don’t care about your race, religion or politics, as long as your are a law-abiding citizen with good ethics and morals.  My family is Christian, but not all the families in the group are.  But they are all clean as a whistle and the main thing…FAMILY-ORIENTED, committed to protecting their own families and those of the group as well, and keeping us out of a FEMA camp, and minding our business while surviving and thriving in a TEOTWAWKI event.
    Our BOL is off the beaten path, and a perfect place to ride out a short or long-term catastrophic event.  It is off-grid, surrounded by thousands of acres of Forrest, and we are having a well drilled and pond dug out (which we are stocking) put in this week or next.  Our dwellings will be solar and wind-turbines powered. We have two families in North Carolina, two in South Carolina.
    We have one family that we are speaking with next week that are in Myrtle Beach and have asked to join; they will be a huge asset to the group, but 3.5 hrs away.
    Our group is family oriented, we currently have 5 families, with a total of 15 adults, and 4 children, ages 1 year, 5, 9 and 10.  One of our families have 6 adults, all their children are 19-24.  
    We are not right-wing activists, holy-rollers or hippies.  The majority of us are professionals, very financially secure, with the ability to fully prep to the advantage of the entire group.
    Now I’ve told you about us, if interested, would you share some information about you and yours.

    • well i just moved to NC from washington DC where i was an EMT and involved in rescue work. i am an EMT here in NC and working on fire stuff. i have just graduated from the police academy and am in the process of finding a job in enforcement. i work at home depot at the moment and have a basic know how of gardening and basic construction. my bigest skill i poses is my tactical and survival skills. am currently getting food storage and ammo. i have multitudes of weapons and am very skilled with every one. have a one year old K9 that is in the process of training for search and rescue. this is just the surface of my skills. also i am 21 and single at the moment.

  3. Hey Robert, I too live in Hickory and have been seeking a community/group to help and contribute to survival and preparedness skills. I feel if the SHTF so to speak, we will need a trusted and reliable group to help each other through the tough times and there is strength in numbers.

    Good luck with your search and let me know if you find a good community/group near us !!!!

  4. I live in Newton, NC and my wife and I are suburban preppers – if there is such a thing. The skills and level of preparation are more than we wish to make public. We are interested in meeting good, honest, hard-working, like-minded folks.

  5. I live in the Hickory area and am looking for like-minded people. You can contact me at:

    prepper @ linuxmail . org.