Jan 042013

new at prepping but learning fast. I live in the country east of dallas, not a perfect location but i think would be better than in the city if something happens. i think you can have all the food and supplies stored you want but if your alone someone will sooner or later take it from you.  im looking for folks that dont have a place to go in the event of emergency that would like to make this place a rallying place. I will sign a contract with whoever joins that they can never be forced from this place. This place has potential just need the folks to make it happen .. if intrested  let me know and we can meet.

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  1. Careful on that contract, even married couples get tired of each other.
    I would also encourage you to look outside the LGBT community, given the miniscule # of people there that actually prep.
    Feel free to announce that you are gay, or gay friendly (plenty of christians do that on here) but saying you are looking for gays only means you are restrictionist. And if you are offering tenancy at your location, that can land you on the wrong side of federal law prohibiting ANY form of preference in a tenancy advertisement.

  2. There are many, many Texas preppers. I agree with the previous poster you need to look outside the LGBT community unless you are trying to specifically get them to prepare. I would also caution you against a contract. Many people prep for the wrong reasons. You don’t want to end up stuck with someone whose goals are in coflict with your own.

    If you PM me, I can give you some info on Texas groups in your area. You might find like minded people in those groups that you can ally with.

  3. hey there, you are very right, i actually ment to add gay or gay friendly but because of brain freeze lol, just forgot, thanks for letting me know,but dont know how to change the post now that it is up.

  4. Hello from P’cola Florida…..just wanted to give u a shout…..Good luck with your search…..I am trying to find lesbian preppers in my neck of the woods also

  5. hey thanks, so far nothing but will keep looking, wish you luck also take care

  6. Howdy camper45. I’m a 32 yr old gay prepper living in Dallas. I have a long-time partner. In addition, I am close to another gay couple also living in Dallas who are new to prepping but very excited. I’d be interested in talking to you about forming a group near the Dallas area. Email me at dallascityprepper [at] gmail [dot] com and let’s connect.

  7. Looking to buddy. My email is bgsego [at] yahoo [dot] com. I’m a nurse and ex military as well. Trying to find someone into prepping is hard.

  8. May I ask how far east from the dallas city limits you are? Rural can be good!

    We are two women, been prepping for two years, storing food, supplies, guns, ammo, etc, We are on the edge of Oklahoma City and debt free except for monthly expenses. While we decided that it was not practical to purchase another property for “just in case”, we are uneasy/concerned about remaining in the city when people are hungry and desperate.

    One of us lived in Ft. Worth for 25 years so Texas is home! We are Christians, one a Republican and one a former Democrat.

    Can you share in a PM what kind of property you have, what kind of community you envision?

  9. 43yo SGWF professional here, I wish you were in the greater San Antonio area (heading toward Fredericksburg), I’d snatch you up in a minute. I’ve been prepping since ’08, and know no other preppers (aside from family in Houston)- it’s pretty lonely! I live on a few acres property with a well, but it’s pretty “Bible Thumping/Anti-Gay” in these parts (I’m a Christian, too, love thy neighbor, hello?), so I don’t know how it will go down when the balloon goes up. Best wishes to you and good luck!

  10. I live just southeast of Dallas, would be interested in seeing what you have in mind Camper. Been into preparedness a long time, was a Navy corpsman in the first Gulf War and looking to network or just make friends. Email is Taylor3006(at)yahoo(dot)com or reply here.

  11. I’m in Kentucky. I can’t find any gay, gay friendly or lesbian preppers.