May 082012

I am looking for a prepper group in or near Clover, SC. Clover is about 7 miles from the NC state line and I am close to Gastonia NC areas and Charlotte NC areas. I have three children and I am prepping to take care of my children should something happen but I still have a lot to learn and I am eager to learn more.

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  1. Hello. We are also in SC and have children. Our children are younger but would like to chat about how you’re preparing for your children’s well being for when things turn ugly. Prepping with and for kids in my opinion is a lot of work. We have been prepping for several years now and are making quite a bit of progess but of course there’s always more to be done. I’d like to chat more.

    Thanks and God bless.

    • Thanks for your reply. I agree, it is a lot of work prepping with and for kids, especially when being the only one trying to prep. My kids are 19 (girl), 13, (boy), and 6 (girl). I have bought books on prepping food, water, and emergency and survival manuals. I bought a food dehydrator and I am in the process of learning canning and gardening herbs for medicines. I still have A LOT to learn because I am a beginner in prepping. It is scary when you have kids to think about and not just your own survival but theirs too. I wouldn’t be half as scared if it was just me, lol. It’s just me and my kids here and they are my life. If things get ugly, I want to be prepared to protect and provide for them every way that I can. But I feel that I am on my own on this and others aren’t taking it seriously that things could very easily turn bad, real bad. It’s frustrating when I try to talk about it and I just get told that I am just “overprotective”. It’s like talking to a brick wall. That’s why I started searching for preppers in the area that understood and felt how I felt. Any advise is a huge help. Again, thank you for your reply :)

      • Have you concidered the possibility of relocating out of state? We have three boys from 10 to teenager and are looking for more people with children.

      • Hey, I too have bought book after book on trying to learn and practice as much as I can. Thankfully, I’m not prepping alone. My husband and daughter are “all in” as far being prepared. I’d like to talk more if you’re ok with that. Feel free to email me at kpm_6410 at yahoo dot com. I think we may be able to help each other out, if nothing else, then to provide support when it’s lacking the most.

        • Thank you! I really appreciate all the help/support I can get when it comes to prepping and I am eager to give help/support when I can also. I sent you an email and mine is carrieann1973 at live dot com. Thanks again :)

          • I haven’t gotten your email yet, but I have sent one to you! Hope to connect via email soon.

  2. We could meet bi-weekly or monthly.
    I would suggest meeting in Charlotte for the convinence of being centrally located.

  3. I also live in Clover South Carolina on the outskirts in Lake Wylie I think meeting once a month to start would be sufficient then depending on the interest level and how many people come into the group, we could have a meeting on the weekend possibly in a park or something people getting to know each other and exchanging ideas and possibly bringing your bug out bag so people can have different ideas what to put in your bag and then eventually possibly meeting once a month in different members houses if they are willing Ronnie

  4. I found out there is a group of people planning on meeting in rock Hill South Carolina in July, in regards to prepping for a disaster, let me know if anybody is interested in it and I will give you the information who they are and how to follow what they are doing

    • Wylie, My group would be interested in a meet-up. We are around Rock Hill…when/where?

    • Wylie, thanks for replying to my post. It has been a while since anyone had posted, I haven’t gotten on here much in a week or two. I was starting to think that no one from Clover was into prepping. Anyway, I am totally interested in meeting up with others that are into prepping. I haven’t heard of the American Preppers Network but I am interested. Finding anyone from around here into prepping has been hard to find. Thanks for getting back to me :) You can message me at carrieann1973 at live dot com.

    • Hi,
      we are located in Gaffney but come to Rock Hill/Ft Mill about every 2 weeks. it isn’t so far from you and we are interested in meeting other preppers. we have 3 kids 5yrs and younger. any info is appreciated.

  5. How are you by any chance do you belong to American preppers network, I have just been asked to join them in rock Hill in one of the parks I think they are looking at Ebenezer Park no date yet, it seems there are people in this area that are looking to form a group and they are looking at different websites I am not sure if I am talking to the same people but on different websites, well anyway, I’m just one person looking to get together with some like-minded people, maybe somehow all the people in this area looking at different websites can get connected somehow, I am located in clover South Carolina, yes I am interested in getting together, the more people there are in the group more knowledge to learn from different people

  6. I, and my girlfriend of five years, live on the south side of York, SC. I am in between York and Rock Hill. I live some-what out in the country. I am an electrician but I have other skills as well. I would like to see a prepper community develop in our area. I am finally able to start building a small farm. I am buying a two acre lot, but I am looking into a larger track. Survival means being as self-sufficient as possible, but chances of survival increase with bigger numbers of people and preparation. Let us see what we can get started.

  7. i too live in rual rock hill between york and rock hill.just bought house about three years ago.looking to ferther my prepping plumber/welder/back yard machanic.good with hands fast learner good at always collecting supplies for prepping. would like to join a groupe close by or be in a groupe in my own backyard.thanks

  8. Waxhaw NC here. No too far away from Lake wylie as the crow flies. Seeking local prepper group for idea exchanges and potential organization. ucnc69 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  9. Hi,
    My wife and I (and 2 kids) are in Monroe and would like to start a group for networking, exchange of ideas, and sharing of knowledge, etc. We have a website and would like to invite you to go to the forum and sign in and leave a message on the topic titled “South Central North Carolina Preppers” so we can start building a group. We would love to have monthly meet-ups/get togethers. We have a 3300 sf facility in Monroe we can use for a meeting place or would be happy to go anywhere the group would like to meet. The website is and we look forward to hearing from you.