Jul 082015

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Family of 5 looking for fellow preppers in the Alberta Bc Sask provinces. Preferably spiritual family oriented. More or less people that we can keep in touch with and share our ideas and thoughts on like minded topics and arrange a meet within this summer. Eventually find a chunk of land and set up shop. From off grid living, tiny house movement, growing our own food etc. Can be reached at calgaryprepper(at)hotmail(dot)com

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  1. Hello there. We’re in SE Sask. Found this thread by Google search. Sent you an email, check Junk folder if interested. OpSec is paramount. Don’t post specifics here if you continue contact. Email for now and if further discussions follow then text or FB for general topics.

    • Hey hows it going! add me on fb elle jay or jinjocard [at] gmail [dot] com is my plus…

    • Hello,
      I’m definitely interested in associating with like minded people who are awake to our awful situation and want to quietly find each other in order to work together for mutual benefit. We have gained a lot of practical experience over the years at winter camping and have slowly accumulated what will be needful in a time of crisis. Anyways, we are a Christian family of 6 who are willing to become aquainted with other like minded people and see where it goes. We have been collecting knowledge and provisions for many years and realize the importance of finding support groups who will band together physically and spiritually for support when it feels right.

      You can reach me at 4alleternity123 [at] gmail [dot] com

  2. Hey, super cool there is other people out there with this in mind. I know this is an old thread but maybe it can be revived. I actually own an electrical company that specializes in off grid/solar. This is something maybe I can add to the community.