Mar 282013

Hi I,m thinking about starting some prepping for myself. I’m in so me area and want to move way up north where it’s cheaper to buy some land one or two acres. can anyone out there lead me in the right direction?? I’m looking for a mobile on its own land with a possible rent to own option.  Thanks

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  1. Did you look on ? ?

    I also heard it’s good to drive around and look for signs, owners selling some land privately. Like the old guys that don’t use the internet.

    I am eyeing a 3 acre lot in New Sharon we could split 3 ways. New Sharon seems good as it’s North East, towards the national forest and mountains, away from the coast, and at decent elevation. But it’s only about an hour and a quarter from Lewiston / Auburn – or an hour and half from Portland.

    Let’s see if I can find that lot …

    At 9.9k that’s not cheap, but split three ways it’s 3.3k each acre, and each fella gets an acre, that’s doesn’t seem bad :)

    We could get bank loans, that’s like “rent to own”.


  2. Oh I recently saw large lots in Industry Maine (about 1.5 hours North of Portland) that averaged about $1k per acre. It was like 12 acres for 12k.

    That looks nicer than what I saw in new Sharon :)

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