Feb 152012


My name is Nick I recently moved from CT to SC (myrtle beach) I am a young man (25) I started making a B.O.B and stocking up for when the SHTF. My problem is where to go thats why I want to join a group that has the land, my dream would be to join a group or family that has plenty of land off the grid build a cabin, shelter, fortress whatever and stock pile it with supplies I have many useful skills being a electronic engineer specializing in military grade electronic building I have expert knowledge in solar systems and water turbine energy, electronic weapons lethal and nonlethal aswell weapon attachments , wireless security camera systems both covert and non , electronic counter tracking systems and have extensive knowledge in general electronic repair. I know what your thinking what’s this Yankee computer geek thinking he’ll never make it in the woods well thats where your wrong I am a former eagle scout with plenty of wilderness survival skills and have done many wilderness survival training courses and with my electronic skills I can make living in the woods abit more stress free if anything.

email me at nicknsc (AT) yahoo (DOT COM)

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  1. Hi Nick….I’m laura….originally from Gaffney, SC (upstate) but now, in Charlotte NC. You have the skills I need….I can garden, can.food, plan, cook, clean, shoot, etc. etc.. but currently have no location. If nothing else, maybe we could bounce ideas and information off each other. let me know. thanks,


  2. I would like to hear from anyone near that is interested. I have skills and ideas. please email me at wendy earp at yahoo dot com

  3. lets talk,,near Union SC,,contact grayeagle333 here

  4. I’m also in Myrtle Beach and am looking for like minded people to meet with and possibly buy some land with to bug out to if need be. Am looking at the Black River area and prefer waterfront for fishing resources. Want to do a community there to work and defend together. kingfishman07 [at] yahoo [dot] com

    • Hello. I am in Florence (recently moved from Indiana) looking for like-minded patriots. I have been prepping since ’06. Am a former Police and Search and Rescue K-9 officer. I am trying to see how many of us are in the area in hopes of joining or starting our own group. I have contacts nation-wide and started working on an intel network. I have various skill-sets to benefit from. I hope to hear from you soon. you may email me at warrick925 [at] gmail [dot] com

  5. Hi Nick, I’m in Florence. I recently moved back to South Carolina. I have been prepping since ’06 and am a former Police and Search and Rescue K-9 Officer. I have a great skill-set and was a member of a large group in the upstate prior to moving to Indiana. I would like to share more concerning future plans. I hope to hear from you soon.

    you may contact me at warrick925 [at] gmail [dot] com