Apr 172014

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Looking for a group in Live Oak Florida area. Moving to the area next week. I will be a single dad, so money is tight. My soon to be ex and my 2 girls will be moving down in June. I am new to this but willing to get my hands dirty. Ex military.

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  1. I would be very open to starting a group here in northern central Florida….

    • Im in ocala and wanting to start or join a group as well

      • Hi Dyler_Terry,

        I am in central Florida as well. I’m not having much luck in joining a group because I’m not military or an EMT but I do have skills and resources. I was thinking of starting my own group. How about you, have you had any luck? Would you be interested in chatting briefly about where your at with prepping so far and what your general plans are?


  2. Did you ever hook up that hand pump ?