Sep 262013

I am a prepper in Oklahoma just wondering if there are any others out there that would like to share knowledge. If you want to chat email me at bcvaldez9 [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  1. I have a page on facebook. just search for The Okie Prepper come give it a like. It’s fairly new and I try to share some good info each day.

  2. Hello. Im Oklahoma city and would love to set up a meet up with some classes or something. I am also kinda new to prepping.

  3. Anyone out there

  4. What part of Oklahoma do you live in? I am around the Tulsa area. Have been prepping for a while. Have learned a lot and am willing to share.

    • I am on the Oklahoma Border, near Fort Smith, Arkansas area (River Valley). I am new to prepping but have been reading and researching for the last year.

      Interested in any area preppers as well.

  5. just started prepping seriously in the guthrie area and would love some opinions on freezed dried foods and other items i can be contacted at a [dot] enos [at] cox [dot] net