Sep 262013

I am a prepper in Oklahoma just wondering if there are any others out there that would like to share knowledge. If you want to chat email me at bcvaldez9 [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  1. I have a page on facebook. just search for The Okie Prepper come give it a like. It’s fairly new and I try to share some good info each day.

  2. Hello. Im Oklahoma city and would love to set up a meet up with some classes or something. I am also kinda new to prepping.

  3. Anyone out there

  4. What part of Oklahoma do you live in? I am around the Tulsa area. Have been prepping for a while. Have learned a lot and am willing to share.

    • I am on the Oklahoma Border, near Fort Smith, Arkansas area (River Valley). I am new to prepping but have been reading and researching for the last year.

      Interested in any area preppers as well.