Nov 012012

Hello, we are a group of preppers from OKC to Norman, OK.  We are Zombie S.C.A.R.S. (Survival Combat And Rescue Squad).  We have a fun name, and aim to have fun.  We have meetings once a month and do something fun, but prepper related.  We’ve gone to the gun range, played paint ball, ate at Hooters, and coming up with weekend we are going to Lawton to scale Elk Mountain.  Our ages range from early 20′s to mid-30s with one youngen, and one father.  We have a private group on Facebook, so you can post things without worrying about what others think.  We are currently working on a t-shirt that will probably be in our hands by Dec.1st.  On facebook, we share ideas, and tips for prepping yourself, there are no dues, and are not obligated to pay us anything…unless you want a shirt.  They will probably end up costing $20 to $25 but they are looking pretty cool.  Let me know if you’re interested angelo.diaz(at)ymail(dot)com or send me a facebook friend request and I’ll invite you to the group.  See ya soon!

  3 Responses to “Oklahoma Preppers Group “Zombie S.C.A.R.S.””

  1. i am trying to find your facebook group but so far have had no luck

  2. Would you by any chance accept a very mature 15 year old? I cannot find a group that will accept me, as I am so young. I am, in fact, very useful in situations such as the zombie apocalypse. Please let me join. Im desperate. I can prove myself, whatever it takes. I use a crossbow. Please reply! thanks,