Jan 082014

Is anyone from Central Ohio planning to attend? This is the first show here and I’m not sure what to expect, I’ll check out some seminars if they seem worthwhile and of course cruise around and check out the vendors. I’m not sure if this would be a good place to possibly meet others from the Central Ohio area, the logistics may not work if folks are checking things out for themselves and possibly sitting thru seminars. I’m just throwing this out there, perhaps others will have ideas or input we can toss around. For sure I’d want to keep things a bit low-key, how would anyone know who’s who? Time to meet, where to meet? All of this is an unknown since this is a new show in a building I doubt I’ve ever been in. Again I’m just tossing this out there. If anyone has any input or would like to discuss it I can be reached here.   ggea0290 [at] yahoo [dot] com        mention SS in your email. Everyone take care.

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  1. I plan on being there on Saturday, still not sure about my boys though. I do plan on bouncing between a few of the seminars.

    I also asked on their facebook page if there’s going to be food/refreshments available. Maybe I’m overlooking it but I don’t see any mention of it.

    • I did a Google but they didn’t mention on their website if food/beverages would be available, I’d have to imagine there would be. Looks to be seminars on the hour in two different rooms at the same time 10:00-4:00. $12.00 admission seems pretty steep. Hydroponics, bee keeping, holistic, bug-out-bags are a few of the seminars I can remember.

      • Yeah I think there would be to. On the seminars I’m going to the ‘Emergency Radio Communications’ at 10:00am and then maybe the ‘Home/Personal Defense’ at 11:00am. Next one isn’t until 1pm and that’s the ‘Alternative Energy’ and last I think will be the ‘Bug Out Bag Basics’

        • I haven’t really decided yet on the seminars, I’ll probably just wing it as others will be attending with me and we’ve not really made any plans outside of just showing up and checking things out.

  2. Got a response back regarding food – there will be something on site

  3. Roger that. Thanx.

  4. Looks like they’ve changed their line up of seminars a bit –

    Dropped the emergency radio seminar (kinda surprised on that), and have added a a class on basic wilderness survival, “Society Ending Events” and a few others.