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My wife and I are just starting to prep and are interested in meeting like minded people.  She is a trained chef/baker and I am an ex-Army Combat Medic with combat experience in Iraq.  She is 35 and I am 41 and we live in San Antonio.  We are new to prepping and just getting started at it so we don’t have a lot right now but are going to get ourselves there.  If you are interested in talking and seeing if we could start some sort of prepping group please feel free to email me at deonbeard2323 [at] ymail [dot] com.

Deon and Jessica

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  1. I live just south of SA in the country. I moved here a year ago from Houston to get away from the city. I am a serious prepper and have been thinking about this topic for over 5 years I’m looking to meet like minded individuals to discuss the topic and to learn from.

    • I live in Laredo, and have been prepping for about a year. I also would love to meet people who are in the same mindset as I. Also to learn and discuss things with. Most people just give you the evil eye if you mention prepping, so this is welcome relief!

  2. Hi deon and jessica

    My name is philipp and some frends and I stardet
    A group about a year ago. We are 80 miles ftom
    San antonio on 50acers. We are looking for new membera
    And would like to hear from you.

    Have a nice day

    • Hey philipp, my name is mike. looking for ppl to compare my ideas to and learn more. mainly cause im on a small budget! (disability) Ideas on prepping would be great. how do we contact

  3. HI,

    My wife and I are looking for a group. We live in San Antonio. We are new to prepping…but we have allot of skills that would be useful.

    Please contact me
    -Terrance lackey
    Terrance01 [at] gmail [dot] com

  4. My husband and I are looking for preppers/survivalist who are interested in taking a survival self defense class. Our local dojang is preparing to start a class for survivalist only – teaching use in various weapons and defense against them. We are preparing for Saturday classes, and need locals to sign up. We welcome all ages above 7 all fitness levels and training experience as long as your willing to learn. If interested please email booth72003 at yahoo dot com for more information. Our dojang is located on the south side of San Antoinio. Please only serious replies are appreciated!


  5. I too am new to prepping. I have bought a bunch of books, I’m constantly studying and preparing as I go. I have a car kit, a Bug-Out-Bag ready, and an emergency binder with important documents. I also have a fireproof lock box with copies of important papers. I am learning as I go. I live in an apartment so I have challenges to prepping. They aren’t so bad when you begin to view your home through the eyes of a prepper.

    • Might consider a good bicycle with solid tires, a two wheel pull behind if you can, again with solid tires, in case a car isn’t feasible, don’t forget to have a way to protect what you do have.

  6. I am a US Army VETERA of Persian Gulf War and 2x Combat Veteran of Iraq, living near S.A. Texas area. My GF of three years and I are interesting in possibly finding land nearby for a BO place and learning food preservation/farming skills. I AM VERY MISTRUSTFUL of the FEDS alphabet soup agents.