May 052012

On March 8th 2012 I made my first post on this site. I remember having difficulty understanding this site and how to check replies. Please accept my apologizes if I did not respond to you.

I am very open about my prepping and do not fear repercussions from anyone by voicing my desire to prepare myself for unknown possibilities.

The original post was to find like minded people in my area to work together. A group of armed individuals with a fortress of fences and gates is not in my plans although I do own secluded property in the Ozark mountains I did not buy it for a life of wilderness seclusion. I fell that it is not necessary to go to those extremes.

I am concerned about civil unrest and I plan to survive in the safety of my home. Many think these is not possible and I say ” How do you know? ”

I fell that it is not necessary to go to those extremes.

If you would like to have a friend that would be willing to learn from you and help you with his ideas. Please contact me.

If you would like to know more about me and my ideas you can also find me on Youtube. Arkansasprepper my videos convey my thoughts and ideas and you can see my face and hear my voice. A picture is a thousand words and this can help you decide.

I thank you for your time and good luck with all you do!


Your friend, Rick

  8 Responses to “Second post for NE Arkansas”

  1. I have good friends in NE AR near Cord.
    Do you have any plans to develop your Ozarks land? Especially if the New Madrid fault starts growling.
    What are some of your ideas? I would share them with others I know who are inclined to stay put. I took a different route and realize it’s not for everyone. I collect campers and RVs in hopes they’ll change their mind. I put little wood stoves in them. They are tiny houses. They’re not interested in moving into tiny houses – not yet.

  2. hello arkansas prepper, im from russellville ,arkansas looking for like moinded individuals myself, hard to find .. would love to chat about things if interested,my email is alfredlhilton [at] yahoo [dot] com we can chat email or if you send me your phone number ill call you one evening to chat prepping

    thanks bud

  3. Bud, I will email you.

  4. Another ne ark Prepper here Lawrence co area like to hear from you. Email me at trailrider_1863 [at] yahoo [dot] com if interested to talk preps. Thanks