Mar 012012

I am looking to join a group or start a group in the Western NC. area (Asheville area) I would aslo like to connect with fellow preppers to swap ideas and to help me  be a better prepper.

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  1. My email is mljl1743 [at] aol [dot] com. Please email me and ID yourself so we can compare notes and possibly meet up.

  2. This is short notice but, just saw your post. We have a small group meeting for the first time Saturday evening. That’s 3/10/2012. We are meeting at the West Asheville Public Library. 6:00 pm. I will be greeter at the main entrance wearing a black ball cap with A.N.T.S. logo. Join us if you can. David

    • We are looking at the Ashville area as a possible BOL and would be interested in learning of the area. We plan to be in the Ashville area the week of April 7-12. If you’d like to meet give me a shout

      NC Retirement

      Life as we know it.

      We are looking to retire to the Western NC, Ashville area. Our plans are to find some acreage, two plus, that we can put our 31′ Airstream trailer on while we first get sewer and electric, and then start to build our home. This process could take more than a year.

      We are also concerned with when SHTF and would like to find a group to align ourselves with a local group

  3. My wife and I just moved to the area for work and for the great location and are interested in prepping. We want to learn what we can and get to know other preppers for possible future trades if tshtf.