Mar 262012

I live in Washington, im 26 and I just in the last week lost my job. Currently looking so we can keep prepping.

I was wondering if other women like me would like to chat about the process and trade recipes. Talk about how to help and bump ideas off of each other. If you do id love to chat with you. I even have a blog if that is one way to communicate with each other.

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  1. Hello, My name is Melanie and I too am a prepper. I have started stocking up on canned goods and even started building a bug-out-bag. I can not say that I have a vast amount of knowledge on the subject but I am very serious in learning and maybe even become a part of a group.

    My main concern is the fact that I have 1 child and another on the way (I know bad timing) so I have a bit of homework to do in ensuring the best possible prepping for my kids.

    I would like to see your blog, and others as well if you can recommend any. But also exchange knowledge and ideas as well.

    Thanks for your time.

  2. you live in dc or state?

  3. Hello, Melanie
    Im Kristel! I am gonna be canning this year.
    I was gonna start buying stuff to store like flour and sugar.. ect but I lost my job and its on hold. I don’t have a lot of knowledge in things but hey my motto is learn it, practice it and then you got it.

    children.. I don’t have any but we would like to in the future! They can be quite helpful once they start walking. ;) I was 7 when I learned to shoot my bb gun
    Have your man/husband get wood for free. Its very simple. I search Craigslist for a lot of free stuff all the time. Under free and farm+garden and my husband gets a truck load of wood all the time.
    I would love to email you my blog. You’ll have to post an email here so I can send it to you.

    • I am in the process of moving from NV to WA but far north of you. We took our first load last week and I thought of you as I went thru Walla Walla & Tri- Cities. I will be taking my last load this week & my internet will be down for about a week after that, till it gets moved up there. I will communicate after move is complete more as it is pretty hectic right now. I am a long time prepper & much knowelege to share. Please pray God’s protection during this LONG move :)

  4. I will pray that your move goes smoothly. When we moved to our home last year we had to wait 3 weeks for internet and cable. Someone cut our underground line… such a mess!
    Glad you will be in Washington :)
    There is this one store me and my husband love in Spokane (for some reason there is only two of them in Washington) Cabelas!! Were you able to get a pretty good piece of land? We were not :( but I hope to make friends with someone who does!
    This summer you should camp at different places in Washington its a beautiful place with many different sceneries. I wish I could post pictures on here. We have camped a lot in this state.
    Seems you moving at a great time. If you like to do gardens? April Im planting all my stuff from my green house to the backyard!

  5. Do you live in Spokane?
    They do have one there. If your looking online i think you are. Your not gonna find it there. But I promise you its there. I was there last year.

  6. okay okay my husband just told me …
    That it may have an idaho addy.
    Now I have my palm to my face ha ha ha

  7. Rancher is it me?

    At this rate what little hair I have left is going to be gone in days…

    Making promises and your not even in the right state???

  8. If you have nothing better to do than Criticize me. It was a mistake! Get over it.. this is a post for woman so go else where please. Im sure you have never been to Spokane nor Washington. Its very easy to get it mixed up as the building is near the state line.

  9. There is a way of pointing it out with out making fun of them.
    Im not giving wrong information on purpose. It was an accident.
    You could have gone all about this differently. Instead of the way you did.
    So now your saying im a terrible prepper, im stupid and blonde. Do you only live to make fun of members on this forum?

  10. Actually lived in Spokane for 15 years and have lived in WA for 25 and while Post Falls is near the state line its not near Spokane.

    It is not my intention to be harsh so let me explain my criticism. 1) You are swearing to things that are not true…thats different than a mistake and 2) You are on a forum populated by serious preppers who think we are in serious times and you are wanting to swap recipe’s. You have every right want to swap recipes and give directions to retail stores but to hard core preppers that comes accross as pretty base level chatter.

    None the less I wish you well…moving on..

  11. hi im dianna i just started a preppers group for all this kind of stuff its WApreppers yahoo group yes you can post food yes you can bitch yes you can ask ? no i dont care about how you spell it as long as i can read it and you can get your point across

  12. I tried to find you but can’t.. can you PM me more info. Thanks