Jan 152018

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I’m looking for a MAG for my family to join. I am an infantry officer with scout and competitive shooting qualifications, my dad and brother are board certified doctors, my mom is a retired nurse, my sister is in school for clinical psychology, and my long time girlfriend is a teacher. We are all christian. My brother and I are licensed ham operators and I hunt and fish.  We are spread between Oregon, California, Texas, and Florida so I am open to groups from any area. I am primarily looking for a place for us to go if there is a large scale disaster. I can send more detailed lists of qualifications and levels of preparedness if requested. In addition, please message me for availability to assist in preparing the site. I look forward to hearing from and working with you and your group.

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  1. Hello. You guys sound like you wont have trouble finding a group. I haven’t had much luck finding people with your skills to join me at my retreat. Unfortunately you guys are all pretty far away from Maine. Feel free to look up some of my listings on the Maine page. All in all Maine is a great place to prep except for the winters. I’d even move because of the winters if the right opportunity arises. Would love to get to the Ozark area. Don’t let that make me sound half hearted in my preps. I don’t do things with half measure. We love the Lord and have a solid foundation to our faith. If interested LMK. If you all want to move somewhere together as crazy as that sounds we could consider that too…even though that would take a lot more consideration than just one family moving across country. Keep frosty.

  2. Check out my posts. If you like what you read, send me an email at professionaljoat at gmail

  3. Hi Im Mr Prepper… I believe you would be greatly interested in what we have to offer. if you can email me at [email protected] I will give you a phone number you can text or call me at thanks mr. Prepper

  4. I am Privateprepper18 and I am new to this site. I would like to speak to you and see if we are a good match. You can email me at [email protected].

    Thank you

  5. If you are still looking,considering, then search on this site for Tennessee Mountain Christian Prepper Group. I’ll try to PM you.

  6. Hello
    My family is in Central Valley of ca. Are your people in ca anywhere near us?

  7. We are in South OC, but have sufficient land in Inland California, I have much prepared for my family, but the more I prepare and learn, the more I realize I do not have. Looking for others eventually to join us… with skills… at our Inland CA property. I have many resources, and limited training in survival, wilderness training, and firearms.

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