Apr 292016

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4 Acre Organic Farm,15 Apple & 12 acres of forest trees.

Located on a hill top with a wide view across the valley as far as you can see with not one structure in sight!

Couple want to form a community of people of all ages to form a believer’s community who want to pray daily. Water Wells: 1 modern & 1 hand dug.

Our woods connect to other woods owned by farmers next to us meaning there are miles of forest with occasional fields. Where the hunting stands are set up.

Fishing is possible at the creek -a 10 minute walk south from the property by the landmark historical covered bridge. St. Stephen is a 14 min drive; full Shopping amenities, or go 2 km across boarder to Calais, ME u.s.a. has lower priced stores. St. Andrews on the ocean, fishing excursions in the company of whales, seals, porpoises, eagles and an array of wildlife-a 15 min. drive-south. N.B. has the best fishing in Canada. The rich come here from around the world for hunting Trophy black bears, moose, white-tailed deer, upland birds and waterfowl. Ocean and Fresh water swimming & hiking. Strong hunting culture

Apr 282016

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Been several years since my last visit to this site, so I’ve posted this to both the Forums, AND main page. I hope. Bear with me as I’m still learning to navigate whatever it is they’ve done with the place…

I will be looking to move my Family come late August, early September, from NW Indiana to Idaho. We’re looking around the upper half of the state, as far North as Bonner’s Ferry, and as far South as New Meadows, Although I would prefer more North, given my familiarity in Mountainous regions. At the Moment we’re seeking to strike a balance between low population density (low enough that if I need to GOOD, I won’t be snaking my way through a labyrinthine metropolis rife with looters and roadblocks), yet large enough That work is readily available. Physical Labor in construction, agriculture, manufacturing, etc. are my Business, but I also have experience in Retail and Private Security. I am certainly not an “Office Guy,” although I am not opposed to it. Just don’t have any experience in the field. I do pick up on things pretty quick. Other things to consider: We will be renting an apartment. Here in Indiana, you can find Homes for rent. Smaller two bedroom homes can go for as little as $500-$750, depending on the area. This is preferable to an apartment as I would need to rent space at a storage facility for all of our preps. We have far too much for an apartment and utilize some of it in our day to day. We would also like to keep our vegetable and herb garden going as canning is a significant part of our preparations. We try to live as much of the lifestyle as possible, in advance. Again, difficult in an apartment. Lastly, we’re interested in a Bible-Based Church that is friendly to those with Preparedness in mind. Once we’ve established ourselves in the area and gotten into the groove of things, we will arrange meet and greets with local groups to see where we might fit into things and be able to contribute the most.

So if you’re familiar with the area and may have an idea or two, we’d love to hear from you. I know I’m fairly specific, but I’m a pretty adaptable guy. Just shooting me some general information on the areas I’ve outlined would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to hear me out.

Apr 232016

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Looking to join a group. This has been a learning experience for me. Myself I am an 8 year veteran. My specialty was Aircraft Mechanic, but it came with a host of other experiences in which I developed other skills as well. I would expand on my other skills if you communicate with me. I have worked on joining a family which I thought were really great, Too bad communication had a falling out of things and now I have things to figure out, due to not having a plan B my agenda is to be part of a group who are ethical. I will figure it out, but the objective is to be with like minded people, prepare, learn and help with sustainability and perhaps there are people out there who wish to have someone with these qualities to be part of their group. I have experience in many areas that I can contribute to the community. Although I am not looking to be part of a militia, I do have arms and firmly believe in the 2nd amendment, so I hope you O.K with that. I am new to this point of view and the basis of preparation is information and doing what is necessary to be as prepared as possible. I have no alcohol issues or drug issues and prefer to stay away from people that do, I am not a religious fanatic, but prefer someone with spiritual common sense if such a phrase exist. I prefer honesty over political correctness which tend to speak in a language empty of details and facts. I am security conscious so I am careful, not because I am paranoid but because bad people do exist or people with no security awareness expose their vulnerabilities putting good people at risk. I currently live in the Bay area in FL, looking up in the Pensacola or lower Alabama area.  I want to thank you ahead of time for reading this post.

Apr 222016

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I am a single father of two small boys. I know that being ready is a must. I have very little knowledge in prepping and would like to join and support a prepper group near me. I live in Ohio.

Apr 202016

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I’m new to this site, so correct me if I’m posting in the wrong location. I’m looking to hook up with an off the grid community in Kentucky. It would be just me. If anyone knows of any that I can check out and get the feel of, please let me know. Very much interested.


About me: 24 male, located in Versailles ky. I work for the federal bureau of prisons. Have my own firearms and ammunition, very good shot. Can build shelters, traps, Land navigation, and hunt. Only thing I don’t know how to do, is find wild plants to eat (very important, I know) Email is [email protected] or message me on here.

Apr 192016

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Im 25 single been studying and testing for off grid survival for about 5 years off and on, the family house is currently for sale and we are moving rural , to go off grid , hopeing it sells the sooner the better , a few acres near a river an hour from a city so i can still work while establishing permanent off grid , does anyone know if bunkers can be brought in Australia ?, ive looked around but cant seem to find much ,  the housing on the property will be made of seacontainers , i wonder how hard it would be to reinforce a sea container and bury it undergound , i can weld , shoot hunt , grow veggies etc, use hydroponics , grow fish and marron, but im second guessing the fish part from the amount of water thats used , probably just veggies , chooks and canned food ,  currently waiting for a gun liscense is taking forever !, does anyone have any ideas for a sniper tower , or self defense for the property ?, PM me thanks

Apr 192016

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Would like to find other preppers in the area willing give pointers and advice.

Vendor Show Williamston, MI Sat, April 23

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Apr 192016

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Come visit the Vendor/Craft Show at Mt. Hope Church, 3417 E. Grand River, Williamston, MI
on Sat, April 23, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. There will be several “PREPPER” Vendors there…Norwex Rep, Vitamin Rep, and I sell Thrive Life Freeze Dried Foods. Free Samples N Snacks! I will also be promoting our preparedness group that meets here once a month. Come out and visit me and lets talk Preps…

Don’t forget about the preparedness meeting on Sat, April 30 at 11AM, same place….See my previous post for more info about that meeting.

Apr 192016

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Hi, I have little experience prepping but I think I could contribute a lot to a group. I have been hard working my whole life and I have experience with hunting and survival somewhat. Im a pretty good shot with guns, better with snipers/rifles. I use a crossbow for hunting mostly. I was in marine corps JROTC all throughout high school and it taught me a lot of discipline.

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Apr 182016

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My partner and I have began to prepare things are slow going due to funds but we have been studying this for quite some time. I have created a Facebook group call Melbourne/Australian Preppers; please feel free to join and share your experiences and ideas. Thanks
Good luck all

Apr 152016

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Christian base group starting 

my wife and I are starting a prepping/survival group in northern michigan

We are both military vets with a lot in our background. We do have 4 kids

We are looking for like minded people that are wanting to train learn and also share and teach what we do not know.

Please contact me asap

Prep3030 @ gmail dot


Apr 142016

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UPDATE Nov 1, 2016: NEW RECRUITING NOW CLOSED. If we open again for new members, I’ll post a new thread. Until then, please consider this thread closed. Thanks.

Dedicated, organized, group looking to add members.  We’re in Castle Rock, CO and currently have 5 full members with 6 or 8 more currently under consideration.  We have some serious medical expertise, a couple firearms professionals, and various other skills currently, but need more of everything – especially military (combat!) experience.

My wife and I have been preppers for more than a decade.  We’re in our late 30s/early 40s and trying to get back into shape.  Most of us are Christian, but you’re free to practice religion however you choose.  What’s not negotiable, however, is trust – we have to get to know you and feel comfortable with you before a formal invitation will be extended.

We don’t ask for you to contribute any supplies to the group, but we do have personal supply minimums for you and your family so that we know you won’t drain current group supplies.  Donations are appreciated so that our team leaders can enhance our current capabilities, but not required.

If you’re considering voting for Hillary or Bernie, keep scrolling.  You’re looking at the wrong group.

We’d love to find a place to bug-out to, but pending that, we’re gathering in a few proximate homes and making a go of it together with as low of a profile as we can.  If we outgrow our current location, we have other options we’ll pursue should it come to that.

We’re not anti-government, but we feel that it’s our responsibility to take care of each other, not the government’s responsibility to take care of us.  We’re not a militia, but we do require our members each own a rifle and be willing to learn to shoot with us.

If you become a full member, expect monthly full-group meetings and frequent additional team meetings, depending on which teams you’re interested in (aligned with skills and interests).  Our goal is 20 dedicated adults, but 30 or even more is possible with the right people – and that gives us far more long-term survival options.  Zero OPSEC or security concerns with any of our members or you’re out.  No hard feelings, but we won’t compromise on that.

We want team leaders and anyone willing to contribute.  We need fresh ideas.  If you’re along for the ride, or “oh well Steve is good at that, so I’ll let Steve take care of that stuff,” this isn’t the group for you.  We’re “all in” and we expect the same from you.

We’re a group of moral, honest people looking to join together to weather hard times. We’re committed to each other and to making each other stronger. We’re organized and we’re motivated. We have each other’s backs. We take care of each other and we’re committed to keeping it that way.

In dark times, we want to be a light; we strive to help our community and help those less fortunate. We aim to be a beacon of hope and to get our community back on its feet. But we can’t do that if we’re stuck focusing all our time and energy on Maslow’s Physiological needs (the bottom row on the pyramid).

We will maintain our honor and our moral fortitude so that we can be an example to those around us. Without honesty, all is already lost.  “With firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”

PM and we’ll go grab coffee and chat.  We need to trust each other or this doesn’t work.  Thanks, and God Bless all of you.

Apr 122016

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We are looking for like-minded preppers to join our village. Village? Yes. We are successfully building a private, members only village, modeled after small, late 1800’s villages.

The villagers back then, lived close enough to help each other out, and trade with each other. They offered their specialty, in-house shop skills to other villagers, and had celebrations and get togethers with their neighbors. The village was self-sustaining. The whole village looked out for each other, and there was a defense plan for one and all. That is what we are building here.

If you are tired of the ‘Burt Gummer’ wannabees, and those who just ‘play’ at ‘artisan’ prepping, perhaps it is time to find real preppers, people who live their lifestyle.

A self-sufficient life takes work, but there are many self-sutaining, alternative projects which can be incorporated into a life made comfortable which will endure when ‘the lights go out’.

If you are interested in learning how to not just survive SHTF, but also live comfortably long after the dust settles, in the beautiful SE Missouri Ozarks, send us an email. We will send you an initial questionaire, then go from there.

kb233196 (at) gmail (dot) com

Apr 112016

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Looking for like minded individuals and families looking to come together and form a new local group for long term success should the SHTF.  I am an 8 year USMC Veteran (Combat Engineer) who has been prepping for several years and am now ready to teach and learn with others in my area.  If you are easy going, open to a team effort and looking to join/start a local group in the SE Valley, please contact me at frank at diamondns dot com to email further.

Prep mtg Sat, April 30, 2016 Williamston, MI

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Apr 102016

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HI Prepper World,
Our next prep meeting is Saturday, April 30, 2016 at Mt. Hope Church, 3417 E Grand River, Williamston, MI. Church located between Williamston and Webberville. Start at 11 AM to 2PM. Lunch is provided…We always have some kind of prepper food…taste test various freeze dried foods, home canned foods, fresh garden foods etc…FREE meeting. Family Friendly! All are welcome!
Here’s the line up for this meeting….
Open in prayer and I share a scripture verse on what Bible says about being prepared. This is a 5 to 10 min discussion. If you aren’t a church goer…don’t worry about it. We have others that attend here that don’t go to church. It’s not like a church service…only 5 or 10 min. Then we get on with the line up…
We have a former mil guy that will go over knives…how to pick right knife for your b.o.b. How to sharpen knife, differences between knives.
We have an RN that will share medical info…This class will focus on How to wrap sprains and broken limbs properly and differences between the rubbing alcohols and their uses.
We have a rep that will demonstrate how the rolling garden container works and its benefits. We have several in group that share gardening tips.
We have a maple tree farmer in the group that will explain process for making maple syrup. We have a guy that will do product reviews on gun parts. This class will focus on a particular scope. We are in process of organizing a ccw class, should be able to announce date for May class at mtg. We will discuss home canning and food storage as well. There is always other discussion that goes on about various topics. This is great place to connect with other like minded preppers. Please RSVP by responding to this message or private message thru here. We just want to make sure we have enough hand outs and food for everyone! Thanks….Thrive On!

After the meeting we will have a prepper swap n shop. Bring any prep related item you no longer want to swap for something else or to sale. Camp gear, Fish gear, survival or cook books, ammo, gun parts, backpacks, food, medical supplies etc…
Great place to practice your bartering skills!

I think it’s about that time

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Apr 102016

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Greetings to all

Look for Preppers/Survivalist in the Hillsdale County Michigan area (NW part). Closer the better.  NW Ohio will do also.

Looking for like-minded people to do………………..what Preppers and Survivalist do.   I think it would be wise to do these things together.

That is “Before” the SHTF.

People in the Medical and IT field most welcome.  Also, “Old school mechanics”

My talents are in the construction field, i’e’ concrete, carpentry, and a little bit of everything else.  Also small arms repair and instructor. this was one of my military occupations.

My contact info



Apr 092016

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I just moved to SD.  I have been prepping for the Big One, EMP (but also have a geiger counter, a gas mask w/extra filters, NBC suit, et al., just in case).  I have been prepping for several years and am not BS, nor paranoid.  I am retired military, an ex-Army Ranger instructor, now therapist by trade.  I am in the CITY itself and recognize the inherent weakness of my geographic location/situation as far as long term survival in any catastrophic event.  I am solo, but would like to join with like minded, sane people.  I am 55 years young, intelligent, and resourceful.  I speak Spanish also and can consider Mexico as a possible bugout destination, if necessary.  I am not a Rambo, more like a Fess Parker as Daniel Boone in the old TV show. I can be contacted at [email protected]  Is there anyone out there?  SUA SPONTE!

New To The Group and Looking to Relocate

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Apr 082016

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I am currently in the SE part of the US and I am moving to the SW. I have been working on getting my wife to understand the importance of preparing for various possible (and probable) disasters which she doesn’t want anything to do with. It puts me in a difficult spot knowing when the time comes I will have to make a decision I don’t want to make. With that said, I know what is in my heart and upbringing which is why I joined this forum. I am not a “professional prepper”, I admittedly have a lot to learn but I have to say I am better off than most (even if it is just knowledge). I am looking for a group in AZ that is interested in a family oriented, outdoors type, family-man that will be relocating to be near family and work. I am interested in finding either a “hunt camp” or a group that would allow either RV, weekend tent get-aways, or a small shed/house type structure if property is already secured. If it’s a group that gathers to share thoughts and ideas/plans (with no property) that’s fine too. FTF will be delayed until physical move is complete (expected around end of May ’16). I am open to interviews online pending mutual approval for a FTF meeting (email is in profile or post to this message for replies and initial contact). Stay safe out there!

Apr 062016

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Hi I just joined the site! Any preppers in Minnesota looking to start a group or add members? If you have any questions let me know [email protected]

Apr 062016

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Hi!  I posted on here a few days ago.  I have met (online) some Indiana preppers that seem very level-headed and are (at some point) willing to get connected.  Having been in the education field for many years and a fiance who was in law enforcement, we are looking to find even more sensible and like-minded people in Indiana (especially central).  We want to build connections to form a group that we can share with and help each other- especially if and as the going gets tougher.  We are Christians and would like to find others who either are or (at least)are not close-minded to Christians.  If you wish to make connection, respond to this and we could then look at connecting by regular e-mail.

Apr 052016

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I’m very new to all this but am very interested in joining a group if anyone knows of any in Rochester NY.  I’m currently interested in learning survival techniques for off the grid living and prepping strategies.  if anyone knows of any meet up or of someone who teaches survival I would love to know more.

Apr 042016

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I was wondering if there are any survivalists in my area that are members here. I am new to prepping but not new to survival. I have many skills and extensive experience in outdoor survival. Just recently started to put together a Bug out bag (you can call it what you like) and I soon realized that in a EOTW senario, people would be your greatest resource. I would like to establish a group of like minded people so we could pull our resources, experience and knowledg.

Apr 032016

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Here is my post at the Fellowship for Intentional Community website :
Listing created on: November 3, 2012
Western ME Homestead/Prepper Group
(Franklin County, Maine, United States)
Status: Forming
Conceived 2008 – no group per se yet
Visitors accepted: Yes
Open to new Members: Yes
Franklin County, Maine, 04982 (not)
United States
Visitors accepted: Yes
email me, we’ll chat & maybe speak on the phone
Membership Process
Open to new Members: Yes
fit in w/the vision
Mission Statement:
create sustainable group
Community Description:
Have 100+ acres of hardwood & rocks, w/plenty of water – supremely defensible – need partners to develop. Beautiful rural area, some farms/tiny villages surrounded by thousands and thousands of acres of public access forest.
20 mi.s from tiny resortish village for odds & ends of employment – ski areas for one thing.
15 mi. from a very greeny/hippy small college town that is the county seat (also for employment as needed), has all sorts of Ag. Stores & a farmer’s market as well as a decent hospital.
I have an excavator, and a farm tractor w/a loader, finally bought a dump truck  to begin developing the land into a defensible farm retreat.
Also have bandsaw mill, woodsplitter, all construction tools & equipment – generators, etc., etc… 30 yrs. as a carpenter/builder/developer before becoming a realtor (know development regulations/procedure) .
Meanwhile continuing to develop present 6 acre mini-farm 1/2 hr. away for gardening & animals until big project is more under way.
At this point there are others who are interested, and I have placed 2 big travel trailers on the land . One to be enclosed in a solar double garage for temporary housing for myself . Your temporary housing would be welcome if you are in sync w/me.
No offense but please don’t contact me unless you are seriously considering a move to a group in a safer place, and please understand that my project is not developed, and will require a lot of physical work, but also – you will be on the ground floor, so to speak.
Thank you, and good luck to you all in this New Year .

Apr 022016

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Hello everyone, I am looking to start interaction  with some “like minded” people that live around my area.  Although I have some contacts already, this internet, synergy, blogging thing is new to me.  I will try to summarize some details that describe who I am in the upcoming sentences.  For starters, I am close to my mid 40’s and work out 4 to 6 days a week. My wife and I are both in the medical field and the parents of 2 wonderful sons.  Give or take a year and they are around 10 years old.  The Blue Ridge Mountains are very addictive and my family is always hiking, fishing, hunting, or camping every moment we can. This may sound a bit strange but the mountain’s tug at my being and I am happiest when I am in them.  Unfortunately, my occupation is lucrative but extremely demanding and takes the vast majority of each day.

I started my prepping mindset in the year 2007.  Every week I would go to Walmart and buy 1050 rounds (2 value pack boxes) of Federal 22LR  for $37.94.  The preps moved onto different calibers and I started upgrading some of my reloading equipment.  Obama was elected and all hell broke loose.  It started in ammo, moved to guns, magazines, then to primers and powder, etc.  Stocked up and with no fear compared to the rest of the nation, I realized that prepping specific items would be essential for the years to come.

Somewhere along 2006 to 2007, I took my first defensive handgun course in West VA.  Lets just say I was hooked!!!  One course led to another, then another to the point I have now taken around 9 courses from pistol to precision rifles and everything in between.  I try to take at least one course a year to refresh the drill skills.  Without question, my favorite style of range time is long range shooting.  Over the years, I invested in several custom rifles with scopes of equal expense or more.   A precision rifle cannot be utilized to the fullest unless the barrel harmonics and optimization of the ammo has been evaluated.  What that means is I have spent hours and hours at my reloading bench then collecting trigger time.  On the norm, I get about 50 to 100 rounds down range about every 2 weeks depending on what firearm I feel the urge to take with me.  For those of you that know the lingo, I am a sub MOA shooter with my precision weapons.

My personality is one that is extraverted.  In my occupation, I am in an Alpha position and have numerous employees that need my help/guidance every day.  I naturally migrate to people that are genuinely nice, knowledgable, and where an unspoken respect can be established between us simply because I like them.  On the other hand, my fuse is pretty short for people that reek of arrogance, drama, self righteousness, laziness, and entitlement.

Lastly, I have made some mistakes in the past “regarding preps” but have learned what is cost effective verses wasted money.  There’s so much to learn that it takes years to develop experience.  Unfortunately, everybody wants to offer advice but at least 95% of the people just regurgitate Bull Shit they have heard in hopes of trying to impress.  I can honestly say I am pretty proficient in hunting, fishing, marksmanship, moderate gun smithing, and gardening.  My wife has other sought after skill sets that make her extremely valuable.  If we sound like the kind of people you would like to meet, then reply to this post and we can plan something over coffee.