Jul 312016

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Looking for like minded folks who are interested in developing a network for mutual learning and support.

Jul 312016

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Hi, im new to all this prepping stuff, have always been interested in camping and stuff, not sure where to start as a serious prepper, would like to communicate with other likeminded preppers in nsw australia

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Jul 302016

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Are there preppers in Putnam County, Florida? I am a retired chemist and hydrologist. I am married. One of my concerns is defense.

Jul 302016

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Smart and well prepared family looking to purchase a few acres of bugout and/or homestead land. Any advice on the best areas to look at would be greatly appreciated. Any prepping groups out there, we would love to hear from you. Anyone who wants a good neighbor that will stand and work hard or stand and fight hard, let me know. I am constitutionally minded and have taken the oath to defend it. Fully skilled in all prepping areas; background checks are ok. So please, if you know of a few good acres (paying cash) let me know as I am heading out that way soon.

PS… I don’t suffer fools!

Admin Edit: Please send the location/real estate suggestions via the Private Messaging system (or leave an email for contact) so this one doesn’t turn into a pro-con debate, or take the pro-con debates over to the forum side where they can be dissected at length. Cheers!


Jul 292016

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We my son and i have been in three groups long term over the last 10 years and we still have not found what were looking for.Though we know what we want we are done joining groups or start up groups that have no idea what they are doing and are playing intentional communities.We have seen so many group dynamics, met great people and watched groups rise and plummet.We are christian but not up tight in any way.
My son and i are the loyalist people you will ever meet treat others as we wish to be treated and as long as someone is real with us we will remain true.we have lived all over the U.S.A north ,east south and west we are most fond of north west.
we are full boar jacks of all trades with specialist trades as well.We have lived in the wilderness off the land for years at a time we have went over two years without seeing or hearing another human besides one and other. we have lived free and owe no person for it

We hunted the kings game and fish put seeds in places a piece of paper did not say we owned.and then tended those seeds weeded or watered as and or if needed. and ate the harvest from them we did.I am 39 my son 22 we are still young and get things done.Our skill sets include medicinal plants, oils ,coilloidal silver use and making.First aid. c.p.r, field trauma and wilderness aid.
bush craft water gathering purification shelter,fire,and food.hunting and fishing some tracking skill.planting crops growing in the hidden places that is not as easy said as done.have grown crops no g.m.o.s and collected seeds and started again.
it must be known up front we are warriors not soldiers we do and can work as a team with others and we accept responsibility for our actions it was never orders that made us do anything.i have studied combat martial arts for over 2o years cqc or hand to hand combat as well as edge weapons.i have vast experience in fire arms both rifle @ pistol.as does my son.This list covers a large range of our skills but not all.
we have done our fair share of looking so now we will let someone do some finding.we are up for grabs once again none better to guard the bug out lo cal or help build it up.we would like to become friends perhaps extended family.most preppers do not have near the security they will need to even endur the very first food raids.a starving man or woman are unpredictable at best.a mother @ father may be limitless in their actions to provide for ones children.We are looking for our next great adventure if your looking for people like us contact us in responses if we like what we hear we will contact you with e mail and or phone number.

[email protected]

Jul 282016

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Checking in, new to the site, but not new to being prepared. Northern Idaho here. looking for likeminded individuals or families to share experiences, ideas and advice with.

Jul 272016

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Hello, My name is David. I live just outside of louisville Ky. I am looking to pick up new skills for survival and help in anyway that i can. I am also looking for a bug out location or a group that i can be a part of that has said location. I feel time is short and i must prepare. Any information or groups would be much appreciated .

If anyone has any information an email i can be reached at is [email protected]

Than you David

Jul 252016

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Just moved from Hawaii to Oregon with my wife and in the process of looking to purchase a home within a rural area.
Once we purchase a home I will be moving my parents to live with us.
The rest of my siblings along with their children will follow by the summer of 2017.
Looking to connect with a group in Oregon or Idaho.
Looking for some help and direction.
Thank you,

Jul 252016

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My name is Russ. I’m looking for a group in Southern Indiana and Northern Kentucky. I have the basics, but I would like to find a group of individuals of various backgrounds. I want to learn new skills.

Jul 252016

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This is a generational farm from the 1700’s
What I have to offer.
138 acres of land about 50% in timber so lots of wildlife. A person could make a living from trapping alone here.
3/4 of a mile of it is on the green river so lots of fishing.
2 drilled wells.
1 hand dug well.
6 springs one built out completely.
So your water is covered!
Right now I’m giving the gardens a 2 year break. First time ever I think. But all together their 2 acres.
This area of ky is known for its whitetail deer and turkey population.
So in all your basic needs are covered.

I’m wanting to start a few hydroelectric plants to be completely off the grid.
I’m currently going threw the training to be an instructor for ccw (concealed carry weapons)

As I said before it’s a generational farm so I’m covered up in equipment! Just about anything one would wish to do could be done.

We’re a none religious family but excepting of those who are. DONT try to convert us! We’re also lgbt friendly.

Well this is a very small window into who we are and what we’re offering. If you’re interested let me know.

Jul 232016

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My personal belief is we are going to see a major depression in the next two years. There will be unrest but the rule of law will still be in effect somewhat. Things could fall totally apart but that could happen tomorrow or in 20 years.

We are located in west central montana and would like to meet a few independent self supporting people. We have living arrangements for a few people or could help you relocate to the beautiful rocky  mountain front.

If you have no skills and no resources keep on learning and work two jobs, the time is short.

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Jul 222016

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Hello my name is John, I live in Southern California namely the San Fernando Valley. I know that this area will be a death zone when whatever happens happens, so I’d like to secure a place to go and or a place to go now maybe. My plan has a huge fault in that I can make it out of LA but then what? I’d say that’s a pretty big problem considering how many other people are going to be the same situation. I considered bugging in, but like I said death zone. There’s no food here is no water we are dead in the water here.

I have my own weapons, ammo, food, and whatever else is required.  I’m a 34-year old single white- man of sound mind and body raised with good Christian values. Strive to be the best person I can be living my life according to the morals I was raised with and valuing my word and God above everything. I feel like there’s not very many men that came out of my generation, real men  anyway. I like to think that I am the real man and capable of doing and being all that goes with it. My background is in the refrigeration field, though I like to think that I can fix anything mechanical. I have some experience with metal fabrication but would like more of all the training I can get. Don’t have a problem being an apprentice or tool boy if I can get knowledge out of it.

Willing to give time and money  to a good cause and good people .I have a dog that is brilliant that I will feed. If that’s a problem willing to talk about it.

As of now my plan is basically: I have a dual sport motorcycle that’s a dirt bike that street legal basically .and a gigantic bug out bag and two side  cases that took on the my motorcycle .when I have to go,  I have a back fire road that I’m familiar with that will take me out of Los Angeles. I need your help in finding a place to go . Any help is greatly appreciated. And I give my word  that I will do everything in my power to pull my weight and anyone else’s weight who falls behind , I promise you you will not be  disappointed  and find me an asset to your group.

thank you



Jul 222016

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I’m looking for other preppers near the Dallas area, just got out of the United States Army as a Sgt e-5. So I have skills I can bring to the table. If interested email me at [email protected]

Jul 202016

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The present facts of our current and emerging reality coupled with your gut-level intuition about what is getting ready to happen can no longer be ignored…we are heading for a major life-altering event. You’ve come to the unsettling conclusion that there are too many danger signals to deny.  DON’T IGNORE YOUR INTUITION.

So, you have stored some food, ammo and weapons; you read some books on gardening and basic medical care.  But are you really ready?  You can wait until you are facing fundamental societal change to determine how ready you are, but that is a decision that carries serious consequences.

Safety and Skills in Numbers

The wise choice would be to join a group that is serious about preparing for an event.   We have been preparing for multiple  years to shelter our membership and sustain our existence for many years afterwards at a secluded and secured location with full-spectrum provisions for long-term survivability.

We have prepared a safe haven community of a dozen family units located in central North Carolina for our membership from Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. We don’t live there–we just prepare it for the day we know we will have to occupy it. We are not sure what will take place or when but just like you, we can discern the signs of that inevitability.  After all, it is not a matter of if; it is a matter of when.

Our 50-acre retreat has all of the needs necessary for long-term survival under any circumstances including:

  • A deep well with pristine water (with a backup manual pump)
  • A pond and a fast-flowing creek
  • Abundant deer, wild turkey and rabbit
  • Domesticated livestock including rabbits, chickens, goats and ducks
  • Sustainable gardens (raised beds and tilled ground) to replenish our stores for food consumption and medical needs
  • A fruit orchard and numerous fruit bushes
  • Abundant natural growing tubers, blackberries and other non-cultivated food sources as a back-up
  • Ongoing construction of a greenhouse to cultivate vegetables, sprouts and seedlings for longer growing seasons
  • Solar energy systems under development with a dedicated and skilled team working on Energy to determine exact power needs and equipment.

Who We Are

Because our objective is to be self-sufficient when we have to occupy our retreat we feel it is critical to store and prepare together rather than risk an isolated effort that cannot be defended when social order collapses. We all value the safety of our families above all else, which enables us to collaborate in preparing for that event.

I am a Vietnam Vet who served with an combat infantry unit as part of five years in the US Army, so I know what it takes to protect your habitation.  I have also served as CEO of three successful companies in my career so I know how to successfully organize people and projects.

We have organized a retreat community made up of hard-working and dedicated folks committed to preparing for an event.  Many of our membership are former military so we bring that self-discipline and spirit of camaraderie as well as mission-focus.

The retreat includes a stocked medical clinic as our membership includes several doctors, a RN and an EMT. We are prepared for many medical emergencies or situations.

In addition to the medial staff listed above, our members also include several electrical engineers, an attorney, an auto mechanic, a teacher, DOC officer, retired Army infantryman, an IT expert, a competition shooter/fisherman, a seamstress, construction contractor, teacher, a former SWAT member and a trained aviation mechanic and assembler. We have formed teams to address security/weaponry, medical care, food production, food preparation, communications, construction and energy.  Each team has a team leader and organizational charter.

We also form Task Forces to address specific needs like Mobilization/Activating Communications and Perimeter Security Training Aids.

Our three-person Leadership Team (all former military) sets executive policies and provides operational day-to-day decisions.  Issues that involve long-term implications or significant allocation of resources or policy changes are brought before the group for discussion and decisions.  We do not run our organization like a commune or home owners association—but more like a corporate or quasi-military organization.

If you are looking for a pure democracy with extended deliberations and a vote on everything while progress is measured at a snail’s pace… pass us by.  If you are looking for a group to join that you can maintain a passive enrollment, store food with your “name on the list” for “when the balloon goes up”; we are not the group for you.  Our motto is “Plan-Prepare-Practice” so we don’t just think about alternate energy–we develop it.  We don’t just read books on first aid–we practice it.

We are looking for team-oriented individuals that bring useful skills and positive “can do” attitudes to the table with committed families to actively participate in and further develop what we have achieved so far in the following areas:

  • Operational facilities and extensive sustainable survival provisions maintained in a high state of readiness with the services of a full-time caretaker and group projects conducted at regular meetings.
  • Personal and group training in sustainable living skills (gardening, livestock, construction, food preservation/preparation), operational security / defensive skills, and medical/TCCC (tactical combat casualty care) training.
  • Solid relationships between members based on trust, competence, and contributions to the group over an extended period of time. Everyone in the community contributes from their resources and skill sets to make us a stronger group.
  • The governance bodies are: an Ops Leader, Assistant Ops Leaders (Leadership Team) and a Community Council (made of adult members).

Our motto is: Plan, Prepare, and Practice.   

We hold monthly gatherings which are also Skills Development and Retreat Building Workshops one weekend every month. During a typical weekend we conduct numerous training sessions and defense simulations.

Firearms and security training is part of every session and members are encouraged to seek out individual firearms training as well.  Most of our membership have also attended off-site weapons training, occasionally together. We have a 25-meter and 125-meter pistol and rifle range and provide training in basic handguns, rifle and shotgun use at every Gathering with several trained instructors/range officers.

Our onsite workshops include working on developing the retreat as well as developing our skill sets. Many of our members have attended homesteading skill and survival training programs at conferences to enhance skills. We plan to bring select experts in for additional training in the next few months.

In addition to a 360+ page operations manual to support our members, we have also developed a separate 200-page Retreat Activation & Security Protocol which has been reviewed and critiqued by several retired military officers and several security systems experts. We also have an extensive CCTV camera system for surveillance with several monitoring stations. We take our security seriously, so onsite security is 24/7/365.  After all, if you can’t defend it, it’s not yours, so ours is defensible.

Here is a sampling of some of the training topics we have presented:

  • Foot patrolling techniques
  • Tactical gear
  • Small unit tactics
  • Radio Talk Protocol
  • Running & gunning
  • First aid and trauma medical care
  • Compass reading and orienting
  • Communications protocol
  • Battery storage
  • Water purification
  • Sanitation
  • Alternative energy devices
  • Solar energy
  • Gardening
  • Cheese sealing
  • Food packaging
  • Slaughtering and dressing of domestic livestock
  • Herbs, homeopathy, and essential oils/tinctures
  • Candle making
  • Radiation-countering supplements
  • EMP protection
  • Earth moving equipment operation
  • Survival skills and much more…

Our Retreat

We have accommodation cabins, RV spaces, a medical clinic, a well-house with backup manual well pump, a 3-room bath house with showers and laundry facilities, shop, diesel and gas storage, community center, provisions storage area, commercial kitchen and communications center/operations room. We have a large amount of stored water, solar energy, propane supply and wood burning as well. We have prepared for EMP with multiple precautions to include multi-layer nesting of all electronics within Faraday Cages.

We are finalizing our solar power system as we have done extensive research in the process and have been accumulating solar equipment for years.

We have installed a four-stage air filtration unit (with large bank of deep-cycle marine batteries) for our fallout shelter that can remove 99.99% of the impurities in the event of a NBC or fallout event. Every member has to have a functioning gas mask and fresh filter.  Our fallout shelter is self-contained and able to sustain the community members for weeks, if needed. We also have calibrated radiation monitoring equipment, dosimeters and hazmat suits for clean-up and outside monitoring.

To support our communications center, six of our members have Ham licenses.  Our communications center will monitor radio traffic and stay connected with a network of other ham operators when the event occurs. We also have our own internal switchboard system with hard-wired phone system.  As a precaution, we have duplicate equipment for everything—back-ups to back-ups.

Anyone can have a Plan B…but you may need a Plan C.

We all share in the development of the community through working at every monthly Gathering. While we don’t occupy the retreat until an event has occurred, our members can use the property for R&R to enjoy hunting, fishing, relaxing as we are surrounded by a large area with plentiful game.

Our members rent space (RV space or cabins) at $250/month to pay for on-site caretaker/security personnel and utilities to man 24-7.  We do have a one-time membership fee of $750 that is non-refundable that goes into our construction fund.

We have one cabin available as well as a RV space (RV has full range of sewer, water and power hook-ups). We are looking for capable and willing folks to help with physical requirements of post-event such as energy (solar, etc.) patrolling, gardening, wood gathering, hunting, etc.

There May Be A Place for You in Our Community

We are also seeking additional skills to add to our mix.  No anti-government types, militants or racists.  We are Constitutionalists and despite a major concern in how our government is run—we are pro-America. Prospective members go through a vetting process that includes email interviews, telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews, as well as background and criminal checks.

Although we are secular, we are principally Christian but will consider all religions (or non-religious types).  We are not “Bible-thumpers” but we do have deep moral, spiritual and ethical beliefs. We have Sunday Bible service, but attendance is optional. We have an optional Sunday Service when we hold our weekend Gathering but attendance is optional.

We review our mission, vision and core values at every meeting and have a 12-page set of rules to govern behavior.

If you have been prepping for a while and want to affiliate with a well-organized, like-minded group in North Carolina, then ask for an application. We start with a phone call first.

The retreat is ready to be occupied by members at a moment’s notice. We keep the candle burning 24/7.  You could be one of those able to flee the perils of the decline of social order for the security of a small well-trained, organized, and prepared community.

How important is your family’s welfare and security? What are their lives worth to you?  Think about the advantages of a well-organized group when it comes to the safety and welfare of your loved ones when everything turns upside down. It is like owning an insurance policy you never want collected or that spare tire you keep in your trunk you never want to use.

We have been told by several TV production companies that have approached us for filming that we are one of the most organized groups they have come across.  Then why haven’t you seen us on TV?  It is simple…our operation security is far more important than ‘15 minutes of fame.’  We are preppers–not food hoarders or entertainers.

If you want to see a video of our group, visit YouTube and search for “Tranquility Ridge r2”.  You should get a sense of our group from the video. We are serious folks and have a mission that is reviewed every meeting.

If your family’s security and safety is critical to you and you live in North Carolina, Virginia or South Carolina, contact us today. Contact me via email: sgtprepper2 (at) gmail (dot) com to discuss your qualifications by phone and then we will send you an application and list of further requirements.

We have one cabin and one RV space left and it is first-come-first-serve.  Remember, most of the Jews of Europe missed the early tell-tale signs of the sinister changes that were taking place in the 1930’s.  Don’t miss this opportunity to join an established and organized group–we are serious…are you? 


Jul 202016

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Hey All
Just a reminder that our monthly Prep meeting is coming up on Saturday, July 30 from 11 am to approx. 2 pm ….

Mt Hope Church, 3417 E Grand River, Williamston. Church located between Williamston and Webberville. Cross Road is Dietz Road.

We will get to taste test food from www.glutenfreeemergencykits.com
This food is very tasty, low sodium, gluten free…you will be surprised how good it is. We will also have fresh salad from the garden!

Anyone who has any prep related items they sell are welcome to set up a display table at the meeting….We usually have a Norwex Rep, Young Living essential oils rep, Thrive Life foods rep and Juice plus/tower garden rep….so anyone else that has something, then get to the meeting a little early to set up your table display. Church provides tables.

I had sent a previous email stating Teri from www.glutenfreeemergencykits.com would be here to demo product and sell product. I was trying to drum up pre orders to save shipping charges for everyone, but only one person responded regarding ordering. She will not be able to come to this meeting, but I am hoping we can host her in the future. Check out her website though….

I have had several new people contact me for meeting info thru the websites I advertise on and people I met at the preparedness show in Mason a few weeks ago. So we are expecting at least 6 new people to be here. For you “regulars” Please come out and support the group and be a help to the new ones.
We WILL NOT have an Aug prep meeting at the church. Summer is crazy busy for everyone and people are getting ready for back to school, harvesting garden goodies and vacations….So I will just do a potluck at my house after church on Sunday, Aug 28…We can have a time of fellowship and informal discussion on whatever prep topics you want. Another email will be sent in Aug about this.
Agenda for meeting…..
Still putting together some of it, but so far we have the following….
Open in prayer/devotion
**Remember that Sept 30 is when U.S. cedes control of internet. If you find an article online that is helpful to you and you want to keep it, then get it printed off before then and saved in your notebook.
**Do your water storage….you need water to cook with, digest your food with, bathe with, clean with. Water trumps food. Do your water storage!
**Consider shutting off your utilities for a weekend to find the holes in your preps…figure out what else you need to make life more comfortable in grid down situation. Better to do this now in a controlled way with less stress than to have to figure it out unexpectedly.
Kaz from www.Kazvswild.com is planning to come to share about his business. He was as the Mason Preparedness show. He will go over some Bushcraft training with us and tell about his upcoming events.
Shawn will go over EDC (Everyday Carry) items you should have on you at all times…this is just not for guys….we have a list for the ladies too. He is also into building airsoft guns and AR’s….He does product testing and reviews on gun parts and has a lot of knowledge to share on that subject and will be available to talk to during lunch break and after class if you have questions for him.
Rose will have the tower garden on display and will explain how you can have fresh fruits n veggies to eat or juice in as little as 6 weeks, also the year round benefit of an indoor garden and explain how to use off grid. She did a presentation before at a meeting, but we didn’t have many in attendance at that one. I think this is an item everyone needs to consider for their preps due to the diversity and benefits of it, therefore I am asking her to come and show this at each meeting.
Reilly, a student a Rhema Bible College has recently returned from Uganda, Africa. I asked her to share her living condition experience there. Since this is a third world nation, we can learn off grid living skills. She is a high energy, excellent speaker!
Trish, our RN usually presents First Aid/Medical info, but not sure if she will be able to join us at this meeting. If she is here, she is available to talk to about medical issues.
All of our speakers are well prepared! Your time is not wasted here. Come and learn and come and share. Make new friends and fellowship with old ones.

After the meeting….
We will have a BARTER / SWAP N SHOP….
Bring any prep/survivalist item you no longer want to trade for something else or to sell. It can be camp gear, fish gear, backpacks, tents, ammo, bow n arrows, medical stuff, books, food, knives, etc….This is great place to practice your barter skills! If you have larger items like fishing boat, atv’s, snowmobiles, campers etc… I can send out a group email advertising your item if you want. Just make sure you provide as much detail as you can along with your contact info and price for item.
Lets get as many people as we can to this meeting….forward on to ones on your email list or feel free to post on your facebook or other social media outlets.

Jul 202016

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My wife and I will be moving to West Plains Mo by the end of this year, we have lived in Columbia Mo for 5 years and have started a community of people like us. but now with this move we are looking for other in south Missouri that are like minded.    We have been semi self- reliant for 5 years and have a lot of skill but still willing to learn new stuff.

Jul 192016

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looking for a group of people who are in preparation to protect thier families as well as strive to be as self sustaining as possible.

i am a water distribution,  treatment operator.

IT geek as well.

background in outdoors.

have much more to share and offer, but believe in being discreet 😉

hope to hear from you (not sure how to be discrete online) !

Jul 182016

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Looking for a shenendoah valley or northwestern va prep group. Looking to learn and contribute.

Jul 182016

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Central Indiana preppers:  I don’t think many of us have actually gotten together, some want to and feel time is running out with  ongoing crisis, and tensions high.

I propose that we meet next Sunday, July 24, at Morrows Meadow in Yorktown Indiana at 1500.  This is a public park.

This will be a meet and greet, getting to know each other and share ideas.

If interested please confirm at [email protected]

If you have specific questions or ideas you wish to discuss, please share that as well.

Jul 182016

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Good evening any crisis support or prepper groups in the tampa metro area, I am looking to join like minded people who wish to thrive during the harsh times ahead.

Jul 172016

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A private patriot christian community is being built to survive hard times. Vetted members only

* if you are interested in building a safe, sustainable, patriot christian community with other like minded people in south eastern wv then apply within.

182 acres available in community, property is 1/2 mile long nestled in a hollow surrounded by mountains on all sides and hidden one way in and no thru traffic. 3 streams flow through land with wild food and hunting available. Fenced in fields for community use of goats. Other farm animals welcome like farm fowl ect. Community sawmill on site. Mountain timber for community use for outbuildings, cabins ect.

Looking for the following:

Like minded christian patriots
Skilled, hard working, motivated people
Ready to move people
Community minded folks
Must want to work together to build up this community! Rising tide raises all ships. Time is short.

A .999 fine silver dollar is needed to purchase your acre with paperwork.
Time is short, motivation to move immediately.
Means of sustainable off grid living like a camper, moterhome, personal delivered or diy built cabin, food, seeds, water storage, solar/wind/hydro, means for community and self defense, handheld ham radio, hand tools and personal medical supplies.
This place is lost in the mountains.

Apply by contacting me via email here: fadestyle(at)unseen.Is

Pics can be seen here: www.Tinyurl.Com/sanctuarypics

* http://www.Biblegateway.Com/passage/?Search=mark+13:13-15&version=nkjv

* http://www.Activistpost.Com/2012/10/the-one-most-important-question.Html

* http://www.Shtfplan.Com/emergency-preparedness/10-reasons-why-building-a-community-is-key-when-the-shtf_07242012


Jul 152016

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Let me introduce ourselves. My husband James and myself and another couple have been preparing for some time. Since we live dead center of the Dallas metroplex, we knew we had to prepare a BOL elsewhere.  We have purchased and built on 12 acres in East TX 1/2 mile off Lake Fork (premier bass fishing lake). We have taken a bit of a different route – hiding in plain site as there is no where to hide anymore. We are disguised as an ordinary RV park, but are addressing the needs of water, food, and energy and are only looking for preppers who want a spot at the park for their BOL.It can be a retreat when you want it but a home when you need it. We have a 45 GPM well in the same aquifer as Ozarka, ample propane supply, and a stand-by generator for the infrastructure. We are fenced and gated and have a security system. We require members to have their own food supply to last until food can be grown.

We believe in community. We believe, “Wise people see danger and go to a safe place.’ NIRV.

Don’t just bug out; don’t run and hide; when it’s time, come and live. Until then enjoy a retreat in the trees of East Texas.

Background checks required. Rules and regulations will apply. See our website at ProvidenceRVParks.com and email us for more info. We are having a meeting this Sunday, July 17, at 2 PM in Euless for those interested in more details.


Southwestern Oregon Preppers (SWOP) will be holding a meeting July 23, 2016

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Jul 142016

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Southwestern Oregon Preppers (SWOP) will be holding its monthly meeting at 3:30 PM on Saturday, July 23, 2016 at Mile Post 251, Hwy 101, Coos Bay, Oregon 97420. Look for the clearing on the west side of the road. Come rain or shine.

The main topic is “Prepping Skills and Drills”. Bring your bugout bag and something to sit on. Your skills and equipment will be tested. You will learn your strengths and weaknesses. SWOP meetings always start with a question and answer period before the main topic so all in attendance get a chance to participate.

This is a free public meeting to get to know fellow local preppers in southwestern Oregon counties and to exchange information and ideas. It is important for individuals to understand that they will be “on their own” in the event of a disaster and not to depend on receiving outside help. Join Southwestern Oregon Preppers on Facebook and/or meetup.com.

Jul 102016

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20 Acres in Missouri.  Between Lake of the Ozarks and Springfield, MO.  I need to be the one to furnish the housing. However it is a work exchange for housing as a permanent place to live.  Restrictions apply.  Grow a garden for some of your food and can it.  Electricity generated. I don’t charge rent but I don’t support you either.  Like minded.  No opposites. I do not have a commercial business.  You will not be working for me.  The work exchange is to care for the place and it will be your home to make the community function.  If you are wanting to live on a place you do not own you can go to the link below.  The land and buildings will not be sold nor the equipment or anything else.  If you go to the website please read it before calling or emailing.  For like minded only. No opposites.

Thanks for reading my post.

A-Beautiful-Life, Missouri, Permanent

Jul 102016

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Looking for some one around the college station area to help give me and my family advice for prepping we are new to this but are very interested

Jul 092016

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hi I am new to the site and am looking for a small group or to start one…I’m studying bushcraft and other survival skills I have some preps ready and I’m working on others ..I am willing to give drug test and background check if needed

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North Dakota Group Training

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Jul 082016

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Hey North Dakotans, want to meet up and do a bit of training? Me and a few others are looking for training partners with a variety of skills. We are located in the north central region of ND. If interested PM me or email at [email protected] Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

Jul 082016

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Soldier: Greetings-I am knew to Tucson, I am ex-military and have 12 years experience in law enforcement. I have worked in construction, woodworking,light maintenance, Youth conservation Corps, landscaping, can grow my own garden, raise and incubation of eggs. have hunted bounty on troublesome animals, and have ran/set trap lines. I have lived in many different terrain settings, High mountains, desert, by ocean ect. I am a hard worker, positive attitude, calm in face of danger, analyze situation best that i can before making decision in situations, compassionate but firm, I am looking to further my knowledge on being a prepper.

Jul 072016

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I live in San Antonio Texas area. I’m looking to join a group and be taught how to be a prepper. I’ve done some construction and have a class a Cdl.. I also have been a safety in the Oil Fields.. I can farm a little and I have 2 grown children who are willing to learn please help me find like minded people..

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Jul 072016

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Im looking for good people ,christains preppers .Someone with a little property or community that would not mind myself ,Bobby my girl friend Lynn ,and my best pal ,Kato 20 pound jack russel rat terrior mixed great dog.Ive done some prepping much as could living in a apt ,with no land to garden on.But ihave bought some solar panels, batteries, couple air rifles for hunting ,hopefully not to protect myself dodnt want to shoot anyone but i will if thats the only choice.i have got a few bug out bags packed with important things for short survival..I would just like some good people to help ,share ideas , .I know i would feel better with a few morepeople to prep with..I live in North Adams, Ma.perfer people fairly close..I do think planet x,niburi is coming we just like to be as prepared as we can be, and hopefully meet some good people that trust in the Lord.Im not a bible thumper ,But i do belivev Jesus is my savior and Lord.like to be surrounded by some people who are the same ,and just want to help one another and treat one another with respect .With this gov. Only getting worse.P!ease if anyone in my area want to talk share ideas pleade email me [email protected] .And ty God Bless all.

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Jul 032016

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Hi there, I’m a prepper that’s in the military. I’m new to the website and looking for preppers in savannah Georgia.  Ill be stationed in Fort Stewart in February. I’m looking for individuals who are preppers that can contribute to a group. If you’re interested in talking about what can happen in the area let me know. If we have similar ideals then id like to see if you would be interested in a group and coming up with plans. What can you do to help out basically is what I’m looking for.

There is multiple scenarios that can happen in savannah that id like to bring up. and we can discuss our interests together to develop a plan.

Jul 022016

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I have been prepping for a few years. My wife is on board with me. (Thank God)! 🙂 I am a Former Marine, and my and I are professional business people. We have means at our disposal. We are looking for another like minded couple or two. That are interested in swapping ideas, possibly pulling resources, if needed and overall being prepared for whatever comes our way. We are Christians, Republicans, Hard workers and dedicated.  As I have read some of the other posts further away in location.   We are the same type.

We are not planning on overthrowing the govt.

We are not looking to take care of people that cant don’t plan ahead,

We are not looking to go after anyone or any group.

We Just like to plan.

If you are local and sounds like you would like to meet let’s set up a meeting.

shot me a text. four07383378seven  My email address is my full name and seems weird to add it here.

Jul 012016

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I am a solo prepper and have been for 3 years but i don’t have a compound i don’t have fancy equipment I have a bug out bag(ruck sack),stashes , a map and a gtfo route already planned. I am looking for people to meet with if the SHTF i will most likely have one or two other people with me ,one will be my father (retired vet from special armored with lots of experience and knowledge) and another maybe my brother , a master mechanic and sharp shooter ,but I am the only one with a bug out bag and the belief that I will need it sooner or later, I am in the Harnett county area and will be meeting at a certain location but be aware if you are looking for a quick snatch and grab of my gear i will see you before you see me ,i have been trained in self defense ,hand to hand combat and i am a very skilled sharp shooter. no BS will be tolerated i am looking for people serious about it not people that are going to bitch and whine. I do have an older jeep that will survive an EMP attack but i also have back up vehicles (go karts mini bikes and motorcycles ) yes they are venerable but are built for speed but they are better then walking 50 miles on foot