Feb 142016

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Hello, Just wanted to pass along to folks a quick note about the Oregon Training Group.  I took the plunge and joined the website and started to attend FTX (field training’s) last summer, after three FTX’s I was voted in by the membership.

Trainings occur every third Saturday of the month, usually in the Linn county area as it seems to be centrally located;. while their are members from across the state, most of the active members are spread around the Willamette valley.  There are 3 elected positions and a well thought constitution. The group has been around for more than 3 years now.  There are no dues or specific equipment requirements. Most training’s last 4-6 hours although i have been on 2 overnighters. I would encourage folks with an interest to stop by and join the site and look over the forum section to get a feel for the group. If you have specific questions feel free to PM me here or there.



UPDATE February 14, 2016

Update, Oregon Training Group is still around after almost another 2 years. I am now Chairman for the group. We continue to offer classes and opportunities to network with other like minded folks primarily in the Willamette Valley.
I want to state unequivocally though that we are not a militia, folks occasionally find us and we are happy to recommend groups that we know are active, it isn’t this group though.
We have our schedule for the rest of the year set up, i am also offering bonus classes when i can, usually in conjunction with the Salem Area Preparedness Group’s activities another group with which i remain active.
Aside from class materials there is no charge for classes. nor do we collect dues, have equipment requirements etc. Folks can find out more at


Thanks for your interest and stay safe-Post18guy

Feb 132016

Warning: This post is more than 18months old. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

I realized my love of nature as a young boy while watching my grandfather work the family trap line in Northern Quebec. Learning from these early experiences with my grandfather I spent most of my youth in the woods observing my natural surroundings.

As a young man I joined the Canadian Military as a Combat Engineer, and went on to volunteer as a paratrooper with the Canadian, Special Forces. During this time I trained with the US and British Special Forces where I received many accolades before my retirement.

As national small arms champion and I’m highly competent small arms instructor. I enjoy long range shooting and hunting. Spending free time in the field or on the range keeping my skills sharp and lets face it, its way fun.

When I left the Military I knew I wanted to return to the wilderness, so when the opportunity arose I took it. I spent the three years training to be a bush pilot.  Upon graduation I obtained a job flying float planes in remote Northern Ontario communities where I logged over 4500 hours.   I then turned my passion for nature and hunting towards mentoring and instructing wilderness survival and hunting classes.

I am looking for a like minded individual with an unwavering passion for prepping and the lifestyle that come from being a prepper.

North Bay Ontario,

New Liskeard Ontario

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Feb 122016

Warning: This post is more than 18months old. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

Thank you for the site.  My wife and I are beginners when it comes to prepping but have made it our #1 goal to learn and improve ourselves to be prepared for any possible scenario.

We are located in the NEK in Vermont and plan to buy some land for a bug out location. We are seeking likeminded individuals who are honest, trustworthy who want to join together and build a strong group of Preppers. We are strong believers in the law of large numbers. If such a group already exsist in the NEK, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I’m hoping to acquire some land in the Orleans county area for our bug out location.

As I mentioned earlier, we are beginners but we are eager to learn as much we can to be prepared.

Thanks again, hope to hear from y’all soon.

Feb 112016

Warning: This post is more than 18months old. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

We are a Christian family looking for other like-minded Christian families that know what is coming and are preparing for it. I teach on the subject and am quite aware of the various scenarios that may occur.

We are well prepared and are looking for people who are in a secluded area in the Cherryville, B.C. area.

Please call and we can talk about where we are at and if a meeting might be good to introduce ourselves, find out more about our situations , and if there might be a fit to work together going forward.

Please contact ‘G’ in Lake Country at 250-766-1195

Feb 102016

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You know we have been looking for a group with simple values to join for some time. People working together towards the same goals. We have been prepping for 10 years or more. We come with a lot of skills and knowledge, I know every possible way of persevering food . I raise small animals and have raised large animals. We all hunt with rifles and bows. We are a family of three. My husband is a machinist by trade, and an awesome wood worker. Our son is following in his father’s footsteps. I have an in house bakery. I have taught myself to make soap. I quilt and sew and plant a garden every year. We dehydrate and vacuum seal in jars as well as bags. There isn’t much we can’t do as far as taking care of our family, extended or other wise. We are a family with good morals and values. We believe in hands up not hands out. We are of strong mind and body. We are not freeloader and soon not be around such. We are more then willing to contribute to the community. We live in Central Missouri but would be willing to move to the right area. We aren’t extremists. We don’t want to over throw the government. We just want to find like minded folks that want to gather together to keep our families and happy and healthy during hard times. If you want people like us in your community please just let me know

sparcrzie2 (at)yahoo dot com


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Feb 092016

Warning: This post is more than 18months old. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

We are a Christian family in the Greeley /Evans area.
We are looking for like minded people to connect with and build an extended family. We are seeking others who want to work as a unit, prepare, and build for the future of our families.
We do not know what kind of disasters may come. We do know that we will be able to provide sustainable food, water, and security to each other and our kids. Everyone has different skills, financial abilities, and knowledge. Every family will be expected to contribute physically, intellectually, financially, or otherwise as able. If you are not a contributing, you will be asked to leave. Nothing personal, but we are not here to support you if you aren’t willing to work for it. Everyone, even children, can do something.
Every thing we plan for and contribute, we will share equally. No one skill is worth more than another. No one person deserves more than any other. God sees us all as equal and that is how we will treat each other.
Once formed, the core group will plan and begin to execute our collective design. Together, we will learn survival skills, homesteading skills, farming, and others that will be essential when SHTF.
If you live in the area, and want to be part of this, we look forward to hearing from you. For the security of all involved, there will be one way contact and many questions before new members are welcomed.
Greeley Evens Colorado Prep

[email protected]