Mar 152017

Putting my team together of 6-8 righteous people of sound body and mind.

No, you don’t be a millionaire, but expect to bring something to the table.  lol

Entrepreneurs, surgeon, doctor, RN, surgical nurse, gardeners, etc.  Families welcome.

Best location because:

1. Sits on the oldest body of rock in the world called basalt.

2. Best water, perfect ph

3. No earthquakes

4. No fracking

5. No tornadoes in this area

6. No volcanoes

7. No nuclear plants

6. Winters are getting shorter

No pedophiles need to apply.

Subject to background check, polygraph and contract.

Retreat designed and built by weldersonwheels [dot] com

Inquire to:

millionaireretreat0 [at] gmail [dot] com