Jun 272017

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We have a great deal of practice at being part of the group, we have lived with 4  preper groups 2 groups for just over a year each, one group for two years and a long term for 6 years.

We left on good terms with each and that is no small undertaking.Their is no perfect family and no perfect group.We have been witness to some of the most interesting group dynamics.Family,marriage,groups each is a commitment day by day a decision that this is what i will work at and this is were i wish to be.     We have never been kicked out or asked to leave any group. We have worked very hard with others to build their infrastructure log cabins,crops,wells,solar power even under ground storm shelters ”bunkers”

What we want

A serious and real group of for the most part like minded  people who wish to learn from one and other teach one and other, train together  of course with in reason  for what could be very interesting and trying times ahead or what do we prep for?    We wish to join an established group who want to add to their security, their workforce and their skill sets .We would prefer the Pacific  Northwest area as this is our stomping grounds,But for the right group of people and right place we could be open.

Some of what i watch for and study and prep for.      our Economy /debt/the fed/I.M.F those are all good right?, Natural disaster/national natural disaster,False flags,cyber attack/true or false flag,/E.M.P,/WAR/world war Nope no chance of that right?N.a.t.o,/U.N     WOW this list could pretty big so that will do. And these are among the most reasonable,rational and logical in the prep world.

What we bring to the table,

2 very able body males over 10 years off grid living experience.Husbandry Goats,chickens,rabbits,horses.growing food /vegetables in many different states /environments.Rustic log cabin building,some carpentry skills, off grid tools.First aid and C.P.R as well as advanced field medic training .Disclaimer lived with army medic 5 years navy medic 1 year trained with both i am not a doctor.

Supplies/security/and other skills  4×4 pickup/work truck ,over a years food stock for a group of 4,A good stock of survival gear, top class A/R’s scoped green laser with flashlight and strobe with sidearms  and a modest arsenal hunting weapons/ammo.bush craft and survival skills at instructor levels

If you are looking for people you can count on we are your guys we even come with references from other group members we have lived with long term to learn more contact us here or at our e mail [email protected]

Jun 232017

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Anyone from Oregon in the group? I’m in Portland looking to connect with folks to share skills, duplicate equipment, and ideas. Been prepping for a bit and want to meet. Thanks

Jun 182017

Warning: This post is more than 18months old. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

NW survival preparedness group looking for a few new members to complete purchase of 400 acre property.  Want security  and insurance that will allow you  peace of mind. Preparing for whatever may come.

Consider joining us


Jun 162017

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20 room Bed and Breakfast will convert to Bug out Location in the event of SHTF situation. 30,000 sf school upper floor contains housing, lower level contains convenient store, liquor store and deli. Everything you need when Sh*t hits the fan. RV Spaces will be available for those who have their own housing. We need families to participate in security, farming, facility management, health care. Plenty of room for your preps. Interested parties can respond if interested. Initial investment depends on your planned accommodations.

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Jun 062017

Warning: This post is more than 18months old. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

Have 40 acres in southern Colorado, the land is at the base of the flat top mountain east of the Rockies. I am interested in starting a prepper group on it about 30 miles north of Trinidad.  Everything will be started from scratch for the most part so anyone joining would need to build their house.  I would be happy to help as we will all end up dependent on each other.  I am ex military  with skills in electrical and have lived here for 2 years so there is a cabin with an extra room.  There is a drying room, smoker, chicken coup and rabbit hutch. I am not a believer that we own the land but the land is here for our use which makes us the caretakers of it.  It is remote and hard to get to but it overlooks the valley with plenty of firewood.  20 acres is suitable for growing crops though the feeling I get from the weather changes going on that a green house would be the way to go.  I am also amiable to selling interest in the land and even putting it in the interested parties name.

I only come to town about once a week so there will be a delay in answering.   I am new to all this so please bear with me.



Jun 032017

Warning: This post is more than 18months old. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

I recently acquired 22 acres of land in Oklahoma for use as a BOL/ Prep compound.  As well all know this can not be done alone and therefore I am putting this out looking for members.

A little about myself I am an outdoorsman love to fish and hunt.  Married to a nurse and have two kids.

We are looking for the same.  Families that are looking to have a secure location to go when SHTF.  Where a group with various skills in multiple areas can band together for the common good of the group to ride out whatever the situation is.

The land as stated is close to 22 acres off the beaten path.  has an approximate 1/2 acre pond, rural water on site and will be set up, and power ready to be run and metered.  We all know that as soon as SHTF that those things will go.  Therefore the plan is to drill a well in the near future, build a covered recreation area to include a wood fired kitchen area, tables etc. , a wind or solar source, a community garden to supplement your own preps, community chickens and rabbits, a couple cows and a bull.

The land itself is treed pretty well, but there are open areas for gardening etc.  Our plan is to have  ten 3/4 acre membership lots at a rate of $125 a month.  This will entitle you a location you can begin to use to prep.  Build your own chicken coops and rabbit hutches, prep your soil for a garden, fence an area for a goat (no pigs) etc.  If you want to build a permanent structure it must be a barn with a small residence to meet county ordinances.  If you do build that becomes property of the compound.  You can pull up a 5th wheel, or a tiny house on wheels for short stays but this is not designed as a permanent residence until SHTF it is a BOL.  Come daily and work on your property that you are leasing if you want but no move ins.  That is not what this is designed for.

There will be a phone interview as well as a national background check done for criminal history.  No felons need apply, no child abusers, no teachers who have taken their 15 YO students and ran off with them.  I have kids and when (because it will happen) we need to bug out this will be a secure location and people for them to be around.

If you have thoughts of social injustice and getting back at the man, thoughts of overthrowing the government, terrorists, or are a nut job in general then no need to apply.  If you turn out to be a whack job or a nut, or can not hold your liquor or cant get along you will be asked to leave and take your preps with you with membership cancelled.

The monthly membership fee will be used among other things to get a well drilled, emergency seed bank for community use (encourage you to have your own as well) water storage areas, an additional larger pond, community rabbits and chickens, community gardens etc.


If there is more interest than the 1st 10 lots and there are more than 10 qualified I have an option to purchase the adjoining 80 acres for the next six months.


Now for more details

  1.  You are not here to freeload.  When SHTF come prepared with your own stuff and what you have been prepping on your spot.  Community resources for food will be limited to what can be grown
  2. Once SHTF everyone will have to pitch in to work the land, cook, clean, provide security etc for the group.  Again this is not a free ride everyone must contribute from each lot to the common good.  I understand not everyone is physically able to do everything and we can work for that but if you can not cut firewood you can wash dishes etc
  3. if you don’t like guns this is probably not the place for you.  I will have a gun and so will my wife and I assume since you are a prepper you will as well but just in case realize there will be people who own guns on the property
  4. Don’t come and think you can grow weed, illegal drugs, lay up drunk etc.  Not going to happen I will terminate your membership and send you packing.
  5. Don’t bring 40 people and expect to keep them on one lot.  When we talk on the phone and email I will need to know the number of people in your group when SHTF because this will impact everyone.
  6. 6.  Don’t expect to live here full time until SHTF.  Come and stay a few days in a tent or a 5th wheel.  Work your spot.  Go Home.  Come back a few days later.  This is a BOL not a residence until SHTF.  If you are close to the property come and work it every day and then go home.


If I have not scared you off please email me at needrecruits at yahoo dot com and I will email you a list of questions.  After that I will schedule a phone interview.  If I feel you are a good fit then I will direct you to a company for a complete background check for all adults you will be bringing.  This will be at your expense.  If you pass the background check you will be given the option to select a remaining 3/4 acre lot to start your preps.  There will be a $250 fee to select your lot.  This shows you are serious and not wasting my time and taking a spot from someone who is.  It also will go into the monthly lease fee fund and a portion will be used for upgrades to the property.

Payment will be via recurring paypal for your membership fee.

I look forward to talking with you