Dec 042017


Win This Complete Survival Seeds Kit to Insure Your Long-Term Disaster Survival

($89.99 value)
A long-term disaster could be devastating without this 105 Varieties Heirloom Non-GMO Vegetable, Fruit and Herb Seeds Pack. It provides a continuous supply of seeds for as long as the Earth remains because with these non-hybrid heirloom seeds, you can save seeds from each year’s harvest to plant in coming years.

Survival Seeds Kit

Non-GMO seeds are the only seeds that will reproduce the same variety and quality of plants that they came from. Hybrid seeds will not successfully reproduce, so are therefore useless for survival situations.

With nearly 20,000 seeds, you’ll be in great shape to plant, trade and harvest food for yourself and your loved ones. Seeds will be a valuable trading commodity during a long-term disaster once people realize their stored food is going to run out and they need to begin a food production program in order to survive.

The entire pack comes in a .30 caliber ammo box for that extra “seed vault” protection. The ammo box is made of heavy duty plastic, with an O-ring in the lid to help lock out moisture. It has a lockable lid to keep prying eyes out.

To Enter the Giveaway, just text the word SEEDS to 33222

Inside, there is a hefty Mylar bag which has been heat sealed to lock out light and moisture. The Mylar bag is resealable with a strong zip-lock so you can secure the seeds for another planting. The 105 varieties of seeds are individually packed in zip-lock baggies and labeled for easy reference.

You can download and print out a 60-page Complete Planting and Storing Guide to include in your ammo box. This will give you all the planting and long-term storage information you need for when that day comes. You can download the planting guide in full color or black and white, or you can download it to your phone using a QR Code. For long-term planning, you might want to print out the black and white version to save on ink. Download the Guide here:

To Enter the Giveaway, just text the word SEEDS to 33222. GOOD LUCK!!

Survival seeds giveaway

* This Giveaway runs from Dec. 5 thru Dec. 14th, at midnight PDT. Only available to residents of 48 contiguous U.S. States. Prize will be awarded within 48 hours of winner being announced. All Shipping Charges Pre-Paid by Charles C Harmon Co LLC. Employees of Charles C Harmon Co LLC not eligible to enter.