Apr 112020

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I lived in a very poor ravaged by politics country for many years that taught me ALOT about practical survival. Upon my arrival into the USA (I am a citizen), I immediately spent my time gathering skills I felt would benefit me. I have focused a ton on the basics, skills and high quality knives, sharpeners, axes, tool ETC and have kind of neglected the big BO aspect or finding a prepper group. I have tried high and low in my own life and have failed to find anyone. So I am writing this in hopes I have something to offer you and perhaps I can learn even more from you. I am hardworking, fit, Have no problem with the AZ sun and will do anything to benefit the community. I understand no one can survive alone. I have the basics covered and will not be a drain on resources. I have prep contributions as well and my wife has her own skills to contribute, I only speak for myself.

Briefly I have experience as
-Landscaper, Construction, and Demo
-Agriculture ( I worked at a nursery from 2011-2014 and a Hydroponics facility 2012-2014)

– Raising chickens, pigs and goats

-Some Basic Firearms training by Scottsdale gun club and Frontsight Las Vegas / Casual archery

– Butchering pigs, chickens, goats
-“bushcraft” stuff

-Excellent “poverty” cook or just regular cook / Cowboy Chuck wagon cooking

– and all the basics every prepper should know. I still need to take a first aid class however

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  1. Hello from montana. sounds like you have some good skills.Keep looking around your area, kind of like montana where there are fewer people scattered out. For something to do in the meantime how about posting some primitive, chuck wagon cooking ideas on the forum associated with this site.

  2. Greetings CaptSOLO
    Have you read my add below?
    We are a group with 40+ acres up in the high desert about 3 hours from Phoenix.
    If you are serious about prepping/homesteading please check out my post and contact me.
    Best regards

  3. Please look at Tenn. Mountain Christian Prepper group. The dollar amount of ccapital is not important but you need to be self-sufficient. Please email willswebservice at comcast dot net Subject: Tenn. Mountain Prepper group or PM me with phone number

  4. Hey…just read your post. You sound like a decent person. We are in the early stages of understanding our options with prepping. We live in Arizona now. Maybe looking at an area in Northern AZ but are really looking for a Christian group to get to know and collaborate with. God did not promise us heaven on earth so we could be in for some pretty tough times in the not-too-distant future. My direct email address is: [email protected]. Connect and share please. Joseph

  5. I guess you dropped off Hans or not interested, no call-backs or texts.
    Take care in the coming Tribulation brother
    BJ out

  6. Are you still around ? If so please contact me. Stephan